Toyota Etios’s Car Insurance

Etios is equipped with a 1.4 litre diesel (68 hp, 170 Nm) and a 1.5 litre petrol engine (90 hp, 132 Nm). Both engines are paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Off showroom price (Mumbai) ranges from Rs 8.3 lakh to Rs 11.06 lakh.

Toyota Etios is a compact car manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota for the Indian car market since 2010 Toyota Etios. Etios was updated three times in March 2013, November 2014 and September 2016. The sedan version is called Etios Platinum, and the hatchback is called Etios Liva Platinum.

Important Information Regarding Toyota Etios Automobile Insurance

Complete Protection

• Third-party protection

• Theft, natural disasters, accidents, and other events that result in loss or damage to the car.

For the occupants, personal accident insurance

  • Insurance for Third Parties’ Liability:

  • Covers third-party property damage and/or death as well as third-party bodily   injuries.

Availing choices for Toyota car insurance

Third party car insurance policy

You must have mandatory insurance documents of vehicle insurance in order to operate a vehicle on public roads. It protects against third-party liabilities such as those involving personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage to third parties. According to The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, operating a vehicle without this plan will result in penalties. Please be aware that this plan does not provide coverage for vehicle damage.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

It is advised to get this plan since it protects third-party liabilities and damages to  covered vehicle and offers broad coverage and benefits. This plan provides coverage for losses brought on by accidents, natural or man-made disasters, fire, or explosion. This plan also includes coverage for theft-related losses as well as irreparable damage. You can also pick from a variety of add-ons that broaden the scope of the main plan’s coverage.

How can I get or renew auto insurance for a Toyota Etios?

You can easily work with the insurer or the insurance company’s website and compare the best plan. You must first choose the premium amount before providing the essential information about your car, such it makes, model, registration number, maker, and date of manufacture. You will then need to provide your KYC information, which includes your contact information and personal information. You will be taken to the payments page after submission, where you can use online banking to buy the policy. Additionally, you can book an appointment with an agent and ask for a call back by entering your phone number online.

Top Toyota Etios Car Models With Car Insurance Price

Toyota Etios Car Insurance premium rates for the top Tata Tiago Variants are as follows:

Toyota Etios Liva VPetrol3,76,2943,0674,371 
Toyota Etios VXDDiesel5,67,6664,6855,050 
Toyota Etios GDDiesel5,04,6393,6414,838 

Coverages for Toyota Etios Car Insurance

  • losses or harm brought on by natural disasters

  • Total loss as a result of a terror attack, an explosion, or both

  • Total loss resulting from theft

  • Personal accident insurance that may also cover passengers

  • Own-damage insurance

  • Cover for third-party liabilities

  • A result of an accident damages

Natural Catastrophes’ damages (floods, etc.)

  • Harms brought on by man-made disasters (riots, etc.)

  • Damage brought on by a fire or explosion

  • Theft of the covered vehicle

  • Damage to a third party

  • The third party’s failure

  • Property losses to third parties

What Does Toyota Etios Car Insurance Not Cover?

  • Standard Wear and Tear, as well as Electrical or Mechanical Failures

  • Puncture to Tires (unless vehicle also damaged)

  • Person Driving Without a Valid Licensez

  • Using an Etios while undocumented (Driving License, Insurance Certificate, etc.)

  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Driving the Etios carelessly or hastily

  • Utilizing the Etios for unauthorised racing

  • Normal wear and tear damages

  • Mechanical or electrical failure-related damages

  • Damages that exceed the boundaries mentioned

Add on benefits for Toyota car Insurance

  • Zero depreciation cover

  • No claim bonus cover

  • Engine protection cover

  • Personal accident cover for passengers

  • Return to invoice cover

  • Road side assistance cover

  • Consumables cover

  • Key replacement cover

  • Outstation emergency cover

Toyota Platinum car insurance coverage

Unknown party

  • This kind of auto insurance does not cover the insured vehicle; instead, it covers the lives and property of third parties.

Complete protection

  • This kind of auto insurance covers your car as well as property and third-party liabilities.
    • Independent own harm
    • This kind of insurance covers theft, natural disasters, man-made tragedies, and other losses and damages to your car.

Highlights of Digit car Insurance company

In addition to the cost of Toyota Etios insurance, you should consider the claim procedure, insurance options, and a number of additional service advantages from an insurer and its particular plan. This will enable you to choose the finest Toyota auto insurance policy. In this regard, you may read about the advantages of getting Toyota Etios insurance from Digit.

  • One or more Network Garages

You can get expert repair services from a Digit-approved network garage if you get Etios insurance from Digit. Such garages are widespread in India, making it simpler for you to find one in an emergency. Additionally, you can pay for the services you use at these centres without cash.

  • Moneyless Claims

With Digit, you can choose a cashless repair option when filing a Toyota Etios auto insurance claim. You can avoid paying for your repairs at a network garage by using this mode. You can save for the future since your insurer will make payments on your behalf.

  • A High Ratio of Claim Settlement

Due to Digit’s technology-driven operations, you can anticipate receiving your claim’s payout without any problem. 96% of private car claims have been settled by this insurance in the past.

  • Numerous Insurance Choices

You can pick from any of the following plans when renewing your Toyota Etios insurance by going with Digit:

Third-party Insurance: This fundamental form of insurance protects you against losses your Toyota car causes to other people, property, or vehicles in the event of an accident. You can lessen your responsibilities resulting from such circumstances by purchasing this Toyota Etios insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance: A well-rounded insurance plan, like one that covers both third-party and own-car damages, is one that is said to as comprehensive. It offers coverage for expenses related to fire-related repairs, theft, all-natural or artificial disasters However, compared to the third-party insurance plan, the cost of Toyota Etios insurance for this plan is marginally higher.

  • A pick-up and drop-off service

You can select a doorstep pick-up and drop-off service if you pay the Toyota Etios insurance premium for a comprehensive plan from Digit. With the help of this service, you may conveniently receive Toyota vehicle repairs at home.

  • Numerous Additional Policies

It’s possible that your comprehensive insurance policy won’t offer full protection against Toyota Etios damage. In that situation, you can purchase extra policies from Digit for a fee. Some of the rules include:

  • Depreciation-free coverage
    • Disposable cover
    • Engine and gearbox cover protection
    • Back to the invoice cover
    • Towing service
  • Process Online is Simple

Digit now offers Toyota Etios insurance online because to its efficient mobile-friendly procedures. You can use your smartphone to make a purchase through the online method without submitting a printed copy of the required paperwork.

  • IDV Personalization

The Insured Declared Value of your vehicle affects the cost of Toyota Etios insurance renewal (IDV). The depreciation of the car is subtracted from its original purchase price by insurers to arrive at this value. Digit, however, gives you the option to customise this value and choose the greatest advantages.

You can contact Digit’s helpful customer care if you have any additional inquiries about its Toyota Etios insurance. Even on national holidays, they are available every single day.

Why is it vital to purchase Toyota Etios car insurance?

In the event of vehicle damage or injury to drivers, passengers, or pedestrians, having automobile insurance will cover your costs.

For instance, let’s say you were driving your Toyota Etios when suddenly another automobile slammed into you, breaking your headlight. If your car is covered in this scenario, the insurance provider will cover all costs, sparing your wallet from astronomical unneeded costs.

The highest level of Toyota Etios insurance coverage is Extra Protection with Comprehensive Cover. It guards against dings and damage to your own car caused by collisions, natural calamities, and collisions with other vehicles.

Get more information on own damage auto insurance.

Cover Third-Party Liability is the minimum level of Toyota Etios insurance according to the law. It protects against third party and third-party property damage as well as third party injuries. Your insurance provider will handle any settlement claims made by the victim of the accident (a third party) if you are found to be at fault.

Legally Compliant – Every vehicle on the road must have the bare minimum of insurance. Driving without current auto insurance carries a fine of up to Rs. 2000 and the possibility of losing your licence.

Protect Against Financial Liabilities – If your car is damaged due to a natural disaster, a theft, or an accident, you could lose the value of the car’s original components. Occasionally, the cost of repairs and replacements can be prohibitive, but having auto insurance in place may be your only hope.

Study up on the Toyota Etios – Toyota released the Toyota Etios in yet another effort to demonstrate its superiority over other brands. The sleek, roomy vehicle has the power to capture the interest of millions of auto enthusiasts. They have implemented numerous additional safety measures as a result of extensive study and consumer input in order to make it compliant with the ensuing safety regulations.

Toyota Etios is available in a variety of versions with both gasoline and diesel engine transmission. The Toyota Etios displays a range of mileage from 16.78 to 23.59 km/l. The manual diesel version gets 23.59 kilometres per gallon. The manual petrol version gets 16.78 kilometres per gallon. This automobile costs between 6.89 and 9.13 lakhs.

What makes the Toyota Etios a good choice?

The appearance of the car contributes to the initial impression of the car. Toyota has always been able to draw notice with its stylish design. The front of the automobile features a reworked V-shaped grille with black honeycomb inserts and a bumper with chrome and black accents. There is a lot of storage space in the front and back rows, and the cabin is ergonomic. ABS and EBD are standard across all Toyota versions’ safety features, and the body structure has been reinforced in strategic locations. The Toyota Etios contains two safety airbags for the front passengers to protect the occupants.

You get a 1.5-liter gasoline engine and a 1.4-liter diesel engine with the Toyota Etios. The Toyota Etios’ diesel engine option delivers a meagre 67 bhp of power and 170 Nm of torque in a highly linear way with a turbo lag of less than 1,700 rpm. The motor responds quickly and smoothly up to 4,000 rpm. On the highway, a fifth-gear vehicle may travel at speeds of up to 100 kmph while revving at about 2,500 rpm. If you efficiently shift through the gears, the 67bhp of power does not feel inadequate. Therefore, it is a smart choice for those who want their first automobile or plan to use it for business.

Take away

If you’re searching for a roomy sedan with a tonne of features and a car that can perform brilliantly, the Toyota Etios is a fantastic option. To avoid having to pay out your hard-earned money if your automobile is stolen or destroyed for whatever reason, you must also make sure that you buy a proper auto insurance coverage. Instead, you can let the costs be covered by your auto insurance policy. You can also buy certain add-on coverage kinds that not only extend your auto insurance coverage and give your automobile additional security, but also enable you to lower your premiums.


1 what is the best car insurance for my Etios?

The auto insurance that is ideal for your Etios is one that is both affordable and well-suited to your needs. When selecting a car insurance policy, factors to consider include the terms and conditions, the insurance company’s standing, and the policy’s exclusions. Online vehicle insurance purchases are the most convenient approach to check these. You may compare several auto insurance providers, the quotations they provide, and the garages in their network with just a few clicks.

2 Does My Used Etios Require Auto Insurance?

Car insurance is a need for your used Etios, just like it is for any other vehicle on Indian roads. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 mandates that every vehicle have third party insurance. The third-party insurance will cover third-party obligations for property damage, fatalities, and bodily injuries.