Oriental Happy Family Floater Plan

The Happy Family Floater plan from Oriental Insurance is a special health insurance option created to provide comprehensive protection for an entire family. The Happy Family Floater policy from Oriental Insurance offers a wide variety of features and advantages that provide adequate protection against unanticipated emergencies and complications caused by health-related problems. It covers at least two people per family because it is a family floater plan. The policy offers three different plan types: Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

Oriental Happy Family Floater Plan for Family Has New Features

This family floater policy covers both the insured and his or her immediate family members under a single contract. There are two types of health insurance plans: Gold and Silver. To make the most of it, the in terms of insured amount and add-on. The members of one’s own family are their spouse, children, parents, and parents-in-law.

  • Extension to SAARC nations is possible (available upon request) without additional premium.

  • Introduce the Diamond Plan under the policy where the Sum Insured ranges from Rs. 12 to Rs. 20 lacs.

  • If the insured person is an organ donor, a benefit will be provided to them.

  • Second Medical Opinion: Payment

  • Covers the expenses related to maternity leave and the birth of a child.

  • Available under all Plans: Life Hardship Survival Benefit

  • Restoration of Insured Amount

  • Comprehensive list of daycare policies.

Important Characteristics of Oriental Insurance Floater Plan for a Joyful Family

  • This policy offers the following three plans: SILVER, GOLD, & DIAMOND.

  • Pre-medical examinations are necessary for anyone 60 years of age or older under the Silver & Gold plan.

  • Pre-medical exams are only necessary under the Diamond Plan for people aged 55 and older.

  • The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.’s Happy Family Floater Plan has a one-year policy term and a lifetime renewal option.

  • The policy includes multiple daycare procedures and a free look period option.

  • Personal Accident Coverage is available as extra insurance.

  • After four consecutive policy years, coverage for pre-existing conditions.

  • TPA advantages: Network hospitals offer a cashless option.

  • An insured person and his entire family are protected by the Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater policy under a single Sum Insured.

  • The maximum age to purchase this policy is 65, but under certain circumstances, it may be extended to 70.

  • The Sum Insured ranges from Rs. 2 Lacs to Rs. 20 Lacs for this policy.

  • The same discount of 5% is available when purchasing an Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater policy online and is also offered when renewing an existing policy.

Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater Policy Exclusions

  • After four years of continuous coverage, pre-existing conditions are covered.

  • Any STDs, venereal diseases, or HIV/AIDS.

  • The cost of any such surgeries, including dental procedures, that don’t require a 24-hour hospital stay.

  • Naturopathic Medicine.

  • The cost of hearing aids, contact lenses, and other accessories.

  • Injuries brought on by hostilities, hostile foreign forces, or military drills.

  • Costs of vitamins and tonics, barring their inclusion in medical care.

Top Plans

Happy Family Floater Diamond

Individual Mediclaim Policy

Happy Family Floater Diamond

Tax advantages

On the premium payments made in a year, customers may file tax deductions. Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (ITA), provides for the deductions.

The maximum annual deduction for health insurance premiums for an individual is Rs.25,000, while the maximum annual deduction for senior citizens is Rs.30,000.

Key Highlights of the Oriental Happy Family Floater Policy

TypeFamily Floater
Amount InsuredRs 2 lakh-20 lakh
Grace Period30 days
Tenure1 year

Offering Coverage

Three important plan options—labeled as Silver, Gold, and Diamond plans—are included in this family floater policy. From Rs 2 lakh to Rs 20 lakh in coverage is offered by these plans.

If policyholders purchase Oriental Happy Family Floater Policy, they will be covered by the following advantages.

  • Medical costs, ambulance fees, bed costs, and other expenses are covered under the in-patient treatment plan. Under the Diamond Plan, maternity and a new baby are also covered.

  • Pre-hospitalization Care: In the event that the beneficiary is hospitalized for an extended period, the Oriental Happy Family Floater Policy Insurance Policy provides support for any medical costs for 30 days prior to admission.

  • Treatment Following Hospitalization: For a period of 60 days following discharge, Online Oriental Happy Family Floater Policy will pay for any necessary post-hospitalization costs.

  • Domiciliary Care: The Policy provides up to Rs 50,000 in coverage for domiciliary care. Only medical costs and, if necessary, animal bite treatment are covered by the insurance.

  • Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and homeopathy are a few examples of AYUSH treatments that are covered by Oriental Happy Family Floater Health Insurance.

  • Organ Donor: It provides benefits and covers costs when the insured person is the donor or recipient.

  • Sum Insured Restored: The Oriental Happy Family Floater Policy Health Insurance permits the inclusive slab to be restored from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. The only affected plans are Silver and Gold ones.


  • All customers are eligible to renew their policies, subject to insurer approval.

  • You can renew your policy online or at any of the Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.’s registered offices.

How to buy Oriental health insurance plans?

Both offline and online purchases of Oriental Insurance Company’s health insurance plans are possible. Following is the procedure:

  • Offline
    You can meet with a company representative to purchase a policy offline by doing so. As an alternative, you can go to the nearest branch of the business and submit an application there for the health insurance plan you want. To purchase Oriental health insurance plans, you would need to fill out an application and submit your supporting documentation.

  • Online
    You can purchase plans from Oriental Insurance’s website using their online purchase option as well. All you have to do is go to https://orientalinsurance.org.in/web/guest/home, click on “Products,” then “Health,” and finally “Select the Desired Policy.”
  • You can apply online, pay your premiums online, and purchase the policy right from the company’s website.
    Furthermore, it offers Oriental health insurance, which you can choose to purchase. you can purchase the desired health insurance policy at the most competitive premium rates.

  • You can compare the available plans on the platform to find the best health insurance option. Simply visit the webiste to make a purchase, then adhere to these instructions:
    • Select “Health” to go to the health insurance page.
    • Choose whether you want to switch insurance companies, add to your current plan, or buy a new one.
    • After entering your personal information, the suggested health insurance plans and their costs would be shown. Your age, gender, the ages of any family members who are insured, any existing medical conditions, your level of income, etc. are among the details included.
    • After the information is given, you can leave your name and contact information to receive individualized assistance in choosing the best health insurance plan.
    • You will be able to review the health insurance plans that are offered, their coverage specifics, and their premium costs as you go along.
    • To select the best coverage for your needs, you can compare the available plans.
    • When choosing the policy, enter your information into an online application form and pay the premiums there.
    • As soon as the premiums are paid, the business will check your information and quickly issue the policy.

How can Oriental health insurance plans be renewed?

To enjoy continuous coverage for the duration of your life, Oriental health insurance policies must be renewed on time. Additionally, when you keep renewing the policy, you get renewal benefits like a cumulative bonus, lower premiums, coverage for pre-existing conditions, etc.

  •  You can renew your Oriental Mediclaim policy online by going to the business’ website.

  • The online renewal option is available on the home page. You can select the option, fill out the information for your current policy, and pay the renewal premium online. The insurance would be updated.

  • Even they give you access to online renewal options. If you are a current customer who previously purchased a policy, all you need to do is sign into your online account to immediately renew your coverage.

  • It would be simple to renew the policy; all you would need to do is select it, review the details, and pay the renewal premiums.

Processing of claims under Oriental health insurance plans

Your Oriental medical insurance policy has two claim submission options: reimbursement or cashless. Your claim is regarded as being cashless if you receive care at a hospital that is connected to the insurance company.

In this case, the company pays the hospital’s bills in full. Reimbursement claims are required if medical care is received at a hospital that is not a part of the network. In that case, you would be required to pay your own medical expenses before requesting reimbursement from your insurance provider. The steps in the claim process are as follows:

  • You must immediately notify the insurance company’s TPA (Third Party Administrator) about the claim.

  • Information should be provided three to four days prior to your scheduled hospitalization if possible. The TPA must be notified within 24 hours of your hospitalization if you require emergency care.

  • You would need to complete and submit a pre-authorization form to the TPA. This form would be sent by the TPA to the insurance provider, and that company would decide whether to approve your claim.

  • You can begin treatments once the insurance company has approved your claim, and they will pay for your medical expenses.

  • After being released from the hospital, you should gather the discharge summary as well as any pertinent medical bills or reports. The claim should then be resolved by filling out the claim form and submitting it along with all supporting documentation.

Inclusions of the Policy

The policy also includes the following in addition to the coverage mentioned above:

  • Cash Allowance: Under the Diamond plan, the policy provides a cash allowance of up to 1.5% of the total Sum Insured for a maximum of 10 days.

  • Critical Illnesses: From the categories listed below, Oriental Happy Family Floater Health Insurance covers 11 critical illnesses.

  • Only a few cancerous diseases

  • Cardiac procedures

  • Coma with a certain severity

  • Diseases affecting the motor neurons

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Organ transplant

  • Paralysis of limbs

  • kidney disease, etc.

  • The Policy also provides optional coverage and extra benefits, such as geographically extended protection, sum restoration, accidental coverage, and the Life Hardship Survival Benefit.

Exclusions of the Policy

The following services or costs are not covered by the Oriental Happy Family Floater Policy Health Insurance:

  • hospitalization for the purpose of a diagnosis or investigation

  • Getting hospitalized for cosmetic surgery, war wounds, infertility, genetic disorders, suicide attempt, HIV/AIDS, STDs, etc.

  • Diseases that existed before the policy’s effective date for up to two years

  • Treatment for obesity, injuries sustained while participating in adventure sports, harm from using alternative procedures, etc.

  Please consult the Policy document for a complete list of exclusions.

Benefits & Features of the Oriental Happy Family Floater Policy

The following advantages and features apply to the Oriental Happy Family Floater Policy Health Insurance plan:

  • It provides New Born Baby coverage up to 90 days after the baby’s birth.

  • If you have one of the critical illnesses on the list and are hospitalized for up to 270 days, the Oriental Happy Family Floater Policy Health Insurance provides benefits for your survival.

  • In the event of hospitalization, policyholders are eligible for a daily cash benefit of Rs 1000 for a maximum of 10 days.

  • The tax advantages provided by the policy under the Income Tax Act of 1961.

Criteria for Eligibility

The following are the policy’s minimum requirements for eligibility:

Minimum Age to Enter18 years (91 days for dependent children)
Maximum Entry Age65 years
Count of those coveredminimum of two people(Wife, Children Who Are Dependent, Parents or Parents-in-Law, Unmarried Siblings Who Are Dependent,))
Status of ResidenceIndian citizens, including Permanent Residents and visitors with employment visas.

Cancellation of the Policy

  • If they did not file any claims during the 15-day free look period following new issuance, policyholders may cancel the Oriental Happy Family Floater Health Insurance policy. On request, policyholders may revoke their coverage at any time.

  • The policy may be terminated by the company with 30 days’ notice. The premiums paid by the policyholders will be reimbursed as necessary. In the event of fraud, they will not, however, receive a refund.


When it comes to protecting every member of a family under one plan and one Sum Insured, Oriental Insurance’s Happy Family Floater Policy offers a wide range of benefits. The policy also includes extensive protection on demand in addition to all the coverage it provides.


Q1. What is the policy’s waiting period before using the medical coverage?

Ans – The waiting period for all illness covered under the Oriental Happy Family Floater Policy Insurance Policy is 30 days, with the exception of policy renewal and accidents.

Q2. In what ways does the Policy permit a cost-sharing facility?

Ans – The policy permits a copayment of 10% for the Silver Plan and a copayment of 20% for applicants over the age of 65.

Q3. Which nations are included in the scope of this policy?

Ans – For policyholders who purchase Oriental Happy Family Floater Health Insurance, the nation extends its benefits coverage to seven nations besides India, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives, and Nepal.

Q4. What should I keep in mind when renewing my insurance?

Ans – To prevent the termination of their policy, policyholders must pay all outstanding premiums within the grace period. If a new member is added when the policy is renewed, the policy will be regarded as a new policy pertaining to that member.

Q5. What donor expenses are covered by the insurance policy for the Oriental Happy Family Floater?

Ans: This policy provides up to 10% of the insured amount in coverage for insured donors; if the insured person is the recipient, it covers medical costs and other related expenses.

Q6. What paperwork is necessary to purchase Oriental health insurance plans?

Ans – The following papers would be needed when purchasing a health insurance plan from Oriental Insurance:

Proof of identity
Age verification for both you and the covered members
Proof of address

Q7. Can I purchase multiple health insurance policies?

Ans – You may purchase as many health insurance policies as you desire. There is no cap on how many policies you can purchase.

Q8. How long are children who are dependents covered by health insurance plans?

Ans – Dependent children are covered until they turn 18 or turn 25. Daughters who are dependent may be covered until they get married.

Q9. Does maternity leave begin on the first day of the leave?

Ans – No, after a waiting period, maternity leave is permitted. Depending on the policy, there may be a waiting period of 24 to 48 months.