SBI Arogya Premier Plan for Pregnancy

Description: With its great advantages and financial aid, SBI Arogya Premier Policy is an insurance plan created especially to cover the costs of maternity healthcare!

The Preface – SBI

One of the insurer’s most exciting offerings is health insurance. Plans from SBI Health Insurance are created in a way that protects both individuals and families against a variety of medical expenses that may arise from an accident, illness, or disease. All people can afford and use SBI Health Insurance policies. The insurer works to fulfill its objective of offering straightforward and creative general insurance solutions, being receptive to customers’ needs, and developing a long-term, sustainable business. Its vision is to become India’s most dependable general insurer.

Principal Elements of SBI General Insurance

The following are some characteristics of SBI General Insurance that set the company apart from competitors:

  • Starting at Rs. 50,000, the insurer provides coverage for a wide range of insured sum alternatives.

  • Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961 permits tax deductions for the premiums paid for various health insurance policies.

  • Simple procedure for renewing health insurance policies.

  • The majority of the insurance company’s health insurance policies provide free annual physicals.

  • More than 6,000 network hospitals offer cashless services.

  • Several health insurance policies provide add-on covers for more comprehensive coverage.

  • The insurance provider provides a comprehensive range of health insurance plans to meet the needs of individuals, families, older person children, and parents.

  • SBI General Insurance’s family health insurance policies provide coverage for the entire family under a single amount insured.

Calculating SBI Health Insurance Premiums

You must pay your health insurance premium in Indian rupees exclusively to be eligible for benefits under the SBI Health Insurance program. SBI Health Insurance offers a variety of health insurance plans, each with a different premium. The following reasons could cause your needed health insurance premium for any SBI Health Insurance plan to rise or fall:

Age: The cost of your SBI Health Insurance plan’s health insurance premium is significantly influenced by your age. Therefore, the younger you are, the less likely it is that you would file a claim for health insurance, and as a result, the cost of your health insurance plans will be lower. Consequently, it is advised to buy health insurance as early as feasible in life.

Sum Insured: The sum insured is the most an insurer will pay if you require hospitalization during the duration of the policy. Your coverage will be greater if you choose a higher sum insured, which will also result in a higher health insurance premium for your SBI Health Insurance plan. However, as a bigger sum insured entails more coverage, you shouldn’t sacrifice it to lower your health insurance price.

Pre-Existing Diseases: If you already have a sickness when you buy the SBI Health Insurance plan, you will have to pay a higher premium. This is because individuals with pre-existing conditions are more likely to file a claim(s), increasing the insurance company’s responsibility.

SBI: Maternity Health Insurance

SBI’s Arogya Premier Policy is well-liked when it comes to purchasing maternity health insurance. After the initial 9-month waiting period, the Arogya Premier Policy, which was specifically created by SBI Health Insurance to address the extensive demands of expectant mothers, offers coverage for maternity hospitalization costs. Arogya Premier Policy is offered for duration of up to 3 years and is available on a basis of individual and family floater sum insured. The given coverage proves to be of great assistance because it pays for pre- and post-hospitalization costs, daycare costs, as well as several other charges.

Key characteristics include:

  • Policy length of one, two, or three years; automatic reinstatement of the insured amount; and tax benefit under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

  • Alternative therapies including Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and homeopathy are covered. The sum insured options ranging from Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 30 lakh. The cumulative bonus is 10% of the SI for each year without a claim, with a maximum bonus of 50%.

  • No pre-acceptance health screening is required for individuals without a history of illness up to the age of 55.

Duration of Coverage

  • 60 days before and 90 days after hospitalization

  • Domiciliary (treatment at home) hospitalization

  • Reasonable and customary maternity hospitalization expenses

  • Medical expenses for organ donors’ treatment

  • Up to 142 daycare procedures and surgeries covered

  • Health check-up costs, reimbursement up to Rs. 5000 per insured

  • Ambulance expenses, including air ambulance up to Rs. 1 lakh


The minimum entry age for SBI Health Insurance’s Arogya Premier Policy is three months. The age limit for purchasing the policy is 65.


  • Healthcare received outside of India

  • Cosmetic/aesthetic procedures or any type of plastic surgery

  • Intentional self-harm or breaking the law; war, the activities of a foreign enemy, invasion, hostilities, and other things

  • A illness that the WHO or Indian government recognizes as an epidemic

SBI Health Insurance Benefits

In the insurance industry, SBI General Insurance has experienced tremendous growth. In terms of benefits, the insurer’s health insurance plans are good. The general insurer’s health insurance plans offer protection against pre-hospitalization costs, post-hospitalization costs, in-patient treatment costs, daycare treatment costs, and numerous other healthcare expenses that are worthwhile financial investments, whether they are for individuals or families.

Additional Advantages of a Free Health Check

A free medical examination is a perk of choosing an SBI health insurance plan. Keep in mind that the bonus is given after every four straight years of being insurance-free and without a claim. In exchange for 1% of the insured amount, up to a maximum of Rs. 2500, the insurer will either arrange for the insured to receive a free health checkup at one of its diagnostic centers that have been authorized by the insurer.

Protection in addition to Employer Coverage

Although group health insurance policies provided by employers may appear to provide enough coverage, this is untrue. Such plans don’t work out well in the event of medical emergencies. It is best to choose additional protection in advance to ensure financial stability at a vital period. You can increase your current group health coverage without paying a hefty cost by purchasing a health insurance policy from SBI General Insurance.

Cashless Advantage

The benefit of cashless claims is offered by SBI General health insurance products. Due to this benefit, policyholders can submit claims without using cash and thus avoid worrying about mounting medical expenditures in case of an emergency. The cashless benefit is nothing less than a blessing because it greatly reduces financial stress. It should be noted that policyholders can receive medical bill reimbursement in addition to cashless payment when receiving treatment at a non-network hospital.

The ratio of Claim Settlement

The ratio of claims settled by the insurer to all claims submitted in a given fiscal year is known as the claim settlement ratio or CSR. The claim settlement ratio varies periodically. A strong CSR shows that the business resolves the majority of issues, which raises potential consumers’ trust.

Protection from medical costs

SBI Plans with general health insurance offer comprehensive protection for both individuals and entire families. You may be sure of full coverage for medical costs such as inpatient treatment, pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, day care treatments, ambulance cover, and many others that become too difficult to handle during a medical emergency by investing in an SBI Health Insurance plan.

The ratio of Incurred Claims

The earned premium that is used to settle claims is measured by the Incurred Claim Ratio or ICR. According to the ratio, the insurance was able to keep the ratio below 100% and turn a profit, which improved its financial standing.

Tax Benefit

 Tax Benefit under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, premiums paid for SBI General health insurance policies is deductible.

SBI Health Insurance Renewal

The benefits of SBI health insurance coverage are numerous. It’s crucial to renew the policy on time to guarantee ongoing advantages. Therefore, if you haven’t yet renewed your SBI health insurance coverage, do it now to avoid missing the deadline. To avoid having your SBI health insurance policy lapse and leaving you without coverage, you must renew it online.

The SBI Health Insurance renewal process is very easy to use. Renewal of a health insurance policy only takes a few minutes. Even better, SBI gives all of its policyholders the choice between online and offline renewal

Online Renewal Procedure for SBI Health Insurance Policies

To renew your SBI health insurance coverage online, follow these instructions:

First, visit the website.

Visit SBI General Insurance’s official website.

Step Two: Select Health

From the available options, choose the ‘Health’ Tab.

Step 3: Select Renewal

You can choose from alternatives like Buy, Renew, and Claim by selecting the Health tab. Select “Renew.”

Step 4: Enter Your Information

You will get a drop-down selection of insurance when you choose the option to renew. Don’t forget to select the health insurance plan you want to keep. Enter your policy number as well.

Step 5. Make a payment.

After entering your information, click “Go” to start the payment process for renewing your insurance.

Step 6: Receiving Confirmation in

You will receive an email confirming the renewal of your SBI health insurance policy as soon as the payment is processed successfully.

Offline Process for SBI Health Insurance Policy Renewal

Online at SBI, a policyholder can quickly renew their health insurance coverage. However, the health insurance provider also offers the option of offline renewal to make the process more convenient.

To renew your health insurance policy, you can also go to the SBI location that is closest to you.

How to Online Calculate the SBI General Policies Premium?

It may seem challenging to figure out the premium payment for your SBI General Health Insurance coverage. But that’s not accurate! A quick online calculator is available at SBI General to help you quickly calculate the cost of your health insurance policy. The SBI General Health Insurance online calculator is an easy-to-use online tool that greatly improves process efficiency and enables policyholders to quickly and easily calculate the premium for their health insurance plan. The information needed for an online calculator includes:

  • Age
  • Policy Term
  • Medical History
  • Details of Coverage
  • Required Sum Insured
  • Type of Policy to be purchased

Online premium calculators save policyholders time and difficult calculations. Be aware that the calculated premium may potentially be adjusted.

Why Use an Online Health Insurance Premium Calculator?

Calculating the cost of health insurance is crucial, as is obvious. By determining the premium in advance, you can: • Discover the anticipated costs of purchasing health insurance; • Be certain of the exact costs of the policy before purchase; • Confirm that you have selected a policy with broad coverage at a reasonable price; • Compare various health policies and select the most appropriate one; • Choose the best coverage level that can be suitable for your budget, and • Make sure you have chosen broad coverage. Calculate the optimum premium rates by altering the input details. • Alter the calculated insurance prices by changing the input details.

Payment of SBI Health Insurance Claims

SBI General health insurance products have a hassle-free claim settlement process. The entire procedure is very simple to comprehend and shields policyholders from any sort of hassle. The insurer is highly renowned for having satisfied the claims of many policyholders through its quick and easy claim system and multiple healthcare facilities. When it comes to SBI General Health Insurance claim settlement options, a policyholder has the choice of a refund or cashless claim settlement.

How to File a Claim for Cashless Treatment

For the cashless settlement of claims, SBI General Health Insurance has more than 6,000 network hospitals throughout the nation. Policyholders have the option to choose cashless claims settlement at the closest hospital in the network.

The steps of the claim resolution procedure are as follows:

  • Find a hospital that is part of the SBI General Insurance network in the area where you want to receive cashless care. Notify SBI General right away if you need an emergency or planned hospitalization.

  • Carry the cashless treatment card, policy number, and member ID when visiting the chosen network hospital. Display the card, policy number, and member ID at the insurance desk of the SBI General Network facility.

  • Complete the pre-approval form that is available at the network hospital.

  • Once the insurer has been notified and you have completed the form, SBI General Health Insurance will receive the pre-authorization form.

The SBI General Health Insurance team will notify the policyholder and hospital as to whether the claim was authorized or rejected after reviewing the claim’s specifics. If the claim is approved, SBI General Health Insurance will pay for any related medical expenses. However, the policyholder will be responsible for paying the expenses if the claim is denied.

Reimbursement Treatment

A policyholder may submit a claim for reimbursement at hospitals in both networks and out-of-networks. Following are the steps in the reimbursement claim process:

  • In case of anticipated hospitalization, notify SBI General right away

  • The policyholder must submit a claim form along with the necessary documentation within 30 days of being discharged from the hospital in the event of an emergency hospitalization.

  • The claim management team of SBI General Health Insurance will provide the policyholder a letter of approval for confirmation of the approval after conducting an examination of the documents and claim form contents. The claim is resolved within 15 days of verification.

  • If the claim is denied, the insured must respond to any questions posed by the insurer or another insured to determine why the claim was denied.

Required Documents

The list of documentation needed for SBI General Health Insurance claims payment includes:

  • Accounts of the initial investigations

  • Prescription and pharmacy bills

  • Summary of the final hospital discharge

  • Bills, receipts, and a discharge record that are original

  • Original hospital invoices and a valid photo ID are required as verification.

  • Report from the treating physician and the initial consultation notes

  • Test results accompanied by a report from the treating physician or surgeon


Q1. Why Do You Want SBI General?

Ans – SBI General Health Insurance is a well-known general health insurer you can rely on with your health insurance and financial stability during a tough time because it is supported by more than 6,000 network hospitals around the nation. Select SBI General Health Insurance plans to get comprehensive coverage for a reasonable premium. SBI manages the claims settlement process promptly and practically about the claim procedure. There isn’t a single reason why you shouldn’t choose SBI General Insurance for your significant medical investment.

Q2. What are the advantages of obtaining an SBI General Insurance health insurance plan with maternity benefits?

Ans – Some of the advantages provided by health insurance plans with maternity benefits are listed below.

Up to 142 childcare procedures are covered, along with coverage for in-patient treatment, domiciliary hospitalization, pre-hospitalization for up to 60 days, post-hospitalization for up to 90 days, and ambulance costs, including air ambulance.

Q3. What are the exclusions for the SBI General Insurance maternity plans?

Ans – The following are the exclusions: intentional self-injury, medical care received outside of India, cosmetic or aesthetic procedures, and diseases declared an epidemic by the Indian Government or the WHO.

Q4. Does SBI General Insurance offer maternity benefits as part of its health insurance plans?

Ans – Yes. SBI General Insurance offers maternity coverage for women under several of its policies, such as the Arogya Premier Policy.