Future Generali Dog Insurance

Future Generali Dog insurance protects your dog against accidental injuries, death, third-party liability, and other contingencies. It also offers you the benefit of a higher premium than you would pay if you were to buy an insurance policy for yourself.

If a dog is involved in an accident or becomes ill, it will be covered by the Future Generali Dog Insurance policy under the terms and conditions you agreed upon. If your dog is injured or dies while under your care, Future Generali Dog insurance will cover it. If your pet is injured or dies because of an accident that was not your fault, you can claim compensation from us under this plan so that we are compensated for our outlay on behalf of all members who have joined this scheme.

It also covers you if someone is injured or killed by your dog’s actions. It could result from an accident at home, like when there’s a board game, and he accidentally rolls onto the carpet and tears up his paws. Or maybe it happens in public, like when he chases squirrels down the street until someone trips over him and breaks their ankle! The point is that there are many different ways that things can go wrong around here—and we want to ensure that all of them get taken care of with our coverage plan.

Features, Benefits, and Advantages of Future Generali Dog Insurance

  • Future Generali Dog Insurance offers numerous advantages like 24/7 claim support and hassle-free claims process. It also allows you to pay your premium online, making it easy to manage your finances.

  • You can avail of this policy through a credit or debit card. You will receive an instant confirmation email after paying the premium on time. It means that if your pet ever gets injured in any way during travel, he could be taken care of right away with no hassle at all!

  • The Future Generali Dog Insurance covers more than just medical expenses – it also includes emergency rescue services such as evacuation flights home if needed!

  • You can avail of premium discounts if you purchase Future Generali Dog Insurance online. Discounts are given for multiple policies, two or more, and three or more. For example, if you buy two or more policies, then the cost of the premium will be discounted by 10%. If it is four or more, then the price of the premium will be discounted by 15%.

  • We also provide cashless claim settlement for your pet’s treatment at our network of hospitals. Cashless claim settlement means you don’t have to pay for treatment at the hospital. The hospital will pay for your pet’s expenses, including veterinary bills and other charges incurred during treatment. You can get cashless claim settlement 24/7 in any city across the country.

  • Future Generali Dog Insurance offers a wide range of pet insurance plans with a sum assured up to rupees one lakh. The sum assured is the maximum amount you will receive if your pet falls sick or is hurt. It’s a part of the premium paid to the insurance company, which is a vital aspect to consider when purchasing any financial protection for your loved ones.

  • Sum assured is also covered, which refers to how much money you have covered by way of accidental death and dismemberment coverage provided by Future Generali Dog Insurance Company Ltd., as per their separate policy terms and conditions (PTC), which may vary from product to product depending upon what type of service they offer; this can also be changed if there are any changes in these terms over time (e.g., changes in premiums).

Thousands of customers all over india trust our dog insurance plans.

We have a strong reputation for customer service, and thousands of customers all over India trust us. Our dog insurance plans are highly rated by customers who have been with us for years.

Our plans are backed by one of India’s most trusted insurance companies – Future Generali Insurance Company Limited (FGICL).

Choosing the right plan is easy

You can easily choose the right plan for your dog with little research.

  • Sum assured: This is the amount of insurance you have purchased for your pet in one year. It is usually based on their age and breed. In general, younger dogs and small breeds require less coverage than larger or older dogs.

  • Excess: The excess amount refers to how much more money will be paid out if claims are made during the term of coverage because they exceed what’s been paid out at this point (for example, if you owe $500 per month but only pay $100). The higher this number is set up to be, the greater the chance that an accident may happen before it reaches its full value if something goes wrong with them (such as getting hurt or even dying).

Online Claims Of Future Generali Dog Insurance

We strive to provide you with an insurance plan that would cover your pet and give you peace of mind. Our team is here to help you through any situation that may arise, and we will be there for you when needed most.

We understand how important your pet is to you and are committed to ensuring they receive the best coverage possible. We will be there for them in times of need, so rest assured that if anything happens, we’ll be there for them!

Coverage for your four-legged friend

  • Accidents, sicknesses, and pre-existing conditions: We cover accidents and injuries that occur while your dog is on the insured premises.

  • Death or dismemberment: Your pet will be covered for accidental death and dismemberment caused by accident during travel.

  • Hereditary defects: If you have a dog with any hereditary or congenital disability, we’ll pay up to £250 a year to help with veterinary bills related to your dog’s condition.

  • Chronic disease: If you need treatment for any chronic illness, such as arthritis or diabetes, that impacts your pet’s quality of life, we’ll offer assistance in paying for medications and other treatments that may be necessary over time.

  • Dental care:  Dental care plans are also covered under this policy; they may include dental cleanings and teeth extractions if needed after an injury occurs due to medical reasons (e.g., broken teeth).

Pet Insurance Details

  • Accidental Death: This coverage protects you against the costs of accidental death.

  • Chronic/Terminal Illness: This cover covers chronic or terminal illnesses, such as cancer and heart disease, that may develop suddenly.

  • Hereditary Disorders: This policy will help pay for treatment related to hereditary disorders such as cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia.

Comprehensive Coverage

Your pet is covered under comprehensive coverage, which includes the following:

Pet insurance companies provide medical care for their clients’ pets to help them recover from injury or illness. Your policy will pay for veterinary bills related to surgeries, illnesses, and injuries during a covered period (the “permitted claim”). There are limits on what can be paid out by the company and an additional deductible you must pay before they begin paying out any benefits. In some cases where there’s no approved diagnosis from a doctor yet, but one has been made based on symptoms experienced by your dog. This type of claim would also fall under this category rather than catastrophic injury coverage because there’s no evidence yet that could confirm whether or not something was wrong with them. However, if you have proof stating what happened, it may qualify under catastrophic injury policies instead!

High Sum Insured:

The sum insured is the amount of money that you are insured for. It’s not a deductible, and it’s what you would get if your pet dies or gets injured.

The amount of the sum insured depends on several factors, including:

Fast Claim Settlement:

If you have a claim for your dog and want to settle it as soon as possible, Generali offers you the option of fast-settling your claim. You can do this by paying an immediate premium payment of 1% of the total amount. This way, we will pay out all claims within 24 hours (in case of a full refund), 48 hours, or 72 hours from confirmation that our insurance policy covers you. To make sure every claim is settled promptly, we reserve the right to reject any application that does not meet our criteria for fast settlement. Don’t hesitate to contact us before submitting any documents so we can further discuss whether your application complies with this requirement.

No Co-payment clause*

Co-payment is the amount of money you pay towards the treatment of your pet. You can pay it or the insurance company if your dog has been hospitalized and needs care. If your pet is hospitalized due to an accident or injury, then co-payment is payable (however, if it was a pre-existing condition).

In addition to this, some other benefits come with Generali Dogs Insurance:

  • With unlimited access, you will receive 20% off on all Generali Pools and Spas Services.

Add Ons in our Policy

  • Add Ons. If you want to add on, we have a variety of optional add-ons available that can be purchased at the time of policy purchase or later, depending on what works best for you and your dog’s needs.

  • Add Ons are available for new policies and renewals.

Tax benefits on the premiums paid for your pet’s insurance.

If you pay the premium of a pet insurance policy, it is tax deductible. This benefit is available under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, and it allows you to claim an additional deduction on your income tax return if your policy covers the following:

  • A dog that is less than 15 years old

Option to cover vet consultation fees up to a specific limit when you take your pet for a regular checkup.

You can claim up to a particular limit for vet consultation fees when you take your pet for a routine checkup.

You need to take your pet for regular checkups and claim the benefit from us.

Monthly premium payment options with lower rates are based on your dog’s age and the policy term.

You can make monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly payments to renew your policy. Premiums are calculated based on your dog’s age and the policy’s term.

If you opt for a yearly payment plan, you must pay an upfront premium and a maintenance fee at renewal time.

Premiums are waived off in case of the sudden death of your dog due to an accident or illness.

  • Premiums are waived off in case of the sudden death of your dog due to an accident or illness.

  • Premiums are not waived off in case of natural death.

Claim-free years can be accumulated, which will help you get a discount on future premiums.

Claim-free years can be accumulated, which will help you get a discount on future premiums. The number of claim-free years you have will help you get a discount on future premiums. The discount is calculated based on the age of the dog at the time when it becomes eligible for renewal and thus reduces your premium cost by 25%.

The amount payable per annum shall not exceed Rs 2,000/- (Two Thousand Rupees only).

Death cases following any illness or injuries are covered, provided the illness or injury was not present during the commencement of the policy.

  • Death cases following any illness or injuries are covered, provided the illness or injury was not present during the commencement of the policy.

  • You can also opt for an additional claim-free year advantage, which gives you a full refund of the premium paid if you don’t make any claims within 12 months from the commencement of your policy. This benefit is available only on Generali Platinum Life Insurance policies with a maturity period of up to 15 years and above.

The insured dog is eligible for more than one claim in any 12-month policy period.

You can add your dog to the policy and insure it for multiple claims in the same policy period. In this case, the insured dog is eligible for more than one claim in any 12-month policy period. If you want to claim your pet because of illness or injury, it will be covered under this benefit scheme as long as:

  • The illness or injury happened within six months before making an insurance claim, and

  • No other claims made by other pets may have been carried out during this time (i.e., if you have another pet with similar symptoms).

These benefits will come in handy when considering dog insurance

There are several benefits to consider when choosing dog insurance.

  • Tax benefits: The first benefit of choosing dog insurance is that it will help you save on taxes. It is because the company will pay your premium and give you a tax deduction at the end of the year. You can use this money towards other expenses or invest it in stocks, bonds, or other securities that may give higher returns than cash equivalents like bank deposits or Treasury bills (T-bills).

  • Premium maturity: The second benefit of getting Generali Dog Insurance is that payments will be made regularly rather than once a year during tax season, as with most other types of insurance policies, such as life and health coverage plans offered by banks that provide long-term care coverage until death occurs only after making full payment which means they’ll never have time left over again unless they choose another type such as term life only giving minimum amount paid off upfront plus interest accrues until paid off entirely later down the road.

Why Future Generali Dog Insurance?

Future Generali Dog Insurance is a leader in the pet insurance industry. The company has been serving customers and is one of the most significant players in this space. As part of its commitment to providing quality services, Future Generali has a vast network of hospitals across India where you can treat your dog if required.

The team at Future Generali is dedicated to helping you with any queries related to your policy or claim. They will work closely with you throughout the process until it’s resolved satisfactorily. So, are you ready to take your pet’s insurance? If yes, you can complete it today by visiting our website and choosing the most suitable package for yourself.


We hope you’re ready to get your Future Generali Dog insurance, and we can’t wait to help you cover any unexpected medical expenses. Our team works hard to make sure that our customers are happy with their coverage while providing professional service all along the way. Why not give us a call today? We will be glad to answer all of your questions!