Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Insurance Plan for Pregnancy

Maternity coverage is included in the Lifeline Health insurance plan from Royal Sundaram. The Supreme plan covers pregnancy-related costs! Proceed now!

About Royal Sundaram

Royal Sundaram General Insurance is also stated as Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited. Limited is the country’s first private general insurance provider. Since receiving a license from India’s Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) in 2000, it has been offering cutting-edge general insurance solutions. The company offers specialized insurance products like fire, liability, engineering, marine, and business interruption risks to commercial customers as well as customized insurance solutions for health, auto, travel, and personal accident risks to individual and private consumers. Royal Sundaram has more than 2,000 staff and 150 locations around India, and it has a sizable clientele of more than 4.5 million people.

In the world of health insurance, Royal Sundaram General Insurance has accomplished some notable milestones. It is the first health insurance to introduce the idea of payment of claims without the use of cash. Additionally, the business asserts to be the first private insurer to provide cutting-edge healthcare solutions like hospital cash. Royal Sundaram General Insurance offers health insurance plans that protect both individuals and families from unexpected medical costs. The insurer provides reasonable health insurance rates for its custom-crafted health insurance packages to various societal groups.

Royal Sundaram: Maternity Health Insurance

Customers can get Royal Sundaram’s Family plus Plan, a complete health insurance program, at a reasonable premium. The plan’s standout feature is that it offers maternity coverage for up to two deliveries (under certain conditions). The plan, which was created especially for large families, provides its policyholders with several advantages. Due to the plan’s availability in both individual and family floater variants, each person covered by the plan may profit from it individually or jointly.

For families, and especially for the mother, pregnancy is a magnificent adventure. However, the worries associated with childbirth and raising a kid coexist with motherhood’s delights. The majority of it has to do with the increased expense of prenatal and postpartum care. Unpreparedness can make it both a financial and emotional challenge. Most health insurance providers offer maternity coverage to make the process of getting pregnant and any issues that might occur easier.

What characteristics does a maternity cover have?

A maternity cover often provides:

  • Expenses before and after birth are covered (usually for up to 2 deliveries

  • Coverage for natural, cesarean, and routine deliveries

  • Pre-hospitalization costs are covered. For instance, diagnostic tests, medical advice, ambulance services, congenital disease screenings, etc.

  • Coverage for costs associated with inpatient hospitalization (during pregnancy), including those related to the birth process, daycare services, room rental, physician and nurse fees, consultation costs, prescription costs, etc.

  • Payment of expenses related to post-hospitalization (post-natal)

  • Coverage for newborns that includes medical expenses, immunizations, and certain birth abnormalities

A maternity cover typically does not offer:

  • Pre-existing sickness coverage

  • Coverage for complementary or alternative medicine

  • Coverage for costs related to alcohol or drug misuse, self-inflicted injuries, or both

  • Coverage for costs associated with HIV/AIDS

  • Coverage for infertility-related examinations and therapies, including in-vitro fertilization,

  • Additional pharmaceutical coverage, including vitamins and supplements (unless included under the maternity cover)

Key attributes: – Takeout

  • The plan may provide coverage for 19 distinct types of relationships.

  • Both an individual and a family floater version of the plan are offered.

  • Options for individual sum insurance coverage include Rs. 2 lakh, Rs. 3 lakh, Rs. 5 lakh, Rs. 10 lakh, and Rs. 15 lakh.

  • Family Floater-based alternatives for sum insured—Rs. 3 lakh, 4 lakh, 5 lakh, 10 lakh, 15 lakh, 20 lakh, 25 lakh, and 50 lakh are some of the values.

  • Reload advantage is offered

  • Each family member must have the same base amount insured.

  • Offers protection for every daycare procedure

  • No Claim Bonuses are given

Scope of Coverage

  • Cover for maternity is provided

  • Nutritional allowance for the mother after discharge post delivery

  • In-patient hospitalization expenses are covered

  • All daycare procedures are included in the plan

  • Next opinion is for diagnosis

  • Cover for emergency domestic evacuation is provided for up to Rs. 1 Lakh

  • Vaccination expenses (animal bite ) are covered for up to Rs. 5,000

  • All daycare procedures are covered


The plan’s proposer can be any adult above the age of 18. The maximum admission age is not constrained.


  • Diseases discovered by the insured within the first 30 days of the start of the policy.

  • It takes 36 months of continuous policy coverage before pre-existing conditions are covered. There shouldn’t be any gaps in the policy’s renewal.

Benefits of Royal Sundaram Health Insurance

Health insurance is just one of the many general insurance products that Royal Sundaram provides. To fulfill the demands of various clients, it offers a range of health insurance plans. The plans come in a range of sizes and styles, but they all offer thorough coverage at affordable costs. The company operates on more than 143 sites nationwide and has more than 5.2 million users. It makes a big deal out of being the first private insurer to collaborate with banks to offer insurance. The health insurance industry also saw the introduction of cashless claim settlements by Royal Sundaram.

Additional Benefit of Free Health Checkups

Free health exams are a perk of the Royal Sundaram health insurance plans that are available once every one to four policy years. So that they can maintain their health, insured people can take advantage of free preventive health examinations.

Additional Protection over Employer Coverage

The health insurance policies offered by employers are open to employees. However, these policies may only offer a little amount of coverage, as well. Any of Royal Sundaram’s health insurance plans can be added to existing coverage provided by an employer-sponsored health plan.

Cashless Benefit

If you receive treatment at one of the more than 5000 hospitals that are affiliated with the organization, Royal Sundaram will give cashless hospitalization. You won’t be responsible for paying the medical bills thanks to cashless claim settlements. The costs are covered directly by your health plan.

Claim Settlement Ratio

With the use of cashless claim settlements, Royal Sundaram hopes to resolve the majority of the claims made against them. Because of this, the company has a solid Claim Settlement Ratio of 81.50%*, which compares the number of claims it has settled to the total number of claims that have been filed against it. The ratio of claims settled varies over time.

Coverage against Medical Expenses

Most medical costs incurred in the event of hospitalization are covered by Royal Sundaram’s health coverage. The costs are covered by Royal Sundaram’s health insurance whether they are incurred before being admitted to the hospital, after being admitted, or even while the patient is there. The company’s policies also cover, among other things, domiciliary therapies, maternity costs, restoration of the covered amount, and daycare procedures.

Incurred Claim Ratio

Royal Sundaram’s incurred claim ratio (ICR) was 61%* earlier. The percentage of claims paid relative to the company’s total premiums collected is used to calculate the ratio. If the ratio is less than 100%, a profit was produced by the business. The fact that Royal Sundaram’s ICR is under 100% indicates that the business generated a profit and is in stable financial standing. The ratio of incurred claims varies over time.

Tax Benefit

Up to a maximum of Rs. 55,000, Royal Sundaram health insurance subscription payments are eligible for a tax deduction under Section 80D.

Maternity benefits in a medical insurance policy

 Maternity benefits are available as an add-on cover or rider in a medical insurance policy. Or purchase one in addition to the essential health insurance. With the payment of an additional premium, the insured can receive the aforementioned benefits. Each provider may have a different premium and scope of benefits.

Lifeline 2.0 by Royal Sundaram

Check out Royal Sundaram’s Lifeline 2.0 Elite health insurance plan if you’re seeking a complete maternity policy. The maternity health plan provides an insured amount ranging from 2 lakhs to 50 lakhs to cover all expenses associated with pregnancy and delivery for up to two pregnancies.

Additionally, it offers up to 25% of the insured amount and provides the benefit of newborn baby coverage. Additionally, it covers the costs (up to 10,000) for a year’s worth of newborn vaccines.


One must examine the health insurance policies provided by various insurance firms in India to choose a maternity cover that meets their demands. It is important to get one right away given the escalating price of pregnancy-related expenses. After a 3- to the 4-year waiting period, maternity insurance is frequently accessible. It is crucial to buy insurance as soon as you can because of this. Don’t wait to purchase insurance until you are expecting or have made the decision to start a family because you will likely miss out on all the advantages of maternity insurance.


What does a health insurance maternity cover entail?

A maternity cover is a type of insurance that pays for pregnancy and childbirth-related costs. It can be purchased separately or as an extra add-on to cater to the needs of new parents and expectant women. The type of coverage and the insurance provider determines the extent of coverage. It is essential to purchasing maternity insurance in advance because this coverage typically becomes available after a waiting period of one to four years.

How can you choose health insurance using maternity coverage?

 Before selecting a maternity cover, take into account the following:

Sub-limits and coverage: Make sure that your health insurance policy or maternity cover offers sufficient coverage for all expenses associated with pregnancy (pre-, post-, and in-hospitalization expenses.) Make sure the insured amount and sub-limit are adequate and in line with the most recent maternal healthcare standards.

Waiting time: The amount of time you must wait before filing a claim under health insurance coverage is known as a waiting period. From the policy’s issuance date forward, it begins. Examine the health insurance policy’s waiting time that the insurance provider is providing. Most insurance providers provide plans with waiting periods ranging from nine months/one year to five or six years. To ensure that you have the coverage you need when you need it, it is advisable to get a health insurance policy with a maternity benefit or a separate maternity cover in advance.

Policy term – Ensure your health insurance policy will cover you for a long time (1-3 years).

Terms and conditions:  It is simple to be persuaded by a maternity cover’s promises without carefully reading the conditions and exclusions that come with it.

 How does the premium calculator for the Royal Sundaram Mediclaim Policy work?

Health insurance coverage is a necessity in the present day where medical inflation is always rising. The program offers tax benefits, in addition, to help you lessen the burden of your medical bills. It’s crucial to look for a plan that offers complete protection and the cost of the premium when purchasing health insurance. You should determine the premium upfront and pick a plan with inexpensive premiums that still provides adequate coverage.

Why Pick Royal Sundaram?

 The daily benefit hospital cash plan for health insurance was initially introduced by Royal Sundaram. You can receive the best cashless care thanks to the insurers of more than 5,000 network hospitals in India. It is also acknowledged as being the first insurance provider to use a cashless system for settling claims. Everybody can get health insurance through it, with a variety of alternatives for the insured sum.

 How to Calculate the Royal Sundaram Insurance Premium Online?

Royal Sundaram policy premiums are simple to calculate. Online premium estimators make the process more efficient. You can instantly determine the premium for your health insurance plan using these online tools. These tools ask for information such as your age, insurance term, medical history, coverage specifics, required sum insured, and the type of policy to purchase.

You don’t need to perform any difficult calculations while using online premium calculators because they will do them for you. The premium that was calculated can also be changed.

 Why use an Online Health Insurance Premium Calculator?

Before purchasing a policy, it is important to calculate the rates for health insurance. By figuring out the premium in advance, you can:

· Learn what to expect to pay for health insurance
· Confirm the policy’s exact costs before buying
· Ensure you’ve selected a policy with more coverage at a reasonable price
· Compare various health policies and choose the best one
· Choose the best coverage level that can fit within your budget
· Make changes to the input details and calculate the best premium rates;

Change the calculated insurance premiums by changing the input information

Claim Settlement of Royal Sundaram Health Insurance

The Royal Sundaram’s health insurance claim process is quite detailed and straightforward. Cashless therapy and reimbursement have different claim procedures, nevertheless. Royal Sundaram makes sure that two different forms of claims can be lodged for the benefit of its clients. They are the reimbursement claim and the cashless claim.

Claim Process for Cashless Treatment

Royal Sundaram provides its clients with cashless hospitalization in more than 3,000 network facilities so they can quickly access direct healthcare services.
The processes include:

· Locate a Royal Sundaram network hospital in the city you wish to receive cashless care first.

· Inform Royal Sundaram of your hospitalization within 48 hours if it is an emergency, and at least 48 hours before admission if it is a planned hospitalization.

· Bring a valid photo ID and your health card when you visit the hospital. At the hospital’s insurance desk, present the health card and a legitimate photo ID.

· Correctly complete and submit the pre-authorization request form that is available at the hospital.

· After informing you, the hospital sends Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Company the pre-authorization form.

· The Third Party Administrator (TPA) or insurer will examine your request.

· Three hours after the decision is made, you will receive a response.

· If the request is granted, the insurance company will pay your charge in full.