National Varishta health insurance for senior citizens

National Varishta health insurance for senior citizens run by ministry of finance provides comprehensive and flexible policy for old aged people who are above 60 years of age. This policy covers the expenses required for their treatment. The details of this policy will be explained in brief below.

What is Varishta National health insurance for Senior citizens?

Senior Citizen Health insurance is financial assistance scheme, during your treatment, charges like room rent, cost of medicines, treatment expense, surgery expense and much more.

Why do we need health insurance?

Health plays a very important role in our lives. Without health we are nothing. In today’s world the cost of treatment is increasing day by day. Most of us find it difficult to compensate with the increasing cost. We cannot afford for the best treatment with our finances only. So it is essential for each one of us to take the best insurance policy from Varishta health insurance. This plan provides financial assistance during any unforeseen situation. This plan is exclusively designed to meet the health care needs of senior citizens. Because they are in the tenderest stage of their life, their treatment would require extreme care which has to been done more carefully, compared to other treatments

Features of this plan

  • This plan is available only for individual option and not in floater option

  • The minimum age for entry is 60 and the maximum age for entry is 80

  • The policy period is for 1 year

  • Till the insurer is 90 years, the policy can be renewed

  • Sum insured(hospitalisation)- 1lac

  • Sum insured(critical illness)- 2lac

  • If no claim is raised during the policy period, you  can receive cumulative bonus

  • Hospital expenses are covered from 1% of your sum

  • 50% of your sum is covered in the following

  • Drugs

  • Blood

  • Oxygen

  • Diagnosis

  • Ambulance

  • Critical illness

  • Pre hospitalisation

  • Post hospitalisation

  • Organ transplantation

  • Every year for the 15,000 premium we pay there is deduction according to income tax act.


The following diseases are treated in this policy, they are

  • Cataract

  • Joint replacement

  • Hernia

  • Fistula

  • Piles

  • Stone disease

  • Treatment of tonsils

  • Nasal treatments

  • Growth of lumps in the body

  • Hydrocele

  • Congenital internal disease

  • Sinusitis

  • Sinus


The following are not covered under this policy

  • Dental treatment is provided only for accidental cause and not for beauty purpose

  • Completely diagnostic disease

  • War injury

  • Nuclear weapons injury

  • Self injury

  • Drug  abuse

  • Treatment is not provided for smoker

  • Naturopathy like siddha,ayurveda, unani and homeopathy

  • Recovery benefit

  • Convalescence benefit

  • Treatment for AIDS

  • Cosmetic treatment

  • Plastic surgery

  • Unprescribed treatment by doctor.

  • Sterility

  • Pregnancy

  • Abortion

  • Debility

  • Anomalies

  • Venereal diseases

Renewal process of varishta medical insurance

The policy period for this policy is1 year, it needs to be renewed otherwise the policy will be lapsed and we cannot receive the benefits. You need to renew the policy before expiry period to enjoy your benefits. If you fail to renew you policy you will lose your no claim bonus, waiting period benefits which you need to repay if you have not renewed your policy. This policy is renewed through online mode.

  • Click on the website of national health insurance

  • Click on renew insurance option

  • Go into health renewal

  • Enter your login credentials

  • Fill up the details of the policy

  • Make the payment online

  • After successful payment you are  provided with digitally signed copy

Benefits of renewal

  • If you renew your policy you will have unlimited coverage even after the expiry of the policy.  If the policy is not renewed, your policy will  lapse and the benefits you receive will not be available

  • Premiums are the periodic payments which need to be paid, if the policy is not renewed before the expiry date, you should pay higher premiums

  • Under 80D of income tax act you can avail tax benefits

FAQs –

 Q1. What is the percentage of no claim bonus?

Ans – No claim bonus is offered from 5% to 50% for every claim free year

Q2. Is pre-policy medical check up required in this policy?

Ans – No, pre-policy medical check up is not necessary in this policy. But in other insurance policies you will require medical check up

Q3. What is the claims process of this policy?

Ans – You can mail at [email protected] or contact 22831705. You can also visit the nearby branch office and fill the duly signed claims formed. Your claim will be solved within one week.

Q4. Where can I find the premium chart?

Ans –Premium is a periodic payment which needs to be paid before due date. The premium chart is found on the company’s website,

Q5. How to pay premium?

Ans – The mode of payment can be done through online mode and not through offline mode. Go to the website click on the option pay premium. You can pay through

1. Google pay, phone pay
2. Credit card
3. Debit card
4. NEFT, net banking

After payment you can download the payment receipt through the website. Before payment you need to make sure that you have a stable network

Q6. Is there cashless treatment?

Ans – Yes, in this policy they provide the best cashless treatment they have a wide network of hospitals in which they provide cashless treatment at any time

Q7. What are the documents required to purchase this policy?

Ans –

a) Birth certificate
b) Receipt of hospital bills
c) Doctor details
d) Hospital registration number
e) Prescription of medicines
f) Medical report
g) AADHAR card
h) PAN card
i) Passbook copy