Toyoto Glanza

How to Buy Insurance for Toyota Glanza

We want to make acquiring your Toyota Glanza car insurance approach super simple. You might either visit a department of IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd. and get complete guidance from THEIR team of experts or merely access your coverage needs online via these three easy steps:

Visit their website

Erstwhile you log on, all you demand to do is lend your name, call number, and Toyota Glanza car details. Premised on this information, they will show you appropriate policies created by them. Choose and personalize your plan.Subsequently, you can take your choice of plan and complement your cover with add-ons, if necessary.

Follow up to buy

The final stage is to pay the premium on their secure website. They e receive payments from all significant credit/debit cards and internet banking. Following this is done, you collect the policy photocopy in your inbox.

Toyota Glanza Summary

Toyota Glanza is a hatch known for its classy appearance, practicable features, and fuel-effective performance. Therefore if you have your intellect fixed on purchasing the Glanza, you won’t mourn your choice. But make assured you also purchase assurance for your vehicle to feel economically protected when automotive. This section will guide you around the Toyota Glanza insurance expense, the process of purchasing/renewing policies web-based, and related benefits.

Types of Car Insurance Covers

Third-party Car Insurance Plan

You can purchase a Third-party Insurance Plan for budgetary coverage contrary to liabilities associated with any third base party while driving. The cover includes property reimbursement to a third party as considerably as injuries to and demise of a third party brought about by the insured car. Since this approach is for third-side liabilities, it doesn’t provide any cover for your car’s damages or robbery.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan

A Comprehensive Insurance Plan is intended to provide two kinds of cover to the insured Toyota Glanza car. It combines a Third-party body with the Own Damage ambit for your vehicle. This dual cover protects you from the budgetary burdens of third-group liabilities and damages, depletion, or theft of your car. Therefore, you get cover if your vehicle gets degraded due to blast, fire, man-produced calamities, regular disasters, theft, and so on. The Comprehensive action is also customized with add-on covers by adapting the Glanza insurance price.

Toyota Glanza Key Specifications

  • ARAI Mileage
  • 22.94 km
  • Fuel Type
  • Petrol
  • Engine Displacement (cc)
  • 1197
  • cylinder
  • 4
  • Max Power (bhp@rpm)
  • 88.50bhp@6000rpm
  • Max Torque (nm@rpm)
  • 113nm@4400rpm
  • Seating Capacity
  • 5
  • TransmissionType
  •  Automatic
  • coot Space (Litres)
  • 318
  • Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 37.0
  • Body Type
  • Hatchback

Toyota Glanza Car Insurance Claim Process

When you lust to raise a car assurance claim for your Toyota insurance, it needs only the subsequent steps at ACKO.

  • Step 1: Tour your account at the Toyota Glanza website via the representative website or mobile app.
  • Step 2: Pick out your Glanza policy and click ‘Claim.’
  • Step 3: Attach images of the damages in your Toyota Glanza car and add answers to the linked questions to boost a claim.

It usually takes a few hours only to obtain the settlement for a petty claim after you propose your request. Nonetheless, the claim settlement period may change based on the repairing complexities.

Cashless Car Insurance Process

Why purchase Toyota Glanza car insurance online?

It makes impeccable sense to buy the Toyota Glanza car assurance policy online as the proceeding is

  • Time preservation
  • Hassle-free and rapid
  • Simpler
  • Available 24/7
  • Paper-free
  • Paperless reduced the tension of handbook documentation.

What does it cover?

 Toyota Glanza car Insurance provides cover against:


Reimbursement and losses that may emerge out of collisions & disaster.


Cover against losses borne when your car is robbed.


Indemnification and losses caused owed to an accidental blaze.

Natural Catastrophe

Damages and losses debt to acts of the natural world such as floods, typhoons, etc.

Personal Mishap

Offers sum ensured up to 15 lakh, with a covered up against accident steering to death or incapacity of the owner

Third-Side Losses

Pays for holding damages and injuries brought about by your car.

Reimbursement Car Insurance Process

The Toyota Glanza car insurance firm will reimburse all the repair sum after deducting all the deductibles. Here the insured person can repair his car at the preferable garage. After encountering your claim to be authentic, your car insurance firm will reimburse the sum per the terms and conditions mentioned in your assurance cover.

Toyota Glanza Variants with Insurance Premium Price

  • Toyota Glanza V
  • 1197 cc, Petrol
  • ₹7.58 Lac
  • Toyota Glanza G Smart Hybrid
  • 1197 cc,
  • Petrol
  • ₹7.22 Lac
  • Toyota Glanza G CVT
  • 1197 cc, Petrol
  • ₹8.30 Lac
  • Toyota Glanza G
  • 1197 cc, Petrol
  • ₹6.98 Lac
  • Toyota Glanza V CVT
  • 1197 cc, Petrol
  • ₹8.90 Lac

Toyota Glanza Car Insurance User Reviews


They provide the beast Premium plan. It is the expense of your Toyota Glanza car insurance policy, the volume you have to pay to experience car insurance coverage. It usually is payable annually, except for the case of long-duration plans, where it is ordinarily paid once full three years.


The budgetary protection provided by your assurance policy is recognized as coverage. The coverage of an automobile insurance approach will vary based on the assurance provider and the kind of plan you acquire.


Add-ons are extra amounts of financial protection that you can purchase to widen the coverage of your Toyota Glanza car insurance policy.


IDV stands for Insurer Declared Value. It is the listing price of your vehicle minus depreciation. In case of a total loss of your car or theft, IDV is the maximum compensation your insurance provider will offer.

No claim bonus

No claim bonus, or NCB, is like a reward for not making a claim. It is a discount you enjoy when you renew your plan after a claim-free year. This discount will keep increasing for every claim-free year. You can avail of a maximum value of 50% year after year for not making any claims against your policy.

Add-ons For Your Toyota Glanza Car Insurance

Zero depreciation cover

Your car can depreciate by up to 40% in 4 years. Therefore, after four years, you will only get 60% of the car’s value or total repair costs in case of a claim. You can opt for the zero depreciation add-on with your Toyota Glanza insurance policy to avoid this. This will safeguard your car from depreciation and ensure you get complete compensation in case of a claim.

Roadside assistance cover

The Glanza is a highly reliable car. However, even the best cars in the world can experience a mechanical breakdown. It makes sense to include the Roadside Assistance add-on with your Toyota Glanza insurance. It will ensure that, if you are ever stranded due to mechanical failure, you can get help with just a single call.

Engine protector

This is another crucial add-on you can opt for with your Toyota Glanza car insurance policy. This add-on protects the essential parts of your engine, such as the crankshaft, piston, pins, cylinder, gearbox, and so on, from damage. This add-on is handy if you live in a low-lying area where flooding could damage your car’s engine.

No claim bonus protector

If you drive safely and do not make a claim against your policy, you are entitled to a discount when you renew your plan. This discount is known as No Claim Bonus or NCB. If you continue driving safely and maintain your claim-free record, you could enjoy an NCB discount of 50%. However, make a single claim, and your NCB discount is lost. If you wish to retain your NCB despite making a claim, you can opt for the No Claim Bonus protector add-in with your Toyota Glanza car insurance policy. This will ensure the NCB you’ve accumulated for years is not lost when you make a claim.

Return Invoice Cover

With the return to invoice add-on, in case of total loss or theft of your vehicle, the insurance provider will pay the on-road price of your car as compensation. Whereas with a standard plan, you would only get your vehicle’s IDV (on-road price minus depreciation), which decreases every year!

Toyota Glanza Car Insurance FAQs

For Toyota Glanza automobiles, which insurer has the best claim settlement ratio?

Car insurance renewal takes just a few clicks via ACKO, and the insurance Dekho platform has the best claim settlement ratio. You can get the car insurance quote for your Toyota Glanza, provide your previous policy details, and renew online instantly.

Do I need motor insurance for my second-hand Toyota Glanza as well?

Even second-hand Glanza must have at least Third-party Insurance as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. You can buy Third-party car insurance online for coverage against third-party liabilities. However, purchasing a Comprehensive policy will help you obtain OD or Own Damage cover and Third-party range.

What documents am I required to renew my Toyota Glanza auto insurance?

Documents Required To Renew Car Insurance

  1. Government ID Proof such as PAN Card, Aadhar Card, or Passport.
  2. Address Proof.
  3. Driving License.
  4. Recent photograph.
  5. Car Registration Number.
  6. Car Registration Certificate.
  7. Pollution Check Certificate.
  8. Old Motor Insurance Policy Number.

Can we renew car insurance online?

Visit InsuranceDekho and go to the car insurance renewal section to renew car insurance online. Then enter your last policy number and expiry date of the policy. Verify the details and premium. Make a payment online, and your car insurance policy will get renewed.

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