IndusInd indulges credit card experience


With a pure 22K inlay and no predetermined spending cap, the IndusInd Indulge Credit Card is a premium card. World-class features including rewards, gold perks, travel and entertainment deals, and much more are included with the IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card

Benefits and Features

Movie Promotion The offer’s specifics are as follows:

  • The second movie ticket is free when you purchase one.

  • Up to three free movie offers are available each month.

  • Offer goods at all BookMyShow-registered theaters in all major cities.

The complimentary ticket cost is limited to Rs 200. The cardholder will receive a discount of Rs 200 if the cost of the ticket is greater than Rs 200. The remaining balance must be paid with the cardholder’s IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card.

  • Reward Points: For every Rs. 100 spent, receive 1.5 reward points.
  • Priority Pass Membership – With a free Priority Pass, you may now visit 600+ lounges across the world. Additionally, you are granted free entry for a maximum of two visits each calendar quarter.
  • Concierge Services – A round-the-clock concierge service is offered to assist with reservations for meals, travel, and lodging, among other things.
  • Free trip insurance – You are also given a free travel insurance policy by ICICI Lombard General Insurance, a partner of IndusInd Bank. This protects you against a variety of things, including delayed or missing luggage, lost tickets, missed connections, and more. Receive a free personal air accident insurance policy of Rs. 2.5 billion.

Requirements for Eligibility and Documents

Your ITR and income should be:

  • 48 lakh rupees per year for those who are salaried

  • Annual salary for self-employed: Rs. 60 lakh


  • Pan card, an Aadhaar card, and a photograph are required for KYC.

  • If your communication address differs from the one on your Aadhaar card, other acceptable address proofs include a voter ID, a driver’s license, a passport, etc.
Income Tax Returns
  • Payroll-eligible individuals

  • Recent three-month bank statement

  • Last three months’ worth of pay stubs or information on another bank’s credit card

  • Recent ITR copy or information from another bank’s credit card for self-employed people.

How Do You Apply?

You can phone IndusInd Bank’s customer service representatives or go to the bank’s website to apply for this credit card. Both options are available to you. The bank will process your application after all of your supporting documents are in order, and the card will then be sent to the address you provided.

One of the best products offered by IndusInd bank is the Indulge Credit Card. This Visa credit card is intended for HNIs (high net-worth individuals). The card feels incredibly luxurious in your hand because of its glossy reflective polish and genuine 22K gold inlay. While the card’s appearance undoubtedly makes it stand out, it also provides real value for money with perks like a complimentary Priority Pass membership (with unlimited free lounge visits), round-the-clock concierge service, air accident coverage (worth Rs. 2.5 crores), and many other exclusive advantages.

This card also stands out for not having a fixed credit limit due to the flexibility of the revolving credit’s base limit. With a relatively low 1.8% foreign currency markup fee, you can also save a lot on your international transaction. All the features, advantages, and incentives that come with the IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card have been thoroughly covered in this article. Continue reading to find out more about IndusInd bank’s premium service.

Product Specifics

  • First credit card with a pure 22K gold inlay in the Indian subcontinent.

  • No fixed credit limit exists.

  • For every Rs. 100 spent on the card, you receive 1.5 reward points.

  • Reward Points that can be redeemed for Airmiles, a cash credit, or Indus Moments.

  • Entrance to the domestic and international lounges is free.

  • Subscription to Priority Pass is free.

  • On BookMyShow, there is a buy one get one offer for movie tickets and a discount on non-movie tickets.

  • Access to golf tournaments is unrestrictedly free at certain courses.

  • A monthly interest rate that is less than 1.79%.

  • A 2.5 crore rupee personal air accident insurance policy.

  • Liability protection for lost cards up to 48 hours before the loss was reported.

  • 24-hour concierge service.

Special Deals

  • Unusual lifestyles are always drawn to distinctive lives. And we at IndusInd Bank are aware of all the demands that your way of life makes. Raising the bar to your expectations, we, along with VISA, deliver you exclusive hand-picked incentives created to fit your lifestyle, giving you a reason to celebrate every day. Therefore, enjoy all you do, whether it be special moments with your loved one or holidays to exotic locales.

  • Offers on Visa

  • Offer for a Visa airport lounge

  • Take advantage of complimentary lounge visits each calendar quarter on your Primary Card and exclusive access to a few high-end Visa airport lounges inside India with your IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card. On your Card, take advantage of up to six complimentary lounge visits per calendar quarter.

  • Program for Infinite Visas:

  • Offer good every day for movies: Buy one ticket; get one free, with the maximum ticket discount of Rs. 300 per transaction.

Events not related to films

  • 20% off of non-movie items is available up to Rs. 700 per transaction or card every month.

  • Non-Movie Quota for the year is still set at Rs. 2,600.

  • Non-Movie and Movie Quotas are separate from one another. One user may use one of each every month, up to a maximum benefit of Rs. 1000.

Immigration Meet & Greet Services at the Airport

Holders of Visa Infinite Cards are eligible for a discount of 25% off retail prices on Airport Fast Track immigration services at more than 450 locations around the world.

Program for airport limo transfers using Visa

  • With a luxury airport transfer service, you can improve your vacation experience. In major cities throughout the world, holders of Visa Infinite Cards can get 20% off retail prices for airport transfer services.
  • Complimentary online shopping Enjoy covering for any losses from online purchases with purchase protection.

Visa offers protection from

  • 30 days after the scheduled delivery date, the ordered item is not delivered.

  • Incorrect or insufficient delivery of a purchased item

  • The delivered item was physically damaged when it was delivered

Insurance Advantages

Holders of infinite cards Up to USD 1,000 per claim, with a USD 1,000 annual cap.

Rewards and Advantages

  • Benefits of Movies & Dining

  • Offer for three free tickets each month and a maximum transaction limit of Rs. 700 is available on BookMyShow.

  • Rewards Rate One and a half reward points are awarded for every rupee spent with the card.

  • Reward Points that can be redeemed for IndusMoments, Cash Credit, or AirMiles


Reward Points redeemable for Air Miles, a free Priority Pass membership with two free visits to an international lounge each quarter, and four free visits to a domestic lounge each quarter through the Visa Lounge program


Unlimited offers free golf tournaments and instruction at some of the nation’s top golf resorts.

Access to Domestic Lounge

  • Under the Visa Lounge program, six complimentary domestic lounge visits are provided each quarter.

  • Utilizing Priority Pass Insurance Benefits, admission to international lounges is unrestrictedly free.

  • 2.5 crores of rupees worth of personal air accident insurance

  • Zero Liability Insurance

  • Zero liability protection beginning 48 hours before you report a card loss Fees & Charges

Joining Fee

Rs. 2, 00,000 for joining (no annual fee is required) or Rs. 1, 00,000 (Rs. 10,000 annual fees applicable in this case)

Renewal Fee

  • 10,000 rupees (if the joining fee was 1,000,000 rupees) or 0 (if Rs. 2,00,000 was paid as the joining fee)

  • Annual fee eliminated based on spending more than Rs. 20,000,001 in the previous year

  • Rs. 100 is the reward redemption fee.

  • Foreign Exchange Surcharge

  • Interest rates: 1.8% plus GST

  • 1.79% of a month (21.48% of a year)

  • Surcharge for Fuel

  • For transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4,000, the 1% fuel cost is removed.

  • 2.5% cash advance fee (subject to a minimum amount of Rs. 300)

  • No Additional Card Fee

Credit Card Features & Benefits for IndusInd Indulge

The Indulge Credit Card is one of the premium cards the bank has offered; therefore it comes with several special benefits. It is a card that is best suited for those who enjoy making a variety of purchases because it offers rewards and travel incentives. To fully comprehend its attributes and advantages:

Travel Advantages

Cardholders who participate in the Visa lounge access program are entitled to six complimentary visits to the domestic lounges every three months.

With a Priority Pass membership, you have unlimited free access to foreign lounges every three months.

You will be charged US $27 each time you use your free Priority Pass to enter a domestic lounge.

Movie and Dining Benefits:

  • On BookMyShow, purchase one movie or non-movie ticket and receive a second ticket for nothing.

  • The maximum number of times this benefit may be used in a month is three, and the maximum ticket cost is Rs. 700. On BookMyShow, you may also save 25% on tickets that aren’t for movies. Save Rs. 3,000 on your yearly dining expenses.

Insurance Advantages:

  • A 2.5 billion rupee personal air accident insurance policy (applicable only in case of loss of life).

  • Protection from liability in the event of card loss is available starting 48 hours before the card is reported missing.

24×7 Concierge Service:

The card comes with a 24-hour concierge service that may help you make reservations for hotels and flights. The Indusind concierge service number is 1860 267 7777.

No pre-set credit limit:

  • This credit card has the unusual property of not having a defined credit limit. Even if there is a base revolving credit limit, you have the freedom to spend more than that.

  • A minimal forex markup fee

  • You can save money on your foreign transactions with the IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card because it has a low forex markup cost of just 1.8%.

Rewards for using the IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card:

 For every Rs. 100 you spend using the card, you receive 1.5 Reward Points.

Reward Redemption:

  • Reward Points may be exchanged for Air Miles (InterMiles and Vistara), Cash Credits, or IndusMoments (for purchasing select products and shopping vouchers).

  • 100 Reward Points are equal to 100 AirMiles when redeemed against them.

  • 1 reward point equals Re. 1 when used to redeem against Cash Credit.

  • To redeem for AirMiles or Cash Credit, you must have a minimum of 500 Reward Points.

  • In one statement cycle, a maximum of 30,000 reward points may be used.

Qualification Requirements for the Indusind Indulge Card:

You must meet the following eligibility criteria to be authorized for the IndusInd Indulge Card:

  • Applicants who are salaried must make at least Rs. 48 lakh per year.

  • Self-employed candidates must make at least Rs. 60 lakh per year in income.

  • The candidate must have a solid credit rating.

Documents Necessary

While submitting an application for the Indulge Card by IndusInd Bank, you will also require a few papers. The complete list of required documents is provided below:

  • Aadhar cards, PAN cards, driving licenses, voter identification cards, passports, etc (any one of these).

  • Utility bills that are no older than three months, a passport, a driver’s license, an Aadhar card, etc. are all acceptable forms of address verification.

  • Income documentation includes the most recent pay stubs, bank statements, or ITR.

How Can I Get an IndusInd Indulge Credit Card?

On the official website of IndusInd bank, you can apply for a credit card. For your application to be processed, you will need a few documents, including identification, proof of address, and financial documentation. By visiting your nearby branch and completing the actual application form there, you can also apply offline. Make sure you have everything you need with you.

Customer service:

 To contact IndusInd bank customer service or to report a lost card, call 1860 267 7777 from your registered phone number. Alternatively, you can send them an email at


Members of the Indulge card are provided with best-in-class advantages by IndusInd bank. You receive a very strong reward rate in addition to the premium perks like Priority Pass membership, concierge service, etc. With this credit card, you can earn reward points on all types of spending, in contrast to many other cards. In contrast to the majority of other credit cards, these Reward Points can be redeemed against the outstanding balance on your card in addition to being transferred to partner airlines’ Air Miles programs. Despite the expensive yearly membership price of Rs. 10,000, the bank’s product is unquestionably excellent. Consider looking for the IndusInd Bank Crest Credit Card as well, which has similar membership requirements and benefits.


How long do IndusInd reward points last?

From the date of accrual, the IndusInd Reward Points remain valid for a full year. Unused points become invalid after a year.

Is there a bare minimum of Reward Points I have to accumulate before I may use them?

Yes, you must have accumulated at least 500 Reward Points before you may use them for redemption.

Does this card grant me free entrance to a global lounge?

You do receive two complimentary passes to an international lounge each quarter if you have a Priority Pass membership using this credit card.

Does this credit card come with any insurance perks?

A personal air accident insurance policy worth Rs. 2.5 crores is provided to you.

Is contactless payment supported by this card?

The Visa pay Wave technology is supported by this card, therefore contactless transactions are possible.

How do I pay the balance on my credit card?

The following methods are available for paying your credit card bill:

1. Swifty Standing Instruction for Cash or Cheque


What actions should be taken if the card is lost or stolen?

In such a circumstance, you can get in touch with the bank’s customer service within the first 24 hours and provide written confirmation to the bank.

Is there a welcome bonus with the IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card?

There is no welcome perk included with the card.

What is the card’s free credit period?

A credit-free period of up to 50 days is provided by the card.