Reliance on critical illness policy

Reliance is India’s largest organisation which is currently headquartered in Mumbai. They provide marketing services, communication services, shopping malls and recently insurance as well. This policy is about critical illness. Critical illness policy is different from the normal health insurance policies; it requires more care and concern for the treatment. Critical illness includes cancer, stroke, heart attack or illness which has serious illness on our body. These health issues may be difficult to cure but due to advancement of medical technologies in recent days, nothing is difficult these days. In this article let us briefly understand about this health insurance policies. We will come to know about their benefits, features and application process of this policy

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a comprehensive financial scheme which covers the expenses from admission till post treatment. In present days we all are living in busy schedule, we run for everything but often tend to forget our health. Health is a treasure for all of us, but if left carelessly it will become into critical illness and it is difficult to be treated.

What is critical care health insurance?

Critical illness is something completely different from ordinary diseases; it requires more care and expenses compared to other diseases. Critical illness included cancer, stroke and much serious illness diseases if left untreated will lead to death but requires more care during treatment and good hospitalisation. Financial assistance from hospitalisation till discharge is provided under this insurance, this plan provides you with the best treatment across India and makes sure that the illness is completely cured and also provides you with recovery benefits.

Benefits of health insurance

Health insurance provides various benefits for us during unforeseen situations, we might be confused and anxious about certain health issues we might not be able to meet sudden financial requirements but health insurance provides financial assistance to us for health care it has a wide range of benefits which includes

  • Health insurance provides you coverage against any medical expense at any cost. They provide compensation for hospitalisation charge, day care expense, consultation fee and cost of medicals

  • Coverage of life threatening diseases like kidney failure, cancer and stroke are provided

  • They have a large network of hospitals to provide cashless treatment

  • Tax benefits can also be availed

  • Provide coverage for individual health Insurance and family health insurance as well

How to apply for health insurance?

Health insurance is purchased through online mode. The following steps should be followed while applying for health insurance

  • Click on the website of your insurance company

  • Fill in all our personal details

  • Create password and username

  • Enter the details about your disease

  • Enter the details of your hospital

  • Your medical history record needs to be submitted

  • At last payment needs to be done

Reliance critical illness policy at a glance

Key FeaturesHighlights
Network Hospitals4000+
Incurred Claim Ratio106.54
Waiting Period4 years

Key highlights of Reliance Critical illness Policy

  • They provide a sum of 5lakh to 10lakh

  • The tenure of this policy is for 3 years

  • There are 10 critical illness diseases

  • Medical test is required after 45 years of age

  • The waiting period for this policy is for 3 months

  • The survival period is for 30 to 60 days

Coverage of this policy

Inpatient treatment

The inpatient treatment consists of the following features

  • Hospital rent

  • Boarding

  • Nursing

  • Diagnostic test

  • ICU

  • Physician charge

  • Blood equipment

  • Oxygen equipment charge

  • Cost of medicines

Pre hospitalisation

Pre hospitalisation charge is covered before 60 days of treatment. They include consolation charge and certain test which are taken before hospitalisation

Post hospitalisation

Post hospitalisation is covered after 60 days. This includes post consultation, room rent and the medicines which are required after treatment

Organ donor expense

The organ transplantation charges and price of organs

No claim bonus

If no claims are not raised during the policy period, you can avail no claim bonus

Inclusions of this policy

The following options are provided under this policy

  • Emergency and ambulance are covered in this policy

  • Critical illness are covered into three categories

Category 1

  • Cancer of specified severity

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Aorta Graft Surgery

  • Third Degree Burns

  • Major Organ / Bone Marrow Transplant

Category 2

  • Open Heart Replacement Surgery or Repair of Valves

  • Quadriplegia / Permanent Paralysis of all four limbs

  • Total Blindness

  • Coma of Specified Severity

  • Kidney Failure with Regular Dialysis

Exclusions of this policy

  • Treatment of HIV AIDS are not included in this policy

  • Self abuse, injury or suicide treatment

  • Ayurveda and siddha treatment are not included

  • Unproven treatments are not included in this policy

  • Treatment which is done outside of India are not included

  • Plastic  surgery and cosmetic surgery

  • Dental treatment done for cosmetic purpose

  • Congenital illness

  • Critical illness who have policy inception of within 3 months

  • Injury caused  due to war

  • Treatment for obesity and weight gain

These following diseases are not included in this policy, because the treatment for these diseases are not compulsory and if left untreated will not cause any damage to our health. Plastic and cosmetic surgeries are done only for beauty and not for health purposes. Dental treatment is provided for accident and not for cosmetic surgery. Treatment outside India is not covered in health insurance policy. Obesity treatment comes under cosmetic surgery.

Benefits of this policy

  • This policy has a tenure up to 3 years

  • There is no pre policy medical check up to 45 years

  • There are 30 days of waiting period in this policy

  • You can avail income tax benefit according section 80D

Eligibility criteria of this policy

Minimum Entry Age18 years
Maximum Entry Age· For  5lakh cover:  65 years· For 7lakh cover:  60 years· For 10lakh cover:  55 yearsNo limit for policy renewal
Number of people coveredIndividual
Residential StatusResidents of India and Indian Citizens

Cancellation of this policy

Due to unfortunate reasons we might cancel our policy, this has to be given a 15 days’ notice to the company. There will be 75% of refund within one month. The cancellation process has to be through online mode through the company’s website.

How to apply for this policy?

The application process of this policy of this policy is through online mode and offline mode. In online mode you need to login to the reliance website with your login credentials and fill all the required details and pay the amount through online mode, through NEFT, Google pay or any UPI. You can also apply through offline mode by visiting the nearby branch office of Reliance


Q1. Can the nominee be changed in reliance on critical illness policy?

Ans – Yes at any point in time the nominee can be changed

Q2. Is pre-policy medical test mandatory?

Ans – Pre-policy medical check-up is compulsory after 45 years of age

Q3. What are the payment methods for this policy?

Ans – The policy payment has to be done online mode. The amount can be paid through credit card, debit card, NEFT and any UPI app. After completion of payment, we can download the receipt for proof.

Q4. What is the claims process of this policy?

Ans – The claims process of this policy is simple and efficient and the claims are solved within one week’s time. We can call at. 91 22 48903009 We can send our queries through mail at [email protected].  We can complain by visiting the branch office located near your locality and fill the duly signed claim form. For every claim-free year you can avail cumulative bonus up to 25%