Bharti AXA Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance is frequently regarded as a “luxury” or “good to have, but not required” buy. 

Travel insurance policies are designed to provide you peace of mind if your plans are disrupted by a delay, cancellation, natural disaster, or terrorist attack. 

Traveling is a fantastic adventure. In truth, there is no greater delight in this world than the thrill of travel. Traveling has become a vital element of our lives since it provides us a sense of independence and a whole new opportunity to become acquainted with the geography of an unfamiliar location. But, no matter how much seriousness or caution we exercise before embarking on a journey, we can’t always manage to avoid our fate. While traveling overseas, we may become victims of unplanned and unexpected circumstances. As a result, it’s critical to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones or traveling companions with the greatest travel insurance package. 

Types of Travel Insurance policies offered by Bharti AXA 

  • Schengen Travel Insurance Policy  

  • Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy 

  • Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance Policy 

  • Single Trip Insurance Policy 

Schengen Travel Insurance Policy

Schengen is one of the 26 European Union member nations that make up the Schengen Area. According to the Schengen agreement, if you are traveling for business or pleasure, you must obtain a Schengen visa, but you must first purchase Schengen Travel Insurance before applying for a visa. Then and only then will you be granted a Schengen visa. Bharti AXA General Insurance Company sells such Schengen Travel Insurance online. 

Non-Schengen Travel Insurance Policy 

Non-Schengen products are accessible for people aged 3 months to 85 years. Depending on the nation you’re visiting, there are three types of premiums available under this coverage. It is designed primarily for international travel, featuring plans for the United States and Canada, the rest of the globe excluding the United States and Canada but including Japan, and Asia excluding Japan. The sum insured varies from 50,000 to 500,000 dollars. Medical expenditures, dental treatment charges, passport/document loss, travel-related concerns, house fire, and burglary insurance, overbooked flight, pet care, and many other benefits are available. 

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy 

If someone travels frequently during the year for work or pleasure, they might consider purchasing yearly multi-trip travel insurance. It’s a simple method to make sure you’re covered no matter where you travel. For customers who travel from one location to another, yearly multi-trip travel insurance offers the greatest value. It may be done according to the plan, which can last 30, 45, or 60 days based on the needs. 

Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance Policy

When traveling to a non-Schengen nation, this type of travel insurance is necessary. The most prevalent sort of travel insurance offered by Bharti AXA General Insurance is this. It comes in a variety of variations to meet your needs. So, before you buy it, you should learn everything there is to know about it to guarantee that you receive what you need. Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance is available in a variety of forms and may be purchased online. 

Single Trip Insurance Policy 

This type of Travel Insurance is ideal for folks who enjoy seeing different locations because it only covers a single trip. Depending on where you are going, you can select Travel Insurance. The journey can be to a Schengen or non-Schengen country, but only for the time period stated. When compared to other Travel Insurance policies, it is less expensive. 

Smart Traveller Insurance Policy

This guideline is developed exclusively for Indian students who are studying abroad on a student/study visa. Expenditures incurred owing to emergency medical expenses such as illness, injury, or death when traveling outside the Republic of India are covered. Other battles and travel-related situations are also covered. 

Students must be at least 16 years old and under 40 years old to be considered. The policy may only be continued for a maximum of four years. Under the various types of Bharti AXA Smart Traveller Insurance Policy for Students, the minimum sum insured is 100,000 USD and the maximum SI is 5,00,000 USD. 

Features of Bharti AXA Travel Insurance 

Traveling abroad is exciting, and nothing should prevent you from making the most of your vacations, especially those abroad. Bharti Axa travel insurance assures your safety and gives the much-needed financial protection in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe while on the road. The following are some of the reasons why you should choose Bharti Axa travel insurance: 

  • Cashless Payment: The insurance is operational in over 130 countries throughout the world, where you may get cashless medical care. 

  • Premiums that are affordable: To financially insure your vacation overseas, find a plan that is inside your budget. You can assure a financially secure journey at an inexpensive cost of premium with Bharti Axa travel insurance. 

  • Product Variants That Can Be Customized: The insurance can be purchased on an individual or floater basis. Floater Coverage for Families: Individuals travelling with a spouse and two dependent children might take advantage of lucrative family-floater plans. 

  • Individuals ranging in age from 3 months to 85 years old are eligible, depending on the variation. 

  • Policy of no-hassle quick gratification: 

  • Up to the age of 70, no medical tests are necessary if there is no history of a pre-existing health issue. 

  • Benefits of flying include: There’s no need to be concerned about delays or cancellations when you fly with pre-paid and supplementary coverage.

  • Assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the event of an emergency, worldwide aid is available. 

Coverage in Bharti AXA Travel Insurance 

Under the Bharti Axa Travel Insurance Policy, the insured is protected against the following risks while traveling: 

  • Medical Expenses: Bharti AXA travel insurance covers emergency medical costs such as in-patient treatment, doctor’s fees, pharmaceutical costs, ICU costs, nursing costs, repatriation, and emergency medical evaluation. 

  • COVID-19 Treatment: If the insured is diagnosed with COVID-19 while travelling, the insurer will reimburse the costs of treatment. 

  • Dental Care Expenditures: Medical expenses incurred while travelling as a result of an acute anaesthetic treatment of a natural tooth or teeth are covered. 

  • Personal Accident: When an insured suffers bodily injury as a result of an accident that results in permanent or partial disability, injury, or death, the insurance company compensates the insured. 

  • Daily Allowance in the Event of Hospitalization: In the event of hospitalisation due to a medical emergency, Bharti AXA Travel Insurance provides a daily allowance for a set number of days. The sum is determined by the plan type selected and the number of days the insured remains in the hospital. 

  • Loss of Important Documents: This travel insurance coverage covers the costs of issuing a duplicate passport in the event that the original passport is lost or stolen. 

  • Legal Expenses: Bharti AXA Travel Insurance will cover any legal liability stemming from unintentional injury, damage, or death to a third party. 

  • Trip Cancellation and/or Interruption: The insurer will reimburse any non-refundable prepaid payments as well as any extra costs incurred as a result of the trip cancellation. Any medical problem that causes the insured to cancel a planned vacation is covered. 

  • Home Fire Insurance (Contents): While the insured is away from home, any loss or damage to the insured’s belongings caused by a fire will be covered. 

  • Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement-Common Carrier: This coverage pays out if you die or become permanently disabled while travelling on a common carrier. 

  • Compassionate Visit: Bharti AXA Travel Insurance reimburses the costs of close family members visiting the insured while he or she is in the hospital for more than 7 days. The coverage covers the immediate family member’s return flight as well as hotel expenditures. 

  • Missed Connection: If an insured’s onward connecting flight is missed owing to late arrival or cancellation of the planned flight, Bharti AXA Travel Insurance will pay the additional expenditures incurred. 

  • Emergency Travel Funds: In the event of a loss or theft, the insured is given emergency travel cash. Mugging, dacoity, and/or robbery are all covered. 

  • Loss of Deposit or Cancellation – Hotel and Airline: The insured is compensated under Bharti AXA Travel Insurance for the loss of charges paid in advance or the unavoidable cancellation of an airline or hotel reservation. 

  • Bail Bond: If the insured is arrested or detained, the policy will cover the cost of bail. This reward is available for any bailable offence committed while on vacation. 

Not Covered in Bharti AXA Travel Insurance 

If you purchase a Bharti AXA travel insurance plan, it does not guarantee that you will be covered in all circumstances. There are various exclusions in travel insurance policies that are not covered. The ailments that Bharti AXA travel insurance does not cover are listed below. 

  • Cosmetic Surgery: Cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance is not covered by Bharti AXA travel insurance unless it is an essential aspect of treatment for an injury while abroad. 

  • Alcoholism, suicide, anxiety, depression, or any other direct or indirect loss due to disease, death, or other causes is not covered by Bharti AXA Insurance’s travel insurance products. 

  • Professional and Risky Sports: Unless specifically indicated and agreed upon in the insurance contract, any injuries arising from participation in hazardous sports such as climbing, etc. are not covered. 

  • Non-allopathic Treatment: During your vacation overseas, Bharti AXA travel insurance online does not cover any homoeopathic, yogic, unani, or ayurveda therapies. 

  • Treatment that may be postponed till return to India: Bharti AXA General Insurance Company’s travel insurance plans exclude coverage if the treating medical practitioner or emergency care provider determines that treatment may be postponed until the return to India. 

  • Bharti AXA General Insurance does not give coverage for anyone who are active in military, naval, or air force operations. 

  • Medical Expenses for Untested Treatment: You will not be covered by Bharti AXA’s travel insurance policies for expenses related to experimental or unproven therapies. 

  • If the insured individual acts in a dangerous employment or engages in illegal actions while on a vacation overseas, no coverage is provided under the Bharti AXA travel insurance policy. 

  • Medical Expense Limitations: The Bharti AXA travel coverage does not give a daily cash limit in the event of hospitalisation for particular pre-existing conditions. 

Why buy Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Policy? 

Travel insurance protects you while you’re on the road. Insurance firms may refer to travel insurance under several titles. It’s critical that you double-check and understand if your insurance covers domestic or international travel or both. Travel insurance protects you and/or your family against travel-related accidents, unexpected medical expenses while traveling, losses such as baggage loss, passport loss, and airline disruptions or delays, among other things. 

If you ask someone what they are looking forward to, the likelihood is that they will say that they are looking forward to getting away from the routine of life and visiting a soothing vacation. Perhaps a beach resort, where people can relax and forget about the challenges they face every day. A vacation should be exactly that: relaxing, and you may ensure that by purchasing comprehensive travel insurance. BHARTI AXA Travel Insurance is a choice you may make simply shutting your eyes and selecting. BHARTI AXA Travel Insurance provides comprehensive coverage to meet all of your requirements. When you have the backing of quality travel insurance like BHARTI AXA Travel Insurance, you can cope with anything from lost luggage to delayed flights and other typical travel concerns much better. 

Bharti AXA Customer Care Details

Customers can contact the customer service staff using the phone numbers and email addresses shown below to get their questions or complaints addressed. 

  • To purchase insurance, dial 080-49010222. 

  • To renew your insurance or file a complaint, call 1800-103-2292. (Toll free) 

  • To make an insurance claim, call 080-49123900.

  • Customer Service Email: 

  • Visit for further information on how to register a complaint or file a grievance. 

Enrolling Process of Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

Bharti Axa Travel Insurance is available both online and in person.  

Online Methodology

  • Visit the insurer’s official website. 

  • Examine the many travel insurance options available. 

  • Request a quote for insurance and calculate the premium. 

  • If the proposed plan meets your needs, you may purchase it online. 

  • Premiums can be paid online using a credit/debit card or net banking. 

  • Take advantage of the policy paper that was sent to your registered email address. 

Processes that are completed offline

If you wish to buy this coverage offline, you may either hire an insurance broker or go to a Bharti AXA Life Insurance branch and fill out a proposal form. 

Request information by calling the insurer’s toll-free number. 

How to Claim Bharti AXA Travel Insurance 

  • Within 24 hours of the occurrence of the claim, notify Bharti AXA Travel Insurance. 

  • You can choose between a Cashless or a Reimbursement claim option. 

  • You may call us at +844-691-8883 (for Canada), +844-691-8885 (for the United States), or +91-120-4593503 (for India) (for the rest of the world, excluding Canada and USA). 

  • You may also reach out by email at 

  • The company’s Claims Service Representative will walk you through the claim registration procedure. 

  • Send it via mail, email, or fax with all supporting papers attached to the claim type. Claims for reimbursement 

  • Ensure that all reimbursement claims are filed within seven days of the loss. 

  • Along with the claim form, include all original bills and other relevant documents. 

Renewing Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Policy

When you renew your Bharti AXA travel insurance in India online, it takes very little time. For Bharti AXA travel insurance online renewal, you must first log into the company’s official web portal. Choose the plan you wish to renew, then fill out your policy information and pay online using a credit card, debit card, or net banking account. You will be finished with your Bharti AXA travel insurance renewal after you have successfully paid your premium online. 


Q1. How do I reach Bharti AXA General Insurance to get more information about their products? 

Ans – Customer support may be reached via phone at 1800-103-292 or by email at 

Q2. Which are the modes of payment available at Bharti AXA? 

Ans –
a) Internet Banking (Online) 
b) e-Bill Payment using InstaPay 
c) Bill Pay with Visa  
d) Bill Desk 

Q3. How can I get travel insurance for a Schengen visa? 

Ans – The Bharti Axa General Insurance website is where you get Schengen travel insurance. 

Q4. The period of the policy can be extended? 

Ans – Yes it can be extended. 

Q5. Is it possible to cover children and senior citizens with this insurance? 

Ans – For youngsters and older individuals, there are floater alternatives and customised arrangements. 

Q6. How is Bharti AXA Travel Insurance? 

Ans – One of the top travel insurance plans in India is Bharti AXA Travel Insurance. 

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