United India Two-Wheeler Insurance

United India Insurance Firm (UIIC) is an entirely government-owned public sector institution in india. It was founded on February 18, 1938, and was nationalized in 1972. It is a pioneer in the creation and delivery of complicated plans, such as bike insurance and others, that cater to both corporate and rural demands. UIIC was originally a subsidiary of the General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC) until it was converted to a reinsurance firm under the IRDA Act of GIC’s four principal businesses, went independent. Subsequently, United India Insurance 1999. 

Unemployment Benefit, New India Assurance, Oriental Insurance, and United India Insurance, Company was formed by the merger of twelve Indian insurance carriers, four founder insurance organizations, and six foreign insurers, with the ability to offer motorcycle insurance, vehicle insurance, medical insurance, and a variety of other financial products. On the 2nd of February 2018, United India Insurance Company announced a merger with Oriental Insurance and National Insurance Company. 

United India’s headquarters are in Chennai, and the company has a network of 1,340 offices across India, staffed by a passionate and knowledgeable workforce of 18,300 individuals who provide bike protection and other financial products to consumers all across the country. United India Insurance Firm is the country’s furthermore insurance company, with a gross domestic premium of Rs. 16,385 crore for the budget year 2018-19. It serves individuals with bike healthcare and other health insurers. 

United India Insurance Company is a government-owned insurer. The insurance carrier is well-known for being dependable and offering competitive insurance prices to its diverse clientele. For its consumers, United India offers three main categories of two-wheeler insurance. The forth insurance, freestanding own-damage insurance, and comprehensive insurance are examples of these. As per the Indian Motor Tariff, third-party insurance is required for all two-wheelers in India. Furthermore, if you are caught without it, you might be fined Rs 2,000 and/or imprisoned for up to 3 months. A standalone somebody else’s cover can be purchased to safeguard your own two-wheeler. In the event of a mishap, this insurance coverage will reimburse the insured for the cost of repairing their bike. 

United India also offers a variety of add-on coverage options to supplement your normal auto insurance policy. The zero deterioration cover, consumables cover, passenger support cover, and roadside assistance insurance are all valuable add-ons. Make careful to conduct your study when choosing add-ons; the appropriate add-ons can greatly increase the amount of your claim. 

Customers of United India can purchase and update their insurance products online in a very user-friendly manner. Furthermore, they provide a no-claim incentive for claim-free years with every own-damage policy. This incentive is offered by the insurance company as a mark of appreciation for the policyholder’s safe driving habits, and it can be worth up to 50percent . as a result in the fifth year. 

List of United India Two Wheeler Insurance

Third-Party Cover

United India General Insurance has gained the trust of thousands of customers by assisting them during life’s unforeseen situations. United India General Insurance’s third-party motorcycle insurance policy assists policyholders in meeting the legal requirements. The policy also covers the insured’s bike’s tax and economic liability to third parties. 

By digitizing its procedures, United India General Insurance has attempted to make things easier for consumers. Their proactive help desk provides policyholders with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The policyholders can get basic coverage for a small premium with this insurance. 

United India’s third-party bike insurance policy covers the following features: 

Third-party property damage financial liabilities: This coverage covers any third-party property loss caused by an accident involving the insured’s motorcycle. For third-party destruction of property, the insurer pays up to Rs. 1 lakh in reimbursement. 

Third-party physical injury/death: The insurer is responsible for any third-party bodily injury, disability, or death caused by the insured’s motorcycle. The payout is determined by a judge. 


The following items are covered by United India’s comprehensive bike insurance policy: 

Third-party liabilities: This plan includes all of the third-financial party and legal duties. The insurer is responsible for any damage or loss to a second vehicle or material caused by the policyholder bike. The insurer’s settlement amount is determined by a legal proceeding. 

The damage affected by external calamities: Under an extensive bike insurance scheme, the insurer will cover any harm to the insured’s bike caused by flood, tremor, tsunami, or any other natural calamity. 

The following items are not covered by United India’s comprehensive bike insurance policy: 

  • Wear and tear is inevitable. 

  • Driving without a legal driver’s license is a serious offense. 

  • When it comes to deliberate neglect, 

  • Breakdown due to mechanical or electrical failure 

  • Damages incurred as a result of contractual obligations 

  • Damage incurred as a result of a war, a nuclear threat, or any other similar circumstance 

  • If you are driving while under the influence of drunk driving or psychoactive drugs, you will be fined. 

Own Damage

Using a two-wheeler on a daily basis has significant risks, which might cause you and your family great concern. Purchasing insurance is one strategy to lessen the effects of the crisis. In the event of a mishap, insurance provides a layer of protection to the policyholder and their two-wheeler. The insurance company’s payout provides finances to the policyholder in the event of a disaster. When you buy own-damage two-wheeler insurance, it covers your own damage costs in the event of an incident, theft, burglary, fire, explosion, natural or man-made disaster. 

United India Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Exclusions 

The following items are not covered by United India Insurance Company’s liability-only insurance. 

  • Commercial liabilities are those that are owed to another party. 

  • Drunk driving, war dangers, and the threat of nuclear war 

  • Nature’s loss of importance 

  • The price of the car depreciates owing to daily wear and tear. 

  • The aircraft’s electromechanical failure. 

  • Damage to the car caused by a driver who was under the impact of drink or drugs. 

  • A rider who does not have a valid driver’s license causes damage to the vehicle. 

  • Assertions made outside of the policy’s regional coverage area. 

  • Claims for automobiles that have been used over their policy’s limitations. 

United India Bike Insurance Benefits

  • 3.100+ garages in a powerful network 

  • There is now a digital insurance viable method. 

  • Customer service that is proactive and consistent 

  • Clients can buy limitless claims with an instant online insurance renewal procedure. 

Discounts are available when you buy a two-wheeler insurance policy from United India

  • If somehow the client has not made a claim on their car insurance policy in the previous years, they may be eligible for a No Deposit Bonuses ranging from 20% to 50%. The number of accusation years determines the proportion of NCB. 

  • Automobile Association members receive a 5% discount on their own injury premium (up to Rs.50 for two-wheelers). 

  • Placing an ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) authorized anti-theft device on the car can save you 2.5 percent on the Own Damage (OD) premium. 

For cars designed for use by psychologically and emotionally handicapped people, a 50% rebate on the OD premium is available. 

Bike Insurance Claim in United India 

With an exceptional claim settlement percentage of 82.93 percent in the financial year 2019-2020, United India General Insurance has demonstrated its proficiency in claiming compensation. It has been successful in quickly resolving the difficulties of its customers. 

United India General Insurance has devised a smooth payout process to ensure that policyholders have a satisfying experience. It has a well-trained helpdesk team that assists consumers throughout the procedure. Here is just a list of all the details about the United India claim settlement procedures. 

How can I make a claim on my United India two-wheeler insurance policy? 

The claimed method has been simplified by United India General Insurance, and policyholders can easily complete it by following the basic steps. 

Step 1: First, get in touch with United India General Insurance. 

The policyholder must notify the insurer within 24 hours of the incident, whether it is a theft, an injury, or any other damage to the bike, to begin the claim settlement procedure. United India General Insurance can be reached by calling its toll-free number 1800-425-333-33 or a provincial customer service number listed on its website. To begin the payout procedure, you can go to your nearest bank or register your claim online. 

Step 2: Register Claim 

A representative of the insurance company contacts you after the intimation. You have to inform him of the policy number, date, time and location of the incident and all other related details. The representative provides you with a claim registration number which should be saved for future usage. 

Step 3: Survey of Damages 

A company surveyor is sent to assess the extent of the damages caused to the bike during the accident. In the case of third party property damage, you should provide its vehicle registration number. You can even provide contact details of witnesses as proof. The surveyor estimates the cost of repair and collects the duly filled claim form, policy documents and proves of the incident. 

Step 4: Resolving the Claim 

The surveyor provides his or her approval after considering all of the factors. The insurer acknowledges its tax and economic obligations and pays all costs associated with the insured’s bike’s repair at the garage. The compensation amount is computed after deducting the exclusions and amortization. 

Documents Required to File a Claim:  

  • Completed and notarized Claim Form  

  • Copy of Driver’s License Certificate of Registration 

  • Name and contact information for the insured 

  • Report on the FIR 

  • Original repair bills/invoices 

  • Photos of the motor property that has been damaged 

  • Complete address of the location where the loss/damage occurred 

  • Number of two-wheeler insurance policy, including schedules and endorsements/clauses 

How Do I File A United India Bike Insurance Reimbursement Claim? 

If you can’t find a networked workshop around or want to restore the bike somewhere else, you can file a refund claim. A reimbursement claim is used to compensate the insurance for the repairs. The necessary procedures will walk you through the process of filing a reimbursement claim. 

Step 1: Make contact with your insurance company. 

You can start the compensation procedure by calling United India’s helpline at 1800-425-333-33 or calling the provincial customer service number listed on the company’s website. You can also notify the insurance by going to the local branch. The employer should be notified right away if the insured’s bike is stolen or is involved in an accident. 

Step 2: Fill Out a Claim Form 

After the intimation, a representative from United India Insurance Company calls you back. You must tell the executive of the policy number as well as the specifics of the accident. The executive issues you a unique case confirmation code. 

Step 3: Determine the Amount of Damages Inflicted 

The insurance company assigns a surveyor to examine the bike’s quality. Before the surveyor arrives, you should not move the bike to the garage. The surveyor compiles the necessary documentation, including a properly completed claim form, witness contact information, and images of the occurrence as proof, and creates an estimation of the number to restoration. 

Step 4: Restoration and Compensation 

Following the surveyor’s permission, you can transport the bike to your preferred mechanic and have it fixed at your own risk. The costs and certificates for the repair, as well as the policy documentation, must be given to the carrier for payment after the repair is completed. The corporation investigates the situation and pays the claim, taking into account all exclusions and losses. 

Customer Service Phone Numbers for United India Insurance:

  • United India Insurance’s email address is unitedindiainsurance@gmail.com. 

  • Send an email to the following address if you have any questions or complaints about the insurer’s vehicle insurance policy: 

  • Contact a United India Insurance branch office or email customerservice@uiic.co.in for further information. 

  • You can also visit your local United India Insurance branch office to purchase or renew your two-wheeler insurance coverage. The addresses and phone numbers for United India Insurance branch offices in India’s major cities are shown below. To find the location of your nearest branch office, use the website’s ‘Branch Locator’ function. 

Review of United India Two-Wheeler Insurance: 

United India Two Wheeler Insurance is a reputable company with a large garage network, excellent service, and prompt responses. This company’s two-wheeler insurance policy offers extensive measures in place to protect your bike in the event of an accident or damage. Numerous add-on covers extend the policy’s coverage, and with the company’s exceptional goodwill on its side, United India Two Wheeler Insurance is a solid thing for your valued item. 


Q1. Is it mandatory for me to obtain insurance for my three separate things? 

Ans: According to the Indian Motor Tariff, every motorcycle owner is expected to obtain at least third-party insurance. It is thus optional to purchase extensive two-wheeler insurance, but it is highly recommended because it covers the insured for both own damage and third-party liability. 

Q2. What are the United India Two Wheeler Insurance’s unique features? 

Ans: United India two-wheeler insurance has a number of advantages, including a well-built digital infrastructure that makes it easier to deal with difficulties online. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Policies that are tailored to the needs of rural residents. Compensation is guaranteed in the event of robbery or damage to the insured’s two-wheeler. Settlement of claims is completed quickly. 

Q3. How long has United India Two Wheeler Insurance been in business? 

Ans: A two-wheeler insurance coverage has a one-year basic term. Customers can, however, choose a plan with a three- to five-year term. 

Q4. How additional coverage does United India Two Wheeler Insurance provide? 

Ans: United India Two Wheeler Insurance offers a variety of attached covers that allow clients to extend the policy’s coverage. It features regional expansion, accessory coverage, and coverage for LPG/CNG bi-fuel kits. 

Q5. At which can I get more details about United India General Insurance’s insurance plans? 

Ans: You can learn more about United India General Insurance’s insurance policies by visiting their official website or calling them at 1800-425-3333.