TATA AIG Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Our company is there to extend supportive hands for all the Elderly People by providing them with TATA AIG Health Insurance for Senior Citizen

TATA AIG Health Insurance made for the Senior Citizens

Tata AIG Health Insurance Co. Limited is a joint venture between the Tata Group and the American International Group of Companies. This venture has now completed near about 20 big years of offering insurance. From the time of it’s establishment, this insurance provider company is growing and prospering high with flying colours like a rainbow. It is one of the most chosen and recommended insurance providers in India in today’s ever growing economical world. This venture offers a wide range of health insurance products for your benefit and well being. This association right now have a family of well designed 200 offices across India. Tata AIG Health Insurance aims and always craves to provide the best possible service and health insurances to their customers through innovatively designed plans. The company is working hard to improve their services while growing fast with the ever growing and benefiting the technological world.

Major Benefits of Tata AIG Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Key Features

1. Upto Rs. 5 Lakh coverage is offered under the plan.

2. The renewability option is open and available for a life time in the policy.

3. Upto 30 days of pre-hospitalisation expenses are covered.

4. About 60 days of post hospitalisation expenses are covered.

5. The policy covers a wide network of over 3,000 hospitals across the country.

6. Sum insured enhancement feature is provided under the plan.

7. Easy flexibility option is available for the customers.

8. Policy provides an option to increase the sum insured.

9. Approximately day care facility of 140 are covered under the policy.

10. The plan provides the coverage for domiciliary treatment to all.

11. No claim bonus of 5% on sum insured is offered to policy owners.

12. Under Organ Transplantation coverage for organ donor is also available.

13. The expenses for any emergency ambulance are insured up to a specific limit.

14. Approximately 7.5% discount on premium if a two-year premium is paid in advance.

15. There is no sub-limit feature present in the plan, which makes the policy plan all the more better.

16. Coverage for in-patient treatment expenses like ICU, medicines, etc.

Why Choose Tata AIG Health Insurance for Senior Citizen?

The biggest curse that one can go through is the feeling of being dependent on others for their living and when this dependency strikes up after a certain age or simply we can consider all the senior citizens in this list, trust me, it is the worst of the worst experiences in life. So, it is  always the best advice to plan for one’s finances when you are about to hit a certain age. The age of all the senior citizens is basically the time period where the expenses remain the same or may raise a bit but the income is either decreased or exhausted completely. Having a health insurance plan can be a boon in such a scenario as that particular plan will help an individual to fulfill all the necessary requirements related to expenses in the old age. Health Care Insurance Plans that is offered by life insurance companies help to maintain all the financial stuffs at the time of any issue related to health and fitness. The policy can be packed into your bags just to provide coverage for the life of the policy owner’s spouse which comes under the insurance plans. So, owning a health insurance plan is always a wise choice and a step towards a better planning of the life of your senior citizens .

Key Benefits of having TATA AIG Health Insurance

Truly, they offer a wide range of benefits and they have many out shining features of Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens. Come on, let’s discover some of them:-

1. Rapid Waving up Cost in the Medical Field -In recent times it is quite evident that the medical expenses have exceeded many folds. Not only hospitalization but also the medicines, medical examinations and surgeries have increased it’s costs and so, there comes the health insurance plans in the frame. If I say the truth, it is considered to be more sensible to pay certain fixed insurance premium amount than to keep paying and shelling out a certain amount of money from your own savings and pocket each and every month. No issues, worries or emergencies will knock your door with prior notice, so it is very important to have insurance plans so that it can help you keep up financially stable and be in the race of fighting from all the emergencies coming your way.

2. Save on Taxes and Be Wise – This is one of the most shining features of having a Tata AIG Health Insurance Plan for Senior Citizens. Yes, this insurance not only helps you stand tall financially but it also strives to save as much money of yours as it can. This is a tax free insurance plan and you can easily claim your amount under section 80D of Income Tax Act 1961.

3. Easy Cashless Hospitalization across India – Yes, you heard it absolutely right. After shaking hands with Tata AIG Health Insurance, all the senior citizens get easy and cashless hospitalization in India which means you don’t have to run around in the hospital to check upon your claim and money.

4. The Name, TATA – The name or the brand has a lot to say with the actions taken in the past and on that note Tata AIG Health Insurance, owns a book of trust and faith alongside. They always strive to provide the best possible service to the customers. They fuel of their long run is the trust and hope to carry the faith of their extended family to an immeasurable heights.

5. Go Paperless with Tata AIG – Say bye to those days where people used to stand for hours in those long and never ending queues to get a new insurance plan or to get a new one as well. You know why? Because, Tata AIG Health Insurance serves you the hi-tech feature of choosing or renewing any health plan of your choice at your own ease while having your breakfast or brunch just by scrolling the website where you get the opportunity to choose, compare and then finalize an insurance of your choice.

6. Ambulance Service – It is always seen that at time of an emergency we usually end up with a chaos and financial crisis. Well, not to worry even a bit for this, as Tata AIG Health Insurance also includes this special added benefit of ambulance coverage. The TATA AIG Health Insurance Plans are always up to provide protection yo you and family members from all sorts of unseen expenses coming your way.

7. Bears your Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses – This is something which is very rare to find and that’s the reason why Tata AIG Health Insurance stands out in every aspect. The plans are especially designed for your benefit and wellbeing. After buying a Tata AIG Health Insurance Plan for Senior Citizens, you can stay tension free as it covers all your healthcare expenses before 30 to 60 days of hospitalization and also 60 to days after getting discharged.

8. Adds on your Savings Amount – There are times when you do not claim your insurance to meet any medical emergency and so in that case, the company offers you some add ons on your claimable value which ranges between 10 to 100 percent based on the plan that you’ve opted for.

9. High Ratio of Claim Settlement – With an ever growing and benefiting insurance provider all around, the difference that the Tata AIG Health Insurance for Senior Citizens have come up with is a high claim settlement value along with an easy process of achieving it. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

10. Say Hello to the Discounts – Yes, Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans not only saves you from unexpected amd unseen health expenses but it also gives you some worth over discounts on every plan that choose.

Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens

Tata AIG Health Insurance for senior citizens provides one with the comprehensive medical coverage to people falling above and beyond the age of 60 years. The MediCare plan by Tata AIG Insurance Company Limited offers the essential coverage required by senior citizens to avail quality healthcare services without any financial burden.

MediSenior is a senior citizen health insurance plan that offers coverage for all the hospitalization expenses such as treatment, day care expenses, organ donor expenses, and more. This health care plan covers all the rising medical expenses and help you to be self reliant during these golden years of your life.

The Tata AIG Health Insurance for Senior Citizens, Eligibility Criteria

Elderly people need to fullfill the below listed eligibility criteria to buy a Tata AIG Health Insurance plan for senior citizens:

1. Minimum Age for Entry:- 18 years

2. Maximum Age for Entry:- 65 years

3. Number of Family Members Included :- Self, spouse

4. Renewability:- Full Life Span

Tata AIG Health Insurance Plan for Senior Citizens mentioned Inclusions

Tata AIG Health Insurance for Senior Citizens offers the following listed coverage

1. Treatment

2. Pre-hospitalization Expenses

3. Post-hospitalization Expenses

4. Day Care Processes

5. Organ Donor

6. Home Like Treatment

7. Global Cover

8. Weight Loss Surgery Cover

9. Hospitalised Dental Treatment

10. AYUSH Benefit

11. Ambulance Coverage

12. Second Opinion

13. Cover for Vaccination

14. Hearing Aid

15. Daily Cash for Choosing Shared Accommodation

16. Compassionate Travel

17. Consumables Benefit

18. Daily Cash for the treatment of an Insured Child

Optional Covers include the Accidental Death Benefit

Tata AIG Health Insurance for Senior Citizens Listed Exclusions

The following health and fitness expenses are excluded by Tata AIG Health Insurance for Senior citizens:

1. Congenital external diseases

2. Intentional self-injury

3. Alcoholic pancreatitis

4. Treatment for alcoholism or drug abuse

5. Unproven treatment

6. Refractive error


Q1. Is pre-policy medical check-up necessary before signing in to buy Tata AIG Health Insurance for senior citizens?

Ans – Yes, a pre-policy medical check-up is necessary for senior citizens to buy a Tata AIG Insurance Plan for Senior Citizens.

Q2. What is the amount of waiting period mentioned for Tata AIG Health Insurance for senior citizens?

Ans The following waiting periods apply to the Tata AIG Health Insurance Plan for Senior Citizens:

I. Initial Waiting Period is of 30 days.
II. Listed Illnesses or treatments Waiting Period is of 24 months.
III. Waiting Period for the Pre-existing Diseases is of 36 months.

Q3. What is the procedure to follow to check the premium before buying Tata Health Insurance for senior citizens?

Ans – You can check the premium of Tata AIG Health Insurance Plan for Senior Citizens by going through its premium chart or using a health insurance premium calculator available online