Star Health Insurance

An Overview

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. is India’s first stand-alone health insurance provider, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Chennai. Today, the firm has grown into a market leader, offering a wide range of insurance products such as Health, Personal Accident, and Overseas Travel Insurance, among others, to meet the diverse demands of all segments of society. It is also heavily involved in bancassurance, having long-standing connections with major Indian banks. Star Health Insurance is a well-known company in the Indian insurance market, with over 10,600 workers and 550 locations across the nation.  

Star Health Insurance provides a comprehensive choice of cheap health insurance coverage for individuals, families, and corporations through various channels such as agents, brokers, and online. The insurances cover hospitalization costs, medical check-ups, acute diseases, and even Ayurvedic therapies. The business recently launched a prototype plan to offer coverage for Covid-19 patients. In addition, the company provides health insurance policies for autistic children, making it unique among private insurance providers. One of the primary advantages of purchasing Star Health Insurance plans is that no co-payment is required for people below 60 years of age. 

List of Best Insurance Products from Star Health

The Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Plan

The Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Plan is a health insurance plan designed specifically for seniors aged 60 to 75. The plan includes coverage for day-care procedures/therapies, pre-existing conditions, current treatments, and important medical interventions that the elderly may require, as well as choices for everlasting renewals. The product’s distinguishing feature is the availability of 30 percent co-payment alternatives for amount insured options of 15 lakhs and more. Additionally, Cataract Surgery may be exempt from co-payment. The elders can live their life with confidence and pride, knowing their clinical costs won’t be a monetary weight on their kids. Furthermore, one can likewise get a tax exception under segment 80D. 

Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Individuals between the ages of 18 and 65 can acquire the Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy. The comprehensive family floater plan enables the policyholder to cover their entire family, including two adults and up to three dependent children aged 3 months to 25 years. The plan offers amount insured choices ranging from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore. For people who obtain this coverage at the age of 61 or older, a 10% co-payment is required for each claim. This implies that every time a claim is submitted with the firm, the insured must pay a predetermined 10% of the claim, and Star Health Insurance will process the remaining claim. 

There is a 15-day free look period from the date of receipt of the policy to evaluate the policy’s terms and conditions. If the insured is dissatisfied with the plan, they will have the opportunity to cancel the insurance within the time frame specified. In this situation, the organization will complete the premium refund after calculating the costs spent during that time period. 

Star Super Surplus Health Insurance

Super Surplus health insurance is a supplement plan that covers medical expenses in excess of a certain amount. This plan provides low-cost premiums for coverage of large medical bills up to one crore. The Super Surplus Top-Up plan is offered as an individual or as a family floater. 

Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

The FHO (Floater) Health Insurance Plan is reasonably priced, allowing you to address the most difficult health conditions of all family members, including the youngest. It protects babies from medical complications beginning on the 16th day of birth and covers in-hospitalization costs. 

This plan includes a number of unique features such as Automatic Restoration at 300 percent of the sum insured, repatriation of mortal remains, compassionate travel, emergency domestic medical evacuation, organ donor expenses, recharge benefit, sum insured for road traffic accidents, assisted reproduction treatment, and more. 

The Medi classic Health Insurance Plan

The Medi classic Health Insurance Plan is a well-balanced health insurance plan that offers a wide range of features to help people manage their medical bills. This one-of-a-kind health plan covers anyone from the age of 16 days to 65 years, with no upper age limit for renewals following 65 years. This plan exclusively covers organ donor expenditures up to the insured amount, as well as Ayurvedic therapies, domiciliary hospitalisation, contemporary treatments, and other things. 

Network Hospitals

To satisfy the medical requirements of all its subscribers, Star Health Insurance offers a large network of 9,000+ hospitals throughout the country, across every major city. Because of the availability of cashless hospitalization with reimbursement facilities, policyholders may simply seek cashless care without having to worry about locating a decent hospital at the last minute. 

If you want to receive treatment in a Star cashless network hospital, go ahead. The insurance provider also offers a quick and hassle-free health claim settlement method that does not require the participation of a third-party administrator. 

Star Health Insurance- Reviews

Purchasing health insurance policies from Star Health and Allied Insurance Company offers its own set of perks. The insurer has over 300 branches in India, a good Claim Settlement Ratio, and a reasonable Incurred Claim Ratio. When it comes to health insurance policies, the insurer has a range to provide that meet the needs of various segments of society. Individual health insurance plans, family floater health insurance plans, senior citizen health insurance plans, critical illness health insurance plans, disease-specific health insurance plans, personal accident policies, and so on. The insurer provides a quick and uncomplicated claim settlement procedure, making it simple for the insured to use the policy’s benefits.  

Since its beginning, the firm has made its mark and established itself as a reputable brand in the general insurance industry. Customers from all around the country have showered them with praise, for their great policies and hassle-free service. 

Star Health and Allied Insurance Company has received several honours, demonstrating that it is one of India’s finest health insurance businesses. It received the WHO Award of Excellence in 2017. In 2018-19, it was named Best Insurance Provider of the Year at the Money Today Financial Awards. The company’s branches are distributed all across the country, making it easy for anyone to get in touch with it. 

Star Health provides a variety of health insurance policies that are both creative and distinctive in their benefit structure. While the plans provide extensive coverage, the rates are reasonable and suitable for all budgets. 

Star Health Insurance- Network Hospitals 

A network hospital is one that has a contract with a health insurance provider to provide cashless care. Star Health Insurance has tie-ups with over 9,000 network hospitals throughout India where you may receive cashless treatment without having to acquire funds because the insurer immediately covers invoices at these hospitals. 

Details of a few of the network hospitals are given below

  • All Asia Medical institute 

Address: Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019 

  • Aakash HealthCare Private Ltd. 

Address: Dwarka Sector-3, New Delhi, Delhi 110075  

  • Aaxis Hospitals 

Address: Uttarahalli Hobli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560067 

Star Health Insurance – Contact Details 

Star Health & Allied Insurance Co. Ltd.’s registered office is located at New Tank Street, Valluvar Kottam High Road, Nungambakkam, and they have zonal offices/branches all throughout India. 

  • Mail In 

The Manager – Customer Care, Star Health & Allied Insurance Co. Ltd, No.1, New Tank Street, Valluvar Kottam High Road, Nungambakkam,Chennai – 600 034 

Benefits and Features of Star Health Insurance Plans

Pre-existing Diseases: After a four-year waiting period, any pre-existing condition is covered. 

Disability Insurance: Star Health has teamed with Bajaj Allianz General Insurance to provide disability insurance as an added benefit. This program offers a lump-sum payment upon diagnosis of Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), allowing those with impairments due to catastrophic diseases or accidents to improve their level of living and become financially independent and self-sufficient. 

Room rent: Room rent is included in Star Health Insurance plans at 2% of the insured amount, up to a maximum of Rs. 4000 a day. 

No third-party administrator: The insurance company does not use third-party administrators. 

In-House Claim Settlement: Star Health Insurance features an in-house claim settlement process that allows for a simple and quick resolution of claims. 

Timely Claim Settlement: According to Star Health Insurance, 90% of received health insurance claims are settled in less than 2 hours. 

Life-long Renewability: Renewals under Star Health’s insurance policies are not subject to any age restrictions. 

Why Star Health Insurance? 

Broad Coverage: Star Health Insurance plans provide you and your family with financial protection against a variety of healthcare costs in the event of disease, sickness, medical emergencies, or accidents. 

24*7 Customer Service: Star Health Insurance’s courteous staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you. 

Star Health App: If you are too busy to go out, you may download the Star Health app to your phone, which allows customers to contact the firm more easily. The app includes features such as claims status, hospital search, Know Your Body (GYN) series, and more, making it simple for users who want to acquire or renew health insurance policies at their fingertips! 

Cashless Treatment: Star Health Insurance offers affiliations with over 9,000 network hospitals, allowing you to receive cashless treatment without any difficulty. 

Add-on Advantages: Star Health Insurance’s health insurance plans include a variety of add-on benefits such as hospital cash, patient care, and so on to assist you acquire comprehensive coverage for a small additional fee. 

Variety of Health Insurance Plans: Star Health Insurance provides a wide range of health insurance plans developed specifically for individuals, families, and corporations. 

Inclusions/Exclusions in Star Health Insurance Policies

The Star Health Insurance Company offers the following inclusions

  • After 48 months of continuous coverage with any other Indian insurance carrier, pre-existing conditions are covered. 

  • In certain circumstances, pre-hospitalization costs up to 30 days are covered. 

  • Post-hospitalization care expenses are reimbursed for up to 60 days. 

  • The expenses of nursing and boarding costs for X-rays, drugs, pharmaceuticals, dialysis, diagnostic materials, and so on.  

  • Medical fees, specialists’ fees, consultants’ fees, and so on. 

The following are some of the exclusions from the Star Health Insurance policy

  • Diseases contracted by the person during the first 30 days following the policy’s start date. 
  • Cosmetic surgery treatments  

  • Tooth therapy or surgery, unless it’s needed as a result of an accident that required hospitalization. The expense of a dental implant is also not covered. 

  • Any hospitalisation for the sole purpose of gathering diagnostic information. 

  • Injuries resulting from dangerous or adventurous sports. 

  • Costs of weight-control operations, including surgical procedures like bariatric surgery or obesity treatment. 

  • Illnesses of the mind, psychiatry, and behavior. 

  • Intentional self-harm, such as injuries sustained during a suicide attempt. 

  • STDs and Venereal Diseases caused by intoxication, drug or alcohol usage, chewing tobacco, and smoking. 

  • Injuries or diseases caused directly or indirectly by or originating as a result of an invasion, war, or an act of a foreign opponent, etc. 

  • Injuries or diseases caused by nuclear materials or weapons, either directly or indirectly. 

Claim Process of Star Health Insurance: 

Star Health Claims Services is a straightforward and user-friendly method for ensuring that all claims are processed in a timely and effective way. The company has a specialised claim settlement staff that guarantees the claim settlement procedure is transparent, minimising client effort. All of the network hospitals around the country accept cashless claims.  

The following is the procedure for filing health insurance claims without using cash: 

  • Go to the insurance desk at the nearest network hospital that offers cashless treatment. 

  • Show your ID card to for verification. Prior to sending the pre-approval form, the network clinic will check your identity. 

  • Fill out and submit the pre-authorization request form. 

  • An insurer will analyse the appropriate paperwork and process the claim in accordance with the rules and circumstances of the health insurance plan. 

  • A field doctor appropriate to your medical condition will be assigned to you. 

  • If a cashless claim is refused, the insured may submit a reimbursement claim after being discharged. 

Reimbursement claims can be submitted at both network and non-network hospitals. The reimbursement procedure is as follows:  

  • At the time of discharge, settle all hospital bills and gather all original papers such as discharge reports, prescription copies, medical bills, hospital bills, and so on.  

  • Submit a completed reimbursement claim form, along with all original medical records, to the nearest Star Health office within 30 days after discharge.  

  • Following a successful verification and approval, the claim amount is credited to the insured member’s account. 

Star Health Insurance – FAQ

What is not covered in Star Health Insurance? 

Ans: Some of the things that are not covered by Star Health Insurance include dental procedures, cosmetic surgeries, psychiatric illness, intentional self-harm, accidents or diseases caused by conflict, and nuclear weapons. 

What is the waiting period for Star Health Insurance?  

Ans: Star Health’s insurance policies contain a one-month or 30-day waiting period during which no claims are accepted, except in the case of an accident. Pre-existing illnesses are covered after a 36-month waiting period from the date the insurance is activated. 

What are the diseases covered under Star Health Insurance? 

Ans: Star Health Insurance covers all conditions that necessitate hospitalisation and treatment expenditures (with the exception of a few situations that are listed under the exclusions section). 

Some of the added coverages under the Star Comprehensive Insurance Plan include: 

Procedures for day-care 

Hospitalization in one’s own home 

Ayurvedic remedies 

Second medical opinion 

Coverage for new-borns and deliveries 

Expenses for organ donors 

Bariatric surgery 

Out-of-hospital medical consultation 

Annual health examination 

Health and Wellness programs 

How many times we can claim Star Health Insurance in a year?  

Ans: There is no limit to the number of claims that can be lodged in a calendar year. However, the total treatment cost should not exceed the total covered.  

Can I port my Star Health Insurance policy?  

Ans: Yes, Star Health Insurance Policies are portable. Star Health Insurance Policies can be ported towards renewal. You must notify the insurer at least 45 days before the renewal date. 

Does Star Health Insurance offer coverage for maternity?  

Ans: Yes. The Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan covers expenditures spent during normal birth or caesarean section, provided both husband and wife are insured, and if the delivery occurs after the policy’s waiting period. The coverage of pre- and post-natal costs such as ultrasounds, tests, doctor check-ups, and follow-ups is an important advantage of the comprehensive policy. 

How can I check Star Health Insurance claim status? 

Ans: The policyholder can monitor the status of their claim online or offline. The following are the steps:  

Online Methodology: If a policyholder has recently made a claim request for their insurance, they may check the status of their claim by visiting the Star Health Insurance official website and selecting the ‘Claim Status’ page. 

Then, on the page, input data such as the Intimation number and ID card number. Select ‘Get Claim Status’.  

Offline Methodology: If a policyholder is unable to verify it online, they may contact the claims helpdesk number at 1800 425 2255 (Toll Free Number), or they can visit the local Star Health Insurance business branch and ask a customer representative. Representatives will request the intimation number and the ID card number. Once the policyholder has submitted the form, the claim status will be communicated to them within a few minutes.