Aegon Life Savings/Investment Plans

Aegon Life Savings/ Investment plans are an extremely beneficial plan which helps their customer to gather wealth for their future needs. It provides various attractive and flexible types of savings and Investment policies to their customer including great benefits such as maturity benefits, death benefits, saving benefits, etc.

Benefits of Aegon Life Savings and Investment Plans

Here is the list of the benefits that will you get in Aegon Lifesaving and investment plans.

  • Policies will help you to save the money for the future+ will provide Life insurance cover.

  • Benefits of Paying premium as per your convenience (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually)

  • Flexibility to choose the premium amount

  • Can also make regular full-policy term payments, premium payments for limited years, and single payment

  • Functionality to discontinue a policies without paying hefty penalties

  • Will get loyalty bonus and extra other benefits on long-term benefits

  • Capability to choose policy term based on age or time when you might need money

  • Can choose policy tenure according to the age at which you might require money. Instead of taking a personal loan, you can use this money.

  • Flexibility to take the secured loan against theses policies from any bank

  • No maintenance required

  • Easy to understand

Types of Investment Plans offered by Aegon

Aegon Life Jeevan Riddhi Insurance Plan

Aegon Life Jeevan Riddhi insurance plan in non-market Linked endowment policy which offers dual benefits to their customer in terms of saving and life protection.

Benefits this policy covers:

Maturity Benefits:– At the end of the policy term customer will get a sum assured+ accrued guaranteed addition+ accrued reversionary bonus+ terminal bonus.

Death Benefits:- In case of uncertain death during the policy term, the nominee will get the sum assured on death+ accrued guaranteed addition+ accrued reversionary bonus(if any)+ terminal bonus. In addition to this beneficiary will also get 105% of the total premium paid of the policy till death.

Accidental death benefit:-In accidental death case nominee will get an additional 50% of the sum assured.

Guaranteed addition:-Guaranteed 5% of the sum assured will accrue in customer policy. At each policy year.

Bonus benefits:-Guaranteed bonus will be given at the time of maturity to the policyholder or nominee in case of death. Bonus will be the percentage of sum assured accumulate on each policy anniversary..

Individual Eligibility Details

Minimum Entry Age18 year+
Maximum Entry age55 year (In case of Limited pay policy)60 year(In case of a single pay policy)
Maximum maturity age70 years competed
Policy Tenure10 years(for single), 12-20 years(for limited)
Policy TenurePremium payment option- Policy term minus 5 years
Payment FrequencyYearly, Monthly, Half-year 
Minimum premium amount12,000(17-20 yrs.’), 
For single Payment option 15,000(12-16), 1 lakh

Aegon Life Regular Money Back Insurance Plan

Aegon life insurance plan is an ideal plan that helps their customer by providing a regular source of income after the end of a policy term and by providing life insurance cover.

In this plan, a customer will get money for 10 years straights after the termination policy premium paying terms.

Other benefits this policy covers:

Maturity Benefit: – Customer will receive accrued reversionary bonus and terminal bonus after successful survival throughout the policy term and all premiums are paid out.

Guaranteed death benefits- In case of death throughout the policy term, the nominee will get the sum assured on death+ accrued reversionary bonus+ terminal bonus (if any). will also get 105% of the total premium paid of the policy till death.

Guaranteed money back pay-out: – After the end of the policy term and all premium payments are made, you will receive total pay-out money which is 105% of the sum assured regularly for 10 years straight.

Bonus: – At the end of each financial year, the bonus will be declared by company which will accumulate on each policy anniversary and will pay at end of the policy year to the applicant or will be paid to the nominee in case of undenied death.

 For Individual Eligibility detail: –

Entry age (Minimum)7 days
Entry age (Maximum)55 year (in case of 7 or 10 pay polices)
60 years (in case of single pay) 
Maturity age (Maximum)75 year complete (in case of 7 0r 10 pays)80 year (in case of single pay) 
Policy Tenure20 years
Premium payment optionSingle Pay, Limited pay (7- 10 years) 
Payment Frequencyyearly, monthly, half-year 
Minimum premium amountRs 12,000 annually, 1lakh single payment 

Aegon Life iGuarantee Insurance Plan

Aegon Life iGuarantee Insurance Plan is an online insurance plan that comes with dual advantage of providing life insurance coverage and a sum assured at maturity. This specific insurance policy helps you in buying insurance online anytime and anywhere which is also one of the advantages of this plan.

Benefits this policy cover:

Maturity Benefits: – Will provide an annual payout for 6 years starting from the end of the policy term. The applicant will receive 135% of the annualized premium paid annually.

Death benefits: – Guaranteed death benefits in case of death of the policyholder during the policy period. The total benefits the nominee will receive is 105% of the overall premium paid by the policyholder until his/her death. Nominees will receive the benefits and then the policy will get terminated.

Eligibility details:

Minimum Entry Age12 year+
Maximum Entry age50 years completed
Maximum maturity age56 years competed
Policy Tenure10 years (single pay plan), (12- 20 years) for limited pay scheme
Premium payment optionPolicy term minus 5 years
Payment Frequencyyearly, monthly, half-year
Minimum premium amount12,000(17-20 yrs.), 
Single Payment options 5,000(12-16), 1 lakh

Aegon Life Jeevan Shanti Insurance Plan

This Aegon Life Jeevan Shanti Insurance Plan is Participating Policy that allows the customer to save on a regular basis and get a lump sum assured at maturity and in case of uncertain death.

Benefits this plan covered:

Maturity benefits: – After the successful survival of the policyholder throughout the policy term, maturity befits including 100% of the sum assured+ accrued reversionary bonus + terminal bonus (if any) will be provided by the company.

Death benefits: –In case of death in policy duration, the beneficiary will receive a sum assured+ accrued reversionary bonus+ terminal bonus, the overall death benefits that is rewarded to the nominee will be 105% of the total premium paid by the applicant until his/her death.

Eligibility Details:

Minimum Entry Age18 year+
Maximum Entry age50 years completed
Maximum maturity age56 years competed
Policy Tenure10 years (single pay plan), (12- 20 years) for limited pay scheme
Premium payment optionPolicy term minus 5 years
Payment Frequencyyearly, monthly, half-year
Minimum premium amount12,000(17-20 yrs.), 
Single Payment options 15,000(12-16), 1 lakh

Aegon Life Guaranteed Growth Insurance Plan

Aegon Life Guaranteed Growth Insurance Plan is a non-linked, non-participated guaranteed money-back insurance plan that comes with guaranteed returns. It returns money up to 8 years annually after the premium payments of the policy get terminated. In case of death, the nominee will receive the guaranteed pay-out.

Benefits this plan covered-

Maturity benefits: – Guaranteed Maturity Benefits-Upon completion of the policy term guaranteed annual pay-out that is 150% of the annual premium payable will be returned for 8 years to the policyholder.

Death benefits: – Death benefits will be given to the nominee of the policy holder after successful termination of the policy.

For Individual Eligibility details: 

Minimum Entry Age8 year Completed
Maximum Entry age50 years completed
Maximum maturity age60 years competed
Policy Tenure10 years (single pay plan), (12- 20 years) for limited pay scheme
Premium payment optionPolicy term minus 8 years
Payment Frequencyonce a year, once a month
Single Payment options 15,000(12-16), 1 lakh

Why do you need an Aegon Life Savings and Investment Plan?

Aegon Life insurance policies come with a wide variety of plans so can you choose which is more efficient for you.

Some of the reason which makes Aegon a suitable investment company for you is:

Aegon offers tax benefits to their customer under Income Tax Act Section 80C for premium payment and under section 10(10D) for maturity or death benefit so, you can save your money at great extent.

As mentioned earlier it provides an option to choose from 5 different insurance plans that has its own features and benefits so you can customize your plans according to your need.

Paying for an Aegon insurance policy is very simple and time-saving. And has the flexibility to choose from various options such as contact with an agent, walk into the nearest branch of Aegon, or apply for the policy online.

Aegon has a claim settlement ratio of 95%. Mean 95% of claims made on policies approves and disbursed by the company. The higher the settlement ratio more is chance to get a favorable response while receiving the claim from them.

Applying for a Traditional / Investment Plan from the company

There are two ways to purchase the plan from Aegon

Visit the Branch:-

Purchased the plan under the guidance of the agent, and broker. They will thoroughly guide you through the application process.

Visit the website:-

  • There are some specific plans provided by Aegon that you purchase online, steps to do that

  • Log in to the company website.

  • Choose the plan

  • Select the coverage you want

  • Provide the details

  • Premium will be determined using filled details

  • Pay the premium through credit card, debit card, net banking, etc.

How to Apply for Aegon insurance Investment Plans

Well applying for the Aegon insurance plan is hustle free and time-effective task.

You can buy it from Aegon life insurance’s official website

  • Visit the official website

  • Choose the plan

  • Fill in your personal detail like (Name, age, gender, Dob, annual income, email id, etc.

  • Click on “Get a free quote”

  • Upload this form and you will get the call from the customer service agent

  • Discuss with the agent about your needs and they will help you in choosing the best plan and will send details via mail

  • And at last, you will receive the payment link to pay the money.

And if you don’t want to buy online then there are several branches of Aegon, visit the branch near you and the agent will guide you.

FAQs on Aegon Investment Plans

Q1. Why choose Aegon Investment Plans?

Ans – Aegon offers income tax advantages to their customers, if you invest in an Aegon life insurance plan then you are eligible for tax deduction under section 80C and section 10(10D). This is one best benefit you will get if you invested in Aegon,

Aegon life insurance offers various plans and schemes to their customer so you invest in which is more reliable for you. Every scheme has its own advantage and benefits which helps you in planning the future and live life stress free. In short, Aegon provides you the satisfaction that you need in life and security so can become sure that your money is invested at proper place.

Q2. Which is the best investment plan of Aegon Investment Plans?

Ans – Well, all the plans have their own different features and benefit and they are unique in their way so it depends on our requirement. But if we talk about the best plan then the ULIps plan are best as they help you in the investment of money with security as well as provide a wide variety of fund option to maximize the amount.

Here is the list of some of the plans that Aegon provide

a) Aegon Life Future Protect Insurance Plan
b) Aegon Life Rising Star Insurance Plan
c) Aegon Life Future Protect Plus Insurance Plan
d) Aegon Life iMaximize Insurance Plan
e) Aegon Life iMaximize Single Premium Insurance Plan

Q3. How to pay premium? What are the modes of payment available?

Ans – Aegon provide both online as well as offline options to their customer so that they can make payments from their comfortable place,

Modes of Online Payment-

· Internet banking
· Using a Credit card or Debit card
· NEFT/Bill Pay/e-CMS.
· Premium payment via NACH, CCSI, IVR.

Process to make payment online-

· Visit the website
· Click on the Premium Payment section
· Enter required details
· Use any of the above mention modes to make payment online.

Or visit the nearest branch and they will guide you thoroughly about the offline payment process.

Q4. How can I check policy status for Aegon Traditional Plans?

Ans – By following these simple steps;

For registered user

· Login to Aegon’s official website

· Click the icon located on the right side of the bar
· Select customer login from dropdown menu
· Enter your ID and password
· After filling in the detail click on Sign in and you will redirect to the policy status page.

Another option if you don’t wish to check via the internet

Call on Aegon toll-free number 1800-209-9090 to ask them about policy status
Or you can email them at [email protected] to check the policy status
Or you can visit the Aegon office.

Q5. What is the policy renewal process for Aegon Life traditional plan?

Ans – The policy renewal process is the process in which you have to pay an amount every year in order to continue the benefits offered under your policy.