International Travel Insurance

No matter where we want to depart from, it’s one of the events we all look forward to. The world is on our plate, and traveling is our opportunity to see at least a little bit of it, from pristine beaches and snow-capped mountains to lush greenery and busy cities.

Travel-related costs, damages, and other species-listed expenses are all covered by International travel insurance. It protects the policyholders against any damages they could incur while traveling.

It covers a variety of services, including lost luggage or passports, delayed or canceled flights, medical costs, etc. Each time you travel, a legal document from your insurance serves as a safety net.

With Digit’s overseas travel insurance, you may travel more wisely and safely on all of your journeys.

We take care of everything for you, from unforeseen airline delays and delayed interconnections to lost items, medical crises, and adventurous sports ouches, so that nothing disturbs your sense of tranquility.

Traveling is actually meant to assist you to relax and revitalize, and we’ve made damn sure you can do both with our travel insurance internet.

Therefore, safeguarding your vacation with international travel coverage will assure you’ll be protected throughout it all, whether you inadvertently hurt yourselves while parachute leaping, get duped and misplace your pocketbook and passports, or find yourself in legal trouble for damaging your foreign car rental.

What’s best? To get your reimbursement or claims resolved, you do not need to go through drawn-out and complicated procedures. The entire process of purchasing an insurance policy online and filing a claim is really easy and quick to complete online.

What makes Digit’s international travel insurance so fantastic?

  • Zero Deductibles: If you file a claim, we will cover all costs; you won’t be responsible for anything.

  • Adventure Sports Covered – We cover sports like paragliding, sky diving, and scuba diving.

  • Financial Reimbursement for Flight Delays Right Away – We do not wish to continue wasting your time. This is why we provide you with an instant 500–1000 reimbursement when your flight has been delayed for longer than 6 hours.

  • Mobile phone Methods – There is no documentation and no rushing. Automatically upload your supporting papers when filing a claim.

  • Worldwide Assistance – To provide you with smooth assistance anywhere you go, we have joined Allianz, the biggest health and travel coverage network on the planet.

What is not Included?

We are absolutely transparent in everything we do, even though our travel insurance covers the majority of potential trip mishaps. Just as important as recognizing what is covered is knowing what your trip insurance doesn’t cover. Some restrictions that our insurance coverage won’t cover include the following:

  • We are unable to provide coverage for conditions that have already received a diagnosis or if your physician has indeed advised against travel.

  • Only individuals who are admitted while on vacation in a foreign nation are eligible for a daily financial segment of up to five days.

  • After 365 days have passed since the catastrophe that resulted in the death or disability, neither will be covered.

  • If you participate in an adventure sport for a whole day, it is covered. This excludes multi-day competitive adventure sports, multi-day treks, and walks that last for an entire week.

  • If your airline advised you of the delay at least six hours in advance, the delay is not compensated.

  • If the postponement is brought on by customs, the delayed checked baggage is not reimbursed.

  • Any missed connections if there wasn’t enough time between the connecting flight’s scheduled release and the arriving flight’s anticipated arrival.

  • If you simply file the necessary police report after returning from your vacation, thefts won’t be protected.

  • If the local cops aren’t alerted of thefts within 24 hours, they will not be protected.

  • Extensions of travel due to delivery or similar issues are not covered

  • There is no coverage for trip cancellations brought on by pre-existing diseases or medical problems.

  • Visa rejection-related trip disruptions are not covered.

Features of International Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a form of insurance that covers the costs and risks associated with travel, including medical expenses, cancellations, delayed departures, lost luggage, and other losses incurred while traveling either within one’s own country or internationally. International Travel Insurance is a type of insurance specifically designed to provide coverage for travelers who are traveling outside of their home country. This type of insurance is typically purchased to cover financial losses that may arise due to unexpected events such as medical emergencies, trip cancellation, lost luggage, and other unexpected events.

1. Medical Coverage: This type of insurance covers medical expenses which occur while traveling, such as doctor visits, hospitalization, and prescription drugs. It usually also covers emergency medical evacuation.

2. Trip Cancellation/Interruption Coverage: This coverage protects the traveler in case their trip is canceled or interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, injury, or death.

3. Lost Luggage/Baggage Protection: This coverage reimburses the traveler in case their luggage or belongings are lost or stolen while they are traveling.

4. 24-Hour Assistance Services: This coverage provides 24-hour access to emergency assistance services such as medical advice, legal advice, and emergency cash transfers.

5. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage: This coverage provides financial compensation in the event of death or dismemberment due to an accident while traveling.

6. Travel Delay Coverage: This coverage reimburses the traveler for additional expenses incurred due to unexpected delays.

Advantages of a Travel Insurance

Flat Rs. 500 for delayed flights

Everyone despises flight delays. But what if every moment that occurs, your travel insurance pays you between 500 and 1,000 rupees? Digit, however, does just that. You may either use the extra cash to save a little money or buy food or your next favorite book at the airport.

Financial Reimbursement for Baggage Delays

Undoubtedly, baggage delays are terrible, but baggage losses are far worse! Because of this, if the unthinkable occurs, having travel insurance will provide you with a $100 cash reimbursement for your missed time.

Safeguards you against foreign financial losses

Most of us take our trips on a tight budget. This is where insurance coverage comes in handy, as it guards you against any monetary losses in the event of lost property, missed interconnections, vacation cancellation, and other terrible circumstances you may encounter while traveling!

Has your back in times of illness or injury!

Even something so little and typical as a stomach illness when traveling might cost you hundreds. But safeguarding your vacation with foreign travel insurance guarantees that you’ll be covered for both major and minor medical crises.

Relaxed Road Trips

An international road trip is significantly more advantageous for you if you have liability coverage. Few people are aware that insurance coverage also protects you from any damages you can make to your leased automobile or, worst, to third-party companies.

Who ought to purchase travel insurance?

The Traveler with a Plan

You enjoy trips that are carefully thought out and prepared, and you keep a plethora of notes, schedules, and quite well schedules. You enjoy a sense of safety and control, and you dislike ambiguity. If you fit into this group of travelers, getting car insurance is practically required. What other insurance will you have, after all, for the unexpected?

Irreverent Nomad

You are definitely not organized! You aren’t prepared for anything prepared, not even the logistics of packing your luggage, reserving hotels, or creating a travel schedule. It’s all last-minute. You essentially follow the flow since you are a nomad at heart. The lowest percentage you could do in this situation is getting travel insurance to protect against the last visa rejections that would leave you with no money.

The Difficult Traveler

Almost everyone has a friend or family member that is an ouch potato, or perhaps you are one yourself. Nearly certain that you are simply unlucky. No regardless of how vigilant you are, you always seem to get into problems. The minimum you can do to assure you won’t lose everything if you get into problems, especially if you consider yourself to be an ouch potato, is to purchase travel insurance.

The Motorcyclist

Insurance coverage is a need for you if you frequently prefer to go to foreign countries by car. This is due to the fact that insurance coverage will protect you against not just typical accidents like a canceled flight or luggage loss, but it will also be available for you if you destroy your automobile or, worse yet, someone else’s car or property!

The Adventurer

You thrive on challenges. such as sky diving, white water rafting, scuba diving, snorkeling, and bungee jumping. You want to experience everything, which is perhaps why you find travel to be so exciting. Fortunately, just one activity is included by our travel insurance, so you’ll be protected throughout it all.

The Cheapo Traveler

You travel nowadays very much the same as any other millennial. You enjoy traveling and keep your expenses low. Contrary to common assumption, travel insurance is really affordable—it may fit in your economy while protecting you from unforeseen losses while traveling!

Travel Insurance Types

You should always have insurance whenever traveling. After reading why it’s crucial to protect yourself, you may be questioning which plan to choose. Depending on the objective, length, and type of your journey, there are many plan options. You should consider the insurance and monthly options before choosing your plan.

Several kinds of travel insurance include:

  • Travel insurance for individuals: An range of individual insurance policy is appropriate for those travelling alone. Being careful is crucial, especially when travelling alone, because there are several things that may go wrong.

  • Professional Travel Insurance: An individual who is going on a work trip is given the option to purchase a corporate travel insurance policy. The company or employer purchases this coverage to ensure the employee’s safety while travelling.

  • Student travel insurance: This coverage is suitable for you if you’re a scholar planning to go internationally for academic purposes. This plan, which was created with a college in mind, provides comprehensive coverage at a low cost.

  • Group travel insurance protects the whole traveling party against unanticipated costs or losses suffered while on the trip. This plan’s lower expenses compared to individual policies for each traveler are a key benefit.

  • Family travel insurance: This kind of health care coverage is made for couples that vacation together and covers the policy owner’s closest family members underneath a single plan.

  • Elderly person Travel insurance: Over-60 travel comes with its own set of concerns. Because of this, having insurance on hand protects you against unforeseen problems such as medical costs, unforeseen financial situations, etc.

  • Domestic Travel Insurance: When you’re traveling within your own country, national travel insurance is useful.

  • Insurance for Foreign Travel: Similar to domestic travel, international travel insurance is helpful. It is a requirement in many nations that you have travel coverage with you when you apply for a visa. You are shielded from unplanned expenses by doing this.

  • Insurance coverage that is valid for the 26 Schengen nations is known as “Schengen travel insurance.” You are protected from economic losses by this plan. Numerous perks that are outlined by the insurance you choose are also available to you.

  • Yearly or Multi-trip Travel Insurance: An yearly or multi-trip plan is appropriate for year-round travel, which is typically done by business travelers. This plan is appropriate for you if you travel frequently or more than once each year.

  • Single-trip travel insurance is ideal for people who only sometimes venture overseas.