Digit Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

The Digit Senior Health Insurance program is intended to help seniors over 60 pay for their medical costs. Regardless of age, senior citizens are covered under the Go Digit General Insurance Limited’s Digit Care Plus plan, which offers tailored protection against various medical costs.


Senior citizens are now more vulnerable than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the growing medical issues that older people are experiencing, you are constantly concerned about the health of your parents and grandparents. The ongoing physiological changes in older people’s bodies present challenges and necessitate special attention to their immunity, bones, joints, and muscles. Even you can’t constantly be there to check on them because they can’t take care of themselves completely. Therefore, we must provide them with opportunities to promote good aging.

As you age, your fragility and illnesses worsen, resulting in more frequent hospital stays and additional costs for medical treatment. Most families are unable to cover all of these costs on their own. Therefore it is crucial for them to select a suitable health plan that lessens their financial burden. It can be challenging to choose a good health insurance plan for the elderly people you care about. When making this choice, it is essential to consider the range of diseases covered, the standard of medical care, and the financial burden of medical bills.

What Is A Health Insurance For Senior Citizens?

  • Numerous expensive diseases to treat and care for come with old age. Numerous insurance firms offer health insurance for Senior Citizens, specifically for persons 65 years of age and above. These health insurance plans easily cover any type of medical costs made by clients.
  • Our physical and mental concern over money and being able to afford quality healthcare increases as we age. In times of need, those over 60 can receive financial assistance for medical care through a senior citizen health insurance plan. Senior citizens’ health insurance plans include pre-existing sickness coverage, cashless hospitalization, critical illness coverage, and a greater assured amount.
  • Growing older increases the likelihood of developing illnesses and diseases. Having a medical insurance plan to cover unexpected medical expenses is a smart option because an individual’s latter years are physically and financially more difficult.
  • Health insurance plans for parents and senior folks sometimes include extra benefits like cashless hospitalization, critical illness insurance, and covering for specific illnesses like cancer and stroke.

Key Features Of Senior Citizen Health Insurance

The following are some of the most important characteristics of senior citizen health insurance plans in India:

  • Coverage for hospitalization includes room and board costs

  • Payment-Free Hospitalization

  • Costs associated with daycare that result from technological improvements

  • The costs of ambulances are covered.

  • Depending on the insurance company, pre-existing conditions are covered.

  • Before obtaining medical insurance, no medical examination is necessary. Based on the insurance company

  • Higher insurance coverage limits

  • coverage for existing diseases

  • quicker and easier settlement

Why Should You Get A Health Plan?

Growing older increases the likelihood of developing illnesses and diseases. Having a medical insurance plan to cover unexpected medical expenses is a wise step because an individual’s latter years are physically and financially more difficult. Seniors are more susceptible to illness, and due to age-related ailments and deteriorating health, they may need to visit hospitals frequently. It’s crucial to have health insurance to pay for the high expense of medical care. You can get Mediclaim Cholamandalam Health Insurance For Senior Citizens, which can support you while you’re in the hospital.

Additionally, the cost of receiving medical care without insurance may occasionally weigh heavily on your shoulders, so you should purchase insurance and be ready for everything. Having health insurance gives elderly people a feeling of financial security and, as a result, peace of mind. Having health insurance for elderly family members is so essential and vital.

Advantages Of Health Insurance Plan For Senior Citizens

The advantages of enrolling your parents in a senior health insurance program are as follows:

  • The tax break for paying for health insurance

  • Take advantage of medical services and facilities at a variety of hospitals across the country. Non-cash benefits and daily allowance (depends on the insurer)

  • Option to renew an insurance

  • Hospitalization coverage at home

  • Embrace the free-look period

  • annually schedule health examinations

  • Reload the insured amount

6 Important Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying A Health Plan

Selecting a health plan can be more complex than you might think. Senior citizen health plans have unique difficulties, including increased premiums, rigorous medical examinations, co-payments, and waiting periods. As a result, it is crucial to consider a few factors when purchasing senior health insurance. Here are a few of these things to consider.

  • Age for Entry and Exit: An essential factor to take into account is the minimum and maximum renewability ages. Most health insurance policies require applicants to qualify between the ages of 60 and 80, while in rare circumstances, the range may be different. Pick policies with lenient age limitations.

  • Maximum Age of Renewal: A policy’s maximum age of renewal may be capped in some cases. Opt for plans that can be perpetually renewed.

  • Coverage: Senior citizen policies can often become pricey if you want extensive coverage. As a result, constantly weigh costs and benefits when comparing plans and choose accordingly.

  • Waiting Times: The shorter the waiting period, the better, especially for seniors who are more susceptible to age-related illnesses.

  • Critical Illness Cover: Policies can be compared based on the specific illnesses covered, depending on the individual need.

  • Domiciliary Hospitalization & Hospital Network: It’s critical to utilize the features of your insurance policy when you need them to get the most out of it. It’s crucial to pick a plan with the advantages of in-home hospitalization and more extensive hospital networks if you want to be able to use cashless benefits at any moment during the policy duration.

Digit Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

The greatest insurance plans to provide the best care for all of your family’s medical requirements are those from NHealth. GoDigit General Insurance Company’s Digital Healthcare plus policy aims to protect you and your loved ones by offering comprehensive plan coverage. The policy offers a wide range of advantages and fascinating features to satisfy everyone’s expectations and demands in terms of medical treatment. The terms and circumstances indicated in the policy plan are likewise governed by and apply to this comprehensive health policy. As a result, you should carefully review all the terms and circumstances of this healthcare coverage to see how it will serve as your saving grace in the event of a medical emergency.

One of India’s most well-known health insurance providers is Go Digit group health insurance. With more than two crores of fans, Digit health insurance is flourishing and is undoubtedly here to stay. It is a Go Digit Insurance family member and upholds the same philosophy of keeping insurance policies straightforward and understandable. Its health insurance policies are all quite clear-cut and easy to understand, as are the claim procedures.

The best way to be ready for life’s many uncertainties, especially as we age and experience more common life events, is to purchase senior health insurance coverage. The Digit Health Plus Policy by GoDigit is unique among health insurance plans. Such a strategy offers financial security in the event of a medical emergency. The policy offers comprehensive coverage, which includes pre-and post-hospitalization, childcare procedures, at-home care, critical illness insurance, and much more.

Various Go Digit health insurance plan kinds

  • The wise and experienced: This health insurance program has been designed with senior populations in mind. It offers advantages like AYUSH treatment, home hospitalization, and many other things. The insurance truly recognizes each senior’s pulse and provides suitable coverage.

  • The young and the restless: This Digit health insurance plan is ideal for all the young people out there as well as nuclear families. It comes with a tonne of perks, including maternity benefits, a 25% increase in the amount insured in case of accidents and serious diseases, etc. Definitely a
    value-bomb, this policy. Additionally, it is very inexpensive.

  • The great Indian Families: With this exclusive health insurance program from Go Digit, you may safeguard both yourself and your devoted family. Additional advantages include zone upgrade, refill sum insured, etc.

Key Benefits of Digit Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

The following are the main advantages of purchasing Digit Health Insurance for seniors:

  • There is a choice between individual and floater coverage.

  • Optional high-sum insurance up to Rs. 3 crore

  • There is coronavirus coverage.

  • There are facilities for free health checks accessible.

  • More than 6400 network hospitals offer cashless treatment options.

  • One may choose to receive cumulative bonuses up to a maximum of 200 percent.

  • The insurance provider will reimburse costs associated with a pre-policy physical.

  • A long-term discount of between 7 and 10 percent when choosing an insurance term of two or three years

  • Discount for direct clients up to 15%

Digit Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens

Take a look at the Digit Health Insurance plan for senior citizens in the table below:

Plan NameSum Insured (Rs)Co-Payment
Digit Care Plus policyUp to 3 croreUp to 25% under few covers

Eligibility Criteria for Digit Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

The following table represents the eligibility criteria for parents to buy Digit Health Insurance for senior citizens:

CategoriesEligibility Criteria
Minimum Entry AgeAdult – 18 years
Children – 91 days
Maximum Entry AgeNo age limit
Family Members CoveredSelf, spouse, children, grandchildren, sister, brother

Inclusions of Digit Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens who purchase Digit Health Insurance are eligible for the following coverage:

  • Hospitalization Cover

  • Day Care Procedures

  • Pre & Post-hospitalization Expenses

  • Dental Treatment

  • Road Ambulance

  • Second Medical Opinion

  • Bariatric Surgery Cover

  • Psychiatric Illness Cover

  • Infertility Treatment Cover

  • Organ Donor

  • Alternate Treatment (AYUSH) Cover

  • Emergency Air Ambulance

  • Long Hospitalization Cash Benefit

  • Maternity Benefit & Newborn Baby Cover

  • Out-patient (OPD) Benefit

  • Home (Domiciliary Hospitalization)

  • Daily Hospital Cash Cover

  • Critical Illness Benefit Cover

  • Critical Illness Hospitalization Cover

  • Cancer Benefit Cover

  • Cancer Hospitalization Cover

The policyholder can add hospitalization coverage to any of the options mentioned above. However, it is possible to buy individual policies for daily hospital cash cover, critical illness benefit cover, critical illness hospitalization cover, cancer benefit cover, and cancer hospitalization cover.

Exclusions of Digit Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Exclusions from Go Digit General Insurance Limited include the following:

  • Obesity or weight control procedures

  • Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery

  • Treatment for drug abuse, alcoholism, or other intoxicants

  • Dietary supplements purchased without a doctor’s prescription

  • Artificial life maintenance

  • Suicide and self-injury

  • External congenital anomaly

  • Treatments took outside India

  • Sexually transmitted diseases


Q1. Does Digit Health Insurance for senior citizens have any waiting periods?

Ans – Yes, in accordance with the selected option, the policyholder is required to abide by the following waiting periods under the Digit Health Care Plus policy:

1. Existing Conditions No waiting period is required. 1 day, 2 days, 7 days, 15 days, or 30 days
2. Particular Illnesses No waiting period, one year, or two years Initial Waiting Period: 2 days, 7 days, 15 days, or 30 days, or no waiting period.

Q2. Does Digit Health Insurance for senior citizens come with any sub-limits?

Ans – Yes, certain covers under the Digit Health Care Plus policy are subject to sub-limits.

Q3. Can I enhance the sum insured of my Digit Health Insurance for senior citizens mid-term?

Ans – No. Only at the time of renewal can you increase the amount insured under your Digit Health Care Plus policy.

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