Raheja QBE Health Insurance Plan For Parents

Raheja QBE’s top plan, Health QuBE, is in high demand when parents are looking to get Affordable Raheja QBE health insurance plan for Parents. Health QuBE, a dependable health insurance again for elderly people, is a distinctive and comprehensive coverage plan that aids parents in managing their medical spending without depleting their funds. Health QuBE plan is easily accessible on an individual Insurance and familial floater sum insured basis. It includes add-on covers like sub-limit waver and co-payment provision. To meet their unique medical needs, parents can select from the Basic, Comprehensive, Super Saver, and A la Carte options.

Key Elements of Raheja QBE Parents Health Insurance

  • Enhanced protection

  • Policy term: one or two years

  • Sums insured: 1 lakh to 50 lakh rupees

  • Individual and family floater sum insured policy types are available, providing tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

  • 10% additional insured amount cap while choosing cashless treatment

  • Non-medical costs are compensated up to the maximum amount when choosing a cashless facility.

Duration of Insurance Coverage

  • Hospital stays fees for patients

  • Coverage of emergency ambulance costs

  • Pre- and post-hospitalization costs according to the chosen plan

  • For all variations, domiciliary hospitalization coverage is offered.

  • Daily monetary payment for each day of hospitalization that has been completed

  • Health examination: once per year

  • Insurance for the costs of organ donors

  • Renew or refill the benefit of the selected insurance amount

Parents Age Limit and Criteria

The maximum admission age for this  is 65 years, with a minimum entry age of 90 days.


  • Nonallopathic medicine

  • Any therapy received outside of India for any congenitally occurring exterior abnormality or sickness

  • Any procedure resulting from or linked to pregnancy

1. Benefits of Free Health Checkups Besides

Raheja QBE offers its policyholders the benefit of scheduling health examinations with a network provider as specified in the policy schedule. These health examinations are scheduled by the firm and are performed by its network of providers.

2. Protection in addition to Employer Coverage

Even if you currently have health insurance via your company, the policies they offer do not often cover all conditions, so you may still need supplementary coverage for some of them. Additionally, restrictions on certain coverage elements like lodging costs, ambulance fees, etc. are sometimes included in employer-provided insurance plans, which may not fully meet your needs.

3. Cashless Advantage

Raheja QBE provides its policyholders with the option of cashless hospitalization because of its extensive network of facilities. If the request for cashless hospitalization is denied, the policyholders can still use the reimbursement option.

4. Ratio of Payout

Raheja QBE principally writes liability insurance with contingent claim payments. According to the IBAI’s General Insurance Claim Insights Handbook For Policyholders, Fourth Edition, the amount of claims that are settled immediately or within a short period of time is low.

5. Protection against medical costs

Raheja QBE offers you health insurance packages that offer complete coverage for medical costs. The policies cover pre- and post-hospitalization costs, ambulance fees, in-home care fees, daycare services, etc. for policyholders.

6. Tax Advantage

Tax savings are available with any health insurance plan acquired from Raheja QBE. This implies that the charges for Raheja QBE health insurance policies are eligible for a tax credit under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

Benefits of Renewal with Raheja QBE for Health Insurance

Here are some advantages you receive when you renew your Raheja QBE health insurance coverage:

  • Continual policy renewal

  • Shorter waiting time

  • Simple and efficient claim resolution

  • No claim incentive for each year without a claim

  • The Income Tax Act’s tax advantages.

How to File a Claim for Contactless payment Rehabilitation

  • All of Raheja QBE’s network hospitals provide cashless services. The insured person can use this service by going to any local hospital and showing the company-provided health membership number. To receive this advantage from the business, follow the instructions below:
  • For the necessary care, contact any corporate network provider. To seek cashless treatment, obtain a form out from a network provider. Send the completed application to the TPA for approval. The TPA will send a well before letter to the hospital after it receives a cashless request form from the insured person or the hospital and any pertinent medical data.
  • If the offer is approved, the required payment will be received in accordance with the company’s schedule, beginning on the day your offer was accepted. Verify the hospital discharge paperwork as you leave, and pay for any unnecessary or improper expenditures. Keep in mind that if the insured individual fails to give the appropriate medical facts, the TPA may potentially refuse pre-authorization. Even if the claim is denied, you can still file a claim for reimbursement later.

Raheja QBE Health Insurance Update

  • Get your Raheja QBE health insurance coverage renewed as soon as possible if it is up for renewal. You won’t be able to take full use of your insurance advantages after you miss the deadline for policy renewal. You will also be released from any waiting period imposed on the availability of coverage for medical expenditures if you renew your health insurance policy on time.
  • Being a trustworthy health insurance provider, Raheja QBE Health Insurance has made the procedure of renewing a policy simple. Raheja QBE does not offer online health insurance coverage renewal at this time. It simply takes just a few seconds to complete a basic process to renew your insurance offline.

Cancellation of Raheja QBE Health Insurance Policies: Offline Procedure

You may renew your Raheja QBE health insurance coverage by simply calling the company’s toll-free number, 1800-102-7723, and asking about the auto-renewal procedure. Additionally, the health insurance provider will call you to verify the specifics of your coverage. If the verification process is successful, either a debit will be made from your account or an auto-renewal will be enabled on your profile.

You can also refresh your health insurance coverage by going to the Raheja QBE location that is closest to you.

Required Documents

If you want to submit a refund claim to Raheja QBE, you must have the following paperwork:

complete claim form a status report from hospital, the patient’s recorded past medical, or the discharged certificate; all of these documents should be genuine Cash notes from the hospital(s) or pharmacist(s), backed by valid prescriptions. Original payment documentation and the attending physician’s medication receipts and the practitioner’s certificate of diagnosis for seeing the insured person An authentic documentation from the surgeon that includes the diagnosis and kind of procedure performed, as well as any necessary invoices or receipts. whatever further paperwork that the business or TPA need

Raheja QBE Health Insurance’s Incurred Claim Ratio (ICR)

The ratio of net dividend pay by an insurer to net premiums earned is known as the incurred claim ratio. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, or IRDAI, publishes the data for ICR each year. Raheja QBE’s Incurred Claims Ratio for FY 2018–19 is 33%, according to the IRDAI, however it is anticipated to alter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I pay my premium? What types of payment methods are available?

Ans: Raheja QBE General Insurance offers three primary methods of payment.

a. Owing to the debit mandate
b. By way of cash or check collection
c. Through secure online payment

You’ll need to deliver a check to the bank. You may also log in to the website, identify your policy, and then use the pay now button to make an online payment.

Q2. How can I renew my Raheja QBE health insurance policy?

Ans: To find out more about the auto renewal procedure, call the service desk directly at their toll-free number. You will receive a call from the provider, and when you confirm the terms of your insurance, your account will be charged or an auto renewal will be enabled in your profile.

Q3. How does the business handle claims for Raheja QBE insurance?

Ans: Within seven days of receiving the claim, the firm settles it. After you submit your claim, an officer will look into the full situation and resolve the dispute. You may submit a claim both online and by calling the toll-free hotline.

Q4.What is the Raheja QBE health insurance policy cancellation procedure?

Ans: You may simply cancel the policy online or by dialling the toll-free number. The business will call you regarding the necessary paperwork, and a representative will come to your house to verify the cancellation. You will get a letter of cancellation notification after all the processes are completed.