SBI Health Insurance Plans For Parents

SBI Health Insurance’s Health Insurance Policy-Retail is a great option for parents. Health Insurance Policy-Retail is nothing less than a blessing since it helps parents budget for their children’s medical care without depleting their funds. Health Insurance Policy-Retail offers outstanding coverage for both major illnesses and accidents so that parents won’t lose their economic security as a result of rapidly rising medical expenditures. The insurance is easily accessible and provides with versatile plan alternatives including Metro Plan, Semi Metro Plan, and Rest of India floating sum insured basis. In the end, it is a wise investment.

Key Elements

  • A thorough policy
  • Assurance of renewal
  • Fair, open, and speedy claim processing
  • Up until the age of 45, no medical examination is required.
  • Tax advantages under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, with choices for sums insured ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5 lakh.
  • Free medical examination for every four claim-free years, with a cap of Rs. 2,500.

Duration of Coverage

  • Healthcare fees for inpatients
  • Emergency surgery at home is covered
  • Coverage for unplanned hospital stays
  • Certain child care practices are covered
  • 30 days prior to and 60 days following hospitalization
  • Ambulance fees: 1% of SI with a maximum charge of Rs. 1500
  • Parental care costs for parents who are older than 60
  • There are add-on coverage options available, such as removing sub-limits on room and ICU rent, operations, and consulting fees.


The minimum age to purchase a Health Insurance Policy-Retail is 18 years old for adults. Keep in mind that 65 is the maximum admission age. Children can be insured starting as 3 months old as long as one or both parents are covered under the insurance.


  • Congenital conditions
  • All costs associated with AIDS and related illnesses
  • Usage or misuse of intoxicating substances such as alcohol
  • Alternative medicine treatment
  • Treatments related to or resulting from pregnancy and delivery

SBI Health Insurance Benefits

SBI General Insurance has had rapid growth in the insurance industry since its launch in 2010. In addition to benefits, the insurer’s health insurance policies are good. The general insurer’s health insurance plans offer protection against pre-hospitalization costs, post-hospitalization costs, inpatient treatment costs, daycare treatment costs, and numerous other healthcare expenses that are worthwhile financial investments, whether they are for individuals or families.

  • Benefits of Free Health Checkups Besides

You receive a free medical examination when you select an SBI health insurance plan. Keep in mind that the bonus is given after every four years of uninterrupted insurance with no claims.

  • Protection in addition to Employer Coverage

Although group health insurance policies provided by employers may appear to provide enough coverage, this is untrue. Such plans don’t work out well in the event of a medical emergency. It is best to choose an additional protection in advance to maintain financial stability at a vital period. You may enhance your current group health coverage without paying a hefty cost by purchasing a health insurance policy from SBI General Insurance.

  • Paperless Advantage

The benefit of cashless claims is offered by SBI General health insurance products. Due to this benefit, policyholders may submit claims without using cash and thus avoid worrying about mounting medical expenditures in case of an emergency.

  • Ratio of Claim Settlement

The ratio of claims resolved by the insurer to all claims submitted in a given fiscal year is known as the claim settlement ratio, or CSR. The CSR for SBI General Insurance for the Financial Year 2019–20 is 66.08%*. The claim settlement ratio varies periodically. A solid CSR shows that the business resolves the majority of its claims, which raises the trust of new consumers.

  • Protection against medical costs

SBI General health insurance policies offer thorough protection, whether for a single person or an entire family. By purchasing an SBI Health Insurance plan, you may be confident that a wide range of medical costs, including inpatient care, pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, day care treatments, and emergency coverage, will be covered.

  • Tax Benefit

Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, premiums paid for SBI General health insurance policies are deductible.

SBI Health Insurance Renewal

The benefits of an SBI health insurance coverage are numerous. It’s crucial to renew the insurance on time in order to guarantee ongoing advantages. Therefore, if you haven’t yet renewed your SBI health insurance coverage, do it now to avoid missing the deadline. To avoid having your SBI health insurance policy lapse and leaving you without coverage, you must renew it online.

The SBI Health Insurance renewal process is very easy to use. Renewal of a health insurance coverage just takes just a few minutes. Even better, SBI gives all of its members the choice between online and offline renewal.

Online Renewal Procedure for SBI Health Insurance Policies

  • To renew your SBI health insurance coverage online, follow these instructions:
  • First, visit the website.
  • Visit SBI General Insurance’s official website.

Step 1 : From Available options, choose the ‘Health’ Tab.

Step 2 : Select Renewal You may choose from alternatives like Buy, Renew, and Claim by selecting the Health tab. Select “Renew.”

Step 3 : Enter Your Information You will get a drop-down selection of insurance when you choose the option to renew. Don’t forget to select the health insurance plan you wish to keep. Enter your insurance info as well.

Step 4 : Pay the balance. After entering your information, click “Go” to start the payment process for renewing your insurance.

Step 5 : Receiving Confirmation You will receive a confirmation email confirming the satisfactory renewal of your SBI health insurance policy after your payment for the renewal of your policy is received.

Offline Process for SBI Health Insurance Policy Renewal

Online at SBI, a policyholder may quickly renew their health insurance coverage. However, the health insurance provider also provides the possibility of offline renewal to make the process more comfortable.

If you feel safe renewing your SBI health insurance coverage offline, call SBI’s toll-free number, 1800-102-1111, and give them all of your information.

To renew your health insurance coverage, you can also go to the SBI location that is closest to you.

SBI’s Critical Illness Plans

It takes a lot of time and money to treat chronic infections like cancer, stroke, renal failure, etc. It necessitates spending a lot of money on medical hospitalisation, doctor visits, health examinations, and other related expenses. The course of treatment occasionally results in the destruction of life ambitions. You may be ready for unforeseen circumstances caused by severe diseases by purchasing the SBI General Critical Illness Policy.

  • Critical Illness General SBI Policy

For those who have been diagnosed with one of the critical diseases listed, SBI General has created a critical illness policy. Regardless of the actual medical costs, a lump sum payment is made to the policyholder. The expenditures of the most expensive medical care can be covered by this sum.

Payment of SBI Health Insurance Claims

SBI General health insurance products include a hassle-free claim settlement process. The entire procedure is really simple to comprehend and shields policyholders from any sort of hassle. The insurer is highly renowned for having satisfied claims of many policyholders through its quick and easy claim system and has multiple healthcare facilities. When it comes to SBI General Health Insurance claim settlement options, a policyholder has the choice of a refund or cashless claim settlement.

How to File a Claim for Cashless Treatment

For the cashless settlement of claims, SBI General Health Insurance has more than 6,000 network hospitals all over the nation. Policyholders have the independence to choose cashless settlement of claims at their nearest clinical facility.

The steps of the claim resolution procedure are as follows:

  • Locate a hospital that accepts SBI General Insurance in the city where you want to receive cashless care.

  • Notify SBI General right once if you need to go to the hospital in an emergency or if you have a planned hospital stay.

  • Bring your member ID and cashless treatment card/policy number when you visit the chosen network hospital.

  • At the SBI General network hospital’s insurance desk, present the card or policy number and member ID.

  • Fill out the pre-approval form at the clinical facility.

  • Before the form will be forwarded to SBI General Health Insurance once the insurer has been notified and you have completed it.

  • The SBI General Health Insurance team will notify the policyholder and hospital with respect to approval after reviewing and analyzing the claim data.


The list of documentation needed for SBI General Health Insurance claim payment includes:

  • Accounts of the initial investigations

  • Prescription and pharmacy bills

  • Final hospital discharge summary

  • FIR or, if applicable, post-mortem report Bills,

  • Receipts, and a discharge record that are original

  • Indoor case documents and a properly completed claim form

  • Original healthcare invoices and a valid picture ID are required as verification.

  • Report from the treating physician and the initial consultation notes the kind of surgery done, together with the surgeon’s invoice and receipt Test results accompanied with a report from the treating physician or surgeon


Q1. Is there a parent-specific health insurance plan offered by SBI General Insurance?

Ans: Yes. The parents should choose SBI General Insurance’s Health Insurance Policy-Retail.

Q2. What is the oldest person who may acquire parents’ health insurance with SBI General Insurance?

Ans: Up to the age of 65, parents can acquire a health insurance coverage from SBI General Insurance.

Q3. What are the advantages of getting parents’ health insurance with SBI General Insurance?

Ans: The advantages of obtaining health insurance policies for parents from SBI General Insurance are detailed below.

1. Coverage for hospitalization at home
2. Coverage for some child care treatments
3. Ambulance fees up to a certain amount
4. Coverage for inpatient hospital costs
5. Parental care costs for 60+ parents

Q4. How do I pay my premium? What types of payment methods are available?

Ans: The SBI General Insurance Company Ltd. provides the following methods for paying premiums:

a. Branch cash payment Online payment
b. The policyholder hacs the following options for paying online:
c. Debit card, credit card, and online banking

Q5. How can I find out the status of my SBI health insurance policy?

Ans: To see the status of your insurance, log on to the SBI Health Insurance website using your account information. The details on the SBI Health Insurance website will let you know how your insurance is doing.