Pramerica Life Insurance Insurance Investment Plans

To render adequate returns holding in mind the protection of investments and preserving sufficient liquid assets to meet the insured person’s obligation. Pramerica Life Insurance Insurance Investment Plans assure the investments undertaken, whether in impartiality or debt, conform to the guidelines laid down by IRDAI and stick to the utmost risk handling practices. Investments are undertaken in securities with good term horizons in accordance with the guidelines group out by IRDAI to facilitate us to mount out periods of instability and outperform relevant benchmarks.

Life Saral Jeevan Bima Investment Plans offered by Pramerica Life Insurance

Product Benefits

This scheme is a personal pure jeopardy premium life assurance plan.

Eligibility Details
  • Pramerica Life Saral Jeevan Bima
  • Rs.5,00,000
  • 5 & 40 years

Pramerica Life U-Protect Plan

Product Benefits-:

 This is a plot that offers assurance protections are highly inexpensive prices. It also gives non-smokers the profits of reduced premiums, an impetus for leading a wholesome lifestyle. The scheme provides the lowest Sum insured of Rs. 25 lakhs as the demise benefit and no maturation benefits.

Eligibility Details-

  • Basic Sum Assured
  • Tenure
  • Pramerica U-Protect
  • Rs.25,00,000
  • 10-30 years

Pramerica Life TruShield Plan

This scheme with assured benefits and gives adaptability to choose two scheme options in accordance with need.

Type of Plan

  • Basic Sum Assured
  • Tenure

Pramerica Rakshak Gold


12 & 18 years

Pramerica Life Rakshak Smart


12, 15 & 20 years

Pramerica Life Smart Wealth+ plan

The Smart Wealth + Plan is a ULIP that raises customers’ coverage policy with expenditure opportunities. The assurance cover can also be augmented by buying riders consonant with this policy.

Pramerica Life Smart Wealth+ ACE plan

This entity-linked assurance plan comes with assurance cover and expenditure opportunities. It is also a single extra charge policy which way the client needs to render only one premium to stimulate this approach.

Below 45 years

1.25 times single premium

10, 15, 20 & 25 years

Above 45 years

1.10 times single premium

Pramerica Life Wealth Enhancer

Product Benefits

• Choose A Policy Designate from 7 years to 20 years, in accordance with your age at entrance, subject to maximum maturation age of 75 years. • Pay the bonus as a one-period lump sum quantity. • Pick out your Sum Assured as per your preservation needs. • Choose your expenditure portfolio strategy. • On maturation of your policy, receive maturation advantage as a lump sum or as an organized payout through Resolution Option. • In case of your regrettable death during the guideline term, your household will get the demise benefit.

Eligibility Details

The slab below shows maturation values and death advantage, assuming yearly gross investment restoration of 4% and 8% with 100% expenditure of the Large Cap Capital Fund.

Situation Example 1 Example 2

  • Age of Living Insure 30 30
  • Plan Alternative – A Option – B
  • Premium Remuneration Term/Policy Duration Single Pay / 20 Years
  • Single Pay / 20 Years
  • Single Premium 5,00,000,5,00,000
  • Sum Ensured 50,00,000 6,25,000
  • Total Maturity Advantage @ 4%* 8,08,767 9,53,966
  • Total Maturity Advantage @ 8%* 18,24,058 20,11,386
  • Death Advantage at the closing of 10th Year @ 4%* 50,00,000 6,68,297
  • Death Advantage at the end of 10th Year @ 8%* 50,00,000 9,72,576

Pramerica Life wealth Maximiser Product Benefits

The financial certainty becomes a significant factor in deciding whether our journey thru the ocean of life is hitting to be a floating or a rough one. Consequently, this critical element needs to be cautiously approached when selecting a Life Insurance plan to stand up for our family and safeguard their budgetary outlook. We need to be economically equipped and significantly assured to live up to the particular and questionable needs of our kin. Pramerica Life Wealth Maximiser is an Entity Linked Non Taking part Life Insurance plan which offers multiple advantages to pick out from.

Eligibility Details

Note: IN THIS Action, THE INVESTMENT Danger IN THE INVESTMENT Spectrum IS BORNE BY THE Insured person. This product does not provide any liquidity throughout the outset five years of the deal. The Insured will not be able to relinquish/back out the monies invested in this consequence completely or fractionally till the end of the fifth Guideline year.

This outcome provides life assurance coverage. GST will be loaded over and preceding the relevant charges from the entity fund.

How Plan works

  • Type of Plan
  • Basic Sum Assured
  • Tenure
  • Pramerica Group Credit Life+
  • Rs.10,000
  • Two years
  • Pramerica Group Term Plan
  • Rs.5,000 per member
  • Two years
  • Pramerica Sarv Suraksha
  • Rs.5,000 per member
  • Yearly renewal

Step 1:

  • Imply the company concerning the claim either on the internet, by tabling a drafted claim at any division, or by occupying the 24-hour free number.

  • Provide the following details:
    • Policy amount.
    • Name of the insured.
    • Name of the candidate.
    • Date of the pivotal illness/death.
    • Addressing and contact count of the individual intimating the claim.

Step 2:

  • Lodge the documents forward with the claim fashion based on the sort of claim lodged (illness/death).

  • The documents and demand form are to be lodged at any Pramerica agency branches or the front office.

Step 3:

  • The claim should be processed premised on the paperwork provided. If any additional documentation is needed, the similar will be demanded, and the handling will be finished only once all documents are accommodated.

  • The verdict on the claim (accept/disavow) will be conveyed to the claimant within 30 days of the paperwork being greeted.

  • Policyholders who yearn to appeal condemned claims can do by writing to the Firm.

  • The resolution amount will be considered and transmitted to the petitioner via NEFT for accepted claims.

Why choose Pramerica Life Insurance Investment Plans

The insurance plan is immaculate and has low premiums. The executives of the firm damn well supply assistance. Policy coverage is good, and claims are easy to authorize due to fast courtesy and hassle-free documentation. The plan coverage is 87% having high claims that can be easily sanctioned. The assistance and staff members are quick and responsive. Excellent policy plan which saves taxes likewise. The good manners of executives.

  • Offers entire life cover until after the age of 99.

  • Offers ensured accumulated additions as considerably as bonuses at the hour of maturity of the scheme.

  • Offers livelihood benefits composed of accumulated reversionary bonuses and built-up annual ensured additions. These are paid to the guideline holder once he arrives at 65 years of age.

  • Offers maturation benefits composed of Basic Sum Ensured and Total premium. The policy bearer remunerates these benefits once he arrives at 99 years of period.

  • Offers appropriate and adaptable premium payment duration of 15 years or 20 years, relying upon the client’s suitability.

  • Offers demise benefits in case of premature death of the plan bearer. The benefits to be granted depending upon the whole policy term and the exhaled term of the guideline.

How to Apply for Pramerica Life Insurance Investment Plans


The Firm offers particular plans which are accessible online only. The client only needs to register on the company’s internet site, choose the necessary Plan, choose the cover and lend the details. The extra charge will determine the utilization of the stuffed components. The client then needs to pay the additional charge online via credit card, debit card, or net bank facilities, and the guideline will be released.


Plans that are not accessible online can be bought from agents, brokers, deposits, etc., toward the intermediaries to assist with the implementation process.

Null % Commission

Preserve upto Rs 28.8 K** when you purchase through us, which might otherwise go in representative commission if you bought offline.

100% Calls Recorded

Every phone happens on recording lines to ensure impartial advice & Zero mis selling. They deem in transparency & truthful selling.

No Secret Charges

Charges, if any, forward with Returns are spelled out, so you are fully conscious of what you are purchasing.

One-Click Simple Refund

If you aren’t delighted with your purchase and call off your policy trouble-free at the click of a switch.

Applying For Traditional Insurance –

  • On the Pramerica Life Insurance Investment Plans homepage, click on Traditional Assurance below the Personal tab.

  • Snap New Quotes to compare and pick out from top insurance providers.

  • Fill in any date of birth (DOB), whether you are a smoker/non-smoker, and the payment amount. On the footing of your payout quantity, you will get an estimation of your premium. Subsequent click Continue.

  • Write your name, email address, town, country code, and cell phone number. Tick Continue.

  • You will be embarked on the Life Insurance quotes leaf, where you will see life assurance quotes of more than ten insurers. Subsequent, choose the Plan as per the remuneration schedule – One Time Payout and Every month Payout Plans.

  • After examining and comparing each life assurance quote, click the premium sum to buy the Plan.

  • You will check a pop-up that will provide you an overview of the selected Plan like premium, design features, exceptions, additional riders, and so on. Then Proceed.

  • This shall take you to the insurer’s internet site. Write up the needed details to buy the scheme.

Pramerica Life Insurance Monthly Income Advantage Plan

Pramerica Life Insurance Monthly Income is the span over which the maturation benefit is paid in equivalent installments. The payment period is comparable to the premium disbursement term and commences right away after the end of the policy duration. Option to obtain Lump Sum benefit At any period during the payout interval, the recipient would have the alternative to receive the remarkable yearly payouts as a total lump amount by the production of a written demand.

 The claim payment obligation of the Firm will end on the installment of a lump sum, and no furthermore benefits will be paid. The Firm may change the lump sum component depending on economic conditions and matter to a prior endorsement from the IRDAI.

Other Pramerica Life Insurance Insurance Plans

Kind of PlanFundamental Sum Assured
Pramerica Flexi Cash15 year duration- Rs.1,70,000 25 & 35 year terms- Rs.2,00,000
15, 25 & 35 years
Pramerica Life Ensure Savings PlanRs.2,75,000
8, 10 & 12 years
Pramerica Roz Sanchay16 year term- Rs.80,000 21 year term- Rs.1,12,000
16 & 21 years
Pramerica Aajeevan SamriddhiRs.75,000
99-entry age
Pramerica Sahaj SurakshaRs.1,00,000
15 & 20 years
Pramerica Cash ProtectRs.1,25,000
12, 15 & 20 years
Pramerica Wealth+ ACEUnderneath 45 years
1.25 times single premium
10, 15, 20 & 25 years
Above 45 years1.10 times single premium
Pramerica Smart Wealth+Dependent on premium pay term
5, 10, 15 & 20 years
Pramerica Magnum AssureRs.48,000 (per annum)
10 & 15 years
Pramerica Premier GainRs.3,50,000
10, 15, 20 & 25 years
Pramerica Smart AssureRegular premium pay- Rs.1,00,000 Limited premium pay- Rs.75,000
10, 15 & 20 years
Pramerica Smart Income 11 times the annualized premium
7-20 years
Pramerica Smart Money BackRs.1,20,000
16 & 20 years
Pramerica eSaveContingent upon on entry age, bonus & policy duration
10, 15 & 20 years
Pramerica Rakshak GoldRs.1,00,000
12 & 18 years
Pramerica Life Rakshak SmartRs.1,50,000
12, 15 & 20 years

Pramerica Child Advancement Plans: Every parent’s invariable worry is their child’s outlook. For instance, they are not just about to pay attention to it. To soothe this concern offers, the subsequent insurance plans.

Pramerica Rakshak Gold Plan is a non-coupled endowment scheme that offers ensured additions every year and an augmented death benefit that might pay out an every month benefit in a crate of the policyholder’s demise (till the guideline term ends).

Pramerica Life Rakshak Smart is a program with ensured benefits and adaptability to pick out two plan options as necessary.

Pramerica Smart Income Plan is a non-participatory guaranteed one-year income plan that offers annual earnings and elastic premium remuneration options all along with the policy term.

Pramerica Smart Money Back Plan is a participatory endowment program that offers liquid assets at lay down milestones and steady bonuses during the guideline term as flexible guideline terms.

Pramerica Plan is an online non-participatory endowment design that gives certain additions and maturation benefits.

FAQs-on Pramerica Life Insurance Investment Plans

Q1. What is the policy renewal process for Pramerica Life Insurance traditional plans?

 For renewing a guideline under Pramerica Life Assurance, there are two fundamental options:

1. Pay online
2. Bank check pick up facility

Use any user id and password and register the policy figure for renewing it. Networked payment options with debit, credit card, and net banking are accessible on this spot.

Cheque pick-up ease is also available, at which point the company’s personnel will get the paycheck from the doorsteps.

Q2. Which are the best Pramerica Life Insurance Investment Plans for the long term?

Pramerica Life Policy Company offers its customers several types of Traditional / Investment schemes with appealing features and benefits. Posing the flexibility to pre cornbread the maturity time throughout the Flexi Benefit period.

Offers perk additions and ensure an extra loyalty charge of 10%, developing from the second year of the program issuance.

Q3. Which is the best investment plan for Pramerica Life Insurance Investment Plans 2018?

Pramerica Life Magnum Assure:

A non-participating contribution plan offers the following benefits:

a) On maturation, the Sum Assured is rewarded to the policyholder.

b) Offers steady monthly income equivalent to a payout period that begins from the time of death of the insured person or the maturation date of the program.

c) Payouts can be selected in the shape of a lump-sum payment or as an every-month regular income by the candidate in case of the purchaser’s death.

d) In the instance of death, enhanced of the Sum ensured or 10 times the annual bonus is paid including the Ensured Additions subject to a lowest of 105% of all bonus premium paid until death.

Q4. Why should I buy Pramerica Life Insurance Investment Plans?

A participating Pramerica Life Insurance Investment Plan comes with the following features:

I. On maturation or death, the Sum Ensured, along with accumulated non-ensured reversionary bonuses and terminus bonuses, if any, is rewarded to the policyholder or the candidate of the Plan.

II. In case of demise, higher of the Sum guaranteed or ten times the annual extra charge is paid inclusive of the Guaranteed Additions subject to a lowest of 105% of all premiums remunerated till mortality.

III. Offers Lending facilities to the action holder in case of budgetary emergencies.

IV. As per the prevailing tax laws, profit is afforded on paid premiums and received benefits.

V. Offers guaranteed bonus additions, Pramerica Life Insurance Expenditure, and Plans assurance cover.

Q5. How to pay the premium? What are the modes of payment available?

The subsequent modes for payment are accessible for Pramerica Life Insurance:

● Online or NEFT transferring

● Via ECS

● Via Cash or cheque at the chosen branch office.

● At the SBI section branch

● At Axis banks

You can also pay through consumer helpline options, which let you transfer Cash through telephone medium or with a credit card.

Q6. How can I check the policy status for Pramerica Life Insurance Investment Plans?

You can check your policy condition online to your account on their website. You must click on the Policy Details flap once signed in to inspect your status.