Universal Sompo Travel Insurance

Universal Sompo General Insurance, a conglomerate, was founded in 2007 after the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India gave its license. Individuals, families, and groups can purchase a variety of general insurance products from the company, including health insurance, automobile insurance, business insurance, and bancassurance plans. The insurer’s end-to-end insurance solutions enable them to address a wide range of customer needs.

Individuals, families, students, and others are covered by universal sompo travel insurance against unforeseeable issues when traveling. With this insurance, one can receive cash assistance in the event of a loss during an advertisement.

Different Kinds of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for individuals:

This insurance is for a single traveler who is going locally or internationally. The insurance encompasses all areas of travel and protects the traveler from things like trip cancellation, medical difficulties, and so on. Both catastrophe and general illness-related medical expenses are covered by international travel insurance. Only accidental claims are covered by domestic insurance.

Travel Insurance for Spouses and children

This plan protects your entire family against unexpected events while traveling. It covers material delay or loss, as well as hospitalization costs if a family member requires medical attention. This plan allows you to simply claim payments.

Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens:

This policy is only for those above the age of 60. It also covers dental care costs and cashless hospitalization, in addition to the typical features of travel insurance.

Travel Insurance for a Group:

Yes, you’ve correctly identified the problem. This ensures that a group of strangers traveling together is safe. They could be members of an organization or a trip group heading out on an adventure. This insurance will benefit each member in the same fashion as any other personal insurance would. The most significant benefit of this insurance is that you can save a significant amount of money on the premium.

Insurance for domestic travel:

Only if you are touring within the region will you be covered by this form of insurance. Along with the standard benefits, it covers personal liability, travel delays, disablement, and medical emergencies.

Travel Insurance for International Travel:

It is exclusively available for international travel, as the name implies. It is a complete policy that covers baggage delays, airline delays, plane hijacking, migration to India, loss of Ids such as passports, and other standard benefits.

Travel insurance for businesses:

This clause is only applicable to business travel. Other than that, there are no further perks under this programme. This can also be thought of as a group or single travel insurance policy that is only utilized for corporate purposes. This applies to both domestic and foreign travel.

Single Trip Travel Insurance:

This covers all of your travel hassles whether you’re traveling within the region or outside of it for a single trip. Always read the agreement carefully to understand what is included and what is excluded.

Travel Insurance for Multiple Trips:

This policy is purchased by many business executives and those who travel regularly in and out of the nation. They don’t have to acquire insurance every time they go on a trip because the coverage covers them for a year. Kindly provided by the insurance carrier if you want to extend your coverage beyond a year.

Benefits of Universal Sompo Travel Insurance

  • Policy Purchases Can Be Made Online: New policyholders can acquire Universal Sompo insurance plans straight from the company’s website. This eliminates the need for middlemen and streamlines the process.

  • Premiums can be calculated online. It’s critical to know how much you’ll have to spend as a premium so you can budget accordingly. Simply enter a few pertinent facts on the insurer’s website to determine your premium.

  • Policyholders can contact the insurer via a variety of channels, such as a toll-free number that is available 24 hours a day, an email address for general questions, and another for claims-related questions. Customers can also visit any of the insurer’s locations during normal business hours.

  • You can file a claim for reimbursement and coverage for medical expenditures incurred as a result of an accident or a general disease. If you’re going on a trip abroad, this bonus will come in handy. Medical therapy in other countries is prohibitively expensive. It’s important to remember that this is a realistic solution, not a third-party obligation policy.

  • If you or a co-traveler is protected under parent or group breakdown cover and has a medical emergency that necessitates transportation from one location to another, you will not be responsible for the costs. This is something that travel insurance will cover.

  • If you have to cancel your trip or return sooner than intended, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses and inconveniences.

  • Few insurance companies additionally give emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you travel across their network. This service is extremely useful in situations where you are unfamiliar with the local language.

  • Coverage for passport loss, theft, missed flights, cut-short trips, and baggage loss, among other things. Inquire with your insurer for further information.

The following are some of the most important characteristics of travel insurance:

  • The goal of buying travel insurance, whether online or in person, is about being safe and protected for the unexpected occurrences that may occur during one’s travels. To stay ahead of the competition in the market, each insurance company offers additional benefits in addition to the normal coverage. However, it is critical that you understand some of the major aspects before purchasing the plan:

  • A travel policy protects you against last-minute detours or delays in getting from one location to another. The policy covers transportation within the same city if there is a delay, lodging charges, and transferring flights due to delays and restrictions.

Additional coverage

  • Every travel insurance coverage will cover legal responsibilities as well as other legal fees. This is in addition to the costs of medical care and travel accommodations. Only a few insurers provide home burglary protection while you are gone. Check with your insurance company.

  • When traveling to a foreign country, always choose a flight policy that covers medical emergencies. Medical expenses such as hospitalization, therapy for bodily ailments, ambulance costs, and so on will be covered by the policy.

  • If you’re purchasing travel insurance for a trip abroad, make sure it includes coverage for delayed flights. In such instances, this benefit will assist you in deciding on a place to stay.

Qualifications to purchase travel insurance:

Schengen Travel Insurance: If you are traveling to this country for trade or tourism, you must carry travel insurance. The policy should cover adults over the age of 70 and infants over the age of 90 days. To go to Schengen, the buyer should have travel insurance with a minimum sum insured of US$50,000.

If you’re traveling with your family, you have two options: family travel insurance and international travel coverage. The plan covers four individuals, two adults up to the age of 60, and a second son up to the age of 21. Under a family travel insurance policy, there are just a few floater possibilities.

Universal Sompo Student Travel Exclusions

Here’s a rundown of what your insurance won’t cover:

  • Pre-existing medical issues are not permitted unless they are life-threatening.

  • Suicide, self-inflicted injury, mental illness, alcohol/drug misuse, and HIV/AIDS-related expenses

  • Issues arising from the theft or damage of a passport when it is left unattended or not reported to the appropriate authorities.

  • Taking a trip against a doctor’s advice

  • Checked luggage loss – no substantial loss or damage is reimbursable.

  • In the nation where you’re traveling, there may be a war or a nuclear danger.

Claims for  Universal Sompo Travel Insurance:

Customer reimbursement claims or cashless claims for travel insurance are also options. The policyholder must present the flight ticket to the hospital in cashless form and notify the insurance carrier for the next steps. The expenses will be paid straight to the school by the insurer from now on. The standard procedure for reimbursement is to submit all bills and receipts, whereupon the insurer will authenticate the claim and settle it promptly with the bank.

Those are the documents you’ll need to register for a travel insurance claim:

  • Insurer’ name

  • Phone number and email address are examples of contact information.

  • Citizenship of the policyholder’s home country.

  • The name of the nation in where the incident took place

  • Description of the theft or occurrence

  • In the event of a medical emergency, a diagnosis report is required.

  • Policy number for travel insurance

  • In the event of an accident, the date as well as time of the event should be noted.

Family Discount (applies to premiums):

  • Enlistment parents receive a 50% discount.

  • Enlisting a spouse gets you a 60% discount.

  • Enlisting youngsters at a reduced rate of 75%

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Q1. How to pay a Universal Sompo Travel Insurance policy premium? What are the various modes of payment available?

Ans: It offers following three ways to pay policy premium, they are-

1- Debit
2. Credit
3. Check payment

Q2. What are the benefits of purchasing travel insurance?

Ans: When you travel to distant regions, you spend a fortune on accommodations, planning, transportation, and so on. You also have a visit itinerary planned. It’s critical to have a good time while staying within your budget. However, even the best-laid plans might go wrong for causes beyond your control. By getting travel insurance, you are providing a safety net for yourself and your fellow travelers in the event of any delays.

Travel insurance provides you with a variety of protections against unforeseeable circumstances. If your flight gets or canceled, you will be reimbursed for the food served on the flight, and you will be accommodated in the meantime.

Q3. What happens if I fail to bring your travel insurance with me?

Ans: If you forget your travel insurance policy, you should at minimum have the policy number, your customer ID, and other information to be able to use the benefits. However, it is recommended that you check your pack for IDs and other trip-related paperwork three times before packing it.

Q4. Is it possible to seek emergency financial aid for my trip abroad?

Ans: Yes, up to the insurance amount, the covered person will be granted emergency cash. This benefit is available if the person has now been mugged, robbed, or otherwise harmed. When you call the organization, they will contact the local service provider to assist you in your circumstance.

Q5. Is it enough to have a visa to receive International Travel Insurance?

Ans: In general, most insurance companies will accept travel insurance on a visa basis.

Q6. Is there a cashless hospitalization option with travel insurance?

Ans: Yes, this benefit can be used to produce the insurance proof to the hospital in the event of a medical emergency.

Q7. Is it possible to purchase many policies for a single trip?

Ans: If you travel frequently, you may want to consider purchasing a multi-trip travel insurance policy. Only one policy per trip can be offered to an individual.