New India Assurance Travel Insurance

People have been touring from time immemorial for Breather, Business, Dwelling to Friends, Partake in Religious Actions, or also the Medical Treatment. What is blatant is that people travel for reasoning. Indians now travel to all hubs of the globe, yet, the USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and other Asian lands are the famous travel termini of Indians. The Indian travelers even cover the total gamut from little children to older visitors, from healthy visitors to those with existing medical conditions.

Nowadays it is suitable and easy to buy Global travel medical insurance online, one can have the online travel insurance calculator, check and compare advantages offered by other Indian visitors who had gone travel insurance plans and thus then can buy the soundest Indian travel insurance all with zero hassle of creating a call to an agency or visiting the company.

And, New India Assurance Travel Company delivers a cashless facility at different means in India. One can avail of hassle-free cashless services. Nevertheless, remember that one can avail a Cashless facility only if they take the travel insurance service with New India Assurance.

List of best New India Assurance Travel Insurance

Suhana Safar Policy

This New India Assurance travel insurance plan is specially designed for domestic trips. The Indian citizen staying in India is eligible for purchasing this policy. This travel procedure can be bought for a short-term duration along with for a long-term period of up to 60 days. Also, this New India Assurance journey insurance policy protects all types of transport modes like by bus, train, water, by own vehicle, or by air.

Policy Benefits

  • This New India travel insurance approach covers all the travel within the country.

  • The travel insurance plan protects you even if you are traveling in your possess vehicle.

  • The cover for this New India travel insurance begins from the departure date and finishes at the planned date of arrival.

  • This travel insurance policy even supplies coverage for the costs incurred from physical damage in a matter of any personal misfortune.

  • Luggage or luggage loss of the guaranteed or the traveling partners are protected under this travel insurance plan.

  • offer Accidental risk cover for around up to Rs. 1/- lakh per person.

Overseas Mediclaim Policy

This New India travel insurance program is particularly created to protect the travel of overseas visitors. The policy delivers coverage against the expenditures incurred outside the land in case of accidents or bodily injuries, sickness, or any illness contracted in the duration of your trip. The premium is to be paid in Indian money and the coverage shall be provided in alien currency.

Policy Benefits

Delivery date of departure shall be the beginning date of the policy and shall be valid till the planned date of coming under this journey insurance plan.

This New India travel insurance policy supplies initial coverage of around 180 days Holidays and also Business Plans. Nevertheless, this can be expanded with the submitted evidence of reasonable health.

If the trip gets expanded because of public transportation uncertainty which is not in anyone’s control, the travel insurance program will be invariably extended for not longer than a week without charge of any additional money.

New India Assurance Travel Insurance Reviews 

Mentioned below are the explanations why one should buy a New India Assurance Travel Insurance plan:

  • Compensation for any delay in the flight, trip holds, etc., Compensation of costs with regards to travel termination

  • Medical cures, hospitalization, and hotel lodging for medical crises Customized programs, according to the terminus they are touring to Cover for private liabilities, accidental demise, travel holds, legal expenditures, dental therapies, repatriation, and trouble reunion 24/7 customer assistance, support, and service for loss of records, accidents, etc.

Important Benefits of New India Assurance Travel Insurance

  • Personal Accident: If the Insured Individual is met with a mishap and fed with bodily injury causing death then they will be reimbursed as per the percentage of Sum Insured of Rs.1 Lakh which is noted in the procedure.
  • Baggage policy: Loss of deterioration to personal effects carried as escorted baggage due to fire, hoots, strike, antagonistic damage, storm, squall, hurricane, downpour, inundation, mishap, burglary, etc.

  • Medical Help- Emergency medical costs & outpatient care, Personal misfortunes

  • Travel Benefits – Trip revocations, trip pauses, missed joining flights

  • Trouble Evacuation – Supplies cover crisis medical evacuation to the policyholder’s home

  • Emergency cash advances

  • Passport Loss

New India Assurance Travel Insurance Care Numbers / Contact details 

Toll-Free: – 1800-209-1415

Address: Ground Floor, Asian Building, R Kamani Road, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Features of New India Assurance Travel Insurance

Key Features of the Best New India Assurance Travel Insurance Plans:

  • Medical expenses – Delivers coverage for any medical, surgical, or crisis medical treatment if someone is away from their home

  • Curtailment – Presents coverage for any journey that is compressed or canceled due to a reasonable reason. This component helps one to save a lot of cash on the revocation of flights or hotel lodging

  • Personal liability – Presents coverage if one has damaged someone’s property or are responsible for physical injuries because of an accident.

  • Loss of passport – Presents coverage towards costs for replacing the initial passport if stolen during travel

  • Terrorism – Proposes coverage for the medical and insured casualties during an act of terrorism while visiting the overseas

  • Medical Check-up – There are numerous insurers that do ask for a medical check-up even before buying a travel insurance plan

  • Cashless Hospitalization – With New India Assurance insurance, one can easily benefit from cashless treatment at any of their hospitals connected across the globe

New India Assurance Travel Insurance Coverage 

The coverage presented under New India Assurance Travel Insurance plans differs from policy to policy. The range and the sum secured also depend on the various covers chosen and the kind of individual availing of the policy.

Given below are some of the coverages with regards to various New India Assurance Travel Insurance plans known in India.

International Travel Plans – Suhana Safar Policy

What’s covered?

  • Emergency MedicalExpensesRepatriation remains Emergency Medical Evacuation EmergencyDental ExpensesHospital Cash Allowance

  • Loss of Baggage/Documents

  • Accidental Demise/ Permanent Absolute Disability Loss / Uncertainty of Checked Baggage Individual Liability

  • Contingency Journey Benefits Hijack Distress

  • Economic Emergency Assistance Home Content

  • Political Hazard and Disaster Evacuation Travel Delays / Skipped Flight Connection Benevolent Visit

  • Retrieval of Minor Child

Student Travel Plans- Overseas Mediclaim Insurance Policy

What’s covered?

  • Accidental Death Full Disablement Medical Costs Loss of Passport Personal Liability Bail Bond

  • Loss/Delay of Checked Baggage Study Interruption Compassionate Family Visits Sponsor Protection Psychological Coverage

  • Medical Screening / Examinations

Eligibility Criteria required for New India Assurance Travel Insurance

Family or International Travel Insurance –

These plans offer coverage for two grown-ups aged up to 60 years per with two kids aged up to 21 years. Flotation benefits are again available with family journey insurance plans.

Student Travel Insurance –

Most plans receive students aged between 16 and 35-40 years, who hold enrolled at an alien institution for enhanced education. Living Indian students who are in foreign lands are also equipped for these policies.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance –

Seniors who are of up to 85 years are not necessary to endure any medical examinations while procuring a Senior Citizen travel insurance policy.

Other travel insurance – Adults up to 70 years of age and babies over 90 days are suitable to be covered. The objective of travel has to be related to business or tourism.

Exclusions of New India Assurance Travel Insurance


Expenditures due to terrorism or the civil war Expenditures due to drink, drugs, or alcohol Pre-in existence diseases

Troubles due to adventure sporting Cosmetic/herbal/Homoeopathic/Spa/AIDS therapies Self-murder or journey against medicinal advice

Traveling contrary to medical advice Casualty loss of passport if departed alone Pre-in existence diseases

Expenditures due to AIDS, cognitive disorder, drug misuse, anxiety medicine etc.

High-risk journey Serious loss

How to Claim for New India Assurance Travel Insurance

In case someone is undergoing any kind of known or unknown emergency service during your visit abroad, you ought to call the insurer instantly, right at the moment.

Intimate your insurance claim within a period of around a day’s time i.e 24 hours of the plan occurrence of your existing claim

To benefit Worldwide cashless apparatus, directly reach to your insurer

For refund, submit the properly filled claim form per with all necessary documents and doctor’s statements to your insurance agent when you reach back home

Documents Needed

  • Details & Papers for Claim Filing, Policy digit
  • Name of the insured individual
  • Your current reference number and email id Diagnosing in case of medicinal cases Place and homeland of loss
  • Provider designation
  • Contact information and the name of the calling person (in case the individual intimating the claim and is not the insured)
  • Date and the exact noted time of the accident A brief report of loss
  • List of records you should preserve ready while constructing a claim
  1. Claim Form

  2. Doctor’s statement

  3. Original admittance/discharge card

  4. Original invoice/receipts/pharmaceutical

  5. Original X-ray statements/ Pathological/ Investigating reports

  6. Replica of passport/ real Visa with the stamp of entry & exit

  7. Loss of Luggage

Claim Form

  • Copies of Luggage Tags
  • Copies of correlation with the airline agencies/Others about the loss of checked luggage
  • Property Report (attained from Airline)
  • Details of settlement received from Airline industry/Other agencies, if any Delay of Luggage,
  1. Claim Form

  2. Copies of luggage tags

  3. Copies of connection with the airline authorities certified the delay

  4. Property Report (attained from Airline)

  5. Original bills/revenue/invoices corresponding to expenses incurred/acquisition made during the uncertainty period

  6. Trip Delaying/ Cancellation/ disruption/ missed relationship,

Claim Form

  • Validation from the airlines, apparently mentioning the planned arrival time and the precise arrival time
  • Copies of correlation with the airline agencies certifying the delay
  • Medical statements and doctors report, if the trip is called off or interrupted due to medicinal reasons
  • Termination note from the business, if the trip is rescinded or interrupted due to work reason
  • Original tickets of the insured and the traveling companion indicating travel to the same destination for the same dates, in case the cancellation or interruption is owing to the sickness, injury, or death of a journey companion
  • All the bills/revenue of reasonable additional expenses incurred and/or evidence of cancellation expenses levied by the couriers
  • Loss of Passport,
  • Copy of fresh passport
    • Copy of the prior passport (if available)
    • Original bills of costs incurred for obtaining a replacement passport
    • Copy of FIR or the needed Police Report
    • Personal Liability

A full account of the facts in paper Witness accounts

Any other records are relevant to the happening, including Summons, lawful notice, etc.

  • Claim Form
    • A full statement of the circumstances in writing
    • Airline mail (copy of Passenger List etc.)
    • Copy of ticket/ Boarding Receipt
    • Unexpected Death & Dismemberment,

Claim Form

Original Extinction Certificate Financial Emergency Assistance, Copy of Post Mortem report

Dismemberment Case: Copy of treatment papers along with documents 1 &3 above

Copy of FIR/Police Inquest Report/Coroner’s Report

  • Date of lossage
    • Copy of FIR report / Police Inquest Report
    • Benevolent Visit,
  • Medical information and Certificate from the physician approving hospitalization of the insured, cause & time of hospitalization
    • The doctor’s statement precisely stating the requirement for an attendant
    • Examination Interruption,

Medical information, information from the treating doctor, or death certification as a proof of the cause of study interruption

Medical information from relations or partners will not be accepted Permits of the university fees reimbursed


Q1. How to pay a premium? What are the modes of payment available?

Ans – Customers who plan to procure a travel insurance approach can conveniently review the premium rates that will be spent towards a policy using suitable tools called travel insurance premium calculators.

With certain information, the tool will provide an estimate of the travel premium that includes being delivered by a customer relying on the type of procedure availed. Trip points have to be determined, scilicet, either as a single journey or a multi-trip program. The geography of the journey has to be assigned. Other

details like trip start date and end date, number of days, number of members to be included in the plan, and the disposition of the plan needed have to be provided. After documenting all the required individual details, customers can obtain premium quotes for the preferred travel insurance from the insurer. The purchasing decision can be created after comparing a rare of some insurance quotes with additional insurance firms.

There are the following modes of payment available Cash payment at the branch

Ans –
Online payment debit
Net Banking

Insurers offer different modes of expenses using credit cards, debit cards, or net banking. Once the expense has been made by the consumer, a new travel insurance approach will be rendered in the form of a pdf copy.

Q2. How can I check the policy status for New India Assurance travel insurance plans?

Ans – In today’s online age, every public insurer offers comfortable online services, if a client is looking to purchase a new travel insurance approach or renew a current policy. While buying a policy online, consumers can quickly enter their individual and trip details, get a premium quotation, choose the multiple or the relevant program for their travel, bear extra coverage and make the premium amount online.

Insurers offer different modes of expenses using credit cards, debit cards, or net banking. Once the expense has been made by the consumer, a new travel insurance approach will be rendered in the form of a pdf copy. Some insurers can send a relevant welcome kit along with the guideline paper to the policyholder’s physical address or might email a copy of the procedure to the registered id.

Q3. What is the policy renewal process for New India Assurance travel insurance plans?

Ans – The travel insurance procedures can be renewed effortlessly online from New the India Insurance with zero hassle. You will require to visit the portal of their firm for New India travel insurance plan for renewal. After that, choose your plan and reach for New India Travel Insurance online renewal. Enter your last travel insurance plan points to renew the travel plan from New India.

Pay the premium easily online to finish your New India Travel insurance renewal method. You will obtain a confirmation mail permit in your registered correspondence id regarding your travel approach renewal from New India or as well download and preserve the renewal details for future use.

Q4. What is the policy cancellation process for New India Assurance travel insurance plan?

You can definitely cancel the New India Assurance TRAVEL insurance policy.

Ans – If you desire to do that during the free-look period, you all need to do is advance the original policy copies along with the surrendered state. You can even visit any closest branch of New India Assurance. You can even wish to withdraw the policy any term of the policy period by guaranteeing that you haven’t created a claim on the policy.

Q5. What is a deductible? Are there any deductibles in New India Assurance travel insurance plans?

Ans – This is the portion that must be sustainable in all cases by the insured individual. Yes, there are various deductibles relying on the case of various New India Assurance travel insurance programs.