United India Pet Insurance

united India Pet insurance helps to mitigate the financial risk associated with unexpected veterinary expenses. They will cover the often costly veterinary procedures in full or in part.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is a type of insurance that a pet owner purchases to assist cover the costs of pricey veterinarian care. It can help pay for vet fees if your pet becomes ill or injured, and more comprehensive plans also cover preventative care. One of the most recent insurance plans to be implemented in India is Pet Insurance. This assists pet owners in avoiding expensive medical costs for their pets and protecting their lives by offering the finest possible care.

Benefits of having Pet Insurance

The following are some benefits of having a pet insurance policy-

  • You will save money by purchasing pet insurance

When your pet becomes ill, you may save money by using their health insurance coverage. This is frequently one of the most obvious advantages of pet insurance.

  • Pet insurance broadens your treatment choices

Pet insurance will provide you the freedom to pick and afford a variety of solutions. You’ll be able to perform life-saving procedures or administer chemotherapy.

  • Plans and options that can be customized

In the previous 15 years, pet instances have changed dramatically. As a result, pet parents now have a range of programs and alternatives to choose from.

  • Insurance for all pets is available

Even if your pet is older, you may still acquire reasonable coverage for them.

  • You’ll have peace of mind with pet insurance

You may have ease of mind knowing that if something happens to your pet, you will be able to pay to care for them if you have pet insurance.

United India Insurance Company (UIIC)

United India Insurance Company Limited was founded on February 18, 1938. In 1972, India’s general insurance business was nationalized. The organization has over 83 years of expertise and guarantees complete client satisfaction. United India has expanded rapidly since nationalization.

The company has over 11500 employees dispersed throughout 2100 branches, offering insurance coverage to 1.74 million policyholders. From bullock carts to satellites, the company offers a wide range of insurance products. We’ll discuss pet insurance (also known as cattle and livestock insurance) in this article.

An overview of United India Pet Insurance Policy

A complete pet insurance coverage is provided by United India Insurance. You can rely on the firm because it has been in operation for over 83 years. This insurance company provides pet insurance for all exotic and native animal breeds. The coverage protects your pet against permanent complete impairment and death as a result of an accident. With only a few simple steps, you may acquire pet insurance coverage from our website. If you want personal assistance, you may visit our branch office. Let us explain why you should choose UIIC as your insurance provider.

List of best United India Pet Insurance

  • Lifetime Cover

This coverage will pay for any costs incurred if your pet develops a long-term or chronic disease. This coverage covers arthritis, eczema, and any other ailment that needs your pet to be treated by a veterinarian for an extended length of time.

A policyholder is entitled to a set amount of money each year under this sort of coverage. A lifetime policy covers all new medical issues up to the policy’s financial maximum. If the limit is reached during the policy year, coverage for that condition is suspended until the policy is renewed.

Depending on your pet’s age and condition, not all life insurance is the same, and some may not cover your pet for their whole life. Check the insurance language carefully to verify that your pet is covered for the rest of his or her life.

  • Time-limited

Time-limited pet insurance packages enable you to file a claim for an approved medical condition up to a set sum. You will get a policy with each new ailment covered up to the set budget for 12-months.

If the limit is reached within the 12-month term, the condition will no longer be covered by the insurance. It will be considered pre-existing and will be excluded from future claims. As a result, when the 12-month term has passed or the financial limit has been reached, you will be responsible for any additional treatment expenses associated with that disease.

After a pet suffers an accident or acquires a condition that necessitates veterinary treatment, pet owners are financially protected for a set amount of time. This type of insurance is frequently less expensive than a lifetime policy. This is popular among people as it helps them in incurring high remedy costs.

United India Insurance Company Contact Details

In case of any query contact us via-

You can also tell us your grievances on our website. Our representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Why United India Pet Insurance?

In the insurance sector, there are several general insurance carriers. Nonetheless, there are several compelling reasons to get insurance coverage from United India Insurance Company:

  • United India Insurance offers a wide range of coverage, including pet insurance, which is something that few other insurance companies provide.

  • United India Insurance also offers Credit Insurance coverage, giving them a competitive advantage over other general insurance companies.

  • United India Insurance Company Limited has 2086 offices and a workforce of roughly 15039 people spread across the country.

  • Over 1.74 crore policyholders are covered by United India Insurance Co Ltd.

Features and Benefits United India Pet Insurance

The following are some features of the United India pet Insurance Policy-

  • Easy Online Purchase

United India Insurance offers a variety of insurance policies that may be acquired online and without any fuss. Customers may also use the internet to renew their policies and make claims.

  • 24/7 Customer Assistance

Customers may get assistance with purchases, renewals, and claims 24*7. During an emergency, customers may contact the customer service staff at any time.

  • Benefits from Taxation

The premiums paid under the policy are eligible for tax advantages under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Enter and exit age for Pet insurance

There is no barrier on the entry and exit for the Pet Insurance. One can take insurance for a Pet of any age. You don’t have to worry about your pet expenses anymore. Just take the pet insurance policy and relax.

Document to be submitted while taking new policy

The following is a list of documents that must be submitted at the time of policy issuance:

  • Completed Proposal Form

  • Color photos of the RFID tag from various angles or a color photo of the RFID tag with the Identification Number visible.

  • If the buyer chooses PED (Pre-Existing Disease) coverage, the results of diagnostic tests will be available the next day if the dog is 4 years old or older.

  • Self-certification of timely immunizations and statement of insurable interest.

  • Purchase Proof (if the Insured has chosen the maximum price as per the pricing matrix).

Coverage under UIIC Pet Insurance Policy

The following are the inclusions under the UIIC Pet Insurance Policy-

  • A death resulting from an accident.

  • When death is caused by an accident, such as a fire, lightning, flood, or cyclone, or by disease contracted or contracted during the policy period.

  • An additional premium can be paid if you are permanently disabled due to your inability to conceive or yield milk.

  • During the life of the policy, any diseases you contract are covered.

  • The treatment of accidents that occur while the pet is in transit (rail, road, or air) or accidental poisoning.

  • There is any Loss or theft of the pet.

  • Third-party liability caused by the pet (for example, your dog biting a passer-by).

Exclusions of United India Pet Insurance

The following are the exclusions of UIIC Pet Insurance policy-

  • Misconduct, willful neglect, or misuse of the animals for purposes other than stated in the policy without the company’s consent in writing.

  • There were accidents or diseases contracted before the risk was introduced.

  • There is no coverage for loss of the pet resulting from military disturbances, war, revolution, etc.

  • The policy does not cover intentional slaughter by the owner.

  • Expenses are excluded if the illness is caused by travel by air, sea, or road beyond 80 kilometers.

  • Loss of an insured animal due to theft or clandestine sale.

  • Any type of partial disablement.

  • The company does not cover nuclear perils and war perils.

  • Consequential losses are excluded.

  • In the first 15 days after a policy is purchased, the company does not provide reimbursement for animal deaths caused by disease.

  • Pleuro pneumonia is found in Lakhimpur and other districts of Assam.

  • PTDD – To conceive or to produce milk for breeding.

  • Injuries or diseases caused by improper handling of the pet are not covered by the policy.

Pet Insurance Claim process

To get a claim, you must follow the below-given steps-

  • Notify the appropriate office of the claim’s occurrence over the phone and in writing, along with the policy number.

  • Obtain a claim form from the relevant office or the nearest office, fill it out and provide a loss estimate.

  • If the damage is large, you must notify us as soon as possible so that we can send an appropriate surveyor to assist you in reducing the loss, settling the claim quickly, and advising you on how to correctly file the claim and resume business following the loss.

  • The surveyor or office may seek documented evidence to aid in the proof of the claim. You can submit photocopies of required papers and receive an acknowledgment.

  • You may contact our office for an early settlement of the claim after the survey report and copies of the documents requested by the surveyor/Insurer have been completed.

Documents you need to submit to get claim

  • Claim form

  • Death certificate from a qualified veterinary surgeon in case of pet’s death.

  • Policy/Certificate

  • Ear Tag

Online Renewal of United India Insurance

You may renew your United India Insurance coverage online. The online policy renewal must be completed within 30 days of the insurance policy’s expiration date.

United India Insurance Company provides its clients an online United India Insurance renewal approach that is quick. You just need to go to the website’s renewal area and select the type of insurance you wish to renew. Make an online payment after entering the essential information, including the policy number.


Q1. What is a pet insurance plan?

Ans – Pet insurance is a service that firms provide to their customers to cover medical expenses for their pets. Veterinarian care may be rather costly, especially in the event of an emergency. But, after a time, even general examinations might add up. There are several advantages to obtaining pet insurance, including a sense of security for you and your pet family member.

Q2. Why is a pet dog insurance plan important?

Ans – Pet insurance is designed to reduce the overall cost of veterinary services for you if your dog is hurt or becomes unwell. Essentially, it ensures that you are not financially stranded if anything unexpected occurs. The correct pet insurance coverage might cover a percentage of the costs connected with vet care for your dog.

Q3. How to avail pet insurance plan for your dog?

Ans – Pet insurance policy is new in India. Only a few companies provide pet insurance policies, but one can get easily. You just need to visit the website of the company and register. After registration, within a few steps, you can avail yourself of the pet insurance plan for your dog.

Q4. What are the benefits of pet insurance for dogs?

Ans – The following are some benefits of having a pet insurance policy for dogs-

Protects you from unanticipated expenses.
Reduces the amount of money spent on veterinary care.
Increases the number of treatment options available to your pets.
It also encourages regular veterinary care.
Pet Insurance is available for all ages of pets.
Pet insurance might assist you in sticking to your budget.

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