Reliance Health Insurance Plan For Parents

Seniors between the ages of 60 and 80 are covered by Reliance health insurance Plan for parents. One of the most popular insurance plans created to cover the health of older mother is HealthGain Health Insurance by Reliance. The policy covers coverage for you, your spouse, your dependent children, as well as your parents with the option of a pre-policy medical check-up. Basically, HealthGain is accessible to both individuals and families.

Key Point

  • Various choices for sums insured

  • Free 15-day look-in window

  • Healthcare options

  • Reinstatement of the Base Sum Insured with Cumulative Bonus

  • Rapid assistance and claim services

  • perpetual renewability with no end

Duration of Coverage

  • Intensive care

  • Before and after discharge

  • Thread

  • processes for daycare

  • Home care services

  • Donor costs are paid

  • Tax benefits under Section 80D include insurance for domestic road ambulances.


Parents can enter the programme at a maximum age of 65. An insured amount of Rs. 3 lakh has no age restriction for entrance. There is no departure age, either. The insurance is renewable for life.


  • Surgery or dental care

  • Cosmetic and cosmetic procedures

  • Self-inflicted injuries with intent and joint replacement Surgery

  • There is no coverage for HIV/AIDS or any linked illnesses.

  • No coverage for claims filed within 30 days of the policy’s purchase date

  • The price of eyewear, contacts, and hearing impairment

Reliance Health Insurance Benefits

The prominent Indian multinational Reliance Group’s insurance division is called Reliance General Insurance Company. The insurance now has a network of more than 7,300 hospitals where the insured can receive cashless care. Additionally, ordering insurance from the organization is simple. Within 10 seconds of the coverage being purchased, the organization guarantees to provide it. The business is certified to ISO 9001:2015, guaranteeing high standards for both services and goods. A variety of health insurance policies with strong coverage characteristics have been produced by the firm. Because of the cheap premiums, it is possible to affordably cover oneself and one’s family.

  • Benefits of Free Health Checkups Besides

All of Reliance General’s policies provide a facility for health examinations. This service enables you to access free health examinations at periodic times so that you may keep tabs on your wellbeing and take precautions against any diseases.

  • Protection in addition to Employer Coverage

Employees with group health insurance through their employers may also choose one of Reliance’s health insurance plans. Reliance’s independent health insurance policies would enable people to choose the essential coverage features that are not included in their employer’s group health plan, increasing their amount of coverage.

  • Paperless Advantage

The insured can receive cashless services at more than 4,000 hospitals nationwide thanks to a partnership with Reliance General. As the business would settle the clients’ medical bills with the hospital directly, it helps them avoid the financial burden of medical expenses.

  • Ratio of Claim Settlement

Reliance General makes an effort to resolve all of the claims that are brought against it. The firm has a high claim settlement ratio as a result. Additionally, this ratio provides policyholders peace of mind by guaranteeing that the insurance firm will honor their claims. Reliance has a CSR of 76.43%. It should be noted that the claim settlement ratio fluctuates.

  • Protection against medical costs

Reliance offers a variety of health plans with good coverage. They include expenditures associated with hospitalization, treatments received, ambulance fees, costs incurred both before and after a patient is discharged from the hospital. Additionally, a few of the company’s plans provide coverage for maternity-related costs, critical illness, non-allopathic therapies, etc.

  • Ratio of Incurred Claims

The Incurred Claim Ratio measures the quantity of claims paid relative to the premiums received by the insurance provider (ICR). Reliance General’s ICR for the 2018–19 fiscal year was 94%*. This demonstrates that the corporation paid out more in claims than was collected in premiums. Note that the ICR is subject to periodic revision.

  • Tax Advantage

Paid premiums for Reliance Plans for general health insurance may be deducted from tax liability tax-free. Section 80D permits this deduction up to a maximum of Rs. 55,000.

Reliance Health Insurance Renewal

You anticipate that the health insurance policy you get will consistently offer the best possible coverage. Also crucial to remember is that health insurance coverage only offers ongoing benefits upon renewal. When a health insurance policy is not renewed by the deadline, it expires, leaving the holder without coverage.

Renewal of a health insurance coverage at Reliance is an easy process. What’s even great is that renewing insurance does not take a lot of time. Additionally, Reliance Health Insurance offers its customers the opportunity to renew their health insurance policies both online and offline.

Online Renewal Procedure for Reliance Health Insurance Policies

Please follow the instructions below to renew your Reliance health insurance plan:

Step 1: Visit the website Visit the official website for Reliance General Insurance.

Step 2. Navigate to the “Health” section On Reliance General’s main page, there are several choices. Click on the “Health” tab.

Step 3: Select Your Policy You may see a list of health insurance plans by selecting “Health.” Select the health insurance plan that you want to continue.

Step 4: Accept “Existing policy with Reliance?” Select “Yes” for “Existing insurance with Reliance?” after the policy page of your choice has opened.

Step 5: Add Information Type in your policy or mobile number. Click on “Renew Policy” after selecting “I accept the Terms & Conditions.”

Step 6: Send Money Verify the specifics of your coverage and pay the renewal premium.

Step 7: Obtain confirmation You will get a confirmation email after your money has been received and your insurance has been renewed.

Renewal of Reliance Health Insurance Policies – Offline Procedure

It is simple to renew a Reliance health insurance coverage online. However, Reliance also provides offline renewal to give policyholders the most convenience.

Call Reliance General Insurance’s toll-free number, 1800-3009, and provide details about your unique needs if you prefer to proceed with the offline extension of your health insurance policy.

A customer can also renew their health insurance by going to the Reliance branch that is closest to them.

Plans for Critical Illness Reliance

Critical diseases and life itself are both unpredictable! Unforeseen events, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle contribute to our debilitating medical ailments. Critical illnesses may strike anyone at any time in life. Reliance Critical Illness Policy can save your health in the situation.

Critical illness insurance from Reliance

Reliance General’s Serious Illness Insurance is a specially created plan for persons who have been diagnosed with any of the critical diseases mentioned.

  • Cancer

  • Significant Organ Transplant

  • Surgery for an aorta

  • Third-degree burns due to multiple sclerosis

  • Repair or replacement of the heart valve

  • Specific-Severity Coma

  • Complete blindness

  • Quadriplegic coma

The Reliance Critical Illness Insurance Policy’s Key Features

Certain features are included with reliance essential insurance. Following are some of the plan’s main components:

  • Movability choice

  • Perpetual renewability

  • Payment-free treatment

  • Internal claim procedure

  • No medical examinations until age 45.

The Reliance Critical Illness Insurance is easily accessible on an individual basis and enables you to concentrate on your recovery rather than the costs.

How to Online Premium Calculate for Reliance General Policies?

A premium calculator online may be used to determine health insurance rates. This calculator is an online tool that, once you enter your coverage information, determines the precise premium that must be paid for a given insurance. The calculator needs input from you including:

  • Identification

  • policy phrase

  • Medical background

  • Area information

  • You must have the necessary insurance coverage.

  • The kind of policy to purchase

These facts are used by the online premium calculator to determine your premium and display it on your screen. With the help of this cutting-edge technology, you can also change the insured amount, the benefits of the coverage, and other variables to alter the computed rates.

Payment of Reliance Health Insurance Claims

Reliance General Health Insurance makes it very simple to resolve health insurance claims. Reliance is praised for its efficient and straightforward claim resolution processes. Reliance is well-liked across a wide range of industries and has developed a solid reputation in the health insurance industry. You have the option of using a cashless treatment center or the reimbursement approach for claim settlement.

How to File a Claim for Cashless Treatment

If you received care at network hospitals, you may use the cashless claim method. Currently, Reliance General’s network includes more than 7,300 hospitals. To resolve the cashless claim,

Find a Reliance network hospital in the city where you wish to receive cashless care first. Inform your insurance provider as soon as you can about your hospitalization. Bring one photo ID and the cashless Reliance Health Insurance card with you when you visit the hospital. At the TPA assistance desk, provide your Reliance Health Card and ID evidence. Fill out the well before the request form offered by the hospital and hand it in.

The network hospital delivers the pre-authorization request form to RCare Health or the TPA with the necessary medical information after verifying your identification. Ensure that the insured person reviews and signs all of the medical bills. Leave the hospital with the initial discharge summary and any other investigative reports. Reliance will pay any medical expenditures that are covered under the coverage. You are responsible for paying any uninsured costs.

Required Documents

Information needed to submit a claim

  • Health card copy accounts of the initial investigations

  • Final hospital discharge summary FIR or, if applicable,

  • post-mortem report Along with the prescription,

  • Pharmacy bills

  • Authentic invoices, receipts, and a discharge report

  • Indoor case files and a properly completed claim form

  • Original healthcare bills and documentation of a valid picture

  • ID Report from the treating physician and the original consultation notes the type of surgery done, the surgeon’s invoice,

  • Test results accompanied with a report from the treating physician or surgeon

  • A copy of the patient’s identity card

  • The insured person’s PAN card CTS 2010

  • Formatted canceled check or a scanned copy of the first page of a passbook or bank account


Q1. Are pre-medical tests required for the parents’ health insurance policy?

Ans – A medical exam is required under Plan A if the applicant is older than 46 years old, and a medical exam is required under Plan B if the applicant is older than 18 years old. Pre-medical testing is required if you are under the age of 46 and have one of the pre-existing diseases.

Q2. Who tought to purchase Reliance Parents Health Insurance?

Ans – For seniors aged 60 to 80 who wish to achieve financial protection against medical expenditures generated during a healthcare emergency situation, without compromising their resources, a Reliance Parents health care policy is a must-buy.