Universal Sompo Car Insurance

Universal sompo car insurance is a joint venture of Indian overseas bank, Allahabad bank, Karnataka bank, Dabur investment company and sompo Japan nipponkoa Insurance Incorporation. It is well versed in Insurance which offers insurance policies for every individual; they offer insurance policies in every aspect.

The company has rendered across 1.6 million policies. They provide advice based on risk manage to every insurer. Universal sompo car insurance consists of a network of 113 branches and 17 zonal offices. Apart from universal sompo car insurance, they offer health insurance, travel insurance, business insurance and two wheeler insurance. Universal sompo car insurance comprises of third party insurance which is compulsory for every car owner, and provides the financial compensation of the third person which is caused due to accident.

The Comprehensive policy protects the owner from the damages and monetary losses after the accident, or any other disaster such as theft, fire, tsunami, earthquake and manmade calamity. These efficient policies are efficient and quick, which is less time consuming. To improve the car insurance policy one can avail add-on covers. Nowadays, having car insurance is a necessity than a luxury. One can never survive without car insurance policies in today’s world. Universal sompo car insurance offers policies which are easily accessible to the citizens

List of Universal sompo car insurance plans

Third-Party liability cover

Third party liability insurance policy offers protection to someone who is the third person; that is the other person rather than the two persons who are involved in an agreement. The third person is someone who is completely unrelated to you but comes into your agreement somehow. For example, you are driving or your driver is driving. Your car meets with an accident by mistake which is not by your fault, and a passerby gets hit by your car. In certain cases you might not be able to offer compensation to the third party. Universal sompo car insurance Offers legal protection, from claims of third party which is caused due to death or injury. They provide claim resistance in all situations except if the accident is caused due to influence of alcohol.

Coverage of own damage of vehicle

Own damage car insurance safeguards your vehicle against damages caused due to unforeseen situations. This plan is cost efficient compared to other insurance policies. This policy is easily accessible to the citizens under all circumstances. For example, your car is beside a tree, due to storm the tree beside falls on your car, if a cricket ball hits the window of your car. These incidents are caused due to unforeseen circumstances but cause huge loss to the owner. Damages which are caused due to storms, hailstorms, earthquakes, fire accident, hurricanes and manmade activities such as riot, burglary, theft and terrorist activities are also covered under this policy. This policy is essential for every person who owns a four wheeler and even persons who own bikes and scooters because nobody knows what can happen to their vehicle anytime.

Compulsory accident cover

Compulsory accident cover is an additional cover offered by universal sompo car insurance, to the owner of the car that protects them from injuries caused due to accident. It provides compensation in case the owner suffers from bodily injuries, permanent disability or death caused due to accident. They provide all medical expenses under all circumstances. They even offer compensation for treatment of your family members, who were affected along with you.

 They offer financial aid under treatment costs and medical bills. Compulsory accident cover provides compensation for the driver or owner during the period of accident.

Optional coverage

Optional coverage is the insurance policy which can be received in addition the original insurance policy which the owner has received. Optional coverage is not compulsory, but if claimed the owner can enjoy various benefits. This feature can be claimed after paying extra amount, which offers compensation with additional benefits compared to the insurance policy which is mandatory. Optional coverage is not mandatory but can be claimed if the owner requires one. These problems can be solved by optional coverage; if the engine is not working properly, headlights are not switching on, improper functioning of battery, fuse box failure, short circuit, burning smell from car. Damages caused due to non-electrical accessories like car seats, alloy wheels, interior settings accessories in cars. If you have hired a paid driver for your car, the optional coverage offers legal compensation was injured. They provide legal compensation for the third party who was injured up to 7lakhs. Offers extra fraction from premium.

Why universal sompo car insurance?

Universal sompo car insurance is India’s first public-private joint venture. The company offers 135 IRDAI approved projects thought the nation. As of 2016, the company has rendered over 1.6 million insurance policies and settled more than 1lakh claims. They have an active network comprised of 113 branches and 17 zonal offices.

The insurance policies are based on personality and flexibility. They have a network of 3500+ garages across India, which can solve disputes very efficiently along with direct settlement procedure. Universal sompo car insurance is a newly formed insurance company but has reached its peak of success within few months of formation. They offer insurance policies to insurers who look for efficient plans in a short span of time.

Advantages of universal sompo car insurance

Universal sompo is completely new for general insurance and now striving very hard to satisfy all customers. Universe sompo car insurance is ideal for customers who look for robust car insurance policies and responsive private car insurance companies. Universal sompo insurance is for new and returning customers. Universal sompo car insurance offers policies which are more efficient and stress free, they offer coverage for own damage and third party damage. Add on covers such as depreciation covers, daily cash allowance and invoice price cover.

Customers who do not make any claims for many years receive a no claim bonus which is provided at the renewal. The company offers 24*7 customer support. The customer support ensures that all complaints of the customers are solved accordingly without any delay. Universal sompo car insurance at all times provides variety of discounts which are beneficial for the customers. They offer services through SMS; mail and often update their website about their latest plans and services. These policies can be availed within a short span of time and fewer documents are required which is a stress free process for the customers. Universal sompo car insurance retains the no of years in which the customers have not provided any claim, and provide a no claim bonus to the customers.

Universal sompo car insurance has 3500+ garages across the country and each location consists of a garage which provides unlimited repair to the vehicle. One of the most interesting facility is the insurer has no limits to issue his claims during his policy period, he can issue as many claims he wants and settle the issues of his car.

Add on covers

Customers can claim for invoice cover, in case of loss and daily cash allowance may be availed in case of repairs. The insurance cover allows you to get compensation that is equal to the original cost of the car. An additional cover of medical expenses, which deal hospital room rent, surgery cost, treatment expenses, cost of medicines and consultation fee can be purchased. Customers can avail depreciation cover till 5 years which provides 100% replacement for repairs.

Depreciation cover provides compensation for the damage which is caused due over a period of time due to aging, wear and tear and obsolescence with this you can get maximum reimbursement for your vehicle during your claim period. The hospital cash cover may be purchased with daily allowance of 2,000 for thirty days. The customer may opt for accident hospitalisation cover for family. Hospital cover provides compensation of treatment charge which has occurred overnight or same day of treatment. The hospital cash cover provides compensation for hospital room rent and theatre charge. Additional covers such as roadside assistance in which the company send a qualified mechanic to repair your vehicle, fuel assistance, inflates tyres which have become flat due to the accident, secure towing and cost of consumables covers, lost keys and relay of urgent messages.

Universal sompo insurance discount:

Discount on premium will be offered on no claim bonus. Installations of Anti theft devices app provides discount. You can earn discount on premium buy choosing high voluntary excises. Discounts of special motive and vehicle for handicapped, physically challenged and mentally challenged are provided


Universal sompo car insurance does not provide compensation which is caused due to wear and tear which occurs in the car over time is not covered in this policy. Universal sompo insurance does not offer compensation for accidents which occur outside the geographical limits of India that is beyond Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. If the accident is caused due to alcoholic or drug addict drive universal sompo car insurance does not accept claims if the driver is under the influence of intoxicant, drugs and alcohol.

Car driver should posses a valid car  licence in case the car driver does not have valid driving licence, universal sompo car insurance would not be ensured. Universal sompo insurance is for private purpose only not for a social purpose which involve group activity like; hiring, racing, speed testing and carriage of goods are excluded from this policy. Only expenses related to accident are covered but expenses related to mechanical breakdown like damage caused due to bad breaks or transmission line failure, electrical breakdown damages like failure of insulating material of car, are not covered. Damages which are caused due to nuclear fission in case the car is near the nuclear power plant and a sudden bomb blast occurs, compensation is not provided by universal sompo insurance.

Documents required

Policy number, car number, car model number, pictures of accident, registration certificated, and driving licence are required for universal sompo car insurance.

Claims process

For claims process you will require, signed and duly filled claims form, insurance policy document, insurance certificate, car registration certificate, pollution under control certificate, original driving licence of the owner, estimation of repairs and FIR. The claims application is available online. After filling claims application form, RC book, repair estimate bill, FIR and driving licence should be submitted. The surveyor inspects the damage occurred. Invoice receipt is necessary for cashless claims. In case of vehicle theft contact 1800 22 4030 along with original keys, licence, RC book and policy number. For third party claims contact 1800 22 4030, along with details of the injured third party.

Universal sompo car insurance customer care

The customer care numbers of universal sompo car insurance are 1800 22 4030, 1800 200 4030, 022 – 27 63 9800, 022 – 39 13 3700. You can talk to the representative of the company. The services are available 24*7. You can fill the application form and receive a callback. You can even write through. For raising claims you can write to contactclaims@universalsompo.com. The website enables you to know the nearby office. And enable a garage option to let you know the garage nearby for repair services.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Which segments of vehicles does this policy cover?

Ans – Universal sompo car insurance is meant for personal use and commercial use.

Q2. What kind of loss/damage does this policy cover?

Ans – This policy covers damages caused due to accidents, natural disasters like flood, earthquake, typhoon, storms, hurricanes and hailstorms. Malicious acts like theft, burglary, riots and terrorism.

Q3. Does the universal sompo car insurance provide cover against third party?

Ans – Yes, it provides coverage against the third party as per motor vehicles act. In all aspects from total injury, partial injury and including death.

Q4. In case the accident happens in a city other than where the policy is issued, what happens then?

Ans – It does not matter in which place the accident occurs you need not worry, your claims will be processed through the representatives nearby.

Q5. How to check policy status?

Ans – You can log into the e portal with your username and password.

Q6. Reviews of universal sompo car insurance:

Ans Ramesh “I went through a simple and hassle free process while buying universal sompo car insurance”

Suresh “The company offered high coverage at low premium, I had a good experience with the team and the service was good”