Royal Sundaram Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

The Royal Sundaran Health Insurance meets all of your health insurance needs, including Senior Citizen’s Health Insurance. There are three different versions of the plan: Lifeline Classic, Lifeline Supreme, and Lifeline Elite.

The option for a family floater Plan, which provides coverage for you, your spouse, and your children, is also available along with an individual Health insurance plan.

8 Key Elements Royal Sundaram Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

  1. There is no upper age limit to enter.

  2. Sum Insured options starting at Rs. 2 lakh and going up to Rs. 150 lakh

  3. Family and individual coverage are both available

  4. The family floater plan can cover a person, their spouse, and up to four dependent children.

  5. For terms of one year, two years, or three years.

  6. With No Claim Bonus, you can guarantee twice as much.

  7. Increasing the Sum Insured has benefits.

  8. There is no cap on hotel rates.

Coverage Aspects

  • The costs associated with a domestic emergency evacuation

  • Ayurvedic medical hospitalization

  • Benefits for health and wellness include online consultations with physicians, etc.

  • The cost of vaccination in the event of an animal bite

  • Up to 20 lakh rupees in worldwide emergency hospitalization coverage

  • 11 serious diseases are covered internationally.

  • The cost of the return flight for treatment abroad

  • Coverage before and after hospitalization

Principal Advantages of Royal Sundaram Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

It’s not a choice; health insurance is a requirement. Additionally, as people get older, health insurance plans become more important. Many young people today worry about their parent’s health care needs, especially if their parents are elderly. As a result, senior citizen health insurance can help them in case of an emergency. To benefit from benefits in later life, one should ideally invest in a senior citizen plan as early as possible. One can choose from a variety of senior citizen health plans on the market.

The following are some of the main advantages of Royal Sundaram Health Insurance for seniors:

  • Available coverage for COVID-19 hospitalization

  • There are options for family and individual health Insurance.

  • options available for insurance amounts between Rs. 2 lakh and Rs. 1.5 crore

  • Access to free health screenings

  • There are services for managing illnesses, wellness, and preventive healthcare.

  • with a No Claim Bonus after five years without a claim, double the amount insured

  • More than 5000 network hospitals in India offer cashless check-in and check-out services.

  • if partially or fully depleted, 100% reload of the insured amount

  • If you choose a 2 or 3-year policy, you will receive discounts of 5% and 12%, respectively.

  • Benefits from taxes available under Section 80D of the IT Act

Senior Citizens’ Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plans

A senior citizen health insurance plan is specifically created for seniors who want to cover their high medical expenses by paying an annual premium to the insurance provider, which will then pay the insured amount in the event of an emergency. In addition, if you have recently taken on the role of a senior citizen, here are a few things you should know about a senior citizen health plan:

For senior citizens, Royal Sundaram Health Insurance offers affordable health insurance plans with a range of benefits that will provide you and your family with the best care possible. The available plans are adaptable and give you the option to select your insured sum based on your financial capacity.

Look into the senior citizen health insurance options offered by Royal Sundaram:

Plan Name(Rs.) Sum InsuredCo-Payment
Plan for Classic Health Insurance from Royal Sundaram2 lakh to 4 lakhNA
Supreme Health Insurance Plan by Royal Sundaram5 lakh to 1 croreNA
plan for elite health insurance from Royal Sundaram25 lakh to 1.5 crore20% (For international treatment claims)

Requirements for Senior Citizens Purchasing Royal Sundaram Health Insurance

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance for Senior Citizens’ Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for senior parents to purchase a Royal Sundaram Health Insurance plan are listed in the following table:

CategoriesEligibility Requirements
Minimum Age to Enter18 years
Maximum Age to EnterThere is no age restriction.
Covered Family MembersSelf or the spouse

What factors should I take into account before purchasing a senior health plan?

The following are factors to think about when purchasing a senior health plan:

  • Knowing the medical history is important before purchasing a senior plan. An elderly person might not be aware of the various medical conditions they have, so it is best to double-check the information rather than relying solely on their knowledge of their medical history.
  • There are numerous medical insurance plans available online in India. Compare them all before choosing one. You must, therefore, compare these plans and select the one that best suits your needs. Prices, coverage, add-ons, and riders, among other things, are taken into consideration when comparing different health insurance plans.
  • Complete the application form: Fill out accurate and pertinent information when selecting the policy. The application would be rejected by your insurance company if it contained any errors or was incomplete.
  • After submitting the proposal form, the policyholder must undergo a medical examination. The insurance provider will verify the details of the policyholder’s medical examination. Additionally, if necessary, the insurance provider would perform a few medical examinations. Among these tests are those for kidney and liver function, blood and urine tests, etc.

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance for Senior Citizens’ inclusion

The Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plans provide cost-effective coverage for all of your family’s medical needs. The choice of insured amounts is offered by the adaptable Royal Sundaram health insurance plans. By doing this, you can purchase sufficient coverage at a price that is affordable and will take care of you and your family in the event that an illness or accident depletes your savings.

Over 2000 people work for Royal Sundaram, which has 150 branches throughout India. Its products are distributed through a variety of channels, including brokers, agents, distribution partners, affinity partners, and online. More than 4.50 million people in India are its customers.

Under Royal Sundaram Health Insurance, senior citizens are eligible for the following coverage options:

  • Inpatient treatment

  • Prior-hospitalization Costs

  • Post-hospitalization Costs

  • Treatment with AYUSH

  • Daycare procedures

  • Cover for Ambulance

  • Fees for organ donors

  • Inpatient Care at Home

  • Immunization for animal bites

  • Domestic Emergency Evacuation (Not covered by the Classic plan)

  • Worldwide Emergency Hospitalization (only under the Elite plan), excluding the United States and Canada

  • Treatment outside of the US and Canada for Listed Critical Illnesses (Only under Elite plan)

  • A second opinion for a listed critical illness is not covered by the Classic plan.

  • Treatment for OPD (Only for Elite plan)

  • Maternity Insurance (Only with Elite Plan)

  • Baby Coverage (Only available with the Elite plan)

  • First-year immunizations for newborns (only available under the Elite plan)

  • Pre-existing Diseases Under Life-Threatening Conditions: Inpatient Care (Not Included Under the Classic Plan)

  • Weight loss surgery is not covered by the Classic plan.

  • Mobility Aids (Not covered by the Classic plan)

  • IVF (only available through the Elite plan)

Extra Covers

  • Healthcare Cash Benefit

  • Expansion of Emergency Hospitalization and International Treatment to Include the United States and Canada (Only under the Elite Plan)

  • (Not included in the Elite plan). Top-up Plan

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Exclusions for Senior Citizens

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India granted a license to Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited (previously known as Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited) in October 2000, making it the country’s first private general insurance company. One of the most reputable non-banking financial institutions (NBFCs) in India, Sundaram Finance, and other Indian shareholders, initially promoted the business as a joint venture.

The following coverage is not included in senior citizen Royal Sundaram Health Insurance plans:

  • Measures to control obesity and weight

  • Treatment for drug or alcohol addiction

  • Plastic or cosmetic surgery

  • Nutritional supplements acquired without a prescription

  • Care for artificial life

  • Refractive mistake

  • Injuries caused by elves

8. Royal Sundaram’s Health Insurance’s Advantages

The following are some advantages of purchasing Royal Sundaram Insurance:

  • Discounts: If you choose a 2 or 3-year plan, Royal Sundaram Health Insurance will give you a discount of 7.5% or 12%, respectively.

  • Coverage: Provides protection for up to 5 family members.

  • Cashless facility: provides cashless service at a variety of the country’s 3000+ accredited Royal Sundaram Network Hospitals.

  • Allows you to pay the premiums in a flexible manner at your convenience using your debit or credit card, net banking, etc.

  • Cumulative Bonus – If you don’t submit a claim each year, you’ll receive a cumulative bonus. A 5% to 50% bonus is available.

  • Provides quick and convenient claim settlement services for medical claims.

  • Reloading: This provides 100% free reloading.

  • Tax advantages: The Income Tax Act’s Sections 80C and 10(10D) offer tax advantages for regularly paid premiums.

  • Royal Sundaram Health Insurance’s incurred claim settlement ratio for the fiscal year 2018–19 is 61%.

Review of Royal Sundaram Senior Citizens’ Health Insurance

A variety of cost-effective health insurance plans are available through Royal Sundaram Health Insurance. Their plans are custom-made to protect you from your growing financial obligations to your family both during and after hospitalization and medical treatments. When compared to other private insurers, they boast of having a very high claim settlement ratio. Their best performance comes from their ongoing efforts to provide excellent customer service. One of the first private insurance companies to partner with banks to sell their retail products was the Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company.

Because of this, Royal Sundaram Health Insurance is a recommended choice if you’re searching for an insurer who will offer dependability, expertise, and top-notch after-sale services in addition to the products customized to your needs.

10. How do senior citizens file an insurance claim?

To submit a mediclaim, first, fill out the form on the insurance company’s website, then send it back to the insurer. You must also attach all hospital-provided medical bills in addition to this. Additionally, you must make sure that you fulfill all of your demands for the quick claim processing.

Key points to keep in mind

The following are a few considerations when purchasing a senior health insurance plan:

  • Choose a plan that provides adequate coverage at a reasonable price. If it had a short waiting period and covered both serious illness and pre-existing conditions, that would be fantastic.

  • Select a plan that enables you to extend your senior citizen insurance plan until the age limit.


Q1. How long is the senior citizen waiting period for Royal Sundaram Health Insurance?

The waiting periods for the Royal Sundaram Lifeline insurance plan are as follows:

a) 30 days is the initial waiting period.

b) 90 days is the initial waiting period for a critical illness.

c) Existing conditions Waiting Period: 48, 36, or 24 months (depending on the plan variant)

d) Benefits of Maternity Observation Period: 36 months

e) 24 months is the specific waiting period for 16 illnesses.

f) Weight Loss Surgery Waiting Period: 48 or 72 months, depending on the plan variant

g) Utilizing IVF Observation Period: 48 months

Q2. Can I increase my senior citizen Royal Sundaram Health Insurance coverage mid-term?

Ans: No. The Royal Sundaram Lifeline insurance policy’s insured amount cannot be increased during the policy year.

Q3. How can I check the Royal Sundaram Health Insurance premium for seniors?

Ans: You can use a health insurance premium calculator or consult the insurer’s website’s premium chart to determine the Royal Sundaram Lifeline insurance policy’s premium.

4. Royal Sundaram Senior Citizens’ Insurance Eligibility

a) The proposer must be at least 18 years old.

b) There is no maximum age for insured people to enter.

c) You must be in good physical shape.

d) The insured person must be at least 71 years old to enter.

e) Only for a SI of $1,000,000 USD are medical reports necessary.

5. How do I make an online purchase?

When purchasing insurance online, you can pay with a credit or debit card, a check, or a direct funds transfer using NEFT or RTGS.

6. What elements allow for a comparison of senior citizen policies?

When comparing senior citizen policies online in India, it’s important to keep in mind that a person’s choice of policy will depend on the following factors:

i. Age

ii. Amount insured

iii. Healthcare Network

iv. Waiting time

v. coverage of a particular disease

vi. Includes and excludes

vii. period of waiting

viii. number of insured individuals under the policy

ix. Premiums