SBI Travel Insurance

1. An overview

It doesn’t count if you are touring with your family, life mate, business mates, you would absolutely like to make certain that your journey overseas is secured and unassailable. Given that ill-unfortunate circumstances can show up from nowhere in the course of your travel, it’s to shield your journey with the best trip insurance plan.

Any obstruction in the middle of THE trip can devastate your ease of reason and SBI travel insurance is specifically created to keep that ease of mind totally unchanged throughout THE abroad trip. SBI travel insurance delivers a comprehensive range of plans for both business and holiday travels. The travel policies cover medical costs and various other financial crises in the duration of your travels overseas. It’s best to buy an SBI travel insurance plan to tour in any corner of the earth without a concern. You can benefit from additional discounts on trip insurance plans when you buy from SBI General.

To be straightforward about the company, SBI General Insurance Company Limited is a collaborative venture between the State Bank of India that carries 74% stakes of the business and Insurance Australia Group (shortened by IAG) containing 26% stakes of the firm. SBI General Insurance began its functions in 2010. The business offers a numeral of general insurance services.

2. List of best SBI Travel Insurance

Single Trip:- Procedure can be issued for the lowest 1 day up to a max of 180 days period.

Multi-Trip:- Policy shall be given only for one span of the year plus not for any kind of duration shorter or more extended than one year.

The eligibility age required for SBI Travel Insurance:

  • The lowest age is 6 months and the highest age limitation is 70 years.
  • Citizens of India who are touring overseas for administrator or business needs, holidays, etc. are qualified to take this travel insurance policy.
  • Foreign people who are working in India are even eligible to benefit from this policy.

3. SBI Travel Insurance Reviews

Whether you journey alone,or with family, or if with your business associates, one would definitely want their travel abroad to be according to their schedule. Despite all that meticulous planning, there might occur any kind of unforeseen circumstances beyond control. This can take away the peace of mind totally.

  • Relish coverage of up to USD 0.5 million amount for medical objectives
  • A medical test is not executed before delivering the insurance.
  • Provides all-round scope
  • Proposes the skill of worldwide coverage and prompt assistance 24/7
  • Fair, translucent & fast cashless claim settlement

SBI General’s Travel Insurance delivers comprehensive cover when their clients are globetrotting. It protects one against medical or any other financial troubles during the trip abroad and assists restore the peace and being in command of the situation.

So, one can Travel in relaxation anywhere in the globe with SBI General’s Travel Insurance Policy.

 4. Important Benefits of SBI Travel Insurance

Following are the Essential Benefits of SBI Travel Insurance

  1. repatriation of remains
  2. trip delay
  3. dental coverage
  4. medical evacuation
  5. trip cancellation
  6. loss of passport
  7. accidental death
  8. missed connection
  9. baggage delay
  10. pre-existing condition
  11. travel curtailment
  12. baggage loss

Below are some usefulness under the Student Travel Insurance Plans of various insurance companies

  • Empathetic Visit.
  • Overseas Trip claim Form.
  • Copy of Air Ticket and their  Boarding Pass or the  Hotel Stay coupons for the insured  or the family member relying on who has got hospitalized.
  • Medical logs for the hospitalization of insured/ immediate family members for more than 5/7 days in India and abroad that have initiated the claim under this help.
  • Copy of the student’s Passport  or the Visa

5. SBI Travel Insurance Care Numbers / Contact details  

  • Service Provider contact details
  • Canada number- 844-691-8882
  • US number 844-691-8884
  • Call Back facility number- toll free- (+91 11 45735511)
  • Fax :
  • (91-44-7113 7114)
  • (+91 11 45070617 Alarm Centre Fax)

and the  Email:

[email protected]

6. Features of SBI Travel Insurance

Travel insurance procedures from SBI General Insurance are characterized by the special and exceptional benefits they deliver. Here are some of those best benefits one can avail of under SBI travel insurance policies.

✔The company delivers Medical cover upto USD 0.5 million with their journey insurance plans.

✔No medical test is needed to buy SBI travel insurance policies.

✔Comprehensive plan at affordable costs is offered beneath the travel insurance plans.

✔SBI travel insurance delivers worldwide security. You can tour anywhere in the world without holding to worry about specific complications associated to travelling.

✔SBI General Insurance Company delivers round the watch assistance beneath their travel insurance plans.

✔Totally translucent, fair, and fast cashless claim recompense is presented under SBI travel insurance programs.

✔One can effortlessly purchase travel policies online from their website of SBI General Insurance. One can easily and immediately get travel insurance quotations from the website as well.

7. SBI Travel Insurance Coverage

The cover that is functional under the journey insurance policies from SBI General Insurance is the following.

✔SBI travel insurance approach covers Medical Expenses like Evacuation & Repatriation.

✔Benefits against any kind of Personal Accident in a alien country are likewise offered under the journey policies by SBI General Insurance.

✔Lossage of Passport also is covered beneath SBI travel insurance.

✔Burglary for Home Insurance.

✔Loss of Checked Luggage.

✔Trip Revocation.


✔Missed Link.

✔Delay happened with Checked Baggage.

✔Offers Hijack at the cost of US $200 per 24 hrs.

✔Trip Hold compensation is spent at the cost of US $200 per 12 hrs under SBI Travel Insurance via online.

✔SBI travel insurance provides daily Hospitalization Allowance banknotes at the rate of US $50 per day.

✔Emergency Cash.

✔Bail full Bond.

✔Personal Liability.

8. How to expand the SBI General policy period?

With the prior consent of the Insurer and on amount of extra premium:-

Extension in Procedure duration is only permitted in single travel insurance for the highest 180 days subject to the state that total Policy time after stretching shall not be beyond than 270 days.

The compensation for extension of Procedure duration will be a contrast of full vast period premium minus the premium obtained till date.

Automatic elongation:- This extension is around and above the wing of the Policy period after prior consent for a term not exceeding 7 days if necessitated by the delay of shared transport services above the power of the Insured person. This intuitive extension shall be unrestricted of any charge.

9. Exclusions of SBI Travel Insurance

✔No claim shall be paid for illustrations ,where the Insured individual is already obtaining or on a waiting checklist for any medical treatment asserted in the Physician’s certification or report, is touring in opposition to the guidance of a Physician, is touring with the intention of obtaining medical therapy abroad or has obtained a fatal forecast for a medical situation.

✔SBI travel policy claim shall not be reimbursed if it is emerging from suicide, endeavored suicide or intentionally self inflicted condition or injury, stress , mental disorder, dismay or stress, drunkenness , intoxication or the abuse of the medications, or any loss occurring directly or indirectly from any disease, injury, demise, expenses, failure, or other lawful obligation attributable to HIV and/or HIV related decrepitude including AIDS and/or any malformed derivative or distinction, venereal illness etc.

✔No claim emerging out of the Insured individual’s taking position in Military, Naval, or Aura force operations shall be delivered under the policy.

✔No claim will be delivered if it arises out of the aggression, war, insurrection, actions of a foreign foe, civil war, hate (whether war is expressed or not), rebellion, revolution, grabbed or armed force or nationalization or expropriation or requisition of or demolition of or damage to custody under or by the charge of any local administration or government.

✔The trip insurance offers no range against any lawsuit stemming out of the collapse or loss or damage to possessions whatsoever or any costs or loss whatsoever occurring or resulting from that or any consequential loss instantly or indirectly donated to or caused by or originating from contamination caused by radioactivity or even the emergence of ionizing radiation from any nuclear annihilation from the explosion of nuclear power; or toxic, the radioactive, flammable or other dangerous properties of any volatile nuclear element or nuclear assemblage thereof.

✔No claim shall be paid emerging out of the Insured individual being employed in Air Travel unless he or she passes as a passenger on an airplane that has a valid license to hold passengers. For the basis of this exclusion, Travel via air indicates being in or on or boarding an airplane for the intention of flying in that or descending therefrom tracking a flight.

✔No claim shall be delivered if it appears out of the Insured individual’s participation during the course of winter sports, or the mountaineering (in which guides or lariats are used), driving or swinging in rallies or ethnicities, pothole activity or caving, act of equestrian or during hunting, skew diving or additional underwater sports, canoeing or rafting affecting white water rapids, boating or yachting exterior to the inshore waters (2 miles).

Further, no claim will be paid if the Insured person bears participation inexperienced skilled sports or other such dangerous sports unless expressly covered as an elongation of the Policy.

✔No claim shall be reimbursed for losses that arise out of mishaps on two-wheeled motorized automobiles unless at the moment of the calamity the motorist is duly fit, has the privilege of an existing full Multinational driving claim and the Insured individual is carrying a security crash helmet.

✔No claim shall be paid in point of losses arising straight or indirectly from bodily work or dangerous occupation, or if employed in any illegal or unlawful activity.

✔Will does not shield any Pre-existing Disease: The Procedure is not prepared to offer security in consideration of medical services, the demand for which is expected to any pre-existing infection.

10. How to Claim for SBI Travel Insurance

The Insured Can reach to the customer helpline delivered by SBI General and convey the claim and even download the affirmation form online, fill out the needed fields and hook the stipulated records supporting the claim and mail this to SBI General’s corporate office.

Having demonstrated what is covered underneath travel insurance, let’s comprehend how does travel insurance positions, i.e. the claim filing process. With SBI General travel insurance, enlisting a claim is extremely convenient. Just heed these below-mentioned measures while filing the travel insurance claim.

Step 1– Inform them about the intent to file a claim

The foremost thing you ought to do is intimate SBI Travel Insurance about your intention to file a claim. You can reach them on their toll-free number or mail them on their email.

Step 2– Fill out the insurance claim document and submit the papers

Their spokespeople will tell users where you can easily download the form. Fill up the paper form and submit the papers mentioned in it, with attaching a copy of the travel insurance, Id and user’s address proof points, and cause for filing the claim.

Step 3– Wait for claim confirmation

SBI shall now evaluate the travel insurance claim. Once the claim is confirmed, they will unleash the claim payment. Nevertheless, in a matter of a medical emergency, one may benefit from cashless treatment at their own hospital, and they’re off–shore claims administrator shall recompense the claim straight with the hospital.

11. FAQ’s for SBI Travel Insurance

  • If I get ill or sustain an injury on the last day of my SBI General Travel Insurance policy and continue my treatment back in India, will my Policy cover the expenses?

Yes. A policyholder can extend his/her policy with the approval of the insurance company and by paying an additional premium. Nevertheless, the policy will be expanded only during a sole one single trip for a maximum duration of 180 days. The entire Policy period, including the period of extension, has to be not be more than 270 days.

If one meet with an misfortune while travelling and need prompt medical care they can either go to their a network hospital and benefit from a cashless claim or can visit any infirmary and file records for reimbursement. With journey medical coverage,one don’t have to deliver a massive medical bill.

With SBI General travel insurance one will get 24×7 service that too in their preferred terminology. their customer care managers will help to locate a qualified medical facility and place for transportation as well.

  • Does my SBI General Travel Insurance cover pregnancy and illness or complications arising out of it?

No, SBI General Travel Insurance doesn’t cover any type of pregnancy travel coverage and illness or intricacies arising out of it.

  • Will I get a refund on my premium if I return back to India before the end date of my policy?

No, you will not be getting a refund on your premium if you would be returned back to India even before the end date of your SBI General Travel Insurance policy.

The minimum period of a Single Trip policy is one day and the highest duration is up to 180 days. For a Multi-Trip policy, the insurance policy period is one year.

  • When can a policyholder avail automatic policy renewal facility?

Automated renewal of policy is accomplished even after the stretching of a travel insurance policy, post prior approval for a term of not more additional than 7 days. This benefit can be helped if there the insured individual is held up due to a hold in the public transport benefits, which is exceeding the reign of the Insured person. This intuitive extension will be accomplished free of charge.

  • What is the deductible that is applicable on personal liability claims?

A deductible is a cost-sharing provision under an insurance policy that equips that the insurer will not be responsible for a set rupee payment in case of indemnity procedures and for a specified digit of days/hours in point of hospital cash procedures which shall apply before any advantages are expected by the insurer.

A deductible does not decrease the Sum Insured. A deductible is appropriate as per the policy.  

  • Can I extend my policy? If yes, then what is the max and min period the policy can be expanded?

Yes. A policyholder can expand his/her policy with the permission of the insurance company and by delivering an additional premium. Nevertheless, the policy will be expanded only during a single trip for a maximum period of 180 days. The entire Policy duration, including the period of extension, should not be more than 270 days.

  • Who can apply for this SBI travel insurance policy?

Any person who falls within the age group of at least 6 months up to 70 years, can benefit from travel insurance coverage from SBI General Insurance.

  • Any other important points separated from disease-specific exclusions?

No Critical illness  advantage will  be  payable if  the  necessary illness  is  induced or  exacerbated directly or indirectly by:

Any  Pre-existing  condition,  that is an illness,  ailment or injury, or connected condition(s)  for which life guaranteed had signs and/or was analyzed and/or received medical guidance/treatment  within  48  months   prior  to  the commencement of the policy or reinstatement of the policy.

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