India First Life Insurance

India first life insurance is based on Mumbai. It is a joint venture of Andhra Bank, Bank of Baroda and Carmel point. They offer many comprehensive schemes to the people. And they have many offices in India. They have over 9000+ offices all over India. They have brought light into lives of many people of many people through their wonderful policies. They have been satisfying customers for many years. They have various insurance policies for customers in this article let us see the schemes they provide. Choosing the best insurance policy is definitely a task for individuals. But the best policy will be availed at your doorstep provided by India first life insurance. They have wide coverage of policies. This can be effectively by the customers. The following features are discussed as followed.

India first Maha Jeevan plan

It is a traditional plan which provides savings and also provides life insurance protection

  • Bonuses are earned by profits of the company
  • During tenure premiums are payed
  • After the maturity period finishes guaranteed bonus are paid
  • In case of death of customer, death benefit higher than the guaranteed sum assured 10 times the premium depending on the age of policy holder will be paid
  • Term rider will be paid for a comprehensive coverage
  • Maximum 0f 90% loans are paid
  • Ensures family with financial security In case of death, 10 times higher than the sum assured is paid
  • The savings are accumulated regularly through premium savings plan
  • Additional death benefit can be availed through India first rider plan
  • In case of death, guaranteed sum along with assured bonus can be availed
  • If we survive the policy the guaranteed assurance with terminal bonus along with terminal bonus
  • After unexpected death, 10 times the guaranteed sum assured can be availed.
  • Your investments can be boosted through this scheme through the savings scheme.


  • Entry age- 5 to 55 years
  • Maturity years- 20 to 70 years
  • Policy term- 15 years to 25 years
  • Premium amount RS.6000
  • Sum assured RS.5000 to Rs. 200000

India first ShubLabh plan

It is also a variable traditional plan and it promises good returns and protection of life insurance. This is a plan which offers dual benefit with financial protection and savings. Bonuses can be availed during maturity and death. This is the one of the best plans offered by India first life insurance and the most preferred plan among customers

  • Premium are payable for entire tenure
  • Plan can be purchased easily through common centres by providing name and Aadhar number
  • In first five years guaranteed interest 4% is paid
  • And 0.5% is paid from 6th year onwards
  • On maturity period the amount received is higher than account value.
  • In case of death of individual guaranteed amount is received from the insurer. Withdrawals are made @1% per annum till death is paid
  • Partial withdrawal can be done  after 5 years
  • Your money can be availed during emergencies up to 90% of surrender value.
  • Instils savings habit can availed
  • Sum assured up to 2 lakhs can be availed
  • Ensured tax benefits of income tax benefits according to income tax act can be availed.


  • Entry age- 18 years – 55 years
  • Maturity age 65 years
  • Policy term 10 to 15 years
  • Premium amount Rs. 15000 to RS 2000

India first cash back plan

It is a money back plan which pays lump sum amount at specific interval with life insurance coverage; this plan offers guaranteed payouts to meet out immediate financial expenses during unfortunate expenses. This policy is a stable policy and a sustainable one. The salient features of the policy includes

  • Premium are payable for a limited period only
  • Guaranteed additions accrued depend on tenure period of your policy. The premium paid is 5%
  • Money back benefits accrue @ 20% of sum assured during the tenure are paid twice.
  • On maturity period 60% of sum assured is  paid
  • Discounts are allowed in premium
  • Income tax benefits can be availed, according to article 80c
  • Premium amount is paid 10 times higher than sum assured along with the guaranteed additions. This paid during unexpected death.
  • Guaranteed additions are boosted up
  • Short term and medium term financial objectives are achieved
  • Lifelong benefits can be achieved
  • In case of death the sum assured from the time of death and guaranteed assurance will be paid.
  • Guaranteed sum assured can be availed at the time of maturity.


  • Entry age- 18years to 55 years
  • Maturity age 70 years
  • Policy term 15 years
  • Premium amount Rs 6000 to Rs. 200000
  • Premium payment term 10 years

India first simple benefits

This is a plan for savings and protection purposes. The features of the plan are

  • Participates in profits of company
  • Earns bonus
  • After maturity lump sum is paid, along revised bonus
  • Death benefits are paid for minimum of 105%
  • Loans are available up to 90%
  • Income tax benefits can be availed

Eligibility benefits

  • Entry age 18 years- 50 years
  • Maturity age- 70 years
  • Policy term 15 years to 25 years
  • Sum assured Rs.20000

Maturity benefits

After the maturity period ends you will receive guaranteed sum assured plus additional bonus. Compound revisionary bonus will acquire from every 1st year of policy anniversary and will be declared annually by the branch office. It can be payable after death and ending of the maturity period. Maturity benefits are the amount that can be availed after the completion of tenure. It is calculated by sum assured and bonus benefit. It is payable to the owner of financial obligation. This can be availed during the end of policy period. And after the completion of period the lump sum amount can be availed. The claim which rises during maturity period is called maturity claim. Maturity value can predict the amount that can be received on future. The other name of maturity value is called face value.

Death benefit

Death benefit is an amount given to beneficiary when they die. In case of any unfortunate death, the sum is paid 10 times higher. And 1.5 times higher than sum assured. This policy is flexible compared to any other policies. The nominee is also paid equal amount as rider. A grace period of 15 days is given after the maturity period is over. During this period your policy is considered to be force with risk. If your policy remains unpaid after the grace period there are lots of chances to get lapsed. And there is no further value, except non forfeiture provisions which is the first year of the policy which is not paid.  The policy can be surrendered during any time of the policy. The lump sum amount can be availed within few days. India first life insurance the death benefit plan offers 10% more amount, and also gives financial assistance for a long period of time. This policy is compulsory for every customer because it is very beneficial for the customers. Because it is 7 to 10 times the annual salary, it is calculated by subtracting 100% of the deceased workers income. And if he receives pensions it is equal to five times his pension. The child, the spouse of the deceased can claim for funeral claim this deals with funeral expenses of the deceased.


Why do we need India first life insurance?

The main problem during recent days is savings. We earn money but we do not know how to save the amount and make use of it. India first life insurance has an excellent savings scheme which can be used to meet the future goals. It is also a wonderful plan to meet unfortunate circumstances. It also has death benefit of 10%. You can receive lump sum amount at the end of maturity benefit which is not found in any other policy. The plans offered by India first life insurance is very comprehensive and has a wide range of coverage. And the policies introduced by India first life insurance are the unique policies which cannot be found in any other policy. The plans can satisfy the needs of many people. They have solved the queries of many people for many people. The issues of the customers can be readily solved by the people within a short span of time. And there are more than 900 branches across India. Through which the problems of the customers can be solved in a convenient manner. Money can be withdrawn up to 90% of surrender value which is not found in any other policy.

Why I need an Insurance policy?

Having such a complicated life we might not know what might happen the next minute. We might require financial resources during an emergency situation. It is very difficult to receive financial aid during emergence an insurance policy from India first will be of great help during emergency situations. Their policies are wonderfully structured which is of great use during emergency situations. Their plans are extremely flexible and they are not rigid compared to any other policies. They are issued within few weeks of application. Due to hectic life situation we might not a lead peaceful life in future. It is also good having an insurance policy which is efficient for our use. Insurance policies include motor insurance, two wheeler insurance, four wheeler insurance, travel insurance and health insurance. They provide monetary support during emergency situation. Which might include sudden accident, death; admission for higher education and schools and final travel insurance, these policies will be a benefit for every one of us. But choosing the policy is definitely a task for our people. Most of the insurance policies are comprehensive plans. And are efficient.

How to pay premium for insurance policy?

You can pay the premium only through online mode

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • NEFT
  • Bill collection
  • MNC dropbox
  • Infinity
  • Bank website

Initially you need to enter your policy details and your personal information and you need to select your bank account. And authenticate your details. If online mode is not applicable in your location due to internet connection, payment can be availed through offline mode. You can visit the nearest bank and fill the challan details. And the receipt can be submitted in the nearby branch office for proof. But online mode is much better compared to offline. Because it is paperless process and the transaction can be performed within a fraction of seconds. But in offline mode of transaction it might take time for transaction because many people may wait for transaction and it might be a tiring moment for payment

How to check status of policy?

You can check status of your policy through email or SMS. Click on the link and choose your policy. You will get into a new website click on the top right section and enter your login id and password to renew check status

How to buy India first Life insurance?

You can purchase India first life insurance through online and offline mode. Online mode can be completed with a short span of time and you will require less paperwork it is completely hassle process. This can be done India first life insurance website. By filling in all details of yourself, and the policy you require. You will receive an update within a couple of days from the branch manager about the policy details. In case you cannot process with the online mode you can visit the nearest branch and complete the form. But it is stressful process and requires a lot of paperwork compared to online mode. But in case you do not have internet facility you can prefer the offline mode but it is time consuming process we might not know whether it will be quicker and efficient compared to online mode of application.