Kotak Mahindra Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Kotak Mahindra offers a comprehensive healthcare policy for old age people who are above 60.  This Senior Citizen Health insurance policy which they offer has a wide range of benefits they are hassle-free, less time consuming and moreover, they have a large network of more than  5000+ hospitals across India which provide cashless treatment. They provide organ transplant costs; room rent charges and much more. Let us know more about this plan in detail

What is Senior Citizen health insurance?

Senior Citizen Health insurance is a financial scheme which provides coverage for medical expenses which are both planned and unplanned. This coverage includes hospitalisation surgeries, day care treatment and much more.

What is senior citizen health care insurance?

This health insurance is exclusively meant for people above 60 years of age. This plan will be beneficial for them because they are in the tenderest age of their lifetime. This policy provides them financial assistance in consolation, pre and post hospitalisation, family treatment and much more. But we should be careful in deciding the policy we should analyze more about the disease we are affected and apply for this policy.

Benefits of this Policy

  • Sum insured is the amount which is given to nominee. A sum of RS. 2lakhs to Rs.25lakhs is given

  • They have a network of more than 5000 hospitals which provide cashless treatment

  • Every year at network hospitals free check up is provided

  • This plan  provides coverage for both family as well as Individual

  • For the past year if no claim is raised you  will receive cumulative bonus of 10%

  •  If your policy tenure is 2 to 3 years you can avail 5% and 10% discount

  • Tax benefits can be availed

Types of health care plans in Kotak Mahindra bank

Kotak Mahindra Senior Citizen health care excellence plan

  • Provide a sum of 2lacs to 4lacs

  • Provide treatment of in patient

  • Day care

  • Post hospitalisation

  • Pre hospitalisation

  • Free heath check up which includes

  • CBC- complete blood count

  • MER- medical examination  report

  • Cholesterol and creatinine

  • ECG

  • Blood  test

  • Sugar test

  • SGPT- related to liver

  • SGOT- related to liver

Kotak Mahindra Premier Plan

  • This plan is advanced compared to compared to excellence

  • They provide ambulance charge

  • For 405 day  care procedures they provide coverage

  • For sum insured there is 100% coverage

  • Coverage of pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation

  • In patient hospitalisation

  • Have a large network of more than 4000+hospitals

  • Claim settlement ratio is up to 75.45%

  • Annual free health check up is provided


  • In patient treatment- this treatment is done when you get admitted in hospital

  • Pre hospitalisation charge- the charge which occurs before you get admitted in the hospital for example; before getting admitted the doctor will inform you to take certain tests like blood test, urine test and X- ray. This charge can  be received 30 days prior to hospitalisation

  • Post hospitalisation charge- the charge which occurs after hospitalisation; they include consultation, expenses of medicine, scan etc. In most cases this charge is for 60 days after discharge.

  • Day care- medical treatments which do not last for more than 24 hours due to its advancement for example chemotherapy, skin transplantation,  cataract operation ,  radiotherapy and ligament restoration

  • Daily cash allowance- during hospitalisation this  provides a fixed amount depending on your disease everyday

  • Ambulance charge- during hospitalisation this provide the charge caused due to transportation

  • Recovery benefit-after treatment during the recovery period

Optional cover

  • Provision of daily cash

  • Convalescence benefit- recovery period after illness and injury

  • Donor expense

  • Critical illness care

  • Accident care- provides double sum

  • Cap on room rent- limit of hospital room


  • Self injuries- these are a result of mental illness which needs separate treatment

  • Alcohol or drug abuse- because alcohol is an addictive substance. It is completely the person’s mistake of damage.

  • Plastic surgery and Cosmetic surgery- cosmetic surgeries are not covered by this policy because they are not essential to us. It is done for only beauty purpose.

  • Domiciliary hospitalisation- treatment taken in home

  • Treatment take outside India

  • Dental treatment—these treatment is covered if injury rises  due to accident and not  cosmetic purposes

  • Non-allopathic treatment- there is no valid treatment for ayurveda and Sidda and the cost differs.


Q1. Do I need to undergo pre policy medical check up to purchase this policy?

Ans – Yes, to purchase this policy it is mandatory to undergo pre policy medical check up. Because this is to know more about the insurer’s health condition, so that it would be more simple to choose the policy and provide the best treatment if any disease is detected. This check up can be done in any of the network hospitals. They have large network of hospitals

Q2. Does Kotak insurance provide any waiting periods?

Ans – Yes they provide the waiting period in three ways. Waiting period is period in which we need to wait before hospitalisation

1. Initial waiting period- 30 days
2. Specific illness waiting period- 1 to 2 years
3. Pre existing disease waiting period- 2 to 4 years( according to plan variant)

Q3. Where can we find the premium chart?

Ans – The health insurance premium chart will be found on the company’s website. In the website you can also find health calculator and premium calculator to know more about your policy and payment of premium which has to be done on monthly basis.

Q4. How to pay premium?

Ans – The premium which we need to pay should be paid through online mode. Premiums are periodic payments the modes are

a. Credit card
b. Debit card
d. Google pay , phone pay

While paying, please ensure you have proper network  connection