New India Health Insurance Plan for Parents

A multinational general insurance company with operations in 28 countries, New India Assurance Co. Ltd. is wholly owned by the government of India. The insurer, which has its headquarters in Mumbai, will employ 16795 people across its 2935 offices and 68389 agents till the end of 2019. The insurer provides a range of customised insurance solutions to various societal groups, including liability insurance, customised business and SME products insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, rural insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, aviation insurance, marine insurance, and industrial insurance. Recently, the business celebrated 100 years of operation. Its Indian operations have received numerous accolades and awards, including the Golden Peacock Excellence Award and India Insurance Summit Award 2018: General Insurance Company of The Year.

New India Assurance: Parental Health Insurance

 The New India Parent Health Insurance offers a number of coverage advantages for parents who are old. This health insurance plan, which is distinct in its nature, provides coverage for costs spent during hospitalisation or treatment following surgery or an unintentional injury. For those between the ages of 60 and 80, this is a wise policy. The coverage can be extended to age 90 if the policy is continuously renewed.

Health insurance plans: What Are They?

Health insurance policies, often known as medical insurance or medical plans, reimburse the policyholder for medical costs such as those associated with hospitalisation, surgeries, treatments, and illnesses, injuries, or even accidents. The insurance business, the insurer in line with the terms and conditions of the contract, pays the benefits to the insured when resolving claims for health insurance.

A medical insurance or health insurance policy is, to put it simply, a contract wherein the insurance provider commits to cover the insured’s medical costs should they become ill or injured and need emergency care. Health insurance firms partner with networks or chains of hospitals almost everywhere to ensure good hospital facility.

Key Elements

  1. lakh or 1.5 lakh rupees in insurance coverage; 10% off for voluntary excess of 10,000 rupees.

2.10% off if both you and your spouse are covered

3.Reimbursement for one health examination fee every four claim-free years.

4. All network hospitals around the country offer cashless services.

5. In the event that the proposer has already The new India Mediclaim Insurance Portability feature enables the insured to change their insurers and the extent of their coverage.

6. Pre-hospitalization for up to 30 days with a maximum hospital bill charge of 5%

7. 10% of the hospital bill, maximum, for the first 60 days following hospitalisation

8. The cost of inpatient care may include room rental, ICU costs, surgeon fees, anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, OT, etc.

9. after 18 months of continuous insurance, pre-existing conditions

10. Ayurvedic, homoeopathic, and unani treatment costs: 5% of the insured amount

11. Services for ambulances, up to a limit of Rs. 1000

13. In the event of an organ transplant, organ donor expenditures

New India Health Insurance Benefits for parents

 According to gross premiums collected, New India Assurance Co. Ltd. is the largest general insurance company in the public sector in the nation. It is a global general insurance company with operations in 28 nations. The organisation offers a variety of insurance products, including health insurance, to diverse societal segments. By offering comprehensive health insurance policies for people, families, parents, older persons, etc., New India Assurance has been able to establish a solid name in the Indian health insurance market. Customers may quickly purchase and renew the health insurance plan online thanks to the company’s simple buying and renewal process.

The insurer provides a number of plans that are specifically created to offer extensive coverage, such as coverage for alternative therapies, to renew their policies for the rest of their lives, and other benefits.


Your parents are eligible for this New India health insurance plan if they are between the ages of 60 and 80.


1.Any skin condition appeared within the last 18 months.

2.Within 18 months, have cataract surgery and treat age-related eye conditions

3.injuries brought on by war, a foreign enemy’s action, conditions that could lead to war, nuclear weapons, etc.

4.all dental procedures, excluding those related to accidents

5.treatment for any injuries sustained as a result of involvement in any criminal activity

New India Health Insurance Renewal for parents

Financial security is offered by Parents health insurance amid unanticipated medical emergencies. It is crucial for a policyholder to renew their policy in order to continue receiving protection from medical debt. To prevent the policy from expiring, the renewal premium must be paid before the deadline.

The renewal of parents health insurance is made simple and hassle-free by New India Health Insurance. The procedure is easy to comprehend and doesn’t take the policyholder too long. The health insurance firm offers both an online and offline alternative for policy renewal in order to make the entire renewal procedure easier.

Online Renewal of New India Health Insurance Policy

You should take the following actions to have your New India health insurance coverage renewed:

Step 1: Visit New India Assurance’s official website.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Quick Help” section. After selecting “Quick Help,” select “Quick Renewal” from the options.

Step 3: Provide Your Information. Enter your Customer ID, your Old Policy Number, or the Renewed Quote No. you received by SMS.

Step 4: view the details. Before continuing, confirm the specifics of your insurance, and save your quote.

Step 5: Make a payment. Use a debit card, credit card, or online banking to pay the renewal premium for your health insurance coverage.

Step 6: Receiving Confirmation. You will receive a confirmation letter regarding the renewal of your health insurance policy after your premium payment is complete.

Renewal of New India Health Insurance Policies: Offline Procedure

All of New India Health Insurance’s health insurance policies can be easily renewed online. For those who find the internet mode a little challenging, it also offers the alternative of offline payment.

A policyholder can renew their New India Assurance health insurance policy over the phone by phoning the company’s toll-free number, 1800-209-1414, and giving all the necessary information.

If desired, a policyholder may also renew their health insurance by going to the New India Assurance office that is closest to them.

Calculating New India Health Insurance Premiums

The sum you must pay as a health insurance premium in order to be eligible for benefits under your policy. Making an informed selection and managing your finances are made easier when you utilise a premium calculator, which estimates the premium to be paid for the policies you have selected. According to the following criteria, premiums for New India Health Insurance plans vary from plan to plan and for various people:

Age: The premium you’ll have to pay for your New India Health insurance plan depends on your age. Health issues have a greater impact on older persons than they do on younger people. They are therefore more prone to seek medical attention and file insurance claims. Therefore, in order to be covered by the New India Health Insurance plan, they must pay a higher premium.

Medical history: If you have a family history of conditions like cancer, heart disease, or high blood pressure, you are more likely to get those conditions yourself and so have a higher likelihood of needing hospitalisation. As a result, your premium for the New India Health Insurance plan will increase.

Lifestyle Practices Your health is negatively impacted by lifestyle choices including drinking, smoking, and chewing tobacco, among others. As a result, if you regularly engage in such activities, your premium will be greater because you are more likely to need medical attention. As a result, your premium for the New India Health Insurance plan will increase.

Lifestyle Choices: Lifestyle choices including drinking alcohol, smoking, and chewing tobacco all have a negative impact on your health. As a result, if you regularly engage in such activities, your premium will be greater because you are more likely to need medical attention. The insurer might in some circumstances deny your request for a health insurance policy.

Existing Conditions: Pre-existing conditions are illnesses that the policyholder already has at the time that they get health insurance. Your health insurance premium for New India Health Insurance plans will be higher if you have a pre-existing condition because you are more likely to need health insurance.

New India Assurance’s critical illness insurance plans

Critical illness often strikes suddenly. Additionally, if someone is diagnosed with a serious illness, the cost of their medical care may cause them to exhaust their savings. That is why getting a crucial insurance policy is crucial. The insured is protected by this sort of insurance from critical or life-threatening illnesses including heart attack, cancer, stroke, kidney failure, etc. Because of this, New India Assurance Company provides benefits for critical illness coverage under its critical illness policies.

1. Floater Mediclaim Insurance

The New India Assurance Floater Mediclaim Policy provides protection for family members against a number of terrible diseases. This insurance has been created to offer all essential protections and to safeguard the covered family members against 11 specific important events.

  • Cancer of a Specific Grade
  • First heart attack with a particular severity
  • Unclosed Chest CABG
  • Open Heart Surgery
  • Specific-Severity Coma
  • To learn more about the critical illnesses that are covered by the critical insurance plan from New India Assurance,

2. Policy on Cancer Mediclaim

Members of the Cancer Mediclaim Policy are covered for the most feared sickness, cancer. Anyone under the age of 70 who has not been diagnosed with cancer and is not a probable cancer case may apply for participation in the plan. The following malignant conditions are covered by the plan:

Malignant neoplasm of the pharynx and buccal cavity

Malignant neoplasm of the peritoneum and the digestive system

Malignant respiratory system neoplasm

Cancerous tumours of the skin, connective tissue, and bones

Malignant breast neoplasm

Resolution of New India Health Insurance Claims

A reputable general insurance provider in the public sector, New India Assurance offers its policyholders a prompt and efficient claim settlement procedure. With New India Assurance health insurance coverage, you can submit either Cashless Claims or Reimbursement Claims. You can only use the cashless claim facility at a network hospital. In India, the company has more than 1,500 network hospitals where claims are transparently settled in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy. You only need to input your city and state in the online network hospital locator tool to look up network hospitals in your neighbourhood.

How to File a Claim for Cashless Treatment

You must go to one of the network hospitals and receive the necessary care there in order to have a cashless claim with New India Assurance resolved. The actions listed below must be followed if the insured wishes to submit a claim under this policy:

Find the greatest facilities at the closest and most appropriate network hospital to receive treatment. Visit the hospital of your choice and provide your health card to the staff member in charge there. The hospital will confirm your identify information and send New India Assurance or the TPA a pre-authorization request. Your request will be processed first, after which it will either be accepted or denied.

If the request is granted, the insurance company will pay the hospital’s bills directly. The insured person may seek treatment at a network hospital by paying for it out of pocket and then submitting a claim for reimbursement if the claim request is denied.

New India Network Hospitals Overview

Network hospitals are those with whom insurance companies have a partnership and where you can receive care without paying cash. The network hospitals are chosen by the insurance companies based on their comprehensive background checks, effectiveness, and knowledge of the medical services they provide.

Over 1,500 network hospitals make up the extensive network of New India Assurance Co. Ltd. in India. Based on the calibre of services provided at the hospitals, the insurance company periodically updates its list of network hospitals. As a result, New India Assurance Co. Ltd. will only partner with hospitals that provide high-quality care.

The network hospitals of New India have a number of benefits. First off, as an insured person, you are not compelled to pay anything out of pocket in order to receive high-quality care. This reduces the stress of trying times. Second, unlike reimbursement, there is little risk associated with cashless services.

This is so that you can receive a cashless treatment once your request for a cashless claim has been accepted. In contrast, when filing a reimbursement claim, you must first pay the hospital out of your own cash before filing a claim that involves risk. As a result, it is advised that you select a health insurance plan that has the greatest number of nearby network hospitals.

Calculator for New India Assurance Mediclaim Policy Premium

On the basis of term and sum insured, New India Assurance offers a variety of health insurance products that policyholders can tailor. After narrowing down your choices, you can easily determine the cost of the company’s family or individual health insurance policies by following a few simple steps.

     You can use the premium calculator on our website to determine the cost of New India Assurance’s health insurance policies. It gives you advance notice of the premium you’ll have to pay if you buy a specific policy. This protects you from sudden coverage lapse brought on by unaffordably high premiums as well as financial distress.

How to Online Premium Calculate for New India Assurance Health Insurance?

New India Assurance bases the premium for its health insurance products on a number of variables. The premium amounts for various plans and individuals vary as a result of these factors. Which are:

Age of the Plan, Amount Insured, Number of Family Members, and Medical History

Complete information must be provided by the applicants in order for the premium to be computed immediately. If the filled variables are updated, the premium amount can also be altered.

Why Use an Online Health Insurance Premium Calculator?

In addition to being able to calculate the premium for the selected health insurance policy, calculating premiums online has several additional benefits. It aids in making the finest decisions. Additionally, there is no danger of manipulation when selecting the best plan for yourself or your loved ones online. This is so that the candidate can fill out the information themselves. Additionally, the online approach gives you the flexibility to:

1.Add or remove riders, benefits, etc. of the coverage.

2.Prior to purchasing the policy, determine the precise cost.

3.Be knowledgeable about the cost of the health insurance.

4.Examine the premiums and coverage details of several health insurance plans.

5.Select the features of the coverage that are most suitable for you and the one with the lowest premium.

6.Modify the information to determine the premium and level of coverage that are most appropriate.

7.The Benefits of New India Assurance

According to the gross premiums collected, New India Assurance Co. Ltd. is the third-largest public sector general insurance company. It is a reputable insurance provider that offers efficient goods not only for health, but also for other industries like travel, motor, rural, and marine. The organisation has a high claim settlement ratio for health insurance. Additionally, depending on their suitability, the plans give policyholders the option of a cashless claim or reimbursement. In India, the company has more than 1,500 network hospitals where a transparent claim-settlement process is carried out.

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