The Eazy Diner IndusInd Bank Credit Card

With the help of the premium EazyDiner Prime membership, the EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card provides outstanding reductions on eating expenses to cardholders. This credit card could be perfect for you if your frequent restaurants and are seeking for a card that provides fantastic dining privileges. By reading the review below, explore the advantages of having an EazyDiner IndusInd Bank credit card.

Key Highlights of Eazy Diner IndusInd Bank Credit Card

Fees and Qualification

Joining and yearly dues are 1999 plus GST. No charge exemption.

Joining Perks

  • A Prime member of EazyDiner. annually renewed upon payment of a fee. After taxes, the membership price is 2900. You save 500 and get the same thing for 2500.

  • On the Eazydiner app, triple EazyPoints. In any case, Prime membership awards 2x points. You receive 1x more with this credit card.

  • Bonus EazyPoints of 2000. In either case, you receive this if you purchase a Prime subscription. Nothing new, then.

  • INR5000 Hotel stay voucher on a postcard. In my perspective, not worth. As Postcard Hotels often cost more than $15,000 per night. So, unless you are planning a trip with them soon, this voucher is useless.

The benefits listed below are included with your EazyDiner IndusInd Credit Card as Welcome Benefits:

  • EazyDiner Prime Subscription, valued Rs. 1,995, is a 12-month membership that grants access to assured discounts of 25% to 50% at more than 2000 upscale eateries and bars throughout India.

  • 2000 EazyPoints — These can be redeemed immediately, but their worth may occasionally change.

  • Postcard Hotel Voucher worth Rs. 5,000 – If you’re planning a lavish stay at one of the Postcard Hotels, this card can help you save some money on your meals. This welcome perk may not, however, result in significant savings given how costly Postcard Hotels are.

Consistent Benefits

  • On average, 4 reward points are awarded for every $100 purchased. (20p = 1 point; 0.8% reward rate). No reward for purchasing petrol.

  • 10 reward points can be earned at an accelerated rate on dining, shopping, and entertainment. 2% rate of return.

  • When using the IndusInd EazyDiner Credit Card to pay on the EazyDiner App via PayEazy, a 25% discount up to $1000 is available. This goes above and beyond any app-related discounts that are offered.

  • Rewards points accumulated through purchases will be accessible

Other advantages

  • Every quarter, 2 domestic lounge access.

  • Every month on BMS, two free cinema tickets worth INR 200 each is provided. According to what I understand, this offer is a flat 200 discount applied twice a month on movie tickets.

Easily Redeemable reward Points

Every 100 rupees you spend on dining, entertainment, and shopping with your EazyDiner IndusInd Credit Card earns you 10 reward points. Every other purchase, except fuel, results in 4 reward points. Moreover, each time you use your IndusInd Bank credit card, you receive 3X EazyPoints. The ability to quickly and simply redeem reward points using the PayEazy platform inside the EazyDiner App at the moment of purchase is the finest feature about them. However, you cannot use the points to pay for a cash credit; instead, you must use the redemption catalog on the EazyDiner App if you want to use your reward points to pay for any other benefit.

Amazing Dining Discounts

The EazyDiner IndusInd Credit Card offers an additional 25% off (maximum at Rs. 1,000) each time you pay your bill through PayEazy in addition to the advantages listed above. The fact that this promotion is valid for both dine-in and take-out orders is its strongest feature. If you want to pay the bill physically using the Eazydiner IndusInd Credit Card, the 25% discount offer is not available; in order to take advantage of the promotion, the card must be used through the PayEazy platform. The card also provides its users with complimentary premium alcoholic beverages in addition to a discount on delectable food. Even while not all partner restaurants offer free drinks, you can utilize the “Free Drink” filter on the EazyDiner app to identify appropriate restaurants and dining options.

The EazyDiner IndusInd Credit Card also provides the following advantages

  • Every three months, two free domestic airport lounge visits

  • 2 free movie tickets per month on, each worth Rs. 200.

  • For transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4,000, all petrol stations in India will waive the 1% fuel levy.

Free drinks for all diners at some restaurants

According to me, this is the card’s main USP. The reason is that if you order food at a restaurant, you almost always get a drink as well, and drinks (hard or soft) are typically fairly expensive, costing $250 or more. As a result, if you are in a group of four, you have already saved close to one thousand dollars. Even though it claims on the website that alcoholic drinks are complimentary, I’m sure the restaurant would be pleased to provide you with anything non-alcoholic if you asked.

Added 25% discounts, maximum INR 1000

Even though this is a fantastic offer, there are some drawbacks. Strangely, Eazydiner is still offering 40% off up to $1,000 on Axis cards. Therefore, if you already have an EazyPrime membership, you may find that the Axis Bank card offers greater savings than the IndusInd Eazydiner card.

The fact that there is no cap, however, makes this deal stand out. This implies that you can probably take advantage of the deal several times each day, every day of the month. The only restriction is that this deal is not valid if two transactions are done back-to-back at the same restaurant in a period of 120 minutes or less. Banks are becoming more intelligent and are learning how people game the system.

Who ought to apply for an EasyDiner IndusInd Credit Card?

You are eligible for an EazyDiner IndusInd Bank credit card if you meet the following criteria:

  • You eat out frequently (more than twice a month)

  • If you enjoy staying in upscale accommodations.

  • If you’re looking for a fantastic deal on eating.

  • If you’re looking for a credit card with dining and entertainment perks.

Documents Required

The following list of documentation is needed to apply for an EazyDiner IndusInd Bank credit card:

  • Identity proof options include a PAN card, an Aadhar card, a voter ID, a driver’s license, or a passport.

  • Aadhar cards, passports, utility bills, or driver’s licenses can all be used as proof of address.

  • Income Proof: Recent pay stubs or bank records (for salaried employees), as well as an ITR audit (in case of self-employed).

How do you apply for a credit card From EazyDiner IndusInd Bank?

Both online and offline applications are accepted for the IndusInd Bank EazyDiner Credit Card. Simply fill out the application at the bank branch in your city if you prefer offline methods. The steps listed below can help you apply for the card if you prefer online methods:

  • Check out the Bank website.

  • Go to the “Products” page and select Credit Card.

  • The EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card is your best option.

  • Continue to apply in accordance with the website’s instructions.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a credit card with special eating advantages, the EazyDiner IndusInd Credit Card is an excellent choice. The cobranded EazyDiner credit card outperforms other cards like the RBL Bank Edition Black Credit Card and SBI Prime, which also provide special dining incentives in the form of cashback and reward points. Although the card’s annual price initially appears to be somewhat hefty, the complementary EazyDiner annual membership covers it. Additionally, this card has a slight advantage over the competition due to the special discounts and simple reward redemption. However, this card might not be the best choice for those who don’t eat out frequently or who are seeking credit cards with all-around advantages.

Take Away

Overall, I think the EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card is a fantastic card for saving a tonne on dining expenses, and I believe it will undoubtedly “revolutionize” the market, as they say. Even if the discounts are fantastic, it would have been much better if we had a larger earn rate on card spending. The card doesn’t currently have direct competition, but with so many benefits placed on it, I think it’s fine.

Even if you don’t use them, the movie advantage by itself can help you pay the charge “twice.” The Prime benefit and PayEazy discount are very valuable. For the most part, holding one makes sense.

FAQ of EasyDiner Indusland bank Credit Card

What is the annual fee of the EasyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card?

The EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit card has a Rs. 1,999 membership & renewal charge + any applicable taxes.

What is the interest rate on EasyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card?

The card has a monthly interest rate of 3.83%.

Do I receive a free one-year membership to EasyDiner Prime?

No, you receive a free, yearly EazyDiner Prime membership with the EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card, which is renewed when the card is renewed.