Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance


When you want to get car insurance, Kotak Car insurance is a good choice. A comprehensive car insurance plan offered by Kotak Car  Insurance, Kotak Car Secure protects your car against natural and man-made calamities (including third-party damage during an accident). You can further enhance your coverage by adding roadside assistance, consumable cover, engine cover, return to invoice, tire cover, daily allowance, NCB cover, loss of personal belongings, and replacement keys. 

The Kotak Mahindra Group is one of the leading financial service providers in India and Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance is offered by Kotak Car Secure Insurance. It is an entirely possessed auxiliary of Kotak Mahindra Bank, one of the most well-known private area banks in India. 

Types of Insurance 

Kotak Mahindra offers –  

  • Third-Party Car Insurance 

  • Standalone Own-Damage (SOD) Car  

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance 

Third-Party Car Insurance 

With Kotak’s third-party policy, you will be covered for any liabilities to third parties due to an accident that may result in injury, disability, death, or property damage to the third party involved. As per the Indian Motor Tariff, it is compulsory for drivers to own third-party insurance, and if they are caught without one, they can face a penalty of up to Rs. 2,000 and/or 3 months in jail. If you become involved in a legal dispute or need financial assistance, this policy provides assistance. 

Standalone Own-Damage (SOD) Car

If an insured car is damaged in an accident or mishap, Kotak’s standalone own-damage car insurance coverage will provide coverage for the damage. The own-damage policy compensates you for the damage to your car caused by an accident, theft, vandalism, natural calamities, or man-made disaster. When a car is damaged in a mishap, standalone own-damage insurance covers the policyholder financially. 

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy 

A comprehensive policy is a complete package that includes third-party liability as well as standalone own-damage coverage. Third-party liability coverage provides coverage for bodily injury, disability, death, or property damage to a third party, along with damages arising from an accident or other mishap. Additionally, this plan comes with Kotak’s personal accident coverage, which protects you from injury caused when you drive, mount into, dismount from, or travel as a co-driver in the insured car. Other passengers of the car could also be covered if they do not exceed the car’s carrying capacity. 

Additional coverage for your own damage and comprehensive coverage can be purchased based on your needs. There is a lot of significance to choosing the right add-ons since they can impact the amount of premium. There is a variety of add-on insurance covers Kotak offers, including roadside assistance, depreciation cover, consumables cover, engine protection, and return to the invoice. Additionally, customers holding their own damage or comprehensive insurance are given a No Claim Bonus for each year they do not make a claim. 

Car Insurance offered by Kotak Mahindra

Kotak Car Secure 

You can protect yourself and your car against financial loss and damage with the Kotak Car Secure auto insurance policy. Comprehensive motor insurance covers the damages to you, your vehicle, and any third-party damages as well. When you purchase Kotak Car Insurance Policy, you can be assured of complete road safety.  

Benefits and Features 

  • Comprehensive Cover 

  • Gives inclusion when your vehicle gets harmed to some degree or totally because of regular catastrophes like fire, blast, self-start/lightning, seismic tremor, flood, tropical storm, typhoon, storm, whirlwind, immersion, twister, hailstorm, ice, avalanche and rockslide. 

  • Covers human-caused disasters that to incorporate thievery, burglary, revolt, strike, vindictive demonstration, coincidental outer means and psychological oppressor exercises. 

  • Additionally covers harms to outsider properties and real wounds (counting passing) brought about by mishaps including the safeguarded vehicle. 

  • Electrical/Non-electrical extras and bi-fuel frameworks. 

  • Incorporates an individual mishap cover for wounds while driving, mounting into, getting off from, or going as a co-driver in the guaranteed vehicle (stretched out to different travellers too, as long as the quantity of travellers is restricted to the conveying limit of the vehicle, barring the driver). 

  • Cashless Servicing i.e., Online 

Add-on Covers

Roadside Assistance – Get vital assistance in the event that your vehicle stalls and you are abandoned out and about. It incorporates towing because of a mishap/breakdown, battery kick-off, plan/supply of fuel, discharging of a gas tank, level tire (s) fixes, breakdown support via telephone, taxi benefits, the course of action of keys, message hand-off, and minor fixes. 

Other Add-ons – are accessible at an extra superior: Depreciation Cover, Consumables Cover, Engine Protect, Return to Invoice, Tire Cover, Daily Car Allowance, NCB Protect, Loss of individual having a place, and Key Replacement. 

Exclusions in Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance 

Any misfortunes or harms to your vehicle/adornment/frill emerging because of coming up next are not covered: 

  • Normal scratches and aging of the car

  • Depreciation Losses 

  • Electrical Damage and Mechanical Damage 

  • Damage done by the driver under the influence of Liquor and Drugs

  • Damage done by the person without a valid driver’s license. 

  • Nuclear risk 

  • The vehicle is being utilized in opposition to the limits expressed in your policy. 

Claiming Process of Kotak Car Insurance

Rundown of Documents Required During Claim Settlement 

The following is the rundown of records needed for the vehicle protection guarantee settlement process in various occasions: 

In Case of Third Party Claims 

Guarantee structure appropriately filled and marked 

  • Unique/Copy of vehicle protection strategy archives 

  • Duplicate of Registration Certificate (RC) 

  • Duplicate of Driving License 

  • Duplicate of FIR (First Information Report) 

In Case of an Accident 

  • Unique vehicle strategy archives 

  • Guarantee structure properly filled and marked 

  • Duplicate of Registration Certificate (RC) 

  • Duplicate of Driving License 

  • Duplicate of FIR (First Information Report) 

  • Charge Receipts 

  • Gauge of cost of fixes 

  • Bills and receipts of fixes done 

In Case of Theft 

  • Guarantee structure properly filled and marked 

  • Unique/Copy of vehicle protection strategy records 

  • Duplicate of Registration Certificate (RC) 

  • Duplicate of Driving License 

  • Duplicate of FIR (First Information Report) 
  • No Trace Report’ of the guaranteed vehicle from the police. 

  • Properly filled and marked 26, 28, 29, 30 and 35 Forms 

  • Unique Registration Certificate (RC) 

  • Robbery announcement from Regional Transport Office 

  • All arrangements of keys/Warranty Card/Service Booklets 

  • Instructions to Make Kotak Cashless Car Insurance Claim 

Follow the beneath referenced strides to document a credit only vehicle protection guarantee: 

Stage 1: Inform Kotak Car Insurance 

Close Kotak Car  Insurance following the mishap/disaster by calling complementary number 1800-266-4545 or presenting a Claim Intimation Form alongside the strategy subtleties to illuminate the organization about your case. 

Stage 2: Inspection of Damaged Vehicle 

Kotak Car will orchestrate a review of the harmed vehicle within 24 hours (assuming the case is made on working long periods) of recording the case. Notwithstanding, assuming the mishap is accounted for in the case on Sunday or some other public occasion, the investigation will be done on the following working day. 

Kotak offers a towing administration within 50 km of the harmed spot. The help towing administration will be totally liberated from any charge on the off chance that you have decided on the Roadside Assistance cover. Nonetheless, it will be for nothing up to Rs 1,500 assuming you have not picked the Roadside Assistance add-on at the time strategy buy. 

Stage 3: Submission of Documents 

Present every one of the applicable reports to the organization as recommended under the agreements. Ensure that all the data entered in the case structure matches the ones present in the submitted reports. 

Stage 4: Repairs and Cashless Settlement 

The harmed vehicle will be fixed at the organization’s carport and the organization will send the maintenance cost straightforwardly to the studio. 

Stage 5: Pay Deductibles and Take Your Car 

Pay your risk of mandatory deductible and wilful deductible (whenever decided on) and drive your vehicle back home. 

Instructions to Make Kotak Reimbursement Car Insurance Claim 

In the event that, you can’t or don’t have any desire to fix your vehicle at an organization carport, you can follow the means to record a repayment guarantee: 

Stage 1: Intimate Kotak Car  

Illuminate Kotak Car Insurance following the mishap by calling complementary number 1800-266-4545 or presenting a Claim Intimation Form alongside the approach subtleties. 

Stage 2: Arrangement of Surveyor and Towing Service 

The organization will send an assessor to the mishap/accident spot for investigation of the harms brought about. Post assessment, you want to take the harmed vehicle to a carport for fixes. For this, you can demand a towing administration from the organization, which will be reimbursable up to Rs. 1,500. 

Stage 3: Car Repairs and Bill Payment 

Get your vehicle fixed at any close by the carport and pay the maintenance cost. Get every one of the bills and submit them to the safety net provider to get the repayment sum. 

Stage 4: Documentation 

Present every one of the necessary reports alongside the case structure and bills of fixes. 

Stage 5: Reimbursement 

Kotak Car Insurance will repay you subsequent to calculating deductibles within 7 days of receipt of all important reports as per terms and conditions. 

Some Important Terms

Section 41 of the Insurance Act 1983 says that –  

The act of allowing or offering to allow somebody to take out, renew, or continue insurance for any kind of risk related to firearms shall not be considered an inducement to do so. 
Any person taking out or renewing a policy in India, or any person who lives or has property in India, shall not be entitled to any rebate of commission payable or any rebate of premium because they live or have a property in India. 
Insurers do not accept rebates on continuation policies. It is up to them to determine whether a rebate is permissible based on the published prospectus or table of the insurer. (2) Anyone making a default must be contacted. 
The punishment for failing to comply with the provisions of this section may reach ten lakh rupees. 

Why you should buy Kotak Car Insurance? 

If you insure your car with Kotak, you can prevent financial loss or damage to your car. When you have comprehensive insurance, your vehicle and third-party liability will be covered for all damages caused by an accident. By purchasing a Kotak Car Insurance policy, you are assured of all-around safety. 

Discounts offered by Kotak Car Insurance

You can also get discounts with Kotak Car Secure to lower your premium. 

  • NCB Discount: Based on a number of claim-free years, NCB discount can be applied to own damage premium. Even if you decide to switch from another insurer to Kotak, you will be able to enjoy NCB benefits based on your expiring policy. 
  • Choose the voluntary deductible: You may be able to get a discount on your own-damage premium if you choose the voluntary deductible in addition to the compulsory deductible. 
  • Active membership in any recognized Automobile Association of India (AAI) attracts an additional discount. 

Kotak Car Insurance Review

Kotak Car Insurance has straightforward plans which offer exhaustive inclusion at a reasonable expense. The organization has a straightforward case process which will make it simple to document a guarantee and get a fast turnaround on the endorsement. The’s organization will likely put more in cutting-edge innovation to give a superior client experience to its clients. With great highlights and extra choices, Kotak’s overall protection plans have every one of the elements of a decent protection plan. 

If you are seeking complete financial coverage for your vehicle, the Kotak Car Secure plan is ideal. Customer support ranks among the company’s top priorities, as it provides quick and hassle-free claim assistance. Kotak Car Secure leaves no stone unturned in its quest to make the masses happy by offering a cashless network of over 350 service outlets across the country. 

Kotak Car Insurance Renewal

Having your vehicle guaranteed is required by law and each vehicle proprietor should make this into a move. Indian streets are a long way from safe and mishaps don’t accompany an admonition, it is fundamental to have protection that covers your vehicle against street mishaps, outsider liabilities, and numerous different vulnerabilities.

Kotak Car  Insurance offers exhaustive vehicle protection to cover your vehicle against this large number of disasters and furthermore offers individual mishap inclusion. Kotak Mahindra Car  Insurance is a 100% auxiliary of Kotak Mahindra Bank. Settled in Mumbai. The organization was set up in 2015 and it offers a straightforward case settlement process. It sells Kotak Car Secure as a far-reaching vehicle protection item and gives a speedy and helpful internet-based approach recharging process. 

Renewal Process (Online and Offline)

Restoring a Kotak Car Insurance Secure approach is a simple and bother-free interaction: 

Stage 1 – Visit the authority Kotak Mahindra site. Find and snap on the ‘Renewal’ symbol present on the right-hand side of the top-most part of the landing page. Then, at that point, select Kotak Car Secure arrangement from the diverse item choices given on the ‘Select your Product’ list. 

Stage 2 – Kotak Mahindra Car Secure protection reestablishment page will open and you will be needed to enter your current Policy Number or your Customer ID to get a statement or the superior subtleties. 

Stage 3 – Check the exceptional sum and cautiously look at the arrangement subtleties prior to continuing with installment. Kotak Mahindra vehicle protection restoration installment can be made utilizing a charge/Visa or by means of Net Banking offices. 

Offline Process  

To Renew the car insurance policy, you can dial the toll-free number 1800-266-4545 or you can also go to the nearest branch of Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance to renew the policy. 

Benefits of Kotak Car Insurance Renewal

Following are a few benefits of renewing your vehicle protection policy with Kotak Car Insurance: 

  • No Documentation Required: Kotak Insurance gives a consistent vehicle protection recharging interaction to its clients. It guarantees that policyholders ought to go through a minimal measure of documentation or desk work with their computerized office to give them straightforwardness and save their time. 

  • Maintenance of No Claim Bonus: If you recharge your vehicle protection plan with Kotak Car Insurance before the expiry date, you can profit from your amassed no case reward, assuming any. This will assist you with benefiting from it and lower your premium for the following arrangement year during the reestablishment. 

  • Deals with Legal Obligations: A vehicle protection plan furnishes you with monetary and legitimate help during an emergency. With the recharging, you can keep on getting covered under the vehicle protection design and can remain covered for various kinds of sad occasions. 

Kotak Car Insurance Customer-Care Details

  • You can call the toll-free number 1800-266-4545 to get any type of assistance from Kotak whether it’s Claiming process, buying a policy, or just want to check out the plans. 

  • Also, you can write the query or problem to them at customerfirst@kotak.com 

  • Or you can go to the nearest Kotak Mahindra branch. 


Q1. Are there any specific cars that are insured by Kotak? 

Ans– No, Kotak secures both all types of new and second-hand cars.  

Q2. How to claim for Kotak car insurance? 

Ans – Personal the case with the subtleties of your arrangement on Kotak Car Insurance Toll-Free No. 1800 266 4545 (8 am – 8 pm). 
For credit-only assistance, you really want to get your vehicle fixed at a favoured organization carport and the installment will be made straightforwardly to the carport. 
Assuming you wish to pick repayment of costs, you should get the vehicle fixed, settle the expenses and afterward guarantee for repayment. 

Q3. What is IDV? 

Ans – He term ‘IDV’ alludes to the greatest case your safety net provider will pay in the event that your vehicle is harmed destroyed or is taken. Assume the market worth of your vehicle is Rs.10 lakh when you purchase the arrangement. That implies the safety net provider will dispense a most extreme measure of Rs.10 lakh. 
Calculation of IDV 
The estimation of the IDV relies upon the accompanying angles: 
Maker, make, and model of the vehicle. 
Subtleties of vehicle enrolment, including the city of enlistment. 
Date of enrolment of your vehicle. 
Regardless of whether it is a private vehicle or one claimed by an organization. 
Cubic limit and ex-display area cost of the vehicle. 

Q4. What are the discounts offered by Kotak Car Insurance? 

Ans – Kotak Car Insurance offers –  
No Claim Discount 
Voluntarily Deductible Discount 
AAI Discount 

Q5. Can I transfer the “No Claim Bonus” discount from my previous insurer to Kotak? 

Ans – You can move your no-claim rewards. In any case, assuming you switch backup plans before the year is done, you will not get the NCB for that year. Back-up plans ought to give evidence of your reward toward the finish of your approach term. You can give this to your next supplier when you switch.