Honda Insurance

1. How to Buy Insurance for Honda Wr V

Honda WR-V (also termed as Winsome Runabout Vehicle) is a fashionable SUV dominating the streets since its rolling out. Rich with an engine capacity of up to 1498 cc, WR-V brags about performing with a consumption of up to 25.5 km. That is accessible in 9 variants and six themes, which arrive with as much Petrol and diesel type and manual transmitting.

Honda WR-V is a combination of beauty, consolation, and safety. Its certainty features are unequaled, which encompass anti-theft alarm, essential locking, door ajar caution and seat belt alert, crash sensor, motor check warning, driving and passenger air cushion, and many more.

Honda WR-V Car Insurance

Following the Indian Motor Tariff, it is mandatory to possess at least a third-party car insurance guideline. It will facilitate you to grapple with any expenditure incurred contrary to a third party owing to an accident taken place by your automobile. You can gain car insurance by disbursement the premium for it. If trapped driving without a lively insurance guideline, you can be penalized with a penalty of Rs. 2,000 and prison term for upward to 3 months.

Types of Insurance Cover

1. Third Party Cover

It is a mandatory car insurance policy that one constantly wants to own. This includes protection from the monetary liability arising against the third party’s bodily damage, death, or wealth damage due to a disaster by your car. It provides cover up to Rs. 7.5 lakh for any wealth damage.

2. Standalone Own-Damage Cover

It is a encompass designed to protect you against the expenditure which may occur due to damage or depletion sustained by your profess car in a disaster.

3. Comprehensive Cover

It is a cover designed to reimburse your expenses connected to third liabilities and your indemnity arising from an accident or any regrettable event relating to your car.

 2. Honda Wr V Key Specifications

Identification of Honda WR-V

ARAI Mileage — 23.7 km

Fuel – Diesel

Engine Displacement (cc) –1498

 cylinder 4

Utmost Power (bhp@rpm)– 97.89bhp@3600rpm

Limit Torque (nm@rpm) 200nm@1750rpm

Seating Ability 5

Transmission Kind Manual

Boot Room (Litres) 363

Fuel Capacity 40.0

Body Kind SUV

3. Honda Wr V Car Insurance Claim Process

One lives strain-free after buying or renewing the two-wheeler insurance scheme as they have a 3-step, entirely digital claims procedure!

Step 1

Just ring on 1800-258-5956. Zero forms to be filled.

Step 2

Get an attached link for Self-Inspection on the mobile number. Film the vehicle’s indemnification from a smartphone via a guided step by stage process.

Step 3

Pick out the mode of repairing wish to choose for, i.e., Repayment or Cashless over their network of garages.

5. Reimbursement Car Insurance Process

6 Simple Steps For Creation of Car Insurance Claim Afterwards an Accident

Step 1: Notify The Insurance Company. …

Step 2: Submit An FIR In The Closer Police Station. …

Step 3: Seizure Photographs As Legitimate Proof. …

Step 4: Lodge All The Documents needed

Step 5: Ask The Assurance Company To Transmit A Surveyor. …

Step 6: Automobile Repairs.

6. Honda Wr V Variants with Insurance Premium Price

Variant Name Honda WRV Alive Edition Diesel S

1498 cc, Diesel

₹9.16 Lac

Honda WRV Alive Edition S

₹8.08 Lac

1199 cc, Petrol

Honda WRV Edge Edition i-DTEC S

₹9.16 Lac

1498 cc, Diesel

Honda WRV Exclusive Diesel

₹10.48 Lac

1498 cc, Diesel

Honda WRV Exclusive Petrol

₹9.35 Lac

1199 cc, Petrol

Honda WRV Edge Edition i-VTEC S

₹8.08 Lac

1199 cc, Petrol

Honda WRV i-DTEC S

₹9.25 Lac

1498 cc, Diesel


₹10.35 Lac

1498 cc, Diesel

Honda WRV i-DTEC V

₹9.95 Lac

1498 cc, Diesel


₹9.25 Lac

1199 cc, Petrol

Honda WRV i-VTEC S

₹8.15 Lac

1199 cc, Petrol

7. Honda Wr V Car Insurance User Reviews

Good automobile to drive Subtle designing Spacious Facilitate. Customers are delighted to get the top models with both models’ top-notch facility of Petrol and diesel.


Just a very few clicks and the action is itself in an issue of minutes


There is no trouble at all as one may acquire at a time and location appropriate for them


The guideline is sent to email, and no need to sustain a paper track over various years of possession.

 8. Add-ons For Your Honda Wr V Car Insurance

Add-on Covers for Honda WR-V

One can choose from the following list of car coverage add-ons to boost the Honda Wr V Car Insurance Insurance Policy while purchasing it online from their website/app.

  • Roadside Aid
  • Individual Accident Cover for every Passenger
  • Zero Claim Bonus Protection
  • Outstation Exigency Cover
  • Key Substitute
  • Engine Safeguard
  • Nil Depreciation
  • Personal Membership Theft/Damage
  • Consumables Covered

Honda Wr V Car Insurance FAQs

Where can I buy an insurance policy for my Honda WR-V?

One can ensure the Honda WR-V on their website or the official mobile app.

Which is the best Honda WR-V car insurance policy for me?

Preferably, it is best adapted to buy a Comprehensive Plan with useful add-ons to secure broad motor insurance coverage.

How much period does it take to purchase insurance for Honda WR-V via their app or website?

As there’s zero paperwork required to insure the car, anyone can complete the whole process within five minutes.

I sold my preceding Honda car and bought the new WR-V; will my No Claim Bonus continue?

Yes, the valid NCB ought to be taken into deliberation while assurance your Honda WR-V.

Can I renew my Honda WR-V car insurance from their b app without uploading paperwork?

Yes, purchasing insurance via their app or website is a paperless process; no upload of documents is necessary.

Which plan is the utmost to choose for?

Determinative the sum ensured for a Honda WR-V relies mainly on the chosen alternative. Most assurance providers offer a broad range of comprehensive schemes for Honda vehicles from which car proprietors can choose a guideline that best adjusts their provisions.

A comprehensive motor insurance scheme comes with benefits to the car proprietor. Most insurance suppliers offer a 360-amount coverage for repairing or car liabilities to the honda. Some of the gains of buying a comprehensive insurance policy for the Honda WR-V cover:

  • Remuneration for any damage undergone by anyone to a third party in the incident of an accident.
  • Remuneration in the incident of the car being robbed.
  • Hospitalization aims for injuries experienced during accidents.
  • Remuneration for damage brought about due to natural tragedy such as floods.
  • Individual accident covering for third parties for the Honda car.
  • Deciding a comprehensive insurance guideline for your automobile should at no time be compromised. It is essential in a caseload where you possess a car, such as the WR-V.

 A comprehensive insurance policy offers the car owner supplemental satisfaction to their motor experience.

How to purchase a comprehensive plan?

Comprehensive Cover

It is coverage intended to compensate your expenditure connected to third side liabilities and own-detriment arising from an accident or any unfortunate occurrence involving your automobile.

You can purchase a comprehensive car assurance policy for your Honda WR-V in just three minutes at their website by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit their
  • Step 2: Fill up the figure of your honda car in the “get your quote” section. If not aware of the car number, then can enter substitute details, for example, car brand, the instance of your automobile, fuel type, automobile variant, registration grade, registration location, etc.
  • Step 3: Share roughly personal details like the registered name of the vehicle along with a mobile number to fetch the quotes
  • Step 4: Gather a comprehensive car assurance policy according to the set budget and regulations
  • Step 5: Pay to purchase the comprehensive scheme and get its paper in the email inbox.

What elements should I write on the premium calculator of the Honda car insurance?

  • To obtain the right Insured Declared Value (IDV) with the premium of the auto insurance for the new Honda car, one should enter the following points on the premium calculator such as:
  • Auto Brand
  • car Model name
  • A variant for the car
  • Year of bought
  • Car Registration location.

How can I contact a car insurance-related service for my Honda car?

Suppose you desire to seek help for the car insurance procedure of your Honda car. In that case, you can easily associate with the customer care help of the website by contacting at 755-1196-989 around 10 am in moring to 7 pm from any day of the week or by mailing an email

How many periods can I introduce an insurance claim for a Honda car post getting with an accident?

You can submit a car insurance declaration for your deteriorations sustained by the Honda car after or within seven days of a calamity. But, this time can range from insurance firm to insurance company. Therefore, you must review your car insurance program document for factual information and attributes delivered by your honda insurance company.

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