Aditya Birla Critical Illness Policy Plan

Tensed? For what? Oh for the protection and well-being of your and your family members well being, especially in case of critical and deadly medical conditions?  

    Then, keep your tension aside as we are here the Aditya Birla Critical Illness  Policy Plan for your rescue.

Aditya Birla Critical Illness Policy Plan

Aditya Birla Critical Illness Policy Plan provides coverage for all the critical health issues in their insurance coverage plan. The company works hard to save you from all the major life frightening situations that might rise up in the future. The policy owner becomes eligible to receive compensation for loss of income and treatment expenses once the policy owner is diagnosed with any of the mentioned critical illnesses in the policy data. The insurance company provides critical illness coverage with several sums insured options. They offer different plans which the Activ Secure Critical Illness Plan, in which one can avail of the treatment for 64 critical illnesses and becomes eligible to receive the payout of a maximum of 150% of the sum insured.

Aditya Birla Health Insurance Policy Plan at a Very Quick Glance:

The major highlighting features and benefits of the Aditya Birla Critical Illness Insurance Policy Plan are given below:-

Key Features Highlights
Network Hospitals8200
Incurred Claim Ratio89.05
Additional RiderAvailable
Claims Settled63000+

Aditya Birla Critical Illness Policy Plan

Aditya Birla Critical Illness Policy Plans provide coverage for all critical illnesses that is critical and life-threatening. The minimum age limit to purchase the Aditya Birla Critical Illness Insurance Policy Plan is under this policy is approximately 5 years for Plan 1 and 2, and for Plan 3, it is 18 years. Critical Illness Insurance Plans provided by the Aditya Birla Critical Illness Insurance Company are listed below:

Let us have a quick look at the major plans offered by the Aditya Birla Critical Illness Insurance Company.

1. Aditya Birla Activ Secure Critical Illness Policy:

Activ Secure Critical Illness Policy Plan is up and living in the market in two major variants:

a. The sum insured options can go up and above up to Rs 1 Crore for the extreme enhanced protection.

b. In Plan 1 the company offers financial protection against 20 specific major illnesses which majorly include kidney failure, heart attack, cancer, and more.

c. Plan 2 also offers financial protection against 50 critical illnesses which mainly include benign brain tumors, brain surgery, and tuberculosis along with the 20 major illnesses included under Plan 1.

d. Plan 3, in this critical illness policy plan, the company offers coverage for about 64 life-threatening illnesses which majorly include pacemaker insertion, angioplasty, and hysterectomy, along with 50 illnesses that are covered under Plan 2.

e. Hiring a wellness coach for better and faster recovery, this benefit is also added to the cart.

f. You can even go for a policy sum of 12 times of annual gross income of an earning member.

g. It is possible to enjoy coverage benefits even after claiming for one critical illness in their comprehensive plan.

h. Add-on cover for a second medical opinion can be purchased.

2. Aditya Birla Activ Secure- Cancer Secure Policy:

Aditya Birla Activ Secure Cancer Policy Plan is a smart Health Insurance Plan which provides financial coverage for cancer treatment to each and every individual who is 18 years and. The policy plan offers the below-listed benefits to the policy owners:

a. By having this critical illness policy plan the policy owner becomes eligible to receive financial support for all three stages of cancer which are the Early, Major, and Advanced stages.

b. The survival period is of exact 7 days to go for the claim of the sum insured amount in case of any hospitalization emergency arises.

c. On detection of the advanced stage of cancer 150% of the sum insured is provided by the insurer.

d. The compensation includes 50% payout of the sum insured on detection of minor stage cancer, 100% payout for major stage cancer treatment, and 150% payout for hospitalization required for an advanced stage cancer.

e. So, if you are planning to purchase a critical illness policy plan or cancer insurance policy from the Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company, you can toggle the official website, and compare the policy features, the sum insured, inclusions, exclusions, and premiums, and the wisely make your decision.


In the end, to conclude, the Aditya Birla Critical Illness Insurance Policy Plan is made and designed for your help in times of any mishap related to health and illness. This plan has a major inclination towards the treatment of Cancer, that too, for all the stages, starting from the early stage to the advanced stage.