Royal Sundaram Health Insurance

An overview

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited, formerly known as Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited, is India’s first private sector general insurance company. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) licensed it in 2000, and it has been providing innovative general insurance solutions since then.  

Individual customers can get customized insurance solutions for health, motor, travel, and personal accident, while commercial customers can get specialized insurance products for fire, liability, engineering, marine, and business interruption risks. Royal Sundaram has more than 2,000 employees in 150 branches across India and a huge customer base of more than 4.5 million customers. 

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance offers a variety of insurance policies with a variety of benefits. The plans include customizable coverage, cashless treatments, access to a variety of hospitals, and special offers and discounts.  

Individual customers can purchase Motor, Health, Personal Accident, and other products from Royal Sundaram General Insurance. Royal Sundaram also provides specially designed products to small and medium-sized businesses as well as rural customers. From basic individual health insurance coverage to specialist coverage, Royal Sundaram Health Insurance provides a diverse range of health insurance plans, including maternity benefits and the option to auto-recharge the sum insured every policy year, even if a claim has been made. 

List of best health Insurance Products from Royal Sundaram:    

Royal Sundaram Family Good Health Plan

 A health insurance policy that provides economic and adequate financial protection to the proposer and his family, including dependent parents. Royal Sundaram’s Family Health Insurance Plan provides comprehensive coverage for you and your family in the event of a sudden accident, illness, or unexpected hospitalization. 

Royal Sundaram Smart Cash Plan

Royal Sundaram’s Smart Cash Plan is a that is specifically designed to cover your medical treatment expenses. This is a daily cash benefit plan that covers your out-of-pocket expenses for food, transportation, and patient attendance, among other things. This plan allows the policyholder to cover his or her children, spouse, parents, dependents, and self. This plan is open to anyone who has completed 91 days of service. The Royal Sundaram Smart Cash Plan comes in three flavors: Smart Cash Silver, Smart Cash Gold, and Smart Cash Platinum. The plan includes a slew of appealing features and benefits. You can even get your family members’ plane tickets reimbursed if they visit India in an emergency.   

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Insurance:   

Royal Sundaram Lifeline ‘Classic’ Health Insurance Plan   

Royal Sundaram provides a variety of Lifeline Health Insurance Plans, which are comprehensive indemnity plans that cover the policyholder’s as well as his family’s health insurance needs. These plans are available to anyone over the age of 18 and are available as an Individual Plan or a Family Floater Plan. The Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic plan is designed for customers who want to insure themselves and their families at a low cost. 

Royal Sundaram Lifeline ‘Supreme’ Health Insurance Plan 

Royal Sundaram provides customers with a variety of low-cost Lifeline Health Insurance Plans that cover the policyholder’s and his family’s health insurance needs. The Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan designed for customers who want to insure themselves and their families at a low cost. The policy is best suited for clients looking for a policy that includes additional health care benefits that cover the treatment of critical illnesses and severe health conditions. 

Royal Sundaram Lifeline ‘Elite’ Health Insurance Plan   

Royal Sundaram provides customers with a variety of low-cost Lifeline Health Insurance Plans that cover the policyholder and his family. The Royal Sundaram Lifeline Elite plan is a health insurance plan that is best suited for people who are constantly on the move and enjoy traveling. This plan provides coverage both in India and abroad, as well as worldwide emergency hospitalization coverage. 

Network Hospital

A network hospital is one that has a contract with your insurance company and allows you to receive cashless medical treatment with deferred payment. In general, general insurance or health insurance companies have a large network of hospitals throughout India. These network hospitals are sometimes referred to as cashless network hospitals. 

Royal Sundaram health insurance-Reviews

  • Royal Sundaram was responsible for introducing many innovative services/offerings that are now standard practice for most insurance companies, such as cashless claims processes, cash allowances for hospitalization, and value-add partnerships with top institutions to expand market reach. 

  • Their product portfolio includes a variety of product lines ranging from auto to home insurance for individuals and fire to engineering to liability insurance for corporations. 

  • Their efforts have resulted in a customer base of over 5 million clients who receive superior customer service via a multi-channel distribution network of agents, institutional tie-ups, brokers, and so on. The company’s presence can be felt in over 180 cities across the country. 

Royal Sundaram health insurance-Network hospitals

In India, Royal Sundaram General Insurance has over 5,000 network hospitals where policyholders can receive cashless treatment based on their zone. Policyholders can use the treatments that their Royal Sundaram Health Insurance plans cover, up to the sum insured limit and in accordance with the policy’s terms and conditions. 

Policyholders have the option of receiving either planned or emergency hospitalization at the network hospital. It should be noted that in either case, policyholders must notify the insurance company within the timeframe specified. They can rest assured that they will receive high-quality care at the network hospital without having to worry about money. 

Royal Sundaram health insurance-Customer Care Numbers/Contact details   

  • The phone number for Royal Sundaram Health Insurance’s customer service is 1860 425 0000. 

  • You can send an email to if you have any policy questions. 

  • You can also make a service request, such as requesting a policy copy or canceling a policy, by filling out an online form on the company’s website. You will receive a response within two business days. 

  • There is a ‘Call Back’ option on the company website where the customer can submit a call-back request and an insurance agent will call you back to resolve your query. 

  • Complaints can be lodged via the company’s website. 

  • Claims can be filed over the phone or through the insurer’s website. 

  • On the insurer’s website, a customer can engage in a live chat with an insurance agent about health insurance plans. 

Benefits and features of Royal Sundaram health insurance

When purchasing Royal Sundaram health insurance plans, the insured can receive the following benefits: 

  • After four claim-free years, a free health check-up is provided. 

  • For each claim-free year, you can receive a No Claim Bonus ranging from 5% to 50%. 

  • After three years of continuous policy renewal, pre-existing illnesses will be covered. 

  • In over 3000 network hospitals, the insured can receive cashless hospitalization. 

  • The policy applies to 147 different daycare procedures. 

  • The costs of pre-and post-hospitalization are also covered. 

  • Royal Sundaram health insurance provides the option of renewing for an indefinite period of time. 

  • The plans include maternity coverage. 

  • After a three-year waiting period, pre-existing condition coverage is available. 

  • The insurer also provides a cumulative bonus for each claim-free year ranging from 5% to 50%. 

  • Section 80(D) provides tax benefits on all health insurance premiums. 

  • In the event of an accident, insurance coverage can be increased by 50%. 

Why Royal Sundaram health insurance?   

Royal Sundaram health insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage to policyholders and insured members in the event of medical emergencies or planned hospitalizations. The following are the reasons to purchase Royal Sundaram health insurance plans: 

Individual and Family Floater Coverage- To ensure a healthy and happy family, the plans are available in both individual and family floater options for joint families in India (up to 19 different relations). The policyholder can include dependent children and parents in the same plan. 

Options for a Higher Sum Insured- With the rising cost of healthcare in India and abroad, it is recommended that everyone obtain adequate health insurance coverage, with the policy sum assured being as high as Rs 1.5 Crore, which would help cover all major medical expenses. The insurers provide a variety of health insurance plans with lifetime renewability and a wide range of sums insured. 

Lifetime Renewal- The plans provide insured members with the option of renewing their coverage for an indefinite period of time. 

No upper age limit- Adults over the age of 18 can purchase this plan with no upper age limit criteria. 

Worldwide Presence- One of the best features of Royal Sundaram health plans is that it provides global emergency hospitalization coverage and worldwide treatment for 11 life-threatening medical conditions. 

The insurance company has a high Claim Settlement Ratio, which indicates its ability to settle a large number of claims in any given fiscal year. 

Excellent customer service, including an online premium calculator, a 24-hour helpline number, a network hospital locator, a simple claim process, a call-back option, a dedicated grievance redressal cell, and online renewal. 

You can supplement your health insurance with add-ons such as cash benefits, personal accident coverage, and critical illness coverage. 

Inclusions / Exclusions of Royal Sundaram health insurance:   


  • Hospitalization in a hospital 

  • Pre- and post-hospitalization costs 

  • Procedures for daycare 

  • Charges for in-home hospitalization 

  • Preventive healthcare and wellness 

  • Charges for ambulances 

  • Examine your health 

  • Treatment with AYUSH 

  • Vaccination in the case of animal bite 


  • List of things that are not covered by a health insurance policy Pre-existing medical conditions declared by the policyholder at the time of policy purchase, up to the waiting period (Plan Particular) 

  • Addictive diseases and disorders 

  • Sports that are dangerous or adventurous 

Claim process of Royal Sundaram health insurance   

A claim can be filed by calling the customer service helpline at 1860 425 0000 or by emailing In two working days, you will receive a claim form. Submit the completed claim form, along with any supporting documentation. We will revert back to you through the mail if your claim gets approved.

Procedure for cashless claims: Notify the insurer within 72 hours of planned hospitalization and within 24 hours of emergency hospitalization. A pre-authorization request form must be submitted to the insurer by the network hospital. The request will be verified by a third-party administrator (TPA) and responded to within three hours of receipt.

Procedure for filing a reimbursement claim: Notify the insurer within 72 hours of planned hospitalization and 24 hours of emergency hospitalization. Send the completed claim form and supporting documents to Royal Sundaram within 30 days of discharge. The amount of the claim will be paid to the proposer. 

FAQ of Royal Sundaram health insurance   

Q1. Why should I go with Royal Sundaram Health Insurance? 

Ans: The following are some of the benefits of having Royal Sundaram Health Insurance: 

i. For customers under the age of 50, there is no need for pre-screening medical tests and no documentation is required. 

ii. Coverage for pre-existing diseases after four years of continuous Royal Sundaram coverage. 
iii. More than 3000 network hospitals will offer cashless services. 

Q2. What types of health insurance plans does Royal Sundaram offer under health insurance? 

Ans: Royal Sundaram customers can choose from three types of health insurance plans: 

A. Good Health Plan of the Royal Sundaram Family 

B. Smart Cash Plan by Royal Sundaram 

C. Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Insurance is a health insurance policy provided by Royal Sundaram.

Q3. What’s the distinction between a cumulative bonus and an indexation benefit? 

Ans: The main distinction here is that a Cumulative Bonus is only available in the event of a claim-free year. Indexation Benefit, on the other hand, is paid regardless of how many claims are made during the year. Indexation Benefit, unlike Cumulative Bonus, has no reversal. 

Q4. Do Royal Sundaram health insurance policies cover maternity benefits? 

Ans: After three years of continuous premium payments, policyholders in the ‘Total Care Plus’ plan are eligible for maternity benefits. If both spouses are covered under this plan and have been paying premiums for three years, maternity benefits are also available to ‘Lifeline’ customers. ‘Hospital Cash’ plans do not cover pregnancy-related expenses. 

Q5. Is it possible to purchase Royal Sundaram Health Insurance policies online? 

Ans: Yes, policies can be purchased directly from the company’s website. You can also get quotes and buy at a later date when it is more convenient for you.