Tata Nano Car Insurance

1. How to Buy Insurance for Tata Nano

Purchasing car insurance for their Tata Nano has never stand easier. IFFCO-Tokio General

Policy Co. Ltd. Providing finished approaching car coverage plans correctly from your

household. All you have to do is visit their website, check off on the ‘buy now’ and pursue

these simple forward actions, and you will get the coverage you demand from your Tata Nano.

  • Your car information
  • Fine-tune your plan
  • payment
  • In the aftermath, you double-check the information, make the payment electronically, and
  • get your Tata Nano insured within minutes.
  • Tata Nano Summary

Tata Nano had embarked the Indian commerce by storm, performing its manufacturer’s

vision of commitment to an inexpensive car for all Native. Its small size and efficient

maneuverability make it a popular alternative for urban spaces with overcrowded roads.

Nevertheless, before you Nano on Indigenous roads, remember to grab your ride

insurance. Not only is it unlawful to drive a car without Assurance in India, but it’s likewise

unsafe. Save your car and yourselves with the comprehensive insurance of a Tata Nano Car

Assurance plan from this IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Ltd.

When accidents occur or such spontaneous calamities – Tata Nano insurance plans renders

you peace of thinking from several regrettable events that could detriment your vehicle.

Tata Nano also offers you several coverages choose to choose from – third party Tata

Nano insurance, comprehensive Tata Nano insurance & several add-ons. So whenever it

comes to an assurance policy for their Tata Nano, watch no further; Tata Nano got all you


  • Types of Car Insurance Covers

Comprehensive Tata Nano Car Insurance

A comprehensive Tata Nano insurance plan provides whole cover contrary to

third-party/person/property obligation and for damages (clash, theft, accident, and

longer) brought about to your vehicle. You can likewise avail of a wide assortment of rider

options like zero depreciation, side of the road assistance, personal accident cover, and

further at the cost of an additional premium. This scheme is a 360-degree car

preservation plan, ideal for all automobile owners.

Third-Party Tata Nano Insurance

A third party Tata Nano insurance merely provides cover (death, impairment, injury, and

further) versus damages undertaken to a third person or estate. It does not render

surface for the owner and their car. The Assurance determines the Tata Nano premium of

third base party car assurance, Regulatory and Development Authority of India and is

reviewed annually. A third party includes obligatory for driving a motor automobile in India

described in the motor vehicle act of 1988

4. Tata Nano- Key Specifications


₹2.36 Lakhs ahead


21.9 to 36 km


Manual, Automated


CNG, Electrifying, Petrol

Seating Capacity

4 Seating


37.48 BHP


51 NM

5. Tata Nano Car Insurance Claim Process

  • Through Tata Nano QCS App: If you want to build a compensation claim, you can do so
  • thanks to Tata Nano QCS (Quick Claim Settlement) Tata Nano App. All you possess is to
  • upload the photograph, documents, audiovisual, etc., of the indemnification you want to
  • produce a claim for. Tata Nano will review the paperwork you upload and sanction your
  • claim (we possess a claims resolution ratio of 92%). After this, the approximate amount
  • for repairs shall be sent to the bank account in simply 30 minutes. Mark that the utmost
  • claim quantity will be Rs for claims made via the app. 50,000.
  • Online and telephone claims: You can registry a claim for remuneration online or by landing
  • us on 1800-103-5499 or 0124- 4285499. To produce a claim online, you shall have to log in
  • to your logged Email ID and Password. While logged in, uncover the ‘make a claim’ choice
  • and follow the headway mentioned. If you record a lawsuit over a call, Tata Nano customer
  • concern executives will mentor you with the additional procedure.

6. Cashless Car Insurance Process

OK, you have selected your preferred car and found the perfect assurance plan for it; all

you acquire to do is buy it. OK, you may be dreading the long travel to the insurance bureau

and the transportation snarls on the manner. Well, you can leave out all that – fall by the

IFFCO-Tokio Tata Nano website and do the entire thing online while session at your home.

Hither is a few of the benefits of purchasing Tata Nano car insurance web-based:

It’s nowadays super easy.

  • To purchase Tata Nano car insurance online, you have to lay down the details and make the
  • remuneration, and you are excellent to go.
  • It’s appropriate
  • Buying the assurance policy online makes it wonderfully convenient for you; you can wrap up
  • the entire everywhere at all at any moment you choose!
  • Expeditious
  • The whole procedure will take merely a few minutes in line compared to the hours it will
  • take to visit the department & get a policy.
  • Paper-free
  • When you buy the insurance web-based, you won’t necessarily have any documentation,
  • making the proceeding much easier and more eco-congenial!

7. Tata Nano Variants with Insurance Premium Price

It is the amount you have to give to enjoy the car assurance coverage. It is generally

payable every year, except for long-duration plans, where it is usually paid once complete

three years.

8. How to calculate my car insurance premium?

Plain, use the car coverage premium calculator. This flexible online tool allows inspecting

the premium of the Tata Nano car policy using a few very primary data. To estimate the

premium, you ought to provide the following information:

● Car manufacturer’s designation.

● Model amount.

● Manufacture year.

● Fuel kind.

● IDV.

● Policyholder’s detailing – name, house address, age.

9. Tata Nano Car Insurance User Reviews

It’s wonderful and easy

It’s opportune



10. Add-ons For Your Tata Nano Car Insurance

Zero depreciation plan

Your car can evaluate by up to 40% every four years. Consequently, afterwards four years,

you will alone get 60% of the value or entire repair costs in case of a lay claim. You can

choose from the zero depreciation Tata Nano Car, add-on with the Tata Nano assurance

policy to evade this. This will protect your car from devaluation and security; you get the

entire reimbursement in case of a claim.

Roadside relief cover

The Nano is a tremendously reliable car. Nonetheless, even the utmost care in the world

can encounter a mechanical collapse. This is why it makes an impression to include the

Roadside Help add-on with their own Tata Nano coverage. It will safeguard that if you are

ever aground due to technical failure, you can gain help with just a singular call.

Engine guard

With your Tata Nano car coverage policy, this is another powerful add-on you can choose

for. This add-on saves the important things of your engine like this as the crankshaft,

plunger, pins, cylinder, transmission, and so on, from detriment. This add-on is handy if you

dwell in a low-lying area where inundation could liability your car’s engine.

No claim bonus defender

If you were driving safely and do not produce a claim against your action, you are eligible

for an allowance when you renovate your plan. This rebate is famous as No Claim Bonus or

NCB. If you drive safely and keep up your claim-free recording, you could experience an

NCB deduction of up to 50%. Nevertheless, make a singular claim, and your NCB allowance

is lost. If you desire to retain your NCB notwithstanding forging a claim, you can pick for

the No Claim Bonus guard add-in with the Tata Nano car coverage policy. This will secure

the NCB you’ve cumulative for years, which is not forfeited when you produce a claim.

Return Invoice Cover

From the return to invoice add-on, in the instance of total loss or robbery of your vehicle,

the coverage provider will render the on-road price of your car as remuneration. Whereas,

with an ordinary plan, you would only obtain the IDV (on-road price less depreciation) of

your automobile and this loss every year!

Tata Nano FAQ’s

Which insurer has the best claim settlement ratio of Tata Nano cars?

● Bharti AXA General Insurance

● Acko General Insurance,


● ICICI Lombard General Insurance

These can be known among the best car insurers with fantastic claim settlement

percentages for Tata Nano cars.

From where can I purchase insurance for my Tata Nano car

● You can cross-reference car coverage policies offered by all the top-classified

insurers in Native for Tata Nano at their website and opt for the plan which most

highly suits your needs. With Tata Nano Car, you can buy an insurance plan in simply

5 minutes.

Which are the insurance add-ons for Tata Nano cars?

The most selected insurance add-ons with the Tata Nano plan include the RSA (i.e.

Road Side Assistance) covered up, zero depreciation, plus add-on, NCB (that is, No

Claim Bonus) plan and engine encompasses.

What documents do I need to get my Tata Nano car insurance renewed?

You can obtain your Tata Nano car coverage policy renewable paperlessly

with their website. You just necessary to have the following details with you:

1 Prior Year Policy Number

2 Prior Year Policy Expiration Date

3 Motor car Registration Number

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