Oriental Health Insurance For Parents

Health of Privileged Elders, or HOPE, is a type of health insurance offered by Oriental health Insurance for parents. The insurance, which is especially made for those over 60, covers particular illnesses including accident injuries, major surgery, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, chronic renal failure, and many more. HOPE, or Health of Privileged Elders, covers costs for Ayurvedic, Unani, and homeopathic therapy at government hospitals and institutions, making it a great option for parents. Overall, parents would be wise to invest in health insurance.

Key Elements Oriental Health Insurance For Parents

  • Options for sum insured range from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh, with coverage limited to certain ailments.
  • Ideal for anyone over the age of 60 TPA service offered

  • Ideal for anyone over the age of 60 TPA service offered

  • Cashless services are exclusively offered through TPA (limited to Rs. 1 Lakh)

  • 20% mandatory co-payment on the amount of the accepted claim

  • Discount on premium if you want to make a co-payment voluntarily

Benefit of continuity is expanded if you have a medical insurance coverage.

Duration of Coverage

  • 30 days prior to and 60 days following hospitalization

  • Admission to the hospital for at least 24 hours

  • Expenses for lodging, boarding, and nursing

  • ICU facility costs and ambulance service fees

  • Anesthetist, surgeon, and other people’s fees are covered.

  • Cost of anesthesia, oxygen, operating room fees, blood, surgical instruments, and similar expenditures

  • Up to 20,000 rupees in domiciliary hospitalization costs are reimbursed.

  • Accidental Injury, Stroke, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer, Chronic Obstructive Lung Diseases, Chronic Renal Failure, and five other illnesses.


The minimum entrance age for HOPE, short for Health of Privileged Elders, is 60 years old. There is no maximum entrance age, as far as we know.


  • External inherited and congenital disorders

  • Healthcare at home and abroad of India

  • Cosmetic dental procedures, hearing disability repair, and refractive error correction

  • Organ donation costs

  • Operations that resemble war

Oriental Health Insurance Benefits

One of India’s biggest general insurance businesses in the public sector is Oriental Insurance Company. The business provides a selection of affordable health insurance plans that safeguard the insured against a range of medical expenses. A few of the significant advantages that the insured may get from its health insurance plans include cashless treatment, coverage for pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, ambulance costs, No Claim Bonus, maternity care, tax advantages, and other bonuses. The insurer has also built a solid reputation by offering a variety of comprehensive health insurance policies for people, families, children, women, seniors, parents-in-law, etc.

  • Benefits of Free Health Checkups Besides

Every three consecutive underwriting years at the end of a block, Oriental Insurance Company reimburses the costs of a single health examination. Therefore, during the block, no demands should be reported.

  • Protection in addition to Employer Coverage

It is true that an employer’s health insurance plan does not provide coverage for all illnesses and conditions. By acquiring a suitable health insurance policy from Oriental Insurance Company, you may expand the scope of your plan’s coverage and benefit from extra security.

  • Cashless Advantage

The benefit of cashless healthcare is accessible at all network hospitals. As a result, you won’t experience financial difficulty when you need medical attention.

Oriental Health Insurance Renewal

You must renew your health insurance coverage in order to continue receiving all of its advantages. You might not be able to continue receiving coverage if you don’t update your health insurance by the deadline. You can pay the renewal within the timeframe as well, but if the premium for your health insurance policy is not paid during this time, your coverage will expire.

With the comfort of its clients in mind, Oriental Health Insurance offers a quick and simple renewal procedure. At Oriental Insurance, renewing a health insurance coverage just takes a few minutes. Additionally, you have the choice of internet – based renewal modes.

Online Renewal Procedure for Oriental Health Insurance Policies

By complying with these steps, you may simply renew your Oriental Health Insurance coverage online:

Step 1:Visit the website

Visit the Oriental Insurance official website.

Step 2: Select the Online Renewal Option

When you go to the website, you may choose to “Renew Online.” Just click it.

Step 3: Enter the Minimum Information

After selecting “Renew Online,” you will be prompted to provide the current policy number.

Step 4: choose “Renew Now”

After that, click “Renew Now” to start renewing your insurance and paying the premium.

Step 5: Get confirmation

You will receive an email confirming the renewal of your health insurance coverage after your payment is submitted online.

Renewal of Oriental Health Insurance Policies – Offline Procedure

If it would be more convenient for you to renew your health insurance coverage offline, give Oriental Insurance a call at their toll-free number, 1800-118-485, and let them know your exact needs.

Visit the Oriental Insurance location that is most convenient for you to easily renew your health insurance coverage.

Health Insurance Renewal Benefits with Oriental Insurance

You may take advantage of a wide range of advantages when you renew your health insurance coverage with Oriental Insurance, including:

  • Always renewing the policy

  • Mobility of health insurance is simple

  • Numerous alternatives for the insured amount

  • Restoration of the covered amount to provide better protection against escalating medical expenses

  • Benefits from taxes under Section 80D

Calculator for Mediclaim Policy Premiums with Oriental Insurance

The price of receiving medical care is rising. The expenditures of a medical emergency are so difficult for the average person to bear. Therefore, getting health insurance is a wise decision. The policyholder could be able to get medical care without worrying about the cost. Selecting a health insurance plan that satisfies the requirements of the person or family and paying the related premiums are essential. However, the insurance buyer should consider cost while selecting a plan to guarantee that regular coverage can be maintained without facing difficulty. Calculating the insurance and determining the amount beforehand is a wise move.

How to Online Premium Calculate for Oriental Insurance Policies?

You may use an online premium calculator to determine the premium. You must obtain the premium calculation and supply some essential information to do this. Among the information that must be provided are:

  • Age-related phrase

  • medical background

  • coverage information

  • The plan’s value insured

  • The type of policy to buy

The premium calculator quickly calculates the premium when you provide this information. Using this online tool, you may also change the decided premium by altering variables like the insured amount, coverage benefits, and other factors.

Settlement of a Claim with Oriental Health Insurance

The way a firm handles claims is what determines how well-liked it is. The Oriental Insurance Company guarantees a simple, hassle-free claim settlement process. Through a reputable Third Party Administrator, Oriental aims provide the claim settlement services (TPA). You can choose to settle your claims as a member either through a reimbursement facility or a cashless alternative. To make the process easier and more pleasant, you must adhere to the steps below while registering a claim.

How to File a Claim for Cashless Treatment

Cashless claims are available if you receive care at a network hospital. How to submit a cashless claim is detailed below:

In the city where you intend to receive treatment, look for a network hospital. As soon as possible in an emergency and before admission if a hospital stay is anticipated, inform Intimate Oriental Insurance Company. While visiting the hospital, keep your cashless card and one form of identification with you. Obtain the which was before form from the hospital, complete it, and turn it in. The hospital verifies your identify and mails your pre-authorization request to Oriental Insurance Company’s TPA. The TPA verifies the coverage and decides whether or not to accept the claim. The insurance will pay the medical costs if the claim is granted.

Required Documents

The paperwork needed to submit a refund claim is shown below:

  • Complete claim form Report on medical recovery

  • Accounts of the initial investigations

  • Summary of the final hospital discharge Along with the prescription, pharmacy bills

  • Authentic invoices, receipts, and a discharge report

  • Indoor case files and a properly completed claim form

  • Original test results, including x-rays, sonograms, and ECGs a reliable ID with a photo

  • Report from the treating physician and the original consultation notes

  • The type of surgery done, the surgeon’s invoice, and the receipt Along with a xerox of the policy and premium receipt,

  • The company was sent a copy of the claim notification.


Q1. What is the oldest parent that may enroll in an Oriental Insurance plan?

Ans – The Happy Family Floater Plan has a 65-year-old upper entrance age for all participants. However, those above the age of 65 and up to 70 years of age may also be protected under the Silver or Gold Plan of Oriental Insurance’s family floater health care coverage, but not under the Diamond Plan, with a mandatory co-payment of 20% for each and every claim.

Q2. Will my parents’ home nursing hospital be covered if I sign them up for Oriental Insurance’s family floater plan?

Ans – Yes, underneath its family floater insurance, Oriental Insurance offers your grandparents the option of in-home hospitalization.

Q3. Do I qualify for the tax advantage if I purchase an insurance policy from Oriental Insurance for parents?

Ans – Yes, you are qualified for financial benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act when you buy your parents’ health insurance through Oriental Insurance.

Q4. How do I pay my premium? What types of payment methods are available?

Ans: The Oriental Insurance Company provides two ways to pay premiums, namely:

a) Branch cash payment
b) Online payment
c) The policyholder may pay for the online payment option by using;
d) Net banking for both debit and credit cards

Q5. How does Oriental Health Insurance handle policy renewals?

Ans: On the company’s website, you may renew your oriental health insurance online. Log in using the policy information, choose a payment method, and then print or save the receipt.

Q6. Describe the procedure used by the firm to resolve claims for Oriental health insurance?

Ans: You may notify the firm of the resolution of your Oriental Health Insurance claim by submitting an online application.