New India Assurance Pet Insurance

The New India Assurance Co. Ltd., situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra is a nationalized general insurance agency. It is under the responsibility of Government of India’s Ministry of Finance. It is the biggest nationalized general insurance agency of India based on gross expense assortment comprehensive of foreign operations. It was established by Sir Dorabji Tata in 1919, and was nationalized in 1973.

Previously, it was an auxiliary of the General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC). Be that as it may, when GIC turned into a re-insurance agency following the section of the IRDA Act 1999, its four essential protection auxiliaries New India Assurance, United India Insurance, Oriental Insurance and National Insurance became independent.

What is a pet insurance and how does it work?

Pet protection safeguards against startling veterinary expenses. As medical care costs ascend no matter how you look at it, pet medical expenses are no special case and, as indicated by a few pet insurance agency, the normal sum that the vast majority can manage for veterinary therapy out of the blue is just $1,500. Veterinarians often tell us that they have troublesome discussions with pet owners about the expense of care somewhere in the range of five to ten times each day.

On a month-to-month premise, pet insurance works most like any common health insurance plan. For coverage, you pay your insurer a monthly premium. Your insurance will specify which conditions and costs are covered, as well as your reimbursement rate, deductible, and maximum payment (or annual limit).

Most pet medical coverage plans will repay you, the policyholder, as opposed to paying the vet straightforwardly. This implies you don’t need to stress over viewing as an “in-network” vet and can profit from your inclusion at any authorized vet facility or clinic.

List of best New India Assurance Pet Insurance

  • Lifetime Cover

Lifetime insurance protects your pet year after year, for the rest of his or her life, as long as you don’t cancel or let the policy expire at renewal. Because many insurers do not cover pre-existing conditions for new plans, many consumers prefer to retain current Lifetime coverage in place.

If your pet gets a long-term ailment like diabetes or arthritis, lifetime pet insurance coverage is excellent.

Because Lifetime insurance are more comprehensive, they can be more expensive than Time restricted policies, which cover just short-term diseases and injuries. You’re also more likely to be insured for therapies like acupuncture or hydrotherapy with a Lifetime insurance.

  • Time-limited

Time-limited coverage is intended for pet owners who desire a basic pet policy. It will cover your pet for short-term illnesses and injuries, and it is a wonderful alternative for owners of senior pets with pre-existing problems.

The Time Limited package includes five complimentary treatments for your pet (such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy, or chiropractic therapy). It also provides third-party liability insurance if your dog injures someone or damages someone else’s property.

Highlights and Features of New India Assurance Dog Insurance

  • Dogs between the ages of 8 weeks and 8 years are covered.

  • The system covers dogs of indigenous ancestry, cross-bred dogs, and foreign breeds.

  • The valuation will be performed by a competent Veterinary Doctor at the time the insurance is proposed.

  • Insured pets must be properly recognized using one of the techniques listed below:
  1. Tattooing

  2. Print on the Nose

  3. Photograph
  • The Veterinary Certificate should fully specify normal identification markings as well as breed, sex, age, and so on. The cost of identification will be met solely by the insured.

  • Along with the Vet. Certificate, a detailed pedigree record and kennel club record should be supplied.

  • The base premium rate is 5% of the total covered.

Document to be submitted while taken new policy

  • On the company’s website, you will need to fill out a form and provide information about your pet dog.

  • To assist in identifying your pet, the organization requires color photographs of your pet from all five sides: front, back, left, right, and top. If your pet has an RFID chip, a color photo with the identifying number plainly visible would suffice. The photo must include the newspaper as it was on the day of application, with the date visible.

  • You must also self-certify that your pet has got all of its vaccines on schedule.

  • In the event that your pet has aged more than 4 years and you need to defer the 90-day holding up period (as depicted in Special Conditions), the firm will require specific Diagnostics Test Results, for example, a Bio-science test, Circulatory blood count, pee test, and a chest X-Ray.

  • If you choose a Sum Insured that is appropriate for a pedigree lineage, you must additionally supply a Pedigree Certificate from the Kennel Club of India.

  • If you choose a Sum Insured that is greater than the breed’s maximum price, you must submit purchasing confirmation.

Inclusion & Exclusions of New India Assurance Pet Insurance

Important Inclusions

Dogs are protected against death caused by accident and/or illness incurred during the period of insurance, according to the policy’s standard terms, conditions, and exclusions.

Important Exclusions

  • Common Exclusions: According to Cattle Insurance

  • Specific Exclusions:

  • Distemper, Rabies, Viral Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, and Viral Enteritis are all causes of death. These illnesses are only covered if the dogs have been effectively vaccinated and a Veterinary Certificate is provided.

  • Diseases contracted previous to and within 15 days of the risk’s onset.

  • Unless an additional premium is paid, transport, display risk, breeding and whelping risk, and third-party bodily harm are all risks.

Pet Insurance Claim process

  • Inform the company of your cause for filing a claim.

  • Fill up the claim form completely.

  • Attach a veterinary certificate for the death of your pet (if applicable).

  • Provide a post-mortem report on a standard P.M. form (if applicable).

  • If necessary, include a photograph or another document.


Q1. What exactly is the purpose of pet health insurance?

Ans – We don’t like to think about it, yet our pets can get injured or sick. As the expense of vet bills continues to grow, we can use pet insurance to control some of those expenditures.

Q2. How much does typical pet insurance cost?

Ans – Some plans start at Rs. 75 per day. Generally pet insurance prices vary depending on the following factors:

Animal kind, including species
Your pet’s gender