Star Comprehensive Maternity health Insurance Plan

Get cost-effective prices on comprehensive coverage. The Star Comprehensive insurance policy is a full maternity health insurance plan that covers all maternity, healthcare, and expense needs to satisfy regulations and make that moment memorable!

Insurance for Maternity Care in India

A new life entering the world and being a parent brings joy, happiness, and excitement. As the saying goes, “With great power comes tremendous responsibility,” becoming a parent entails taking on the burden of raising a child. Although this is a wonderful time in your life, uncertainties could arise; therefore it is always best to be ready.

We are aware that the couple’s finances are being strained by rising medical inflation and rising hospitalization expenditures. So that you won’t have to stress about rising medical expenditures, Star Health Insurance offers Maternity Health Insurance Policies.

Based on IRDA Medical costs associated with childbirth, such as those for routine or emergency cesarean sections, are referred to as maternity costs. It includes costs associated with a legal abortion carried out during the policy’s duration.

To cover the rising costs, especially for prenatal care, doctor visits, deliveries, and postpartum care, medical coverage with delivery benefits is necessary.

If any issues occur during labor, delivery, or the first few months of the baby’s life, medical coverage with delivery benefits assures the mother and child are properly protected.

Why is delivery expense coverage a requirement for standard health insurance?

According to the WHO’s study on newborn death and disease, “almost 41% of all deaths among under-fives occur among newborns, newborns in their first 28 days of life, or kids in the neonatal period.”

In most Indian cities, the average cost of a normal or C-section delivery might reach or exceed 2 lakhs.

The fact that Star Health Insurance’s individual and family floater policies cover costs associated with birth and for the baby is one of their primary advantages, even though there aren’t many maternity health insurance policies available in India.

If you want to get a Mediclaim plan with delivery fee coverage for your spouse or your family, this is a terrific benefit. Your health insurance may include maternity coverage, which can help with costs associated with vaginal or cesarean deliveries, as well as hospitalization costs for the infant.

The necessary medical insurance and support are provided to soon-to-be parents by Star Health Insurance, whether they want to move to a family policy or intend to buy a Mediclaim policy with delivery benefits.

As we all know, having a child has its benefits and costs. And the financial stability and health of new parents can suffer as a result of these costs.

Therefore, it’s crucial to buy a medical insurance plan that pays for maternity-related costs well in advance of getting pregnant.

Star Full-Service Insurance with Delivery Cover

The Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy is intended to provide comprehensive and all-encompassing coverage for all of your medical needs, as the name implies. Naturally, the plan provides a variety of specialized coverage advantages for childbirth when both the husband and wife are protected by the Comprehensive Insurance Policy. The newlywed spouse or newborn child may be added mid-term with the payment of an additional charge. The beginning of the coverage is the date the premium is paid. After a 24-month waiting period, expectant parents can apply for in-patient delivery and newborn expenditures coverage.

Note: After making a delivery claim, a second delivery is subject to a new 24-month waiting period.

Star Comprehensive Insurance covers the following delivery and neonatal costs.

• Up to two deliveries throughout the covered person’s lifetime while the policy is in effect, including delivery-related costs like cesarean sections.

• Pre- and post-natal costs associated with childbirth, including cesarean section costs up to the aforementioned restrictions.

The following expenses are covered up to the aforementioned limits: • Expenses incurred in a hospital or nursing home for the care of a newborn for any disease, or illness, including any congenital disorders; and • Expenses incurred for vaccinations up to the aforementioned limits until the infant turns one year old.

Young Star Insurance Policy (Gold Plan)

It can seem superfluous for a healthy young adult to buy health insurance. Having insurance is still necessary, especially in an emergency, to ensure that you won’t have to pay any unforeseen medical expenses.

Young individuals between the ages of 18 and 40 can choose the Young Star Insurance Policy to fit their unique healthcare needs. Wide-ranging benefits are provided by the plan, including incentive-driven wellness initiatives, brief waiting times, pre- and post-hospitalization expenditure coverage, cumulative bonuses, yearly health examinations, and automatic restoration of the covered amount.

The Young Star Insurance Policy is ready to support you as you go through the delivery process. When both the husband and wife have been insured under this insurance for a continuous period of 36 months, the Gold Plan includes various special benefits like delivery and childbirth-related cover. After a 36-month waiting period from the policy’s start date, delivery and newborn expenditures are covered.

Note: For a second delivery claim, a new waiting period of 24 months is applicable.

The Young Star Insurance Policy covers the following delivery costs: (Gold Plan)

• Up to $30,000 in costs associated with normal delivery, including a cesarean section; this benefit is available for a maximum of two deliveries during the insured’s lifetime while the policy is in effect.

• Costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth, including cesarean sections, up to Rs. 30,000/-

• When a newborn is added to the policy with advance notice, their coverage begins on the 91st day after delivery.

Star Women Care Insurance Policy

The entire community gains when women and girls live healthy lives and fulfill their potential. Women’s health is a universal concern. Women no longer fulfill the traditional gender roles of domestic helpers and caregivers. As time went on, women gained influence and became worldwide leaders. Women today are putting a lot of effort into juggling their careers and family obligations. Women are pursuing careers more and more, and they are becoming decision-makers. Women neglect to take precautions and be secure when it comes to their health. They are forced to give up their work and financial independence when a serious disease hits.

A policy designed specifically for women, Star Women Care Insurance Policy meets the demands of women who have children and spouses. People between the ages of 18 and 75 are eligible for this policy. As part of female developmental concerns, this policy provides financial support for maternity, newborn coverage, in-utero fetal procedures, assisted reproductive therapies, and many other things. Waiting periods for maternity and other benefits for female children are prevalent renewal perks.

The Star Women Care Insurance Policy will cover the following maternity costs.

Assisted reproductive treatment for sub fertility is covered. Delivery costs range from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,000,000 for normal or cesarean births.

Fetal surgeries performed in the uterus are covered up to the insured amount

Family planning procedures are covered up to the insured amount.

Up until the age of 12, a baby is entitled to four pediatric consultations annually for Rs. 500 per consultation.

A newborn baby’s metabolic examination costs up to 3500 rupees, and there are options for outpatient consultations on pregnancy confirmation for antenatal care.

Super Surplus Insurance Policy (Gold plan)

When your primary insurance plan is insufficient to cover your hospital costs, you can supplement it with the Super Surplus Insurance Policy. The gold plan’s insurance terms are one or two years, with the option of lifetime renewal. The main advantages of this top-up plan are that all daycare treatments, in-patient hospitalization, delivery costs, organ donation costs, and air ambulance coverage are covered.

The Super Surplus Insurance Policy (Gold plan) provides financial help at the moment of delivery and covers delivery-related costs. People between the ages of 18 and 65 can purchase the policy. For those who want to raise their sum covered without having to pay a greater premium, this plan is a smart choice.

According to this policy, the following delivery costs are covered.

  • Up to $50,000 in costs associated with normal delivery, including a cesarean section; this benefit is available for a maximum of two deliveries during the insured’s lifetime while the policy is in effect.

  • Costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth, including cesarean sections, up to Rs. 50,000/-

  • Costs related to legal pregnancy termination.

What is covered by policies from Star Health Insurance?

  • Costs associated with giving birth, including C-sections, and newborn care up to the policy’s maximums.

  • Delivery-related pre- and postnatal expenditures.

  • Pays for hospitalization costs incurred by the newborn owing to any medical issues

  • Immunizations for newborns up to age one, within the policy’s specified limits

  • Costs related to legal pregnancy termination.

Star Health Insurance policies do not cover

  • Costs associated with the surgical treatment of obesity

  • Change-of-Gender procedures

  • Cosmetic or plastic surgery

  • Dangerous or adventure sports

  • Costs associated with treatment at any hospital or by any medical professional or by any other provider specifically excluded by the insurer and disclosed on its website

  • Treatment for alcoholism, drug or substance abuse, or any addictive condition and its effects.

Eligibility Criteria

Subject to waiting periods, delivery-related costs are covered by medical insurance coverage with maternity benefits. We advise making a detailed family plan well in advance and purchasing maternity insurance. For the majority of insurance policies, there is a waiting period of 12 to 36 months before delivery costs are covered.

Why is it vital to have medical coverage with maternity benefits?

Both being pregnant and giving birth are significant stages in a woman’s life. While becoming a parent is undoubtedly joyful, most women also suffer the accompanying anxiety. Therefore, hospitalization costs are one thing that you do not need to be concerned about at this moment. If you have maternity expense coverage through your insurance policy, you may relax and enjoy your pregnancy knowing that all associated costs are covered.

Choosing maternity insurance coverage and family medical insurance are the best ways to manage expenditures in light of the rising medical costs in the nation and the rise in delivery costs in private hospitals.

Benefits of purchasing medical insurance coverage with delivery

Financial support

Both regular and cesarean deliveries are covered by maternity insurance. You need not panic or worry about any medical therapy you could need. Additionally, prenatal and postpartum costs are covered by maternity insurance policies.

Covers a newborn child

Our Star Comprehensive, Young Star (Gold), and Super Surplus Gold plan all offer coverage for newborns starting on the first day. This also includes costs related to immunizations and medical emergencies.

Covers the cost of delivery

Financial security during pregnancy is provided by purchasing a Mediclaim plan with maternity benefits. Regardless of vaginal or cesarean delivery, it covers pre and post-natal costs, ambulance fees, and delivery costs.

 What needs to you take into account before purchasing a Mediclaim plan with maternity benefits?

Every parent has a right to the greatest health insurance available to pay for delivery costs. Without health insurance, both parents may find it difficult to manage the hefty expenditures of maternity care. Therefore, the best way to organize your funds is to buy maternity health insurance, which will guarantee a healthier and more enjoyable parenting experience.

Here are a few things to take into account when selecting a medical insurance plan with maternity benefits.

  • Select the best maternity insurance option that will cover all of your medical expenses, not only hospital fees.

  • Saving money is a must for any household. Check for premium discounts you can utilize as a result.

  • Look over the list of Cashless Network Hospitals to be sure you can reach one quickly in the event of a medical emergency.

  • By reading the policy documents, you can learn about the inclusions, exclusions, sub-limits, and waiting time.

You may get maternity coverage at a low cost by carefully comparing policies and choosing the one with the best features.

Why pick Star Health Insurance as your provider?

Prenatal and postpartum care

Not all health insurance companies provide coverage for prenatal and postpartum costs. The fact that Star Health will pay for your prenatal and postpartum expenses is undoubtedly a benefit.

Cashless system

The country’s more than 11,000+ network hospitals offer cashless services to expectant mothers.

Quick and painless claims resolution

An important benefit at the time of childbirth is the ability of Star Health Insurance policyholders to receive rapid claim payment throughout 13000+ network hospitals. This allows you to focus on recuperating and taking care of your loved ones. According to the terms and circumstances of the policy, you can get your claims resolved at Star Health without a TPA (Third-Party Administrator) getting involved.


Can I purchase maternity insurance while expecting?

Regrettably, yes. Pregnant women can purchase health insurance. Due to a minimum 12-month waiting time for delivery coverage, maternity benefits cannot be used (under the Super Surplus Gold Plan). Both the Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy and the Young Star Insurance Policy, with waiting periods of 24 and 36 months, cover delivery costs.

Does Existing maternity insurance require a waiting period?

Sadly, maternity insurance is not included in policies for retail health insurance. Delivery costs involve a waiting period of between 12 and 36 months. In group insurance that is specifically tailored to your needs, you can be excused from the waiting period for maternity coverage.

Can I use the maternity policy to cover my newborn?

Yes, subject to prior notification from the day of birth, your newborn can be added to the policy at renewal time or mid-term.

When ought I to purchase maternity health insurance?

To guarantee that the waiting periods in any insurance do not influence its coverage while planning a baby, it is advised to do so at least three to one year in advance.

How can I obtain health insurance for my newborn child?

Mid-term Inclusion is the word used to describe the option of including the infant during the Policy Period. If your current medical insurance allows for coverage, you can include your newborn in it. Simply notify Star Health Insurance within 90 days of the newborn’s birth date, and the infant will be covered beginning on the 91st day. Mid-term inclusion is a component of health insurance plans like Comprehensive Insurance Policy and Young Star Insurance Policy. According to the Policy’s criteria and conditions, mid-term inclusion is permitted.

Does the policy provide coverage for multiple delivery costs?

Of course, Benefits are offered to cover the birth of the second child under the Comprehensive Insurance Policy and Young Star Health Insurance policies. Under this program, maternity-related benefits are offered for two deliveries throughout a lifetime.