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Traveling is one of the most beautiful and relaxing gift, one can ever give to himself or herself to probably sit back, breathe and enjoy the living. To be honest, traveling is not restricted to any specific age group, a youngster can also avail this exciting experience and also the senior citizens can go to avail this unwinding experience. But, but my friend, while experiencing something new and exciting in life is not like eating a cheese pizza with that perfect cheese pull, instead life brings out something really unfortunate in front of your eyes, and so to be at ease and comfort comes into the light the Shriram Travel Insurance Plans to provide you assistance at time of needs and unwanted situations like loss of baggage or any accident or illness. They actually offer a variety of plans to choose from with additional benefits and features that will help you feel safe and sound while traveling. In short the Shriram Travel Insurance Providers tend to make your vacation feel like a trip wroth expending money for, they want your traveling to be free from stress and strain and be full of smiles and laughter.

Top 3 Basic plans offered by the Shriram Travel Insurance Providers are listed below

1. Shri Travel Insurance Plan

This plan covers you at time of any emergency related to your plan delays because of bad weather conditions or when you misplace your important documents or when you meet with some accident that makes you see the hospital in your vacation. It is customisable according to the age group of people travelling, what it simply means is, that, a youngster going for a trip or a senior citizen or even a businessman can make possible changes in the plan according to their needs. It covers all the loss from loss of baggage to the hospitalization charges.

This plan is broadly divided into two types, one which includes USA and Canada and the other thay excludes USA and Canada from coverage.

2. Shri Travel Plus Insurance Plan

This is the second type of plan offered by the Shriram Travel Insurance Providers which covers all the losses including loss of baggage, flight delay or cancellation or any accident due to bad weather conditions or any illness because of change of weather and altitude. It also provides coverage in the case of loss of password and help in finding it back.

This plan also comes with the inclusion and exclusion of USA and Canada from the coverage.

3. Shri Travel Elite Insurance Plan

The Shri Travel Elite Insurance Plan is the most comprehensive type of plan or coverage provided to you for your benefit as it covers all the losses from the loss of baggage and password to the hospitalization charges and more.

Just like the Shri Travel Insurance Plan and the Shri Travel Plus Insurance Plans, the Shri Travel Elite Plan also have the feature of inclusion and exclusion of USA and Canada from the coverage.

Shriram Travel Insurance Reviews

It is very important to know every single bit of the plan and everything before investing your money into something. So, here comes the review section of the Shriram Travel Insurance Plans.

1. They provide a variety of plans to choose from.

2. They are available for your help and assistance round the clock.

3. The team is very efficient and supportive.

4. The website is user friendly.

5. They are not restricted to only a particular age group, instead, they provide coverage to people belonging to every age group, starting from teenagers and students to the senior citizens.

6. They provide coverage for each and every accident or mishap caused to you during your vacation.

7. They believe and work hard for making your vacations be stress free and an unwinding experience.

Important Benefits of Shriram Travel Insurance 

Benefits are the highlights of anything you invest your time and money in, and being honest the Shriram Travel Insurance offers the best possible benefits and features for your betterment and exciting travelling experience.

1. Covers the expenses caused due to hospitalisation, loss of baggage and any other incidental expenses that might occur while you are on your trip.

2. The claims are reimbursed and settled really very quickly.

3. They provide travel assistance with regards to all the related defined and crucial information about the location/travel destination.

4. Their plan provides emergency cash advance to the policy owners when they are in urgent need of cash, while travelling abroad.

5. ‘Travel Elite’ package covers you coverage against all the sudden and unwanted cancellation of trips, theft at your house, and your trip being more burdened and a mess due to any unforeseen circumstance.

6. The company, Shriram Travel Insurance, offers complete assistance via in-house toll free numbers.

7. The plan offers innovative packages that particularly suit the all the basic needs of every individual customer or the policy holder.

Shriram Travel Insurance Care Numbers / Contact details 

Before investing your life’s saving into some plan or policy, I know you feel the need to talk to the person who is representing the company and gather all the possible information you can. Right? So, to ease this task of yours, mentioned below are the contact details of the Shriram Travel Insurance Providers:-

1. Toll free numbers to call and connect with the team:-




    You can also mail them your queries and concerns:-

Features of Shriram Travel Insurance

Everything has a beginning and has plans to work and move forward and if we talk about the Shriram Travel Insurance Providers, they are working each day so hard just to make your vacation be calm and peaceful and an unwinding experience. Some major highlights of why you should opt their plans to secure you and your future vacation plannings are:-

1. The plans are designed so well and efficiently.

2. The premium payment schemes are affordable and impressive.

3. The team is filled and equipped with people who are always willing to stand by your side.

4. The add ons and extra packages make the crowd drool over the plans.

5. They provide 24/7 assistance.

Shriram Travel Insurance Coverage

The Shriram Travel Insurance Company was established in the year, 1974. It is a joint venture of the Shriram Capital Limited and the Sanlam Limited, South Africa. It has now become the company who is Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India verified and registered and it is one of most preferred companies to buy insurances from and also they are the most preferred partners of the IRCTC.

They are working hard to lend their hands of support to all the customer world wide. They expanding their hands with technology and also hiring people who are willing to serve the best to the customers and consumers.

Exclusions of Shriram Travel Insurance

Everything have it’s own add ons and exclusions and so as the Shriram Travel Insurance have.

Below mentioned are the following conditions for which the claim and the policy is not at all applicable.

1. Experimental and unproven treatment for anything happened or occurred during your trip.

2. Attempt to kill oneself, self harming acts by the policy holder, mental disorder (stress, anxiety, depression, etc.), alcoholism, drug abuse is not covered.

3. Post the policy expiration if any medical expenses are incurred.

4. Any form of treatment/alternative form of medicine.

5 Loss or damage of passport. This needs to be under the provision of custom duty officer.

6. Pregnancy, resulting in childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, or complication arising out of any of the foregoing incident during your vacation.

How to Claim for Shriram Travel Insurance

This is one of the most important section to look at, why? Because, at times of need and emergency where your mind is under stress and strain, and to addition to this,.you are staying away from your family and friends, that is you are on your vacation, you need some quick assistance and so you should always by heart the process to claim your policy.

   To ease this task a bit, listed below are quick easy steps to follow to claim the policy:-

A. Step 1:- Either by visiting the nearest branch or by visiting or finding the branch online.

B. Step 2:- Write an application or send a mail to the branch about the claim need.

C. Step 3:- Fill in the form which asks you to mention some of your basic details, like-

  1. Travel Insurance Policy Number

  2. Name of the insured

  3. Contact details of the same

  4. Address of the place where the damage or loss took place.

  5. Address of the hospital where you have been hospitalized for the treatment.

  6. Name of the person hospitalized.

  7. Name and address of the police station where the complaint is logded in case of accident.  

  8. Brief description of the accident and injuries.

D. Step 4:- And it’s done, after verification your claimable amount will be released directly to the hospital authority.

FAQs – Shriram Travel Insurance

Q1. Which types of overseas trips are covered under the Shriram Travel Insurance policy?

Ans – All the types of trips are covered under the Shriram Travel Insurance Plan, be a vacation or you visiting your friends or family or even if you are out for some business purpose. 

Q2. What are the various modes of paying Shriram Travel Insurance premium?

Ans – Like any other policy company, the Shriram Travel Insurance Providers also have the below listed ways to pay the premium of your policies:-

A. Net Banking
B. Cheque
C. Credit Card
D. Debit Card

Q3. What are the factors affecting the extension of your Shriram Travel Insurance policy?

Ans – The following are the factors which affect the extension of your Shriram Travel Insurance Policy:-

A. The current policy should be live, that is plan must not be expired.
B. The policy should be claim free.
C. The policy holder should be medically fit and fine.
D. The plan can be extended for only 180 days.
E. The overall duration of the plan cannot exceed from 360 days.
F. The full premium amount have to be before the update takes place.
G. The extension can be done for once only.

Q4. How do I intimate Shriram Travel Insurance about a claim?

Ans – To intimate Shriram Travel Insurance Providers about your claim, you can simply contact them using the toll free numbers:-


And one can also contact the team via their email address:-

Q5. Can I buy a policy from Shriram General Insurance online? What will be its benefits?

Ans – Yes you can buy the Shriram Travel Insurance Policy through online mode by just visiting their website, selecting the plan of your choice, filling up the basic required details and information and then paying the premium amount. This is a way more convenient way to avail a policy because it is easy and with zero paperwork.

Q6. Is there any online renewal option at Shriram General Insurance?

Ans – Yes one can renew the Shriram Travel Insurance Plan online by just entering the existing policy number and premium payment. 

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