United India Health Insurance For Senior Citizens

A medical insurance plan called United India Health Insurance for Senior Citizens is created to protect parents who are older than 60. The United India Insurance Company Limited’s Elderly Citizen Mediclaim insurance offers senior citizens the essential medical protection they need against a variety of medical costs, including the price of hospitalization.

Senior Citizens Health Insurance – Introduction

Senior Citizen Health Insurance is widely renowned for its extensive coverage and is easily accessible on both an individual and family floater sum insured basis. The policy, which is simple to apply for and buy, offers coverage for costs associated with in-patient hospitalization, pre- and post-hospitalization, day care procedures, domiciliary hospitalization, AYUSH therapies, and numerous other expenditures that are typically difficult for the elderly to manage. Senior Citizen Health Insurance, which has a 1-year policy duration, is the best approach to guarantee that senior citizens, who require the greatest amount of care and ongoing medical support, receive something without having to pay a sizable sum.

Principal Advantages of United India Health Insurance for Seniors

Here are some of United India Health Insurance’s top advantages for seniors:

  • There are accessible sums insured of Rs. 1 lakh, Rs. 2 lakh, and Rs. 3 lakh.

  • Coverage is offered on a per-individual, per-occurrence basis.

  • Over 7000 networked hospitals provide elderly parents cashless therapy.

  • Facilities for health screenings are provided after three years without filing a claim.

  • 5% off the family rate if you have many policyholders.

  • Tax relief is offered on paid premiums under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

United India Health Insurance for Senior Citizens is included

For older persons, United India Health Insurance includes the following benefits:

  • The cost of hospitalization

  • Charges for organ donors

  • Costs of pre-hospitalization

  • Hospital Readmission Expenses

  • Hospitalization at Home

  • Ayurvedic Medicine

United India Health Insurance Exclusions for Senior Citizens

The United India Health Insurance for Senior Citizens does not cover the following things:

  • Beauty or cosmetic procedures

  • HIV/AIDS dental therapy

  • Cutaneous congenital illness

  • Purposeful harm to oneself

  • Venereal conditions

  • Abuse of stimulants, such as alcohol and drugs

Qualification Standards for the United India Senior Citizen Policy:

Customers applying for a United India Senior Citizen insurance must be at least 61 years old and at most 80 years old. Any insured person beyond the age of 80 will be protected by the policy, but only if it is renewed continuously. Children must be three months old or older to be eligible for the coverage, and they can be up to 18 years old. The sole prerequisite for kids in this age range is that one or both of their parents must be insured at the same time. The policy’s minimum and maximum sums assured are each worth Rs. 1 lakh, however deposits are limited to be made in different amounts of Rs. 50,000.

Expert Review of United India Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Expert Evaluation

Adults are less likely to get ill than seniors. In order to give them a stress-free existence, getting them insured by reliable health insurance coverage is a wonderful idea. Seniors who have health insurance by their side may take advantage of a variety of advantages that can increase their convenience and ease their financial load. The Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy, created by United India Insurance Company, protects senior individuals from financial stress in the event that they have an accident or get a sickness during the billing cycle.

This specific United India insurance offers coverage for medical costs incurred during hospitalization due to an accident, injury, or illness for older citizens. The Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy, which is available as both a family floater and an individual policy, is a great option for those in their golden years. The insured amount is expressed in multiples of 50,000 in the range of Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 3 lakh. Without worrying well about exit age, any senior person between the ages of 61 and 80 can be protected by the policy.

What’s More

Many additional benefits are included in United India’s Senior Citizen Health Insurance, including coverage for pre-hospitalization costs for 30 days and post-hospitalization costs for 60 days, as well as costs for oxygen, blood, anesthesia, OT fees, surgical devices, dialysis, gemcitabine, medications, and other items.

15 days are allotted for the policy’s free-look period. As a result of this policy, you can benefit from tax savings. The quick and simple claim resolution procedure a 30-day grace period Provider of specialized TPA services.


Regardless of age, getting the best health insurance is always the first option for a person. Furthermore, Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy is without a doubt the best option for senior folks. Family members may also be covered by the insurance under the same amounts insured. To pick this health plan, however, any member must fit the insurer’s age requirements.


Q1. Are there any waiting periods for United India Health Insurance for older citizens?

Ans : Yes. The following waiting periods are included in the United India Senior Citizen Mediclaim policy:

● Existing Conditions Observation Period: 48 months

● 30 days are the first waiting period.

● Particular Illnesses 24 month time limit

● Replaces joints Observation Period: 48 months

Q2. For older persons, is a pre-acceptance health check-up required by United India Health Insurance?

Ans: Seniors who wish to purchase a United India Senior Citizen Mediclaim coverage may be asked to go through a pre-acceptance health examination.

Q3. How can I verify the United India Health Insurance premium before I purchase?

Ans: Krow.in website has premiums for health insurance calculator that you may use to assess the premium for the United India Senior Citizen Mediclaim policy. To determine the premium, you can also consult the premium graph on the website of the insurance provider.

Q4. Under United India Senior Citizen Health Insurance, can I insure my children?

Ans: You can, indeed! A child can be insured under the coverage if they are between the ages of three months and eighteen. The sole prerequisite is that one or both parents must be insured at the same time.

Q5. How long is United India Senior Citizen Health Insurance’s insurance term?

Ans: One year’s worth of senior citizen health insurance may be purchased. Every year, the policyholder has the option to renew it.

Q7. Does United India Senior Citizen Health Insurance demand a pre-policy medical exam of the policyholder?

Ans: The insurer may decide to require a pre-policy medical examination. When the plan is accepted, the insurer gets paid 50% of the cost back.