New India Assurance Mediclaim Policy Plan for Pregnancy

NEW INDIA ASSURANCE MEDICLAIM POLICY PLAN FOR PREGNANCY! Making India new by providing a next-level pregnancy policy is not only securing the mother but also the child and the family as a whole

Plan Overview: – Maternity Health Insurance

Health insurance policies for expectant mothers are made to protect against the costs associated with giving birth. These policies often include a waiting time before the coverage kicks in.

Maternity insurance is a type of health insurance that pays for all costs related to pregnancy, including those related to vaginal and cesarean deliveries. Some insurance companies offer maternity insurance plans that include coverage for pregnancies, prenatal and postpartum expenses, as well as newborn baby expenses. Additionally, some employers provide their female staff members the choice of maternity insurance as an add-on or in addition to the best health insurance plan.

Health Insurance for Maternity by New India Assurance

The right solution may be the New Indian Premier Mediclaim if one is looking for a good maternity cover. The policy provides benefits for the whole family with protection from unexpected medical costs during pregnancy. As long as the insured woman has continuous 36-month insurance coverage, the maternity benefit is available.

About New India Premier Mediclaim Plan

A health insurance plan called the Premier Mediclaim Plan by New India Assurance provides financial protection against rising medical costs and pricey treatment costs. This is the most sought-after policy on the insurance market since it provides coverage for both pregnancy costs and newborn expenses in addition to basic hospitalization costs for the entire family. In addition to this, the plan provides reimbursement for costs related to the treatment of infertility and STDs.

The insured has two alternatives for the plan, namely Plan A and Plan B. The policyholder has two options for the insured sums under Plans A and B: Rs. 15 lakh and Rs. 25 lakh and Rs. 50 lakh and Rs. 1 crore. The policy proposer might also be any person between the ages of 18 and 65.

Maternity Coverage in New India Assurance’s Premier Mediclaim Policy

One of New India Assurance’s insurance products, the Premier Mediclaim Policy, has been created to cover the costs of maternity and medical care for expectant mothers and their unborn children.

Features & Advantages of Indian Maternity Plans

The following is a list of the various characteristics and advantages of maternity plans in India:

Both the costs of vaginal delivery and the option of cesarean delivery are covered by maternity insurance. You won’t worry about the cost of the procedure, regardless of what it is. Some policies also pay for pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, covering all of the former for a period of up to 30 days and the latter for a period of up to 60. Additionally, other medical expenses such as the cost of the surgeon, the cost of the doctor’s consultation, the cost of the hotel, and nursing are also covered by the insurance.

Most couples these days take their time when planning their pregnancy because having and caring for a child is expensive. An individual may now plan for a kid without worrying about their finances thanks to the introduction of maternity insurance policies with sub-limits ranging from 1 to 4 years, depending on the insurance provider.

Newborns typically do not have health insurance until they are 90 days old. A maternity insurance policy, however, starts to pay benefits as soon as the child is born. Even the cost of the newborn’s vaccines up until the end of the insurance year is covered by some of these policies.

Today’s consumers desire access to high-quality healthcare, which has increased demand for private hospitals. The price of care at these hospitals is high, nevertheless. A cesarean section may cost an additional Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1 lakh in a private hospital, whereas a routine delivery may cost between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 70,000. You might not be aware of all the elements that affect the final cost because pregnancy is unpredictable and prone to complications. In this circumstance, maternity insurance coverage can offer financial relief, enabling you to start the motherhood journey without concern for money.

Features of the Premier Mediclaim Policy from New India Assurance

This plan is available to those 3 months of age and older than 65.

  • Plan A and Plan B are the two variations of the policy that are offered.

  • The alternatives for Plan A’s sum insured are Rs. 15 Lakh and Rs. 25 Lakh.

  • There are two possibilities for Plan B’s sum insured: Rs. 50 lakh and Rs. 1 crore.

  • The number of members who may be covered by this policy ranges from one to six.

  • The policy allows customers to renew their life coverage.

  • Every member over the age of 50 and anyone with a serious medical condition must have a medical examination.

  • This policy does not need any cost-sharing or co-payments.

Scope of Coverage

  • Coverage for the proposer, spouse, dependent children, and parent

  • Pay for the rent of the room, nursing costs, ICU costs, surgeon fees, etc. for a newborn baby for any illness starting on the day of birth.

  • The payment of 20% of the insured amount for AYUSH care

  • OPD coverage for each block of two consecutive years without a claim.

  • Coverage for air and road ambulances to provide the patient with superior medical facilities

  • Protection against HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmissible diseases

Who is Eligible to Avail of Maternity Health Insurance?

With a maximum entry age of 45, the minimum entrance age for maternity insurance benefits is 18 years old. For children, it varies between insurance companies and is between 1 day and 24 years.

Required Documents for Maternity Health Insurance

The following list includes the paperwork required to apply for maternity health insurance:

  • Passport-sized photo Identity evidence such as a passport an Aadhaar card,a Pan Card, etc.

  • Properly completed application form

  • Address verification such as a phone bill, an electricity bill, an Aadhaar card, etc.

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 may purchase this policy. As long as one of their parents is covered, children from three months to eighteen years old are likewise covered. Children who are 18 to 25 years old and financially dependent are also covered.

Exclusions under the Premier Mediclaim Policy by New India Assurance

Before buying this plan, you must be aware of exclusions under the policy to make an informed decision. The exclusions are-

  • Cost of braces, prosthesis, etc. is not included

  • Cosmetic or aesthetic treatment is not covered under this policy

  • Treatment for psychiatric disorders

  • Expenses related to vitamins and tonics are not included unless prescribed by a specialist

  • Cost related to dental treatments is not included

What should be taken into account before buying maternity health insurance?

You should be certain of the following things before buying maternity insurance:

  • Waiting Period for Insurance for Maternity

  • Protection for a newborn, the number of children covered, and eligibility requirements

  • Additional Benefits

  • Coverage for Legally Required Eviction

Benefits of Maternity Health Insurance

With maternity insurance, you and your spouse are free to focus only on your health and the health of the unborn child during the pregnancy, delivery, and the immediate postpartum period. Depending on the plan you choose, any required medical care for the newborn will also be covered. This ensures that your child will receive the best care without being constrained by a limited budget.

The main benefit of getting health insurance that includes maternity coverage is that it acts as a fallback for any monetary commitments during the most wonderful time of your life—having a child.

A typical benefit of maternity insurance plans is newborn infant coverage, which frequently kicks in the day the baby is born.

There is no need to waste time making financial arrangements because pregnancy medical insurance packages allow for cashless hospitalization.

According to Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, the policyholder is entitled to a tax deduction for the premiums paid for maternity insurance policies.

In the event of a claim-free year, many insurance companies will gladly enhance the amount covered in the following policy year.

Not to mention, all popular pregnancy insurance policies offer the insured a variety of options for choosing the amount protected in line with their budget.

 What is covered under Maternity and Childcare?

Maternity will be covered if the insured mother holds a New India Premier Mediclaim Policy with Continuous Coverage for 36 months. Our responsibility for maternity-related costs will be limited to Rs. 50,000 for Plan A and Rs. 1,000,000 for Plan B. Maternity and childcare benefits are subject to additional requirements, including the following:

i. These benefits are only available if the insured person incurs expenses while a patient is in a hospital.

ii. If we have already paid two claims for Maternity Expenses under any prior or current New India Premier Mediclaim policies, then a claim under this condition would not be accepted.

What is covered by maternal health insurance?

Knowing exactly what is covered by a pregnancy insurance policy is crucial for avoiding complications when filing claims. Benefits that are frequently present in maternity insurance packages provided by insurance firms are as follows:

  • Labor and Delivery Fees

  • C-Section Delivery

  • Patient Hospitalization Costs

  • Prenatal or postnatal care expenses

  • Babies For A Newborn: Expenses

  • The price of layoffs brought on by illness

  • The price of immunizing a child.

  • Pregnancy-Related Complications

  • Maintenance of stem cells

How does the New India Baby Cover Work?

 A newborn baby is covered under the terms of this policy and the chosen plan without paying any additional premium for any illness or injury from the time of delivery until the policy’s expiration. The Policy does not cover Congenital External anomalies of the Newborn Baby. This section does not apply to any costs associated with preterm or premature care or costs related to the delivery of such a new baby. If the newborn is not declared for insurance and is covered as an insured person, no coverage for the new baby will be offered during subsequent renewals.

Does this policy cover the care of INFERTILITY?

 Yes. We will pay for necessary costs associated with treating infertility, including outpatient care, up to a maximum of Rs. 1,00,000 and Rs. 2,00,000. Our maximum liability for all insured parties shall be this limit. The benefit under this paragraph shall not be accessible for any subsequent renewals if any claim is payable to any Insured Person under this clause in any particular Policy period. Any payments made by this condition must be made after the insured person has had continuous coverage under the New India Premier Mediclaim Policy for 36 months.

For the benefit of the individual and their family, New India Assurance Health Insurance provides a variety of health insurance options. Members of the New India Assurance Mediclaim Policy, who may be members of the insured’s extended family or workers for an organization, receive thorough coverage.

Pregnancy is by far the most beautiful experience in life one could ever be a part of. And this goes not only for mothers but fathers too. For a woman to create, grow and give birth to another life is rather incredible.

Benefits of Premier Mediclaim Policy of New India Assurance

Policyholders are shielded from rising medical expenditures by New India Assurance’s Premier Mediclaim Policy. The main advantages of the plan are listed below:

  • Up to 20% of the insured amount is included for AYUSH treatment;

  • Maternity and newborn baby expenses are covered

  • Pre- and post-hospitalization expenses are covered for up to 60 and 90 days, respectively. In-patient hospitalization expenses are covered. The hospital cash benefit is available. Infertility and HIV/AIDS treatment costs are covered. Ambulance services, including air ambulance, will be paid (subject to capping).

Why should I consider Buying New India’s, Premier Mediclaim Plan?

The policyholder receives a critical care benefit under this plan, and it is important to remember that the amount paid under this benefit does not lower the amount of the sum insured. Moreover, if the proposal is approved, the insurance provider will pay for the cost of the medical exam. In addition, the plan provides coverage for room rent costs, board costs, cardiac care costs, intensive care unit costs, doctor’s fees, medications and medicine costs, etc. in addition to maternity coverage.

How to Buy New India Assurance’s Premier Mediclaim Policy?

Follow these easy steps to purchase the Premier Mediclaim Policy from New India Assurance:

  • Click the link

  • Enter your personal information

  • Select “Get Quote Now”

  • Choose the family members you wish to insure and tailor the coverage to your needs

  • Upload your supporting documentation, then pay for it. After a successful transaction, the policy will be delivered to your inbox.

How to Raise a Claim for Maternity Health Insurance   

Follow these steps to submit a claim for maternity health insurance:

Step 1: After notifying the insurance company via the website or toll-free line, submit the correctly filled-out claim form to them.

Step 2: The hospital will review the required documentation you’ve provided before sending it on to the insurance company.

Step 3: If you are admitted to a network hospital, the insurance company will promptly pay the hospital after verification as part of the cashless claim payment.

Step 4: You are still entitled to receive payment through the reimbursement system if your claim was rejected under the cashless payment system because you were unable to be admitted to the network hospital or for another reason.

Step 5: In the case described above, you will pay the hospital at the time of discharge; however, you will be reimbursed after submitting your papers and the bill to the provider.


A full-fledged ocean is available if one wants to understand more about Maternity Coverage in New India Assurance Policy or other maternity health insurance plans online. Because there are so many options available, selecting the right maternity insurance plan for your child may be challenging. Therefore, be careful to carefully weigh the benefits and features of several pregnancy insurance plans to select the one that provides coverage for both maternity and newborn infant expenses with the lowest waiting period.