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About PNB Metlife

PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited (PNB MetLife), established in 2001, is one of India’s biggest life insurance firms. MetLife International Holdings LLC (MIHL), Punjab National Bank (PNB), Jammu and Kashmir Bank Limited (JKB), M. Pallonji and Company Private Limited, and other financial backers are among the PNB MetLife investors. The firm’s key proprietors are MIHL and PNB. The association gives an assortment of wellbeing, life, and retirement protection items to shoppers in more than 7000 areas.

PNB Metlife Investment Plans

You don’t and won’t ever know when unfathomable circumstances will come thumping at your entryway. Also, when it does, what befalls individuals you abandon? You would have no desire to leave this world without ensuring that your friends and family are monetarily autonomous, OK? This is where disaster protection can come to your assistance. A protection plan is a pad for your family in the midst of hardship.

PNB MetLife has carefully curated a scope of insurance plans for you to browse. Its assortment of items guarantees that one can find an arrangement generally reasonable to his/her vision representing things to come.

Features of PNB Metlife Investment Plans

Premium Payment Term:

Most plans offer the choice of choosing the top-notch installment term among Single, Regular, and Limited Pay.

Fractional Withdrawal:

Financial backers can now pull-out specific sums from their assets to satisfy money related commitments, for the most part from the fifth year of the approach term.

Maturity Benefit:

Policyholders are covered for the whole length of the approach term. Furthermore, they will get the development benefit in a single amount on endurance.

Various Plan Options:

Larger part of the reserve funds and money growth strategies presented by PNB MetLife accompany a few choices that can be utilized by policyholders to tweak their arrangements as per their financial targets.

Reserve funds and Returns:

Alongside life cover, financial backers can decide to collect supports under these plans and grow a critical corpus with unexpected returns.

Types of Investment Plans offered by PNB Metlife

PNB MetLife gives a tremendous scope of different growth strategies for you to browse. Try to explore completely before you make a plunge. The arrangement you pick should mark each crate on your agenda.

PNB MetLife Endowment Savings Plan Plus

Development Benefit: The development benefit payable will be a sum of total guaranteed on development, gathered straightforward reversionary rewards, and terminal reward.

Waiver of premium on Critical Illnesses Benefit (WoP on CI): If you select the “Reserve funds Plus” choice, all future expenses that you would somehow or another be expected to pay under the base arrangement will be deferred off until the end of the exceptional installment term assuming you are determined to have any of the 35 basic sicknesses.

Basic Reversionary Bonus and Terminal Bonus: Your strategy gets reward added to it from the principal year. This is payable either at development or passing or give up; whichever is prior.

Passing Benefit: The chosen one will get Sum Assured on Death alongside the gathered Simple Reversionary Bonuses in addition to Terminal Bonus (if any), likely to 105% of all charges paid as on date of death, after which, the Policy will end.

Aggregate Assured on Maturity: the outright measure of advantage destined to be paid on development.

Essential Sum Assured (BSA): the outright sum guaranteed to be endless supply of the safeguarded.

Qualification Details

This blessing life coverage plan collects your reserve funds for your monetary requirements at each phase of life, whether you want cash for your home advance or need to pay for your kid’s wedding. There are two varieties of this arrangement – reserve funds and investment funds Plus. Toward the finish of each and every strategy year, straightforward reversionary rewards get gathered and structure part of the complete advantage to the protected at development alongside the fundamental aggregate guaranteed and terminal reward.

MetLife Mera Wealth Plan

Assortment – You might pick between a few choices of premium installment years (Single Pay, 5 Pay, 10 Pay or Regular). There are additionally two sorts of plan choices accessible – Online and Premier.

Reliability Addition – Starting from the sixth strategy year onwards, you will be granted Loyalty Additions if your expenses till date have been paid.

Development Benefit – Upon endurance of the individual guaranteed till the finish of the approach term, the whole asset worth can be paid.

It works very much like some other life coverage plan where you get a development benefit toward the finish of the strategy as a single amount or an essential compensation out through settlement choices. On account of the lamentable demise of the existence guaranteed, the candidate will get the passing advantage.

PNB MetLife Guaranteed Income Plan

Reliable Income Benefit – Receive yearly pay between 11% to 13% of Basic Sum Assured (BSA), in view of your Premium Payment Term.

Assortment – Choose a scope of various premium installment term going from 5, 7, 10 or 12 years.

Endurance Benefit – Receive 30% to 55% of Basic Sum Assured (BSA) on Maturity, in light of your Policy Term.

Demise Benefit – Sum Assured is payable on death which is the most noteworthy of:

  • Annualized premium X various of yearly premium.
  • 105% of all charges paid till date of death.
  • Fundamental total guaranteed.
  • Aggregate guaranteed on development.

You procure ensured pay benefit at different stages in your day-to-day existence and a development benefit on endurance till the finish of the term. PNB MetLife Guaranteed Income Plan is a non-connected, non-taking part blessing strategy that offers you a dependable pay intend to stay away from any monetary deterrents throughout everyday life. A singular amount advantage can likewise be profited to handle any enormous monetary prerequisites you could look from now on.

PNB MetLife Guaranteed Savings Plan

Development Benefit – Upon development, the advantage would be an amount of Sum Assured on Maturity Plus and Accrued Guaranteed Additions

Demise Benefit – Sum Assured is payable on death which is the most elevated of:

  • Annualized premium X different of yearly premium.
  • 105% of all out charges paid till date of death.
  • Essential total guaranteed.
  • Total guaranteed on development.

Surefire Additions – These are added toward the finish of every arrangement year during the superior installment term. Reliable Additions is a level of total charges viz. 5 Pay – 5% | 7 Pay – 7% | 10 Pay – 10%

PNB MetLife Guaranteed Savings Plan is a reliable reserve funds insurance plan that gives single amount benefit on development alongside ensured increases on combined installments. This speculation choice permits you to make a corpus to accomplish any objectives you have set in your life with regards to fund.

PNB MetLife Whole Life Wealth Plan

Assortment – There are two choices for you to browse. Abundance Option – This gives an entire life cover. Abundance + Care Option – Additional wellbeing security through Care Benefit – Upon finding of any of the five diseases, all future charges that would somehow or another must be paid will be postponed off until the end of the exceptional installment term.

Reserve Boosters – These are designated to your strategy toward the finish of the tenth and the fifteenth arrangement year, gave your approach is in power and all expenses have been paid till date.

Development Benefit – Maturity benefit is paid after which the arrangement will consequently end.

Demise Benefit – Highest of Sum Assured or Fund Value or 105% of the Installment Premiums got,

Qualification Details

The Wealth Option works like an ordinary entire life cover where you are expected to pay expenses over the exceptional installment term and your abundance continues to gather. In any case, in the Wealth + Care Option, on the off chance that you, sadly are determined to have any of the 5 diseases referenced in the strategy record, all future installments are paid by the organization.

PNB MetLife Money Back Plan

Endurance Benefits: You will get 10% of the picked aggregate guaranteed as endurance benefit from fifth strategy year to ninth arrangement year.

Development Benefit: in the event of your endurance till development, you will get 60% of aggregate guaranteed toward the finish of the strategy term. For example, return of every available ounce of effort of Base Sum Assured sum over the lifetime of the strategy term.

Passing Benefit: Sum guaranteed is payable on death which is the most noteworthy of:

  • Multiple times annualized premium.
  • 105% of absolute charges paid till date of death.
  • Essential aggregate guaranteed.

This venture choice is an efficient investment funds plan through which PNB MetLife offers a surefire cash back with pay outs at normal stretches to you.

PNB MetLife Bachat Yojana

Straightforward Reversionary Bonus and Terminal Bonus: A reward pay-out will be added to your strategy from the third year till the finish of the arrangement term which will ultimately be paid out upon death or toward the finish of the arrangement term.

Development Benefit: You will get the Base Sum Assured in addition to the reward upon development.

Demise Benefit: The passing aggregate guaranteed will be given to the chosen one upon the demise of the safeguarded individual.

PNB MetLife Bachat Yojana is a drawn-out investment funds plan which permits you to address your long-haul monetary necessities through reasonable charges and offers you a total guaranteed in addition to any reward that has gotten added to your strategy from the third year onwards.

How to Apply for PNB Metlife Investment Plans

At the point when you have surveyed the plans on various limits and decide to buy the best development procedure as per your financial necessities, you can buy the course of action online by:

• Visit the official site and select your plan of action.

• Fill in the fields and information as referenced in the form.

• Select the ideal choice like residency, premium total, etc.

• Post assurance, you ought to fill the suggestion form.

• Move the KYC chronicle like Bank Mandate structure, Income Statement, Proof of ID, Medical report, etc.

• Post affirmation and payment of premium, the plan will be sent on to you.

FAQs on PNB Metlife Investment Plans

 Why choose PNB Metlife Investment Plans?

Selecting PNB MetLife is an excellent choice since it has carefully curated a wide range of insurance policies for you to choose from. Its variety of objects ensures that one can choose an arrangement that is usually reasonable to his/her vision for the future.

How to pay premium? What are the modes of payment available?

PNB Metlife offers 2 methods of premium installment specifically:

  • Cash (or cheque) Payment
  • Online Payment

For the web-based installment mode, the policyholder can pay through:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Net banking

How can I check policy status for PNB Metlife Traditional Plans?

Registered clients can check their arrangement status online by logging into the e-Portal.

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