Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

In October of 2000, Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited became India’s first private sector general insurance firm. Royal Sundaram is a well-known insurance firm in India. It is the largest private general insurance firm in the country, with a wide range of insurance products to choose from.

Royal Sundaram is also the first insurance firm to introduce the concept of cashless claims. Individual clients can get motor, health, personal accident, home, and travel insurance from the firm. Royal Sundaram employs around 2000 people and has 158 locations across India. The firm was the first to hire in-house motor assessors (IMAs).

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance protects you against the costs and risks of traveling. For individuals traveling locally or internationally, it is a handy kind of protection. The travel insurance coverage covers the duration of your trip as well as any passengers. Including travel insurance in your trip arrangements allows you to fully enjoy your trip without worrying about financial issues.

The insurance plans cover a wide range of situations. Damage to personal property, borrowed equipment (such as rental automobiles), and even the expense of paying a ransom is all covered by certain travel insurance policies

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

Purchasing travel insurance protects you against unexpected events such as medical and non-medical crises. The Royal Sundaram Overseas Travel Plan covers both medical and non-medical expenditures. Non-medical expenditures, including luggage loss, any type of baggage delay, airline delays, and the loss of important papers, are covered at the cheapest prices.

Royal Sundaram’s packages ensure that all of your visits are risk-free and enjoyable. The company offers a customized travel insurance package to supplement the standard coverage. Let us tell you more about the Royal Sundaram Insurance Company’s travel insurance coverage.

List of best Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

Royal Sundaram Leisure Trip Travel Insurance Plan

It’s a comprehensive plan that protects you from a variety of unexpected situations. One of the advantages of this plan is that no medical checks are required of participants. A complete travel insurance package for a vacation abroad, with coverage ranging from 50,000USD to 10 Lacs USD.

Travel Secure’s Leisure plan gives you comprehensive coverage when planning your vacation abroad. So you don’t have to worry about unanticipated situations. The strategy may be customized to the number of persons attending and their ages. Some of the features of the Leisure Trip Travel Insurance Plan are as follows-

  • The minimum age to enter is 18 years old. At the policy’s start date, the maximum entry age is 70 years.

  • If you want to go on a leisure trip, you need to be in good health.

  • You are not required to take any medical checks.

  • The policy included extensive medical and non-medical coverage.

Royal Sundaram Multi-Trip Travel Insurance plan

This policy is for a year only, as the name implies. You may go overseas as many times as you like during the year, but no single trip should take longer than 45 days. Gold and Platinum are the two levels available under the Annual Multi-Trip Plan. This is a tailored annual package for business travelers who travel often throughout the year. This plan allows you to pick between 30, 45, 60, and 90 days of travel time for your vacation. The following are some features of the Multi-Trip Travel plan-

  • To enter, you must be at least 18 years old. The maximum entry age is 70 years old at the start of the policy.

  • You are not obligated to undergo any medical examinations.

  • The policy covered both medical and non-medical expenses.

  • For 365 days, the plan is available.

  • Every tour has a maximum duration of 30/45/60/90 days. The total number of days spent abroad should not exceed 180.

Royal Sundaram Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan

Royal Sundaram also has a package for Senior Travelers called Senior Citizen Travel SecuThis is for Senior Travellers over the age of 71. The plan is special as there is no higher age limit for purchasing a Senior Citizen Plan. This plan provides an appealing set of coverage for older individuals traveling abroad.

It allows them to rest comfortably so that they will be protected in the event of an emergency. They provide three levels of Accident & Sickness Medical coverage under the Senior Citizen’s Classic Plan: $25,000, $50,000, and $100,000. You will, however, be required to produce medical papers for the 1 lakh USD sum covered.

Royal Sundaram Asia Travel Insurance Plan

For leisure and business travelers to Asian nations, except Korea and Japan, Royal Sundaram also provides an Asia-specific package. A single sum insured option of 5,00,000 USD is available with this plan. This is a low-cost travel insurance package designed specifically for trips throughout Asia. The insured must be at least 18 years old and no more than 70 years old.

Royal Sundaram Student Travel Insurance Plan

This is useful annual travel insurance coverage for any student studying abroad for one to seven years. This plan is suited to students who wish to pursue further education in another country. This strategy allows students to study in a foreign country without having to worry about unanticipated circumstances.

Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, and Diamond are the five plan categories available under the Student Insurance plan. Depending on the plan you’ve selected, the sum covered might range from USD 50,000 to USD 75,000. The minimum age to get this insurance policy is 12 years old and the maximum entry age is 40 years.

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Reviews

Individuals, families, and organizations have benefited from Royal Sundaram’s innovative general insurance products. Insurance is available directly as well as through intermediaries and affinity partners. Customers throughout the country can benefit from Royal Sundaram’s Travel Insurance products. It is one of India’s most reputable insurance companies. You can rely on the organization to provide you with a personalized travel insurance package.

Important Benefits of Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

The following are some important benefits of Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

  • Basic paperwork

Only one policy document will be released throughout the length of the policy. You are not expected to manage a large number of papers. In addition, you can settle your claim in only a few steps. The company will not bother you with paperwork.

  • Claim Settlement in a Hurry

Client happiness is important to the organization. As a result, it offers a claim settlement policy that is simple and quick.

  • 24*7 assistance

You may contact them at any moment through their website. They will be there to assist you anytime you need it.

  • Coverage according to the countries

People who are insured might purchase a plan that will help them acquire a valid visa.

  • Process for filing a safe claim

All of the company’s portals are safe and encrypted. The firm provides an ISO-certified claim procedure.

  • There are plans for everyone

Individuals, families, corporations, older persons, and students may all benefit from flexible coverage at affordable premium prices.

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Care Numbers / Contact details

To know more about Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance, contact us via

  • Call-1860 258 0000, 1860 425 0000

  • Email –

  • Website –

You can also visit our social media handles. To get more personal assistance, visit our office.

Features of Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

The following are some features of Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance-

  • With no paperwork or medical testing, you may get an instant online policy approval in under 5 minutes.

  • With an ISO-certified Claims Procedure System, there is a 24-hour customer care helpline as well as the option to contact a representative online.

  • Before acquiring an insurance plan for travel overseas, the covered traveler is not required to undertake any medical exams.

  • Travel to nations where a valid visa has been acquired qualifies for coverage.

    They are one of the few insurance companies that give assistance and claim service support both in India and overseas through its TPA, Paramount Healthcare.

  • Medical assistance comprises phone counseling, doctor/hospital referrals, hospital admission arrangements, bill settlement, and emergency repatriation arrangements, among other things.

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Coverage

The following are the coverage under Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance-

  • Medical costs

Hospitalization costs, doctor’s fees, medical transportation fees, OPD fees, and any other medical expenses for illness or injury are examples of medical expenses.

  • Dental Pain Relief During Illness

Coverage for real expenditures incurred as a result of a dental illness while traveling overseas.

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment

If the client dies or becomes disabled during the trip, insurance coverage will be granted within 12 months of the injury experienced during the trip.

  • Theft of a Passport

In the case that the Passport or Visa is lost, the Company will refund the necessary and reasonable direct expenditures. Expenses involved in acquiring emergency travel papers are reimbursed.

  • Delay on the journey

The insurance provider will pay a lump payment if the travel is delayed for more than six hours owing to any form of an insured incident.

  • Personal Responsibility

The corporation will pay the Insured Person if the Insured Person becomes legally responsible to a Third Party (injury, damages).

  • Obtain a cash advance in an emergency

When an insured individual wants emergency cash while on a trip covered by the insurance, the firm will give help.

  • Baggage lost upon check-in

If the insured’s checked luggage, which was under the carrier’s protection, is lost completely, the insurance company will compensate the insured.

  • Extension of Hotel Stay

If the insured’s departure from the port is delayed for whatever reason, the insurer will reimburse any additional hotel charges.

  • Compassionate Visit

If the insured individual is hospitalized for more than 5 days due to a sickness or accident and needs special help from a close relative. The insurance provider will then cover the immediate family member for the cost of an economy class aircraft ticket as well as lodging costs.

  • Insurance for your house

This plan offers a one-of-a-kind coverage of up to Rs. 2 lakh for your home/residence in India. It’s necessary in the event of a break-in, a fire, or theft while you’re on vacation in another country.

Discounts offered by Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

The company offered discounts and deals to its customers during special occasions like festivals and public holidays. Customer satisfaction is their priority. But currently, the company is not offering any type of discount. You can stay connected via their website to know about any upcoming offers.

Exclusions of Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

The following are the exclusions of Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance-

  • Claims resulting from pre-existing illnesses, whether known or unknown and their repercussions.

  • Pregnancy and the issues that come with it.

  • Medical bills incurred as a result of alcohol or drug misuse, addiction, or overdose.

  • Claims arising from any type of mental illness, suicide, or self-inflicted pain and injury are not covered.

  • If your luggage is delayed when you arrive in India, it will not be covered.

  • Any claim resulting from participation in dangerous sports or activities is not covered.

  • Going against a doctor’s advice.

  • Claims made before the start of the policy’s coverage term or after the end of the insurance period are not covered.

  • There is no recompense for harm caused by radioactive pollution, stroke, or fits.

  • War-related illnesses and accidents, as well as warlike occurrences or invasions, are not covered.

  • Baggage containing perishable items, delays caused by customs authorities, and travel documentation confiscated by customs officials are not covered by trip annoyance.

How to Claim for Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

If you take Royal Sundram’s Travel Insurance, then you are applicable to get a claim via the following two methods-

  • Cashless Claims

In the event of emergency hospitalization, the insured person must notify the Service Provider within one day of being admitted to the hospital, but in any case, before being discharged. If the deadlines are not met, the Company is not obligated to provide a cashless facility. In the event of a claim, the relevant papers must be provided to the Assistance Service Provider within 30 days of the insured person’s return to their respective country.

  • Reimbursement Claims
    1. The Insured shall notify the Service Provider of the occurrence/claim as soon as possible. They must tell them within 30 days after the illness/diagnosis.
    2. In any instance, the Insured Person must notify the Service Provider’s Alarm Centre and its help cooperation partners as soon as possible, providing all relevant information.
    3. The caller’s identification will be verified by the Service Provider asking for his or her passport number.
    4. If the Insured Person cannot notify the Service Provider before contacting a physician or traveling to the hospital due to an accident or severe sickness, the Insured Person must contact the Alarm Center as soon as feasible.
    5. In either instance, when a person is admitted as a patient, the Insured Person must produce this Policy to the appropriate Physician or personnel if required.


How to pay a premium? What are the modes of payment available?

You can pay the premium of the policy either online or by visiting the branch. You can pick up any method as per your preference.

 The mode of online payment are following-

  • Credit Card

  • Debit Card

  • Net banking

How can I check the status of the Royal Sundaram travel insurance policy?

You must go to the website to check on the status of your travel insurance coverage. After that, log in to the website using the required credentials. Check the policy status by entering your email address and password.

What is the renewal process for Royal Sundaram travel insurance plans?

You may either renew your insurance plan online by clicking on the Insta Renew symbol or by calling the customer support hotline number. This must be done far ahead of the policy’s expiration date.

What is the company’s process to settle claims for Royal Sundaram travel insurance plans?

To file a claim for your travel insurance policy, the policyholder must complete the trip claim form and send it to the firm along with the required documentation. Depending on your needs, you might acquire a cashless claim or a reimbursement claim.

How does Single Trip differ from Multi-Trip?

Single Trip allows you to travel internationally only once, beginning when you board the airplane to your destination and ending when you return.

Multi-Trip, on the other hand, has no restriction on the number of travels and is accessible all year. A single trip cannot last longer than a year, and your total days spent outside of India should not exceed 180 days.

How is the cover duration decided?

You can choose the start date for Multi-Trip. However, depending on the insurance you choose, coverage for each trip is either one month or 45 days.

What is Personal Liability?

When you unintentionally or unpredictably cause bodily harm to a third party (accident or property damage), you are legally obligated to pay that person.

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