SBI BlueChip Fund-Regular(Growth)

SBI Bluechip Fund is an open-ended large-cap equity scheme owned by SBI Mutual Fund House. SBI Blue Chip Fund desires to offer investors opportunities for long-term growth in capital through active management of investments in a diversified basket of large-cap equity. The fund was launched on February 14, 2006. The fund has 94.12% investment in domestic equities of which 68.04% is in Large Cap stocks, 7.86% is in Mid Cap stocks, and 1.22% in Small Cap stocks. The fund has 0.15% investment in Debt, of which 0.15% is in Government securities. Generally, large-cap stocks are well-established companies with good brand equity and are probably market leaders in their industries. SBI Blue Chip Fund has the flexibility to invest up to 20% of its funds in equity other than large caps or debt and/or money market instruments.

SBI Bluechip Fund Growth is one of the widely preferred large-cap funds that has satisfied thousands of investors in the past. After a remarkable performance in 2014 and 2015, it made its presence felt in many investors’ portfolios. SBI BlueChip Fund-Regular (Growth) is one of the best mutual fund investment schemes.

The fund follows a blend of growth and value style of investing with a combination of top-down and bottom-up investment strategies for stock selection across sectors. Investors who are looking to invest money for at least 3-4 years and looking for high returns can go for this fund.

Investment purpose and Benchmark

(1) The scheme seeks to provide opportunities to investors for long-term capital appreciation by actively managing the investments in a diversified portfolio of large-cap equity stocks (as defined by SEBI/AMFI from time to time).

(2) It is benchmarked against the S & P BSE 100 Index.

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Composition

(1) The fund’s asset allocation consists of approximately 94.32% equities, 0.15% debt, and 5.53% cash and cash equivalents.

(2) While the top 10 equity holdings account for 46.11% of assets, the top 3 sectors account for 47.54% of assets.

(3) The fund follows a largely growth-oriented investment style and invests across market capitalizations – approximately 0.0% in giant and large-cap companies, 0.0% in mid-caps, and 0.0% in small-cap companies.

Fund Key Highlights

1. Current NAV: Current Net Asset Value of SBI Bluechip Fund as on November 07, 2022, for the growth option of its regular plan, is Rs 64.21.

2. Returns: Its trailing returns over various periods are: -5.07% (1 year), 15.51% (3 years), 10.33% (5 years), and 11.39% (after launch). Whereas, the category returns for the same duration are: -5.36% (1 year), 15.29% (3 years), and 10.82% (5 years).

3. Fund Size: The SBI Bluechip Fund currently holds Assets under Management worth Rs 33021.96 crore as on Sep 30, 2022.

4. Expense Ratio: The fund’s expense ratio for the regular plan is 1.6% as on August 31, 2022.

5. Exit Load: SBI Bluechip Fund will attract an exit load of 1% if redeemed within 12 months.

6. Minimum Investment: Minimum investment required is Rs 5000 and the minimum additional investment is Rs 1000. The minimum SIP investment is Rs 500.

Returns (NAV as of 07th November 2022)

Period Invested for₹10000 Invested onLatest ValueAbsolute ReturnsAnnualized ReturnsCategory AvgRank within Category
1 Week31-Oct-2210082.100.82%0.66%8/31
1 Month07-Oct-2210439.904.40%4.01%13/31
3 Month05-Aug-2210529.805.30%4.67%11/30
6 Month06-May-2211284.7012.85%11.75%6/30
1 Year03-Nov-2110246.502.46%2.44%0.20%5/30
2 Year06-Nov-2015405.8054.06%24.08%21.50%6/28
3 Year07-Nov-1915519.9055.20%15.76%14.38%7/27
5 Year07-Nov-1717039.0070.39%11.24%10.75%11/26
10 Year07-Nov-1240434.20304.34%14.99%13.14%2/25
Since Inception14-Feb-0664209.50542.09%11.75%13.72%23/31

SIP Returns (NAV as of 07th November 2022)

Period Invested for₹1000 SIP Started onInvestmentsLatest ValueAbsolute ReturnsAnnualized Returns
1 Year03-Nov-211200012909.627.58 %14.23 %
2 Year06-Nov-202400027526.4714.69 %13.75 %
3 Year07-Nov-193600048146.5633.74 %19.79 %
5 Year07-Nov-176000088767.2547.95 %15.65 %
10 Year07-Nov-12120000251948.88109.96 %14.19 %

Concentration & Valuation Analysis

 September 2022August 2022July 2022June 2022May 2022April 2022
No. of Holdings555657565858
Top 5 Company Holdings29.46%29.98%29.92%30.08%29.83%29.67%
Top 10 Company Holdings46.11%46.63%46.83%46.77%46.46%46.58%
Company with Greatest ExposureICICI Bank (7.95%)ICICI Bank (7.93%)HDFC Bank (7.92%)HDFC Bank (7.98%)HDFC Bank (7.95%)HDFC Bank (7.82%)
No. of Sectors151616161616
Top 3 Sector Holdings47.54%47.72%47.63%48.04%48.02%48.19%
Top 5 Sector Holdings61.61%61.17%61.57%61.99%61.57%62.92%
Sector with Highest ExposureFinancial (27.29%)Financial (27.32%)Financial (27.09%)Financial (26.62%)Financial (27.06%)Financial (26.9%)

Top Stock Holdings

CompaniesSectorsAssets (%)P/EEPS-TTM (₹)Return 1 Year  (%)
ICICI Bank LtdFinancial7.9521.5342.6213.04
HDFC Bank LtdFinancial7.7920.0875.14-6.77
Infosys LtdTechnology4.7727.7354.37-9.55
Reliance Industries LtdEnergy4.5226.5898.080.46
ITC LtdConsumer Staples4.4325.3913.9253.71
Larsen & Toubro LtdConstruction4.2329.5168.3712.69
HDFC LtdFinancial3.4618.83133.14-14.48
HCL Technologies LtdTechnology3.1520.5850.88-12.45
State Bank of IndiaFinancial2.9513.3146.1411.27
Mahindra & Mahindra LtdAutomobile2.8620.1267.1654.95

Type of Debt Holdings

Security Type % Weight Category Average
NCD & Bonds0.00%0.00%

Others Instruments

NameType of InstrumentWeight (%)
Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. – WarrantsWarrants0.19%
Net ReceivablesNet Receivables-0.15%

Alternative Funds (Category Peers)

Scheme Name Crisil Rank Asset Size (Cr) 1M 3M 6M 1Y 3Y
Baroda BNP Paribas Large Cap Fund – Regular (Growth)31326.754.314.6912.211.3114.57
Edelweiss Large Cap Fund – Growth4354.374.475.5212.001.9214.77
HDFC Top 100 Fund – Growth421379.185.496.0712.606.6514.55
ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund – Growth532809.994.695.8812.264.2316.67
IDBI India Top 100 Equity Fund – Growth4602.134.154.8212.321.7917.11
JM Large Cap Fund – Growth448.274.476.1711.931.5514.91
L&T India Large Cap Fund – Growth3725.044.225.6213.511.0113.79
Nippon India Large Cap Fund – Growth511950.934.056.9716.058.3316.61
Sundaram Large Cap Fund – Regular Plan – Growth22962.404.465.7112.741.720.00
Taurus Large Cap Equity Fund – Growth534.831.455.7612.324.6812.70

Sector holdings in MF

Consumer Staples6.640.47
Capital Goods5.66-0.08

How Risky is SBI Blue chip Fund-Growth Investment?

SBI Bluechip Fund Growth has very good figures for the case of risk parameters. Despite including mid-cap stocks, the risk is lower than the average of other schemes in the category as the fund has chosen stocks primarily from cyclical sectors with promising growth potential. Due to the involvement of a large number of blue-chip stocks, the risk factor is comparatively less than other large-cap stocks as the companies in which the fund manager invests are well-established and financially stable to withstand the volatility of the equity market. Investing in SBI Bluechip Fund SIP offers better returns compared to the risk involved, due to which many experts suggest this scheme to new as well as experienced investors.

Risk Ratios

Ratios are calculated using the calendar month returns for the last 3 years (as of 31st October 2022).

RatiosFundCategory Average
Standard Deviation21.4419.43
Sharpe Ratio0.490.42
Treynor’s Ratio0.110.1
Jensen’s Alpha0.56-0.38
Mean (Average) Return17.0815.80

Tax Implications

1. If the units are redeemed within 1 year of investment, the gains are taxed at the rate of 15% (Short-Term Capital Gains Tax – STCG).

2. For units redeemed after 12 months of investment, profits of up to Rs. 1 lac accruing from those units in a financial year will be tax-exempted.

3. Profits over Rs. 1 lakh will be taxed as Long Term Capital Gains Tax (LTCG) at the rate of 10%.

4. For the Dividend Distribution Tax, the dividend earnings from this fund will be added to the income of the investor and will be taxed as per its respective tax slab.

5. Also, for dividend earnings exceeding Rs 5,000 in a financial year; the fund house will deduct a 10% TDS on such earnings.

For whom SBI BlueChip Fund-Growth is good?

SBI Bluechip Fund is suitable for investors who want to keep quality stocks in their portfolio with growth potential which are managed professionally. Blue-chip stocks have a promising future and can provide a much better return for long-term investment without exposing them to high risk. It has a moderately low-risk factor and is ideal for investors with a decent risk factor and a good risk-to-reward ratio. New, as well as experienced investors, can benefit from bluechip stocks through SBI Bluechip Fund Growth. Investors can also get the benefits of

  • Long-term growth

  • Capital appreciation

  • High returns

  • Diversification

FAQs – About SBI BlueChip Fund-Regular (Growth)

1. Which stock has the highest weightage in the portfolio of SBI BlueChip Fund-Regular (Growth)?

Answer: ICICI Bank Ltd. has the weightage in the portfolio of SBI BlueChip Fund-Regular (Growth), which is around 7.95 %.

2. What is the lock-in period for SBI BlueChip Fund-Regular (Growth)?

Answer: There is no lock-in period for SBI BlueChip Fund-Regular (Growth).

3. What is the exit load for SBI BlueChip Fund-Regular (Growth)?

Answer: SBI Bluechip Fund will attract an Exit Load of 1% if redeemed within 1 year. After 1 year, the exit load will be NIL.

4. What is a Mandate (Auto-SIP)?

Answer: A Mandate is a one-time registration through which you instruct your bank account to deduct a specified amount of money from your account daily towards investing in a SIP portfolio. Once you register for a mandate, you don’t need to follow the payment procedure every time you invest in a SIP.

5. Which sector has the greatest weightage in SBI BlueChip Fund-Regular (Growth)’s portfolio?

Answer: Financial Services sector has the highest weightage in the portfolio of SBI BlueChip Fund-Regular (Growth).

6. What determines the PE and PB ratio of SBI Bluechip Fund Growth?

Answer: The PE ratio of SBI Bluechip Fund Growth is determined by dividing the market price by its earnings per share and the PB ratio of the same is evaluated by dividing the stock price by its BVPS (book value per share).

7. How long should one invest in SBI Bluechip Fund?

Answer: The suggested investment horizon of investing in SBI Bluechip Fund is >3 years. The recommended investment horizon is the minimum time required to hold an investment in the fund to minimize its risk of loss and ensure that returns are more predictable.

8. Who is the manager of the SBI Bluechip Fund?

Answer: The SBI Bluechip Fund is managed by Sohini Andani (Since Sep 16, 2010).

9. What are the contact details of the fund management of SBI BlueChip Fund-Reg (G)?

Answer: The contact details of the fund management of SBI BlueChip Fund-Reg (G) are mentioned below:

Email: /
Phone: 1800 209 3333 / 1800 425 5425