Axis Reserve Credit Card Experience | Best Things about Axis credit card Reserve Experience

Luxury lifestyle credit card: Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card. You may enjoy the best food, wellness, and lifestyle shopping while receiving faster rewards and savings.

With the introduction of the Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card, Axis Bank has expanded its selection of credit cards to include a metal card. The card is a super-premium credit card that offers a wide range of benefits, including membership in the ITC Culinary Club, Accor Plus, Priority Pass membership with unlimited free visits, and more. Anyone who can afford the Rs. 50,000 registration fee and annual charge can use the card’s features. Below are further details regarding the Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card.

Features and Benefits of Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card

  • Free airport concierge services: 8 free VIP assistance services for a convenient and hassle-free trip.

  • 4 gratis chauffeured luxury airport pick-ups/drop-offs are included with the complimentary high-end airport transfers per year.

  • Priority Pass membership is gratis, and both primary and add-on cardholders are entitled to an unlimited number of free trips to international lounges.

  • Visits to the domestic lounge are unlimited and are free for both primary cardholders and add-on cardholders.

  • Memberships in Handcrafted Club Marriott Asia Pacific, Accorplus, Club ITC Culinaire, Exclusive discounts at Oberoi resorts and hotels, as well as 15% off at Postcard hotels

  • Free rounds of golf – 50 Free rounds of golf each year at the top Indian golf courses 

  • Free membership to EazyDiner Prime

  •  Buy one, get one free at BookMyShow

  • Dining pleasures is a dining offering available on Axis Bank cards that offers discounts of up to 20% at more than 4,000 restaurants throughout India.

  • Experiences hand-picked by – Curated events like golf, sailing, a day as a chef, exclusive trips, etc.

  • Up to 20% off eating bills at select restaurants

  • EazyDiner Prime membership

  • BookMyShow deals on movies and events

  • Extraordinary Weekends offer

  • Reduced fees and charges; thorough insurance coverage

  • A wide range of medical benefits

  • 50,000 reward points upon card activation and renewal

  • 15 edge reward points for every Rs. 200 spent

  • 30 edge reward points for every Rs. 200 spent abroad.

  • Weljii offers a discount on health and wellness coaching


Services at airports – Enjoy the following advantages:

• Take advantage of eight complimentary VIP assistance services, including check-in, security screening, immigration procedures, and porter services

 • Get four complimentary chauffeured luxury airport pick-ups/drop-offs each year

Get access to the following lounges by signing up for Priority Pass, which offers primary and add-on cardholders free, unrestricted entry to foreign lounges. There are also 12 unrestricted visits for visitors.

• Free unlimited access to domestic lounges for both primary and supplementary cardholders. There are also 12 unrestricted visits for visitors

Benefits of ITC Culinaire Membership

Take advantage of the following discounts: 50% off the listed suite rate on weekends and a complimentary third night’s stay.

 Ten vouchers, 25% Green Points on Food & Beverage Purchases, and other advantages

Membership in Accorplus – Membership offers the following advantages:

• Free room upgrades, up to 50% off dining, and a free lunch buffet for two at any Accor hotel in India.

 • One night free stays at all Asia Pacific locations

Membership in Club Marriott Asia Pacific offers the following advantages:

• A 20% off coupon for food and drink

• 20% off the best rate at certain Marriott hotels in India and on weekend prices throughout the Asia Pacific area Oberoi Hotels and Resorts – 15% off of the room-only rate, the room-breakfast rate, or the third night. 50% off of suites’ best available rates

Take advantage of the following promotions:

• Free lifestyle consultation at Goa hotels

 • Anytime check-in and check-out

• 20% off the best available cost for rooms

Golf Offer

 50 free rounds of golf are given away annually at some Indian golf facilities.

Membership in EazyDiner Prime

across top restaurants, up to 25%

The BookMyShow Deal

The Advantages listed below are offered:

• Buy 1 The offer can be used five times per month for one free movie ticket and up to 500 rupees off the second.

• Buy 1 Get 1 free non-movie ticket, and get a second ticket discounted by up to Rs. 1,000 five times every month.

20% off at more than 4,000 restaurants in India for dining

Exceptional Weekends

Take advantage of the facilities to obtain personalized experiences such as sailing, golf, a day as a chef, exclusive tours, etc.

Reward System

The rewards program’s key characteristics are as follows:

 • 50,000 reward points upon card activation and renewal

• For every Rs. 200 spent, receive 15 edge reward points.

• For every Rs. 200 spent worldwide, receive 30 edge reward points.

Financial Advantages

The following advantages are offered:

1.5% is the only foreign transaction markup fee, and there are no withdrawal fees.

• Exemption from the fuel levy for purchases between 400 and 4000 rupees. limited to Rs. 400 per hour.

• 2.5% less in finance charges for new credit

Insurance Advantages

Obtain the following protection:

Category Coverage Amount

  • Liability for lost cards: Up to Credit Limit

  • Purchase Protection: Up to Rs. 2 lakh

  • $500 for lost or delayed luggage and personal documents

  • Credit Shield: Rs. 5 lakh

  • Air accident insurance: 450 million rupees

If the principal cardholder dies, Credit Shield pays the balance.

Weljii Offer

Weljii provides a free initial information session. 25% off all coaching plans for health and wellness

Health Offers

Get the upcoming services.

  • Diagnoses at renowned medical facilities including Metropolis, and SRL Diagnostics

  • Referral-based services for a second medical opinion from the greatest doctors in the world

  • Global travel and medical aid for international travels

Fee, Charge, and Rate

  • Fee for Joining: Rs. 50,000

  • Fee per year: Rs. 50,000

  • Charges for Extended Credit:

  • 2.5% monthly | 34.49% annually

  • Fee for Late Payment:

  • In Honor of the Outstanding Amount

  • Less than 500 rupees:

  • 500 for amounts between Rs. 500 and Rs. 5,000; 750 for amounts between Rs. 5,001 and Rs. 10,000.

  • More than 10,000 rupees: 1,200 rupees                        

Eligibility Requirements

When you communicate your intent to apply for a credit card with axis bank, the bank will disclose the income requirement. Below are some additional fundamental criteria.

18 to 70 years of age

Available to both salaried and self-employed individuals, occupation

Application procedure

•         Day 1: Applied Offline

•         Day 2: Received an email stating that the application is being handled.

•         Day 3: CIBIL inquiry took place. Surprise, it was Sunday.

•          Day 4: Card approval; I can see the card on the app and it is indicated as in transit.

•          Day 10: Card was delivered.

Even though there was a weekend in between, I was blown away to see that this new application was granted in less than 72 hours.

Axis used to process new applications in about 15 days, however recent changes to the onboarding system have resulted in some applications being approved very quickly.

Having said that, it wasn’t just another application; I carefully prepared for it and used all the best practices I’d discussed in the premium content when carrying it out. So everything went as planned.

We shouldn’t overlook the fact that “upgrades” are completed relatively immediately; I’ve discussed this in full, along with all other Axis application paths, in the Premium Content.


Although the permission was granted quite quickly, it took some time for the card to come; the most current Magnus arrived 4 days from the day of application. Reserve is packaged in a very expensive leather box that feels good on the inside and out. It performs on par with a high-end jewelry box. Listed below are some unboxing pictures.

Even after several months, the leather still looks the same because it is such a fine material and feels so lovely to touch. Nevertheless, it draws fingerprints.

Putting that aside, Reserve provides these straightforward pamphlets that include the key product features, card information, and a form for activating hotel bonuses, exactly like Magnus does.

In addition to that, you receive a card featuring a booklet in all-black. Each page weighs about 200 GSM. Fairly good.


Their Premium/burgundy help is good for basic tasks but lacking for escalations. Even though their fulfillment method is inaccurate, I hope they fulfill the bonus point issues when a consumer raises an escalation, which HDFC is very good at.

Holding onto a request for several months and getting the same “will be done soon” response is rather unpleasant, as I’ve only ever encountered it.

I would like the bank to give support staff more authority to process requests within three days, at least for those coming from premium cards that cost more than 10,000 INR.


Although the card’s built-in rewards program is a little lacking, I was fortunate to receive 2X and 3X awards, which significantly increased my overall reward rate and convinced me to stop griping about the card’s benefits.

It’s more than enough to earn a reward rate of >2%, in my opinion, if they do it a couple of times a year. However, it’s unclear whether they would do them again.

Additionally, the 10K cap on grab deals, including reserves, is too low. It merits a minimum 50K cap. But keep in mind, it’s still hit or miss!

Hotel Advantages

The Marriott/ITC/Accor perks must be activated by emailing a scanned copy of the card’s accompanying signed leaflet.

The Marriott and Accor advantages were implemented in less than a week, however, for some reason, the ITC benefit has not been activated for me. On a second request, ITC tangible coupons were supplied. While Accor delivers the address something like 20+ paper coupons, Club Marriott is entirely digital. Printed coupons by 2022. Hmm! Anyone paying $60K for a card doesn’t have the time to go through actual coupons.

It wasn’t worth it, despite my best efforts to spend a couple of days learning about Accor Plus and these eating vouchers. I think India offers very little value, whereas traveling to Southeast Asia offers excellent value.


Their concierge line is accessible as well, however, it typically takes 2-3 days for the concierge to respond to lifestyle requests.

To locate a dermatologist in Bangalore, I used their medical concierge. The expense they divided was extremely significant, but they did find a great doctor.

I requested an appointment through Amex Platinum Concierge using the same doctor’s information, and I received one for almost half the price.

 Final Reflections

The overall Reserve experience has been positive, and I am confident that it will continue to improve as Axis absorbs Citi Credit Card clients and ideally puts in place support services that are on par with Citi’s.

The product might benefit from some fine-tuning to increase the advantages’ genuine worth, which would attract more customers. But for now, it’s a fantastic product that only a limited few can enjoy.


Can I receive this card for nothing?

No, you are eligible to receive a complimentary Axis Bank Burgundy Private Credit Card. However, the joining and annual fees for the Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card would cost you Rs. 30,000. However, the bank has the last say.

Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card—Is it made of metal?

It is a metal card, the Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card.

I requested an Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card, and one was sent to me. Where do I find a metal card?

You may quickly obtain your metal card. Simply submit a replacement request through the Axis Bank Mobile App or by calling their customer service line at 1800 419 0065.

How can I raise my Axis Bank Reserve credit card’s credit limit?

Putting up a request with Axis bank will allow you to raise the credit card limit. After that, the bank will look over your credit history and any income increases. They might ask you why you wish to raise your credit limit as well. After then, if you satisfy the bank’s internal requirements, the bank will increase your limit.