What is Care Maternity Insurance Plan-Joy Met?

One of life’s most tender moments can be having a child. However, it can also be a highly worrisome period if you aren’t well-prepared. The cost of one additional family member is increased. Therefore, it’s crucial to prepare both mentally and financially. Maternity health insurance can help in this situation. It is intended to pay for pregnancy-related medical costs. Maternity insurance policies cover prenatal visits, labor and delivery hospital bills, postpartum care, and other expenses, relieving you of the financial load.

To provide you peace of mind during that crucial time in your life, this plan was created with the cost of raising a child and accompanying medical bills in mind. This strategy is specifically created for folks who want to start a family. The waiting period for maternity-related claims is likewise maintained for 9 months in accordance with natural law. In addition to covering costs associated with pregnancy, this health plan also includes a number of other benefit packages.

The Joy plan covers maternity coverage and ambulance coverage in addition to inpatient care, childcare services, pre-hospitalization, medical expenses for up to 30 days, and post-hospitalization for up to 60 days. Overall, it’s a thorough health plan that emphasizes maternity benefits. The coverage also covers costs related to infertility concerns, hospitalization fees for the newborn due to any medical complications, and vaccination fees up to 90 days after the date of delivery.

Plan Available for Joy Plan by Care Health Insurance

Two plans are available under the Joy plan by Care Health Insurance.

  • Care Joy Today Plan

  • Care Joy Tomorrow Plan

Eligibility Criteria for Care Joy Health Insurance Policy

Care Joy Today Plan

  • The minimum entry age for Care Joy Today Plan is as given below:

                For Child: 1 day.

                For Adults: 18 years.

                Newborn: 1 day.

  • The maximum entry age for Care Joy Today Plan is as given below:

For Child: 24 years.

For Adults: 65 years.

Newborn: 1 day.

Care Joy Tomorrow Plan

  • The minimum entry age for Care Joy Tomorrow Plan is as given below:

For Child: 1 day.

                For Adults: 18 years.

                Newborn: 1 day.

  • The maximum entry age for Care Joy Tomorrow Plan is as given below:

For Child: 24 years.

For Adults: 65 years.

Newborn: 1 day.

Policy period: Policy period for Care Joy Today Plan and Care Joy Tomorrow Plan is 3 years.

Renewability: Lifetime renewal is contingent on the availability of health insurance with a maternity benefit product that has received IRDA approval.

Medical screening: For candidates above the age of 45, a pre-policy health examination is required.

Basis of policy: Provides individual and Family Floater.

Sum assured option: Minimum is 3 Lakhs and the minimum is 5 Lakhs for both schemes.

Policy Term: Policy terms are for 3 years.

Premium payment: Quarterly, Half-yearly, and Annually for both plans.

The number of people covered: 2 people covered, both mother and child.

Maternity waiting period: The maternity waiting period is 9 months for Care Joy Today Plan and 24 months for Care Joy Tomorrow Plan.

Coverage for new-born birth defects: This is not applicable for Care Joy Today Plan whereas Rs 50000 is allotted for Care Joy Tomorrow Plan.

Main highlights of Joy Care Maternity Insurance

  • This strategy has two variations (Joy Today and Joy Tomorrow).

  • The long-term policy tenure offered by this plan is three years.

  • Up to Rs. 50,000 in maternity benefits are included in this plan. However, only women aged 45 and older can receive maternity coverage.

  • Newborn Baby Coverage: This plan will pay for all medical costs associated with your newborn child. (Rs. 30,000 and 50,000, respectively, for the Rs. 3 lakh and Rs. 5 lakh insured sums.)

  • Cashless Hospitalization: With this plan, you can receive complete coverage for all of your maternity costs without having to spend any money at the hospital. You won’t have to worry about making financial arrangements during the most important and trying period of your lifeā€”the delivery of your child.

  • Coverage for newborn baby defects: If your child is found to have down syndrome or cerebral palsy, this policy will pay you a lump payment.

  • The waiting time for insurance claims relating to pregnancy is nine months.

  • The newborn baby is also covered for up to the first 90 days under this health insurance plan. Your baby will be protected under the normal coverage after 90 days if you pay an additional premium.

  • As a result of the company’s partnerships with more than 16500 hospitals, this plan enables you to benefit from cashless medical care.

  • You will be entitled to a 10% premium discount if you select a multi-year coverage.

  • 100% without claim bonus

  • If you don’t file a claim during the policy’s three-year term, you’ll receive a 100% increase in the sum assured.

  • Under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, you are entitled to a tax benefit on the premiums.

  • This policy allows for unlimited renewals.

Care Joy Tomorrow Plan’s additional advantages include:

  • Pre- and post-hospitalization coverage and longer policy coverage.

  • Coverage for In-Patient Expenses and Ambulances

  • Treatment Coverage for Daycare

  • Tax Advantages

Benefits of Joy Care Maternity Insurance Plan

In-hospitalization: This insurance plan covers hospitalization costs (such as nursing costs, doctor’s fees, room rent, ICU costs, OT costs, oxygen, blood, etc.) if the patient is admitted for an injury or disease that requires more than 24 straight hours in the hospital.

Ambulance coverage: If the policyholder needs to be hospitalized due to a medical emergency, this plan will cover all related costs (up to Rs. 1000 per hospitalization).

Pre-hospitalisation This plan pays for all medical costs up to 30 days before your hospitalization and up to 60 days following your discharge.

Post- hospitalization: Up to 60 days after discharge, your hospitalization-related expenses will be fully covered.

Day Care procedures: This plan covers 170 daycare operations, including cataract surgery and many others.

Advanced Technology Treatment Cover: This plan includes advanced treatment options for conditions including cataracts, sinusitis, piles, etc.

New baby defect coverages: This coverage pays a lump sum payment if your newborn is found to have down syndrome or cerebral palsy.

What Does a Joy Today Care Health Insurance Policy Not Cover?

Following is a list of ailments that a Care Joy Today Health Plan does not cover:

  • Prior to the 2-year waiting period, any pre-existing illnesses.

  • Any illness experienced within the first 30 days after purchasing the policy.

  • All exterior congenital conditions.

  • All alternative medicine therapies.

  • Every regular dental, ear, and eye examination.

  • The cost of in-vitro fertilization procedures.

  • Injuries brought on by self-harm or a suicide attempt.

  • Costs of medically treating STDs brought on by drug- or alcohol use.

How to get Joy Care maternity health insurance?

The methods listed below can be used to purchase the Care health insurance plan on the company website:

  • Enter the necessary information, including your name, phone number, and then select “View Plans.”

  • Choose a care plan called “JOY Today” or “JOY Tomorrow.”

  • The member who must be insured, the member’s age, and the position they hold.

  • Decide on the coverage amount or sum insured.

  • With only a few clicks, you can quickly and easily secure your maternity health.

  • Your registered email address will get the policy documents and policy information, such as the e-card and policy number.

Claim procedure of Care Joy Health Insurance Policy Simply follow the steps below to submit a claim under the Star Family Health Optima plan.

  • Inform the insurance provider of the medical emergency or claim by calling the company’s 24-hour hotline.

  • Provide your policy number and identification.

  • Before 24 hours after a planned hospitalization, notify the insurer

  • The network hospitals offer cashless hospitalization coverage.

  • The insured must pay the costs of treatment at non-network hospitals before requesting reimbursement.

  • The submission of the necessary documentation is a condition for claim approval.

  • The claim amount will be settled directly with the hospital in the event of a cashless claim.

In a reimbursement claim, the claim sum will be reimbursed to the policyholder upon document submission and verification

The Care Joy Health Insurance Policy claim process is comparable to that of the majority of the company’s health insurance plans. The insured may call the business’s 24-hour helpline for any assistance or information. In the hospitals in the company’s network, a cashless option is available. There are no external administrators present. By providing the necessary hospitalization-related papers, policyholders can raise a claim with the company directly. The insurer will validate the claim and issue payment after receiving the necessary papers.

Cancellation of Care Joy Health Insurance Policy

Policyholders have a 15-day free look period during which they may terminate their insurance. The sum will be refunded by the insurance company less the proportionate risk premium for the term of coverage, the cost of the medical exam, and the stamp duty fees.

Take Away

Even while motherhood has many difficulties, it also gives women the most thrilling moments since they get to welcome a new life into the world. An expertly crafted maternity insurance plan for expectant moms and new parents is Care Joy Health Insurance. This health insurance program offers numerous interesting benefits for new moms and their infants. Whether a woman has a vaginal delivery or a cesarean section, this insurance plan will cover all maternity-related costs. A sum assured of Rs. 3 to 5 lakh is offered by the Care Joy Health insurance plan. Both an individual and a floater version of this plan are offered. 

With a robust network of top hospitals for cashless treatment, outstanding customer care, and the ease of hassle-free claim & simple processing, Care Health Insurance has carved out a niche for itself. Care Joy should be taken into consideration if you are primarily looking for one because not all health insurance plans cover maternity and new-born care. You can take pleasure in parenting while Care handles the rest of your financial issues with the Care Joy Health Plan.