Royal Sundaram Health Insurance For Parents

A health insurance for parents can help you manage stress and unplanned medical bills in addition to providing cash support. And if you are ever gone, our parents can receive the greatest medical care with the correct medical insurance.

You and your family may receive the best treatment with the affordable health insurance plans offered by Royal Sundaram. At a reasonable cost, it delivers the broadest coverage. They provide customizable plans that let you choose your insured sum based on your skills. Here are the two types of health insurance policies that they provide:

A Health Coverage Plan’s features include

  • Perpetual renewal

  • Existing illnesses

  • Co-payment

  • Coverage before and after hospitalization

  • Renting a room Checkups

How can I purchase parents’ health insurance?

Find a web organizer that can get you unbiased quotations from a variety of businesses. Now complete all the fields before beginning your search.

Consider the top three quotations from the guidelines below—

  • Co-payment: A copayment is a set sum deducted from the claim by the insurance provider. Due to this, the premium is pretty reasonable and less expensive. However, you must pick a co-pay solution that strikes a reasonable balance between the cost you pay and the premium savings you receive.
  • Cover: Considering the premium you pay, cover should be analysed. You should compare the amount of coverage each business offers with the cost they charge.
  • Medical examinations: Some businesses need medical examinations, while others do not. Pre-existing conditions are checked for during medical examinations. Choose a firm that does not need medical exams.
  • Waiting time: Pick a health insurance plan with the shortest possible waiting period so that your ailments will be covered more quickly.
  • The no-claim bonus reduction should be checked. Many businesses do not provide a no-claim bonus discount. However, because getting one would lower your premium, you should do so.
  • Now, get the health insurance plan that best meets your needs. Keep in mind that there will only be one perfect policy. All you have to do is set your requirements first and get rid of things that are less crucial.

Spend some time reading the insurance wordings once you have acquired the policy. Be mindful and on guard.

Why is it essential to acquire parental health insurance?

The reasons why purchasing a health plan for parents is essential are as follows:

  • The majority of older folks will be unable to pay their health expenditures due to rising medical prices.

  • After retirement, parents rarely have a reliable source of income. This indicates that they lack the resources to pay for their own medical care.

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Benefits

Health insurance is only one of the many general insurance products that Royal Sundaram provides. To fulfil the demands of various clients, it offers a range of health insurance plans. The plans come in a range of sizes and styles, but they all offer thorough coverage at affordable costs. The company operates at more than 143 sites nationwide and has more than 5.2 million subscribers. It makes a big deal out of being the first independent insurer to collaborate with banks to offer insurance. The health insurance industry also saw the introduction of cashless decisions in terms by Royal Sundaram.

1. Benefits of Free Health Checkups Besides

Free health exams are a perk of the Royal Sundaram health insurance policies that are available once every one to four policy years. So that they may preserve their health, insured people can take advantage of free preventive health examinations.

2. Security in addition to Employer Coverage

The health insurance policies offered by companies are open to employees. However, these policies may only offer a little amount of coverage, as well. Any of Royal Sundaram’s health insurance plans can be added to existing coverage provided by an employer-sponsored health plan.

3. Cashless Advantage

If you receive treatment at one of the more than 5000 hospitals that are affiliated with the organization, Royal Sundaram will give cashless treatment.

4. Rate of Claims Settlement

With the use of cashless claim settlements, Royal Sundaram hopes to resolve the majority of the claims made against them. Because of this, the firm has a solid Claim Settlement Ratio of 81.50%*, which compares the number of claims it has resolved to the total number of claims that have been filed against it. The ratio of claims settled varies over time.

5. Protection against medical costs

Most medical costs incurred in the event of hospitalisation are covered by Royal Sundaram’s health coverage. The costs are covered by Royal Sundaram’s health insurance whether they are incurred before being admitted to the hospital, after being admitted, or even while the patient is really there. The company’s policies also cover, among other things, domiciliary therapies, maternity costs, restoration of the covered amount, and day care procedures.

6. Ratio of Incurred Claims

For the fiscal year 2018–19, Royal Sundaram’s incurred claim ratio (ICR) was 61%*. The proportion of claims paid relative to the company’s total premiums collected is used to calculate the ratio. If the ratio is less than 100%, a profit was produced by the business.

Required Documents

The Royal Sundaram Health Insurance health insurance claim office must receive the following documentation.

  • Accounts of the initial investigations

  • Final hospital discharge summary FIR or, if applicable,

  • Post-mortem report Along with the prescription,

  • Pharmacy bills Authentic invoices,

  • Receipts, and a discharge report Indoor case files and a properly completed claim form information about a cancelled check or NEFT transaction

  • Original healthcare bills and documentation of a valid picture ID Report from the treating physician

  • The original consultation notes the type of surgery done,

  • The surgeon’s invoice

  • The receipt Test results accompanied with a report from the treating physician or surgeon

Key Elements

  • As long as your spouse remains your spouse, they are eligible for coverage.

  • Options for individual sum insured of 2 lakh, 3 lakh, 5 lakh, 10 lakh, and 15 lakh rupees

  • Options for floater sum insured: 3 lakh, 4 lakh, 5 lakh, 10 lakh, 15 lakh, 20 lakh, 25 lakh, and 50 lakh

  • The plan’s maximum entry age is unrestricted.

  • gives a 100% reload bonus if the base SI is completely used up.

  • There must be at least 2 members who are protected by this policy.

  • Your stay’s location determines the zonal price, which offers a no-claims bonus.

Duration of Coverage

  • Up to Rs. 4,000 worth of ambulance coverage

  • Pre-hospitalization costs for 60 days

  • Expenses for 90 days following treatment

  • Organ donor costs up to the maximum amount insured

  • Domiciliary costs up to the amount of the insurance

  • Coverage for hospitalization when receiving AYUSH care

  • For the diagnosis of 11 serious disorders, get a second opinion.


The candidate must be 18 years old to enter. Children who are dependent and at least 91 days old are also eligible for coverage. The plan’s maximum entry age is unrestricted.


  • Injury sustained by weapons

  • Injury induced by abusive substance

  • Pre-existing disorders are excluded till 36 months

  • Cost of hearing aids, eyeglasses, and contact lenses, etc.

  • Cataract, chronic renal failure, end-stage renal failure, hip or knee replacement

  • You can carefully examine the policy language if you’re looking for additional information about the risk factors or terms and conditions. You can contact customer service representatives at 18001205698 if you have any trouble understanding the item.


Q1. Are parents covered by any Royal Sundaram health insurance plans?

Yes. The Royal Sundaram Family Plus Plan offers coverage for parents who are dependent.

Q2.They are healthy. Why should I purchase health insurance for them?

Heart attack, communicable infections, and other unpleasant catastrophes might occur in today’s fast-paced world. Thus, purchasing health insurance for your parents becomes necessary to prevent you from blowing through all of your funds in the event of a medical emergency.

Q3. Why should I choose Royal Sundaram to provide my parents’ health insurance?

The maximum admission age is not constrained. Anyone who is an adult and over 18 years old is eligible for coverage under this plan. The greatest number of individuals who can be insured is unrestricted. However, there should be coverage for at least two people. The coverage can cover kids who are 91 days old or older.

Q4. What are the exclusions to the Royal Sundaram parent health insurance plan?

diseases that the insurer diagnoses during the first 30 days of the policy’s inception. If there is a lapse in the policy’s renewal, claim settlement is not covered.

Q5. How many healthcare facilities participate in Royal Sundaram’s cashless claim settlement programe?

More than 5,000 hospitals provide cashless claim settlement through Royal Sundaram’s health insurance.

Q6. How can I submit a claim for my Royal Sundaram health insurance?

You can inform Royal Sundaram of your claim by submitting a form online.

Email –

if you’d like to. If all the paperwork is in place and there are no discrepancies, Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited promises to satisfy the claims within two days.

Q7. What are the papers that Royal Sundaram is requesting at the time of notification?

At the time of notification, you must present the following documents:

a. Identifier of the insured party

b. Hospital name, address, and phone number Name of the diagnosis and the treating physician’s phone number

c. Date anticipated for discharge

d. Hospitalization Date