Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance

Animals or pets are the cutest beings present in our houses. There is something really special and unique when it comes to pets or being a pet owner, and being very honest, animals or pets are more than just animals, they actually become the most important family member.

Now, imagine, our family member being met with an accident or is in the hospital due to some critical illness, what your feelings will be? Tensed? Extreme panic condition, right? And in that extreme condition, when it is very difficult to figure out the things and find out solutions, insurance providers comes in the picture to rescue you in terms of finances.

Similarly, our pets and animals do need that special attention and care and assistance when they come across some accidents or in the hospital due to some critical illness and to provide your pets with that good care, the Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance comes into the picture.

List of Best Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance

Pet’s are a part of our family and the gloominess we all face when they’re hurt or injured catches our minds as we can’t see them like that!  In the rush of getting their health back on track, we pamper and take care of them to the utmost but the truckloads of veteran’s bill gives us a financial trouble!  So, to avoid such conditions and to protect your pets from diseases Bajaj allianz has introduced Pet insurance policies.There are basically three types of Bajaj Allianz pet insurance.

1: Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance Life Time Cover 

To ensure the health and well-being of your beloved pets, Bajaj Allianz has introduced Bajaj Allianz Life Time Pet Insurance. This will provide them a protective shield for the entire of their life against any long time illness or disease.

2: Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance No Waiting Period for Accidents

Disasters and diseases comes uninvited! We don’t know when our dear pets get in there clutches so to ensure fastest and instant treatment and protection Bajaj Allianz has introduced No waiting period for accident insurance.

Under this package of insurance your pet will receive instant treatment of any illness, surgery or injury without any waiting period.

3: Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance Discount on RFID tagging

This package contains 5% discount for micro-chipped or RFID tagged pets.

Why Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance?

Every pet needs pampering and care and a truckload of love and affection to grow properly. But just as we humans, ours pet’s journey have some speed breakers which makes their growth and progress a little bit slow than the expected and those days are the extreme heavy days in their lives, agreed?

And because these cute little creatures cannot explain there feelings and pain, we feel helpless and frustrated, because even if we want to help them in reducing their sufferings, we can hardly do anything in calming them down and in that panic condition, when we have to handle our pets and their hospitalization, looking in the finance section becomes a task, right?

And, so in your rescue pops up the Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance, which provides your pet coverage when he is hospitalized because of any accident or illness. In short, the Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance Providers tries to become the helping hand for you in times of emergency and needs.

Features and Benefits of Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance

Main Motive or benefit of Bajaj Allianz Pet insurance is to provide a protective shield to your pet preventing them from illness and providing best care in case of any injury.

   In case you loose your pet it helps protection against third party injury.

Enter and Exit Age for Pet Insurance

 It’s a great idea that you are looking at pet insurance options. In order to be eligible for this cover, your pet must be between the age groups of 3 months to 4 years for Giant Breeds or 3 months to 7 years for Small or Medium or Large breeds. Rhe Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance can offer your pet insurance for up to the age of 6 years for Giant breeds or 10 years for Small or Medium or Large breeds, if continuously renewed with the insurance provider.

Document To Be Submitted While Taken New Policy

✓   You will need to fill up the form and provide the details of your pet on the official website.

✓   To help identify your pet, we will need colour pictures of your pet from 5 sides, that us, Front, Back, Left, Right and Top. If your pet has an RFID chip, a colour photo, which clearly captures the identification number will work too.

✓   You will also need to declare that your pet has received all their vaccination by yourself.

✓   If your pet is more than 4 years of age, and you are opting to waive off the 90 days waiting period, then we will need some Diagnostics Test Results, such as Bio-chemistry test, Circulatory blood count, urine test and chest X-Ray.

✓   If you are choosing a Sum Insured which is applicable for a pedigree lineage, you will also need to provide a Pedigree Certificate from the Kennel Club of India.

✓   If you are choosing a higher Sum Insured than the maximum price defined for the  breed, then in that situation you will need to provide the purchase proof of your pet.

 Inclusion & Exclusions of Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance

1. Inclusions of Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance

    Following are the inclusions of Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance are listed below:-

* Your pet’s surgery and hospitalization is covered.

* One can claim the policy money after the death of your pet.

* In case, your pet is suffering from some critical illness, then your pet is covered that ways as well.

* Long-term compensation and coverage is also available.

* In case, you want to consult the doctor in OPD for your pet, that is also covered.

* Third Party Liability, which means that if there is any loss or damage caused to any other person because of your pet.

* In case your pet is being kidnapped or lost, one can claim the policy.

2. Exclusions of Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance

   Following are the Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance:-

* Hospitalization or surgery which is not because of any accident or illness is not covered.

* If the death of your pet is not natural but because of some medical reaction.

* The is claim is not available if your pet dies before 30 days after proper diagnosis.

* In the whole long life time of your pet, they are not eligible to claim the policy twice.

* The claim is not available, if it found that you are advertising about it or providing that advertisement as the proof.

* The theft or loss is intentional.

 Special Conditions to Keep in Mind

In case you are thinking of applying for a pet insurance for your pet which is over the age of 4 years, you will have to opt for either of the two following things:-   

1. Presenting the medical test reports of your pet that is conducted in the last 7 days for the following medical tests; such as Bio-chemistry test, Circulatory blood count, urine test and chest X-Ray.

2. OR,  No cover for the initial 90 days of the policy period from the date of inception of the policy for any Surgery, Hospitalization, Mortality, Terminal Diseases, Long Term Care or OPD related covers with respect to following illnesses:

1. Liver dysfunction

1 Kidney dysfunction

2 Pancreatic Dysfunction

4 Cushing’s Syndrome

5 Diabetes

6 Thyroid Dysfunction

7 All types of Cancers and tumors

8 Meningitis

9 Inflammation of Prostate Gland

10 Cardiac Dysfunction

Pet Insurance Claim Process

Just like any other insurance, pet insurance claims are also made. The pet owner or the Veteran has to make a claim for it and the company will pay the insured amount while the rest would be paid by the owner. You have two different ways for the procedure. Either pay the bill yourself and then the company will reimburse you, or the company may directly pay it to the vet. The procedure is continued after filling the claim form.

FAQs-Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance

Q1. What is a pet insurance plan?

Ans – A pet insurance plan is a protective coverage against any illness, injury or accident caused to your pet. It provides medical facilities for there betterment.

Q2. Why is a pet dog insurance plan important?

Ans – To ensure the health and well-being of your beloved pets pet dog insurance plan is important.

Q3. What does the pet dog insurance plan from Bajaj Allianz cover?

Ans – Pet dog insurance plan from bajaj allianz covers the payment of costly medical bill of the hospital and third party liability.

Q4. How to avail pet insurance plan for your dog?

Ans – Visit the website and fill the form to get your pet insured. You’ll be contacted the our team.

5. What are benefits of pet insurance for dogs?

Ans – It will provide the best medical facility to your pets in case of any injury and also coverage against third party liability