Au Bank Deal of the Day Offers


The Latin word Aurum, which means “gold,” and the chemical symbol “Au,” which is regarded favorably in many parts of India, are the sources of the name “AU.”

The primary emphasis throughout the process is on solutions that are entirely focused on customers’ demands. The change from a financial institution to a bank that offers a place for safekeeping is a reflection of the values of AU, which include inclusivity, progress for all, simplicity, and ultimately, action and urgency.

Noteworthy Points

The upcoming weekly deals are sent by AU Bank in advance through email without regard to the day. Additionally, push alerts for apps are provided every day without fail. As an alternative, one can log in everyday via the AU0101 app to view the “Deal of the Day,” which is pinned to the front page after logging in.

Bill payment, Swiggy, Zomato, Bigbasket, GV purchase offers, Amazon/Tatacliq shopping discounts, Locker booking discounts, GV on booking Fixed Deposits, Flight/Hotel specials, etc. are all included in the deals.

These promos offer further cash backs on top of the monthly instant discount offers that AU bank already runs on Swiggy, Zomato, and Bigbasket.

Within 60 days of the purchase, cash back is required to be credited. In this case, let’s hope there are no fulfillment complications.

Enjoy shopping with great discounts and fantastic deals on AU Bank Debit Cards Loaded with Exciting Offers!

For your benefit, AU Bank Visa Debit Cards and AU Bank RuPay Debit Cards are stacked with fantastic discount offers from leading companies.

Numerous debit card offers

Excellent debit card deals are available in a variety of areas, including shopping, travel, dining, health & wellness, entertainment, business, and more.

Offers Close by

  • Find the greatest debit card deals and effortlessly cut costs on your routine purchases at nearby establishments.

  • Your AU Bank debit card has the best debit card offers.

  • Love to purchase your preferred brands and want to do so while saving money? Introducing fantastic offers and discounts for your AU Bank Visa and RuPay Debit Card.

  • Your AU Bank Debit Card is your one-stop shop for taking advantage of attractive promotions offered by more than 100 brands worldwide, which will make your shopping experience enjoyable.

  • So don’t hesitate to shop whenever the thought occurs to you! To locate the greatest debit card offers and save more on every purchase, visit our offers area.

How can I use to locate the best debit card deals?

Step 1: Go to and click on “Login”

Step 2: Enter the mobile number associated with your AU Bank savings account

Step 3: Verify with an OTP

Step 4: Provide the first four and last four digits of your AU Bank debit card information

Step 5: Receive personalized debit card offers the following categories are available for AU Bank Visa and RuPay Debit Card Offers:

Find your favorite brands by perusing offerings throughout the categories and subcategories of your choice.

Shopping: Save on the newest styles, exciting promotions on electronics, the best prices on footwear, and more.

Dining: Pizza discounts, a dining program, and membership

Offers on movie tickets and subscription discounts

Travel: Cheapest rates for bus tickets, hotels with the best offers, and discounted flight tickets

Health & Wellness: Medicine discounts, the finest offers on health examinations, a COVID consultation, and specials on health items

Business: Top offers to expand your company

How to obtain a promotion code for the top debit card deals

To obtain the best debit card offers for your AU Bank debit card, go to and log in with your registered mobile number. You can also browse the best debit card offers by categories and subcategories to get the best debit card deals.

  • Do a fast “Search” for the offer to locate deals on certain brands you adore, then click “Claim Offer” to find the Promo Code.

  • To continue with your purchase and receive these perks, copy your promo code and click “Redeem.”

  • Never forget to visit before making another purchase!

More justifications to utilize greatest debit card deals

You may find offers near you to save the most money.

  • Exclusive platform for AU Bank customers.

  • Offers are available across all AU Bank Visa and RuPay Debit Card versions.

  • Secured login.

  • Offers can be used with any AU Bank Debit Card.
  • Offers for Visa debit cards include the AU Bank Visa Signature, AU Bank Visa Gold, and AU Bank Visa Platinum cards.

Offers from RuPay Debit Cards

 Classic RuPay Debit Cards from AU Bank Platinum RuPay Debit Cards from AU Bank

  • With frequent merchant offers, AU Small Finance Bank is active. Since last year, there have been ties with Bigbasket, Swiggy, Zomato, and other companies.

  • The bank has now increased the stakes with a specially created Deal of the Day, a phrase most commonly associated with Amazon and Flipkart. These one-day bargains are sufficient, good enough, and cover the spending habits of the average person. I hope additional banks do the same.

  • Even better, very few deals require an AU bank credit card to be claimed. This is due to the fact that there are currently very few AU bank credit card sourcing locations, making it impossible to obtain one even if you are a premium client with an AU Royale account. Deals may be redeemed using an app or, in some situations, with a few AU bank debit cards.

Credit Cards from AU Bank: Features, Benefits, and Offers

You can conveniently purchase anything above your purchase limit with a credit card. These days, using a credit card to make a digital payment is extremely frequent. With minimal paperwork, anyone may apply for the card. If you want to apply for a credit card, you can do so with AU Bank and benefit from appealing promotions. Now let’s discuss the specifics.

How do credit cards work?

A credit card is a financial tool that enables you to conduct cashless transactions in accordance with an established credit limit. Your credit history, income, and credit score are used to determine your credit limit. It gives you more purchasing power and is a fantastic method to establish your credit history. The many benefits offered by AU Bank Credit Cards range from international travel to supermarket buying. Let’s look at a few benefits of AU Bank Credit Cards.

 Advantages of Credit Cards: We at AU Bank provide a variety of incentives with our credit cards. Here are some advantages you can take advantage of:

 Instant and simple credit availability: One of the biggest benefits of a credit card is this. Anyone with a card can make card less purchases without having to worry about cash. You can use your card now and pay with it later because it operates on a deferred payment basis.

 Bonus money and incentive points: A lot of unique incentives are available on AU Bank Credit Cards. Every time you swipe your card to pay for groceries, utilities, groceries, department stores, or other purchases, you can earn rewards points or cash back. These can be redeemed at a later time for anything you want to buy or to settle debts.

 Benefits of Arrival and Milestones: Offering a welcome gift to new applicants is now followed by several banks. The welcome benefits can be in the form of bonus reward points, vouchers, discounts, etc. For instance, AU Bank also offers welcome and milestone benefits on various Credit Cards.

 Purchase Security: Free card liability cover can aid you in recouping your loss if your card is lost, stolen, or damaged. You can get comprehensive insurance coverage on your credit card if you have a Zenith, Vetta, or Altura plus credit card.

 Term of No Interest: The interest-free term on credit cards might last anywhere between 45 and 60 days. If you use your credit card during this time and pay the balance in full by the due date, interest won’t be charged on any purchases you make during this time.

 Other advantages of credit cards: Holders of AU Bank Cards can benefit from a variety of lifestyle advantages in the areas of shopping, wellness, entertainment, etc. Additionally, credit card holders are entitled to complimentary access to airport lounges.

How do Credit Cards Function?

Any AU Bank credit card you obtain has a predetermined credit limit. When you make an offline purchase, your card is swiped, and the required amount is subtracted from the allowed limit. The card can also be used for card less payments and internet shopping. To do this, choose a Credit Card when making your purchase at the register. You must pay the balance on the card on a specific due date each month for the amount you use. It is recommended that you pay the full amount of the bill when it is due rather than just the required minimum. Paying merely the minimum amount on a regular basis can result in unpaid fees. Additionally, a significant interest rate is charged on the unpaid sum.

 Credit Card Categories at AU Bank

Zenith: We are providing this premium credit card, which comes with a number of deals, rewards, and travel advantages.

Enjoy a variety of advantages with the Vetta Credit Card. Receive lifestyle perks, international concierge services, accelerated reward points, and free access to lounges at airports and train stations.

Altura Plus: Apply today to receive a variety of milestone rewards, cash back, and reward points with the Altura plus Credit Card from us. Reward points have no upper limit and can be used at any time.

Altura: Our Altura Credit Card is the one for you if you’re seeking for a credit card that fits your spending style. Receive extra perks like rebates, free car liability insurance, and access to train lounges, among others. You don’t need to hesitate when using your Altura Credit Card to purchase the things you adore!

Offers on credit cards are available

With AU Bank, you have the chance to take advantage of the best Credit Card discounts and appealing offers in a variety of categories, including shopping, travel, eating, healthcare, entertainment, education, and more. Top brands like MakeMyTrip, Dominos, Inox, Vijay Sales, Myntra, BigBasket, Snapdeal, JioMart, and many more have hundreds of deals and offers available.

Credit Cards from AU Bank

AU Bank provides a range of credit cards depending on consumer preferences and way of life. You can select the credit card that is ideal for you from the wide range of AU Bank credit cards.

 Qualification Requirements for AU Bank Credit Cards

  • The cardholder for the add-on must be older than 18 years old.

  • To be the principal cardholder, you must be between the ages of 21 and 60.

  • To apply for the credit card, you must live in India.

Steps for Applying for an AU Bank Credit Card Online

  • Step1: Visit the bank’s website at in order to begin the application process.

  • Step 2: Choose the credit card you want in

  • Step 3: Select “Apply Now”

How to Get in Touch with AU Bank Credit Card Support

You can reach the bank’s customer service department by phone at 1800 1200 1200 or by writing to [email protected].

How to Accumulate and Use Reward Points

The following items can be purchased using reward points obtained from AU Bank credit cards:

  • Goods from the bank’s catalog

  • E-vouchers from partner companies

  • Reservations for flights and hotels

  • Mobile/direct-to-home (DTH) recharge


Receiving a good discount or cash back when recharging a mobile or DTH device is no longer possible. As previously communicated via email, the few days of planned wait time for the bargain are not bad either.

The “250/- cash back on purchase minimum 1000/- Amazon GV” via AU0101 app was the surprise of this promotion, though.


1. RBI approval for Au Bank?

In accordance with Section 22 (1) of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, the Reserve Bank has granted the bank a license to operate as a small financing bank in India.

2. Is it safe to invest in Au bank?

A safe investment choice is to invest in a fixed deposit that has received the highest possible rating of AAA from ICRA and CRISIL. So, regardless of the state of the bank, an AU Small Finance Bank term deposit is risk-free

3. What is the credit cards’ foreign exchange markup fee?

Zenith, 1.99%; Vetta, 2.99%; Altura, Altura Plus, 3.49%; LIT, 3.49%
The add-on credit cardholder’s age requirement:
The cardholder for the add-on must be older than 18 years old.

4. Is au Bank reliable?

The Reserve Bank of India just saved all depositors of all scheduled commercial banks, including Yes Bank and Lakshmi Vilas Bank, and AU Bank. Furthermore, there is a government guarantee. However, most critically, Indian depositors in a scheduled bank have not experienced losses.

5. Is Au bank suitable for FDs?

AU Small Finance Bank offers its investors a variety of fixed deposits with a range of terms and interest rates. AU Small Finance Bank’s FDs offer a greater interest rate than their savings account.