Tata AIG Health Insurance


Life is totally unpredictable and with each passing day, it unfolds some new dramatic curtains. Now, the major question is that what lies behind that curtain, I mean what the next moment holds for us is a mystery. That mystery can be a good positive healthy surprise or a tragic moment also. For both the events, we have to stay ready. Well, talking about anything which comes as a positive happy moment, we actually don’t have to worry much but, for the tragic and stressful unwanted moments we have to be well equipped, and when the epicenter of the conversation is Health, the need to be well equipped and prepared becomes more and more important and intense.  

Stressed? Tension not, why? Because here comes Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans in your rescue.

What is Health Insurance? 

 We all know that life is a movie and we can never easily predict our future. So, Health Insurance Plans are the ones that keep us prepared for the battles that we fight for our survival. Health is Wealth, true! Isn’t it? Having a health insurance plan is as important as drinking water every day. The way water helps in keeping our vitals maintained, similarly, these health insurances help us when we are hospitalized. It is like a box of treasure that saves our lives and us.  

Different Types of Health Insurance Plans offered by Tata AIG

Tata AIG medicare health insurance 

Medical emergencies are uncertain. No matter how health-conscious you are, at some point in life, you may come across such a situation where you’ll need financial help to cure such crises. Thus, Tata AIG Medicare health insurance policy provides you financial support for not just the hospital expenses but also the medication and high treatment expenses. 

Tata AIG MediPlus Health Insurance Plan:  

Tata AIG MediPlus Health Insurance plan is an affordable and pocket-friendly policy providing higher coverage than your regular insurance policy! It is a super top-up plan for all without the discrimination of age.  

Tata AIG MediSenior health Insurance:  

Tata AIG Medicare health insurance is a boon to senior citizens to live a carefree retired life. It has a coverage of around 2-5 lakh rs. It ensures you receive proper medical treatment at the time of crisis!  

TATA AIG Critical Illness Health insurance Plan: 

At the time of critical illnesses such as cancer,  stroke, and paralysis basic insurance policies are not much efficient to provide you coverage. With TATA AIG Critical illness health insurance policy you get proper coverage for such serious circumstances at affordable prices.  

Tata AIG Wellsurance Women Health Insurance Plan:

Tata AIG Wellsurance Women Health Insurance Policy is all related to all the women. This policy covers every women related illness and surgery. It not only covers the illness, it also covers hospitalization charges along with ambulance services. It is divided into three types: 

  • Classic 
  • Supreme 
  • Elite 

 All these have different sum total coverage and benefits.  

Hospitals that fall under Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans

There are more than 1394 Tata AIG Health Insurance Network Hospitals approximately everywhere in India.  

There are about 84 Hospitals in Ahmedabad which are covered under Tata AIG Health Insurance. A few of them are: 

  • Alok OrthoCare 

  • Aarna Super Speciality Hospital 

  • AIMS Hospital 

  • Anand Surgical Hospital 

  • Apollo Hospital International Limited 

Next in the line is Bengaluru with approximately 251 cashless Network Hospitals. Major of them are: 

  • A V Hospital 

  • Aastha Super Speciality Eye Hospital 

  • Aaxis Super Speciality Hospital 

  • Abhaya Hospital 

  • Acura Speciality Hospital 

Chandigarh is next on the list with 16 hospitals.   

  • Bedi Hospital 

  • Chaitanya Hospital 

  • Dabur Dhanwantry Hospital 

  • Dharam Hospital 

  • Dogra Nursing Home and Endoscopy Center 

Chennai has about 220 hospitals under the Tata AIG list.  

  • A N N Hospital 

  • Abhijay Hospital Private Limited 

  • Aditya Hospital 

  • AG Eye Care Hospital 

  • Agada Health Care Private Limited 

There are 348 hospitals under this venture.  

  • Aaditya Hospital 

  • Aakar Asha Hospital 

  • Amma Eye Care Hospital 

278 hospitals of Delhi come under the coverage of Tata AIG Health Insurance. A few of them are: 

  • Aakash Health Care 

  • Aarogya Hospital 

  • Aastha Hospital 

  • Action Cancer Hospital 

  • Ahuja Eye Centre 

There are 151 hospitals of Kolkata present in the list of Tata AIG Health Insurance Coverage. Let’s see a few of the hospitals: 

  • All Asia Medical Institute 

  • Alo Eye Care Private Limited 

  • Arti Nursing Home 

  • Amri Hospital 

  • Amulya Jyoti Eye Foundation 

Next on the list is Lucknow, which has approximately 49 hospitals that are covered under Tata AIG Health Insurance. 

  • Aastha Maternity and Laparoscopy Centre 

  • Abhinav Drishti Eye Hospital 

  • Ajanta Hospital and IVF Centre Private Limited 

  • Charak Hospital and Research Centre 

  • Children Medical Centre 

Coming your way Jaipur with 98 hospitals covered under Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans. The Hospitals are: 

  • Abhishek Hospital 

  • Adinath ENT and General Hospital 

  • Aditi General and Eye Hospital 

  • Advanced Neurology and Super Speciality Hospital 

  • Agrawal Heart and General Hospital 

There are many other cities.  

  • Bihar 

  • Gujarat 

  • Pune 

  • Mumbai 

  • Gurgaon 

  • Gaziabad 

Tata AIG Health Insurance Plan’s Review Section

The highlight of reviews are as follows: 

It is easy and quick.  Tata AIG offers various health insurance plans.  It is easy to compare and choose the best out of all.  Covers a wide range of hospitals.  Have an outstanding network of staff that helps in doubt clearance and help when needed.  The customer care service is efficient and well maintained.  The claim settlement process is really easy and quick and to ensure the proper progress in the settlement, the Tata AIG provides you with assistance as well.  

How to Contact Them? 

It is really important to be assured and reassure before you invest your time and money into something and for that, you definitely require the contact numbers, so, here it is,

  • 18002088787 
  • 18002585970 

You can also coordinate and contact them via their email at [email protected].  

Why to Choose Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans? 

Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Limited is a joint venture between Tata Group and the American International Group of Companies. This venture has completed 20 big years of providing insurance. Ever since its establishment, this insurance provider is growing and prospering high with flying colors. It is one of the most preferred and recommended service providers in India in today’s world. This venture offers a wide range of health insurance products for our benefit and well-being. This association currently has a well and widespread network of 200 offices across India. Tata AIG Health Insurance strives and always craves to serve the best possible service and health insurance to their customers through innovative solutions. They are working hard to improve their services while growing fast with the ever-growing and benefiting the technological world.  

Benefits and Features of Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans

Truly, they offer a wide range of benefits and they have many outshining features of Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans. Come on, let’s discover some of them:- 

Rapid Increasing Cost in the Medical Field 

 In recent times it is quite evident that medical expenses have exceeded many folds. Not only hospitalization but also the medicines, medical examinations, and surgeries have increased its costs and so, there comes the health insurance plans in the frame. To Be honest, it is more sensible to pay some fixed insurance premium than to keep paying and shelling out an uncountable amount of money from your own savings and pocket. It is very important to have insurance plans because no emergency comes up with prior notice and so, it helps you stay financially stable and keep fighting from all the emergencies coming your way.  

Be Wise and Save on Taxes 

This is one of the most shining features of having a Tata AIG Health Insurance Plan, yes. This insurance not only helps you stand tall financially but also strives to save as much money of yours as it can. This is a tax-free insurance plan and you can easily claim your amount under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961.  

Easy Cashless Hospitalization across India 

Yes, you heard it absolutely right. After shaking hands with Tata AIG Health Insurance, you get easy and cashless hospitalization in India which means you don’t have to run around in the hospital to check up on your claim and money.  

The Name TATA 

The name or the brand has a lot to say with the actions taken in the past and on that note, Tata AIG Health Insurance, owns a book of trust and faith alongside. They always strive to provide the best possible service to the customers. They run themselves on trust and hope to carry this faith and trust to the longest extent.  

Go paperless with Tata AIG 

Gone are those days when people used to stand for hours in those long and long queues to get a new insurance plan or to get one. Why? Because, Tata AIG Health Insurance provides you the advanced feature of choosing or renewing any health plan of your choice at your own ease while having your breakfast or brunch just by scrolling the website where you get the opportunity to choose, compare and then finalize insurance of your choice.  

Ambulance Service 

We understand that in an emergency we always end up with a glitch and money crisis. Well, not to worry even a bit about this, as Tata AIG Health Insurance also includes this special added benefit of ambulance coverage. They are available to protect you from all sorts of unexpected expenses coming your way.  

Bears your Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses 

This is something that is very rare to find and that’s the reason why Tata AIG Health Insurance stands out in every aspect. It is purely made for your benefit and wellbeing. After owning a Tata AIG Health Insurance Plan, you can stay tension-free as it covers your health expenses before 30 to 60 days of hospitalization and also 60 to days after getting discharged.  

Adds on your Savings Amount 

 There are times when you rarely claim your insurance for any medical issues and so in that case they offer you some add ons on your claim amount ranging from 10 to 100 percent depending upon the plan that you’ve opted for.  

High Ratio of Claim Settlement 

With an ever-growing and benefiting insurance provider, Tata AIG Health Insurance has a high claim settlement along with an easy process of achieving it too.  

Say Hello to the Discounts  

Yes, Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans not only saves you from unwanted and sudden health expenses but also gives you some exciting discounts on every plan you choose.  

What is the Claim Process of Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans? 

The claim settlement process is really very quick and well assisted by an efficient bunch of people across India. The whole process runs in about four easy steps, which is discussed below:- 

 Claim Assistance 

Any query related to claim settlement requires immediate contact with the staff members and for that, you are being given the toll-free number.  

Intimation for the Claim 

It is important to inform the insurance provider at the time of any emergency to get access to your claim amount and also, it is needed to give them a minimum of 24 hours to process your request.  

Process to Claim 

After getting your request to access the claim amount, you are needed to be a bit patient and cooperate with the team by completing some of the formalities.  

Claim Settlement 

Once everything is being processed and approved, you just have to hand over the documents to the Payments Desk of the hospital and it’s done.  

Now it’s the time to take into consideration some of the major inclusions and exclusions of Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans:  

First let’s see the inclusions of Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans: 

Cashless Hospitalization over India.  Day Care Expense Coverage Organ Donation and Donor Coverage Enhancement of insured claim amount.  

Now is the time to discuss some exclusions of Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans: 

Issues related to adverse mental conditions.  Some dental and vision health issues.  Maternity is one of the conditions that are not under any coverage.  There is absolutely zero coverage over medicines.  Sports coverage is also not available.  


Q1. How to buy and apply for TATA AIG health policy? 

Ans: Unlike the old days, nowadays buying a health insurance plan is a very easy task. You can actually own it while chilling in your home at your ease. You just need to simply go to the website and compare various plans that are offered and then choose the one that finds the best for yourself and which perfectly fulfills your needs.  

Why should I buy a TATA AIG Health Insurance Policy? 

Ans: Well, this is because they offer a wide range of benefits and services. The key points are:- It helps in easy cashless hospitalization.  The claim settlement process is very easy.  The claim settlement ratio is quite high.  It covers your pre and post-hospitalization expenses.  It makes you go paperless.  It offers you a wide range of discounts.  

What is the toll free customer care number of TATA AIG Health Insurance? 

Ans: It is really important to be assured and reassure before you invest your time and money into something and for that, you definitely require the contact numbers, so, here it is, a) 18002088787 18002585970 You can also coordinate and contact them via their email at [email protected].  

What is the Claim Settlement Ratio of TATA AIG Health Insurance? 

Ans: The Claim Settlement Ratio of TATA AIG Health Insurance is about 96%.  

How to pay a premium for TATA AIG Health Insurance? 

Ans: There are a few easy steps that you need to follow to pay your premium

– Step 1:- Go to the official Website of Tata AIG Health Insurance.  

– Step 2:- At the top of the page, there are four options Buy, Renew, Claim, and Service Request. Out of all the above-mentioned options, choose Renew. 

– Step 3:-  Now is the time for you to choose the type of insurance that you have.  

– Step 4:- After choosing that option, a page will appear which will ask you to fill in your phone number, insurance number.  

– Step 5:- Now, click on Proceed.  

– Step 6:- Now, after this, you will get a premium quote.  

– Step 7:- Click on pay and fill in the card details and press proceed.  

– Step 8:- Soon after this, you’ll receive a letter that confirms your payment.